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上海市妇幼保健医院激光祛痣多少钱上海腿部脱毛价格上海第九人民医院切眼袋多少钱 The Earth could be headed for a mini ice age researchers have warned。科学家警告称,地球可能会逐渐进入“小冰河期”。A new study claims to have cracked predicting solar cycles - and says that between 2020 and 2030 solar cycles will cancel each other out。据悉,一项新的研究预测出了太阳周期,020年和2030年期间太阳周期会彼此抵消。This, they say, will lead to a phenomenon known as the Maunder minimum - which has previously been known as a mini ice age when it hit between 1646 and 1715, even causing Londons River Thames to freeze over。他们称,这回导致一种叫做“蒙德极小期的现象,此前出现这种现象是在1646715年间发生的小冰河期,甚至导致伦敦的整条莱茵河都冰冻住了。The new model of the Suns solar cycle is producing unprecedentedly accurate predictions of irregularities within the Suns 11-year heartbeat。最新的太阳活动周期预测模型能够准确预测太阳黑子的周期,并释出了预测太阳1年心跳不规则活跃期之精准数据。Predictions from the model suggest that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the mini ice age that began in 1645.从预测模型中的结论中可归纳,太阳活动会在2030年代掉到只剩40%,就跟上645年出现的“小冰河时期”是一样的。The model predicts that the pair of waves become increasingly offset during Cycle 25, which peaks in 2022.同时,预测也说这两个磁波会造第25太阳周期022年颠峰期会造成抵消现象。During Cycle 26, which covers the decade from 2030-2040, the two waves will become exactly out of synch and this will cause a significant reduction in solar activity。到了第26太阳周期 ,即2030-2040年间 ,这两个磁波几乎就会完全抵消造成太阳活动状况大大减少。来 /201507/385648BERLIN Germany’s Parliament on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bailout of 86 billion euros, or billion, for Greece, with Chancellor Angela Merkel and her finance minister failing to curb a revolt among their own conservative lawmakers who opposed more help for the heavily indebted government in Athens.柏林——周三,德国联邦议院以压倒性的优势,批准向希腊提供860亿欧元,约合6120亿元人民币的救助。但德国总理安格拉·默克尔和德国财长,未能压制他们领导的保守派政党议员的反叛。这些议员反对向债台高筑的希腊政府提供更多帮助。After just over two hours of debate, the 584 lawmakers at a special session of Parliament voted 453 to 113 for the package, with 18 abstentions. (Parliament officials had initially reported 454 votes in favor, and a total of 585 lawmakers present).在进行了略长于两小时的辩论后84名议员在联邦议院的特别会议上53人赞成,113人反对,18人弃权的投票结果通过了该计划。(议会官员起初公布的结果是总计585名议员参与表决,454人赞成。)Even taking into account that the session interrupted the summer recess, the number of lawmakers in the 631-seat legislature who stayed away, 47, was remarkably high, suggesting that at least some conservatives who opposed the package avoided the vote.在设31个席位的德国联邦议院中,即便考虑到这次会议是在夏季休会期间举行的7人缺席这个数字也算非常高了。这表明,至少有一部分反对该计划的保守派议员回避了投票。Last month, 60 of the 311 conservative lawmakers voted against even opening talks on what would be the third bailout for Greece since 2010, and five other conservatives abstained, a result that was seen as a political blow for the highly popular chancellor.这将010年以来,为希腊提供的第三轮援助。上月,11名保守派议员中,0人甚至投票反对就此事展开讨论,另有五人弃权。这个结果被认为是广受欢迎的德国总理在政治上遇到的一次打击。来 /201508/394774上海曙光医院东院打美白针多少钱

上海玫瑰整形医院地址The first edition of Charlie Hebdo to emerge since the terror attack on the French magazine’s offices is expected to generate record demand when it hits newsstands on Wednesday, defiantly featuring the Prophet Mohammed on its cover.《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)在总部遭遇恐怖袭击后的第一期杂志将于周三送上报亭。这期《查理周刊》十分大胆地在封面刊登了伊斯兰教先知穆罕默德的形象,预计该期杂志的订购人数将创下纪录。The special issue will have an initial print run of 1m, with another 2m expected in the coming days, to be distributed across a country that is still tense and fearful and where 10,000 troops have been deployed to protect vulnerable sites.这期特刊的初步印数将00万份,预计在随后几天内还会再00万份。目前,在即将发行该期杂志的法国,局势仍然十分紧张而令人恐慌,当局动用万名军警,保护容易受袭的场所。“We normally sell about four copies [of Charlie Hebdo] a week,said Philippe Piochelle, who works at a newsagents in central Paris. “But I am expecting demand for maybe 100 or 200 tomorrow. The question will be getting enough copies.”在巴黎市中心一家报刊经销商工作的菲利#8226;皮奥谢勒(Philippe Piochelle)表示:“通常,我们每周会卖出大约4份(《查理周刊》)。不过我预计明天对该杂志的需求可能会达到10000什?届时的问题将是如何拿到足够多的拷贝。”The paper’s distributors, MLP, said 27,000 French press outlets will stock the journal, against 20,000 normally. It said everyone will get at least a dozen copies, and some will be given hundreds.该杂志的分销商MLP表示.7万家法国出版物分销店将提供该杂志,而通常这一数字只有2万家。该杂志表示,每家分销店至少会拿到12份拷贝,部分将拿到数百份。The cover of the issue, which was released on Monday night, shows a crying Prophet Mohammed holding a sign saying “Je suis Charlie(“I am Charlie, with the words “Tout est pardonné(“All is forgiven above it on a green background.这期《查理周刊》的封面已经在周一晚上公布。在这期封面上画着先知穆罕默德(Prophet Mohammed),一边哭一边举着写有“我是查Je suis Charlie)”字样的牌子。穆罕默德上方的绿色背景上,还有一行“一切均被宽Tout est pardonné)”的字样。“The only idea originally had been to draw Mohammed and write ‘I am Charlieexplained Renald Luzier, the designer of the cover, at a press conference in Paris on Tuesday afternoon at the offices of French daily Libération.周二下午,在法国日报《解放报Libération)位于巴黎的办公室召开的记者招待会上,该期封面的设计者雷纳尔#8226;吕齐Renald Luzier)解释说:“起初,唯一的想法是画出穆罕默德,并写上‘我是查理’。”“I looked at him and he was crying. And then I wrote ‘All is forgiven and I was crying. And then we had found our bloody front page,he said, visibly choking up as he spoke, surrounded by colleagues and security guards.他接着说道:“我看着穆罕默德,他正在哭泣。接着我就写下了‘一切均被宽恕’,然后我也哭了。就这样,我们创作了这期鲜血凝成的封面。”在说这话的时候,可以看到他哽咽了。与此同时,他的多名同事和安保人员正围在他的身边。Holding a copy of the new magazine, he added: “Just look at this Mohammed he is so much more sympathetic than the one who is brandished [by extremists].”他手中拿着一份新一期杂志,补充说:“看看这位穆罕默德,比起(极端主义者)宣示的那位,他的同情心要大多了。”Gérard Biard, editor-in-chief, said editions would be available in Arabic, English and Spanish, as well as French for two weeks, with further editions planned in Italian and Turkish. The journal usually has a print run of around 60,000 copies.《查理周刊》主编热拉尔#8226;比亚Gérard Biard)表示,除了法语版以外,这期杂志还会以阿拉伯语、英语和西班牙语发行两周。此外,该杂志还计划发行意大利语版本和土耳其语版本。通常,该杂志的印数会万份左右。Earlier in the day Zineb El Rhazoui, a columnist who worked on the new issue, said the cover was a call to forgive the terrorists who murdered her colleagues last week.当天早些时候,新一期杂志中的专栏作家Zineb El Rhazoui表示,这期封面是为了呼吁宽恕那些在上周杀害她同事的恐怖分子。“We don’t feel any hate to them. We know that the struggle is not with them as people, but the struggle is with an ideology,she told B Radio 4’s Today programme.在英国广播公司广B Radio 4)的《今日Today)节目中,她说:“我们对他们并未感到丝毫憎恨。我们知道,我们的斗争不是与他们个人的斗争,而是与一种意识形态的斗争。”Several newspapers in France have reprinted Wednesday’s front cover, including Le Monde and Libération. The Guardian and the Independent in the UK, El País in Spain and Bild in Germany have also carried it. The Wall Street Journal has run the cartoon but the New York Times has not. The Financial Times is publishing the image because of its news value.在法国,几家报纸翻印了该杂志周三的封面,其中包括《世界报Le Monde)和《解放报》。英国的《卫报The Guardian)和《独立报Independent)、西班牙的《国家报El País)以及德国的《图片报Bild)也刊登了这期封面。在美国,《华尔街日报WSJ)刊登了这幅漫画,而《纽约时报》则没有刊登。英囀?金融时报》出于其新闻价值,也刊登了该封面。Charlie Hebdo’s decision to publish another picture of the Prophet Mohammed has been strongly criticised in some countries.《查理周刊》决定再次发布带有先知穆罕默德形象的漫画,在部分国家引发了强烈反弹。Shawki Allam, Egypt’s grand mufti, who is the country’s most senior religious scholar issuing religious edicts, said on Tuesday that publishing such cartoons was an “unjustified provocation to the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world埃及负责发布宗教法令的最高宗教学者、大穆夫提舒#8226;阿拉Shawki Allam)周二表示,发表这样的漫画是“对全球15亿穆斯林感受的无理挑衅”。The magazine’s actions, he said, “did not serve coexistence and dialogue between civilisations#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;and deepened feelings of hatred between Muslims and others他说,该杂志的行为“并未起到推动文明共存和对话的作用……加深了穆斯林和其他人群之间的仇恨”。A radical Sunni cleric in the UK went further, describing the depiction of the Prophet Mohammed “an act of war Anjem Choudary, a lecturer in shariah law, who was arrested in September on suspicion of encouraging terrorism, said that, in a shariah court, such an offence would carry capital punishment.英国一位激进的逊尼Sunni)神职人员则更进一步,称对先知穆罕默德形象的描绘是“一种战争行为”。伊斯兰教法讲师Anjem Choudary表示,在伊斯兰教法法院,这样的冒犯行为会被判处极刑。今月,Choudary曾因涉嫌煽动恐怖主义被捕。At least three UK magazine wholesalers have said they will distribute the magazine. Comag and Menzies Distribution said they did not have any concerns about security.至少三家英国杂志批发商已表示将分销该期杂志。Comag和Menzies Distribution均表示,他们对安全问题毫不担心。More than 3.7m people marched in the streets of Paris and across France on Sunday in a display of solidarity with the magazine in the face of the attacks. Many waved “Je Suis Charliesigns.上周日,70万人在巴黎街头举行了游行,以显示在袭击面前对该杂志的持。其中许多人举着“我是查Je Suis Charlie)”的牌子。来 /201501/354497闵行区中心医院激光除皱价格费用 Ship disaster probe underway长江沉船调查工作展开The State Council has assembled a 60-member team to investigate last weeks cruise ship capsizing to find the cause of the countrys worst maritime disaster in seven decades.国务院已成立60人团队调查客轮翻沉事件原因,上周发生的沉船事件是中国70年来最严重的海上灾难。The team, led by the head of the State Administration of Work Safety, includes senior officials from the ministries of transport, industry and information technology, public security, civil affairs and water resources. It also includes senior officials from the China Meteorological Administration, Hubei province and Chongqing, and experts on law and meteorology.调查组由安全监管总局局长任组长,成员包括交通运输部、工业和信息化部、公安部、民政部、水利部、中国气象局、湖北省和重庆市有关负责人,以及法律、气象专家。来 /201506/380238闵行区人民医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱

上海鼻中隔偏曲手术Shinzo Abe’s attempts to push forward security reforms may have suffered a setback after MPs from his ruling party demanded changes to a crucial defence white paper, according to people close to the matter.据知情人士称,安倍晋Shinzo Abe)推动安全改革的努力可能遭遇了一次挫折,他所在的执政党的国会议员要求修改一份至关重要的国防白皮书。The proposed changes are understood to centre on the strategic threat posed to Japan by China, with Liberal Democratic party MPs insisting the document include more images showing its neighbour’s island-building spree in disputed South China Sea waters a project dubbed the “Great Wall of Sandby US military leaders.据悉,所提出的修改意见聚焦于中国对日本构成的战略威胁,自民党(Liberal Democratic party)议员坚称,这份白皮书应包括更多显示中国在南中国海争议海域大举填海造岛的图片,美国军队领导人将中国的这一计划称为“沙子长城”。The setback is a blow to Mr Abe, prime minister, who is facing a growing public backlash against his security reform policies.这一挫折是对安倍晋三的一次打击,他正面临公众对其安全改革政策日益增多的反对。Analysts have linked the recent decline in his approval ratings to his personal zeal for reforming the country’s pacifist constitution, crafted in the wake of its second world war defeat.分析人士将最近安倍晋三持率下滑与他个人对改革日本和平宪法的热情联系在一起,该宪法是日本在二战战败后制定的。Particularly controversial has been Mr Abe’s push for new laws that would allow Japan to engage in collective self-defence with its allies.尤其具有争议的是,安倍晋三试图推动新的法律,允许日本参加与盟国的集体自卫。The spat illustrates underlying tensions in the ruling LDP, with MrAbe facing an increasingly unpredictable political environment as he attempts to propel the country through constitutional change, according to Takao Toshikawa, a political analyst.政治分析人士岁川隆雄(Takao Toshikawa)表示,这种争执表明执政党自民党内部潜在的紧张关系,同时随着安倍努力推动日本修改宪法,他正面临日益不可预测的政治环境。Successive defence white papers used in Japan to inform and guide policy have become ever more plain in identifying China as the country’s hypothetical military enemy.日本这些年的国防白皮书日益直白地将中国当作假想的军事对手。日本利用国防白皮书来披露和指引政策。来 /201507/384976 上海玫瑰改脸型手术价格长宁区驼峰鼻矫正多少钱



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