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Mandy Len Catron: Falling in love is the easy partSection :So the story that the media told about the 36 questions was that there might be a shortcut to falling in love. This is a very appealing story, because falling in love feels amazing, but it also terrifying. The moment you admit to loving someone, you admit to having a lot to lose, and it true that these questions do provide a mechanism getting to know someone quickly, which is also a mechanism being known, and I think this is the thing that most of us really want from love: to be known, to be seen, to be understood.But I think when it comes to love, we are too willing to accept the short version of the story. The version of the story that asks:, ;Are you still together?;, and is content with a yes or no answer. So, if you want it, the short version of the story of my relationship is this: we are still together, and I am so glad.But falling in love is not the same thing as staying in love. Falling in love is the easy part. But what I have instead is the chance to make the choice to love someone, and the hope that he will choose to love me back, and it is terrifying, but that the deal with love. 68。

介绍:Window dressing视窗的装饰The world most popular computer programs are becoming less boring世界上最火的计算机程序正在变得不那么乏善可陈听力原文:BROWSERS, pieces of internet software that people probably spend more time with than they do in bed, have long been boring affairs. Save occasional innovations such as tabs, these programs have remained fundamentally the same since the release of Mosaic, the first mainstream browser, nearly a quarter of a century ago. Just four browsers nearly all users: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It is difficult to tell them apart.重点词汇:1 piece(尤指一套中的)一件,一台 occasional 偶尔的;偶然的;临时的3 save 除了; 除…外; mosaic 镶嵌图案;马赛克5 chrome 铬;铬合金NCSA Mosaic,或简称Mosaic,是互联网历史上第一个获普遍使用和能够显示图片的网页浏览器听力原文:New, more interesting browsers have started cropping up. In August internet users will be able to download the first full version of Brave, the brainchild of a co-founder of Mozilla. Mozilla itself is working on a new type of browser which will give users suggestions on where to navigate next. Both are only the latest in a series of such efts: last year Microsoft unveiled Edge, meant to replace Internet Explorer; March saw the release of Cliqz, a browser developed in Germany; a month later came Vivaldi.重点词汇:1 crop up (尤指意外的)出现,发生 brainchild (个人或小群体的)主意,发明3 unveil (首次)展示,介绍,推出;将…公之于众听力原文:If most browsers are boring and unwieldy, it is because they are expected to do more than ever bee: not just surfing the web, but editing documents, streaming music and much more besides. As a result, priority is given to stability and ease of use. Too many fiddly buttons could scare away novice users. Innovation is outsourced to developers of ;plug-ins;, which add features to a browser.重点词汇:1 unwieldy 笨重的;笨拙的;不灵巧的 stream 用流式传输,流播(无须待整个文件下载到计算机便可播放互联网上的视频或音频文件)3 fiddly 微小难弄的;需要手巧的;精巧难使用的 novice 新手;初学者5 plug-in 插件,外挂听力原文:Building a new browser from scratch is a fiendishly difficult and expensive undertaking. Only Apple, Google and Microsoft have the money and resources to throw at developing a fast ;engine;, as the core of a browser is called. Their dominance also scares off investors. Few venture capitalists are foolhardy enough to invest in a product that needs to take on three of the world most powerful tech companies. Mozilla is a non-profit which partially relies on volunteer developers and donations.重点词汇:1 scratch 划痕,划伤 from scratch 从头开始;从零开始 fiendishly 很;极其3 venture capital 风险资本(投入新公司的资金,风险很大) foolhardy 莽撞的;有勇无谋的听力原文:Insurgents are trying to overcome the obstacles in three ways. To reduce development costs, their products are based on existing open-source projects, such as Chromium, which also powers Google Chrome. They get money from angel investors, who have an appetite risk. And most important, they aim their products at niche segments. Brave, instance, is surfers who prize privacy. It can block annoying online advertisements and privacy-invading ;trackers;, which lurk on websites to follow users around. Cliqz also blocks trackers and is integrated with a new search engine. Vivaldi pitches itself as a browser ;power users;. It is packed with customisable features and comes bundled with an e-mail client.重点词汇:1 insurgent 起义者;叛乱者;造反者 obstacle 障碍;阻碍;绊脚石3 chromium 铬 niche 商机;市场定位 niche segments 细分市场5 lurk (尤指为做不正当的事而)埋伏,潜伏6 bundle 匆匆送走;推搡;赶 bundle sth (with sth) 额外免费提供(设备等);(尤指出售计算机时)赠送(软件)欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama。

史莱克和奥菲娜是两只绿色的胖胖的小怪物他们都很自卑,明明喜欢对方,可都在掩藏什么,都不敢表白,都害怕被拒绝直到奥非娜就要嫁给自以为是的法克公爵、史莱克勇敢地说出“奥非娜,我喜欢你”,他们终于对彼此敞开了心胸:“你就是我这颗心找寻已久的家”,“你就是我长久以来的爱恋”……There is something that I see in the way you look at me There's a smile, there's a truth in your eyes But an unexpected way on this unexpected day Could it mean this is where I belong? It is you I have loved all alongIt's no more mystery. It is finally clear to me You're the home my heart searched so long And it is you I have loved all along There were times I ran to hide, afraid to show the other side alone in the night without you But now I know just who you are and I know you hold my heart Finally this is where I belongIt is you I have loved all along It's no more mystery. It is finally clear to me You're the home my heart searched so long And it is you I have loved all along Oh over and over I'm filled with emotion Your love, it rushes through my veins And I am filled with the sweetest devotion As I, I look into your perfect face It's no more mystery. It is finally clear to me You're the home my heart searched so long And it is you I have loved it is you I have loved It is you I have loved all along 3931。

Page: 1You can put a paper cube this size together yourself, or cut one out of soap or cheese.To make a paper cube, take a pencil and make six one centimeter squares like this:Now take your scissors and cut round the outer lines.Do not cut the broken lines but make folds there.Put the edges together to make a hollow paper cube,as in the picture.Your cube will be a cubic centimeter in size.A cube has six sides; its sides are equal squares.The surface of a one-centimeter cube is six square centimeters.In one cubic centimeter of our blood there are about five billion red cells.Page: Living things are made up of cells, and cells do not grow to be more than twice the size they were at first.But trees can grow to be many thousands of times the size they were as seeds.The tallest tree known is 36 feet high.One great tree in Calinia is as much as 1 feet round its trunk at the thickest point.How does such growth take place if cells do not grow to be more than twice as large as they were at first?It all take place through division.The cells which make up the organism are able to divide into two and this division goes on and on.When you were born you had as many as 0 billion cells in your body all coming,in nine months, from the division of one cell 1?5th of an inch across.Page: 3All organisms which you see in the world about you have grown by cell division.You and I have become what we are through billions of division in the cells whose outcome is our cell structure at this minute.In cell division the two halves of the cell (as you see in picture four) become y to separate.In picture five you see that they have separated.The cell in picture one, by division, has become two separate cells.The daughter cells do in every way the same as their mother cell did.One of the greatest questions scientists are working on is:What keeps the daughter cells doing what they have to do?Page: Even the simplest living organism is far more complex than any machines that people have made.Organisms are built up of parts which are themselves more complex than any machine.And these parts in turn are the most complex things the science of chemistry knows.It is because they are so complex that they can work together in an organism in so many different ways.Chemistry is about different ways which different materials are built up. example:Water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen ed in a way which may be represented like this.Carbon dioxide is make up of carbon and oxygen in a way which may be represented like this.Chemists make use of the mula HO water in their writing.They use mulas to represent the structure of all material things.Page: 5The most important of the materials in our bodies are the proteins.Among them are materials with the most complex structures known to the chemist.We can get some idea of how complex proteins are by comparing the mula one of them with the mula water or carbon dioxide.Compare this mula a protein m milk:with the simple mulas water:or carbon dioxide:The letter N this mula represents nitrogen and the letter S represents sulphur.Page: 6There may be as many as 0,000 different sorts of proteins in the human body, at work in as many different ways.It is protein in our blood which takes up oxygen from the air we breathe into our lungs and carries it to the cells which need it.It is another protein which makes our bones strong, and another which makes our muscles able to pull on and move our bones.It is other proteins in our hair and skin and nails which make them what they are.Others again do very important work in the digestion of food, in controlling other changes in the body, in keeping it healthy and in making children become so surprisingly like their parents.Page: 7How do these very complex materials come into being?The answer is, through the work of plants.Plants need sunlight.This is common knowledge within the experience of most of us, but you can show how true it is if you make this little experiment.Grow two bean seeds over glasses of water, starting them in a dark cupboard.After a few days take one glass out into the daylight and keep the other in the dark.Compare the two from time to time.You will find that it is the plant in the light which grows a strong stem and green leaves.Page: 8In 7 the Englishman Joseph Priestley, the discoverer of oxygen, made a most important experiment.He knew from experience that air is necessary to plants and animals.He knew that if you put a live mouse, example,under a glass so that no fresh air can come to it,the mouse in a short time will die.It will have taken all the oxygen out of the air and without oxygen it cannot go on living.Priestley put a green plant under a large glass cover standing in water so that no fresh air could get in.He thought that in a little while he would find the plant dead like the mouse.Page: 9But no.Here is what he said:When it had gone on growing there some months, I found that the air would neither put out a candle nor was it bad a mouse which I put into it.In other words, the green plant had not used up all the oxygen in the air.The next step was taken when a Dutch scientist found that Priestley experiment would not work without light.In the light a plant gives out oxygen and builds up sugars and other complex materials in itself.In the dark it gives out carbon dioxide and water.Page: 0The materials which makes plants green is necessary if they are to use energy from light healthy growth.Unlike animals, plants can take what they need straight from the air and earth and water in which they live.Through their green leaves and stems they separate H from HO and e it with CO to make carbohydrates.Structure of part of a carbohydrate, a sugar.This power of plants is named photosynthesis.People and animals depend upon photosynthesis in plants to supply their food and energy.We and the animals either eat plants or eat plant eating animals or both. 87。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻.SicknessAn interviewer asked an applicant,;Your application says you left your last job because of sickness. Could you explain that, please?;The candidate replied,;Sure. My boss got sick and tired of me.;Notes:1. An interviewer asked an applicant,;Your application says you left your last job because of sickness.;一个面试主考官问一个应征者:“你申请表上说你离开上一个工作是因为生病”;application;指任何形式的申请表,申淸人、应征者 (applicant)在申请奖学金、签或一份工作时所填写的表格叫做application,它不同于履历表(resume)interviewer [#7;#618;nt#601;vju:#601;(r)] n.面谈者;面试主考官 applicant [#7;#30;pl#618;k#601;nt] n.申请人;应征者application [#7;#30;pl#618;#7;ke#618;#63;n] n.申请表;申请sickness [#7;s#618;kn#601;s] n.疾病 resume [r#618;zju:m] n.履历表. ;Could you explain that, please?;“可以请你解释一下吗?”3. The candidate replied,;Sure. My boss got sick and tired of me.;应征者回答:“好的我的老板对我感到厌恶”;sick and tired of;表示“对…感到厌倦(恶)”所以不是他生病,而是老板看到他会生病candidate [#7;k#30;nd#618;d#601;t] n.应征者;候选人本节目可可原创节目, 165。