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伊宁市妇幼保健医院耳鼻喉好吗乌鲁木齐平安医疗平安医院咽炎要多少钱乌市沙依巴克区人民医院耳膜穿孔治疗的价格 Hong Kong, a traditional shopping paradise, saw a drop in both the number of visitors and retail sales, China Economic Weekly has reported.根据中国经济周刊报道,传统购物天堂香港遭遇了访客人数和零售销售额双跌的窘境。The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) said on Jan. 19 that the number of visitors to the city fell 2.5 percent last year over 2014 to 59.31 million, among whom 45.84 million were from the Chinese mainland, down 3 percent. The number of overnight mainland visitors dropped 5.7 percent to slightly less than 18 million.香港旅游发展局1月19日称,2015年访港旅客为5931万人次,较2014年下跌2.5%;其中内地旅客为4584万人次,较2014年下跌3%,内地过夜旅客人次则下跌5.7%至不到1800万。Even Christmas season failed to meet expectations, with the number of mainland travelers being merely 3.72 million in December, down 15.5 percent, the biggest monthly drop in 2015.即使是“圣诞季”也没有达到预期。2015年12月内地访港游客仅372万,以15.5%的跌幅创下2015年单月下跌最大幅度纪录。The total number of visitors to Hong Kong had been on the decline for seven consecutive months since June, the HKTB said.香港旅游发展局表示,整体访港游客人数自去年6月来已经连续7个月下跌。On the other hand, the retail sector also had a difficult time. According to the latest data from Hong Kong#39;s Census and Statistics Department, retail sales totaled 475.2 billion Hong Kong dollars in 2015, down 3.7 percent from 2014, the biggest drop since 2002.在另一方面,香港零售业也遭遇了困难。据香港政府统计处称,2015年香港零售业销售总额为4752亿港币,较2014年下降3.7%。创2002年以来遭遇大跌幅。Last December#39;s retail sales were estimated at 43.7 billion Hong Kong dollars, down 8.5 percent year-on-year, while the total volume of retail in the same month fell 6.1 percent.2015年12月的零售业总销货价值的临时估计为437亿港元,较2014年12月下跌8.5%。零售业总销货数量较2014年12月下跌6.1%。Sales revenues of jewelry, watches and luxury gifts registered the biggest fall, down 17 percent in December year-on-year and 15.6 percent last year from 2014. In addition, clothes, commodities at department stores, medicine and cosmetics all saw a fall in revenue.珠宝、钟表和奢侈礼品的销售额跌幅最大,12月销售额同比下跌17%。此外,装、百货公司货品、药物及化妆品销货价值均有下跌。On February 15, Hong Kong Disneyland said it suffered a net profit loss of 148 million Hong Kong dollars, the first of its kind since 2012.2月15日,香港迪士尼披露2015年业绩,全年净亏1.48亿港元,为2012年来首次亏损。Besides, Ocean Park,recently reported a double-digit fall in the number of mainland visitors during the Spring Festival holidays, while total admissions to the park fell 14 percent in 2015. Tom Mehrmann, the park#39;s chief executive, said the number of mainland visitors now has dropped to a mere 40 percent of the total admissions from over 50 percent in July 2015, and he expected a further drop in numbers during the months to come.除此之外,香港海洋公园日前发布报告称,在刚刚过去的春节期间,海洋公园内地旅游团人数遭遇双位数跌幅。报告同时指出,2015年全年该园入场人数跌幅达到14%。海洋公园行政总裁Tom Mehrmann表示,2015年7月时,内地游客数量还占入园游客人数一半以上,现在已经跌至四成。Tom Mehrmann预计,未来这一跌幅恐还将继续一段时间。 /201602/428348乌鲁木齐治咽炎较好的中医院

乌鲁木齐平安医院耳鼻喉怎么样Qingdao, an eastern coastal city of Shandong province, started to offer 72-hour visa-free entry for international transit passengers on Monday as a move to boost tourism and business.山东省东部海岸城市青岛,在本周一开始实施72小时的国际游客免签政策,市政府想以此政策来促进旅游业和商业的发展Travelers from 51 countries including France, the ed States, Italy, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore may enter without visas under the policy.包括法国,美国,意大利,巴西,澳大利亚,韩国,日本和新加坡51个国家前来的游客都可以在这个政策下享受免签。They can stay 72-hours within the Shandong province after they have entered China via the Qingdao International Airport with third-country visas and confirmed plane tickets to leave for another country within the time limit.那些通过青岛国际机场入境并持有第三国家签,且已被实拥有返程机票的国际游客,可以于限定时间内在山东省逗留72小时。Han Shouxin, an official with Qingdao municipal government, said on Monday that the policy boosts the city#39;s inbound tourism, commercial activity and international cultural exchanges. ;The move is essential to the further economic and social development of Shandong province. It pushes forward its inbound tourism as well as various sorts of international business cooperation,; he said.青岛市政府内工作人员韩守信在周一表示,这个政策激发了城市内部的旅游,商业活动和国际文化交流.他说:“这个举动是加快未来山东省的经济和社会发展重要举措,这一举措也会推动省内旅游以及国际商业合作。”Three days is ample time for traveling around Qingdao and conducting business talks, Han added.韩守信补充道:“在青岛旅游或者安排商务洽谈三天时间是足够的。”The same visa-free policy is aly in place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang, Dalian and Guilin.同样的免签政策已经在北京,上海,广州,昆明,成都,重庆,沈阳,大连和桂林等城市实行。 /201511/411272哈密看鼻窦炎哪家医院最好 India’s revered independence leader Mahatma Gandhi was of the view that “authentic” India lived in her villages while its cities were bastions of corruption and foreign influence. This bias has strongly influenced decades of Indian policy, which mainly focused on improving rural conditions while largely ignoring growing cities.印度备受尊崇的独立运动领袖圣雄甘地(Mahatma Gandhi)认为,“真正的”印度存在于乡村中,城市则是腐朽堕落、外国势力汇聚的堡垒。这一偏见深刻影响了数十年来印度的政策——这一政策主要注重于改善农村地区条件,而基本忽略了不断发展的城市地区。India is urbanising rapidly as young people from the countryside flock to cities in search of jobs and economic opportunities. Some estimates suggest that 30 Indians move from a rural to an urban area every minute.印度正在迅速走向城市化,来自乡村的年轻人大量涌入城市,寻找工作以及赚钱机会。一些估算显示,平均每分钟就有30名印度人从农村迁往城市地区。Yet, after decades of neglect, Indian cities are struggling to cope. They are plagued with problems including choking air pollution, snarling traffic, and shortages of everything from water and affordable homes to schools, public transport and open spaces.但在被政府忽视了数十年之后,印度城市眼下难以招架这样的人口涌入。困扰印度城市的问题包括呛人的空气污染、喧嚣嘈杂的交通以及各种资源的短缺(从自来水、价格合理的住房到学校、公共交通以及公共空间)。Indian cities fare poorly on liveability indices. Experts on urbanisation warn that conditions are likely to deteriorate without dramatic action that changes how Indian cities are governed, including new finance arrangements for urban infrastructure.印度城市在宜居指数排行榜上名次不佳。城市化领域的专家警告称,如果不采取重大举措改变目前印度城市的管理方式——包括针对城市基础设施建设的新融资安排——城市地区的状况很可能进一步恶化。“India has been a very reluctant urbaniser,” says Amitabh Kant, head of the government’s National Institution for Transforming India. “In today’s world, it is not nations that are competing with each other. It is cities. Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi — they should have been world-class cities.” Instead, he says, they do not figure in the world’s top 100.印度政府下属的“改造印度国家研究院”(National Institution for Transforming India)负责人阿米塔布#8226;康德(Amitabh Kant)表示:“印度对待城市化一直是不情不愿的。当今世界,互相竞争的已不是国家,而是城市。孟买(Mumbai)、金奈(Chennai)、德里(Delhi)——它们本应发展成为世界级大都市。”相反,他指出,这些城市没能跻身全球前100大城市。But India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, elected two years ago, differs from many of his predecessors in his view of cities, which he touts as hubs of entrepreneurial energy that can drive economic growth and potentially offer ways to lift people out of poverty.但两年前当选的印度现任总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)对城市的看法不同于以往的许多任印度总理,他将城市宣扬为汇聚创业活力的中心,能够推动经济增长,同时还可能提供帮助民众摆脱贫困的方式。During his 2014 election campaign, Mr Modi spoke often of the need to create “smart cities”.在他2014年的竞选活动中,莫迪常常谈到打造“智慧城市”的必要性。Now in power, he is putting the management of India’s urbanisation process higher than it has ever been on the country’s policy agenda and he has started two programmes aimed at improving urban infrastructure and planning.作为现任总理,莫迪把对印度城市化进程的管理提到了该国政策议程表上前所未有的靠前位置,此外他还启动了两个旨在改善城市基础设施和城市规划的项目。“In this country, it is very hard to be overtly pro-urban,” says Barjor E Mehta, an urban specialist at the World Bank. “But right from the beginning, this prime minister used the word urbanisation as an opportunity, not with a negative connotation.”世界(World Bank)城市化专家巴哲#8226;E#8226;梅赫塔(Barjor E Mehta)表示:“在印度国内,公开持城市化是一件很不容易的事。但现任总理从一开始就把城市化这个词当做机遇来说,不带任何负面含义。”The first programme, known as Amrut, plans to give about .5bn to 500 Indian cities over five years for investments in basic amenities such as clean drinking water, sewerage, public transport and public spaces.莫迪启动的第一个城市化项目名为Amrut,该项目计划在五年的时间里向500个印度城市提供约75亿美元资金,用于投资清洁饮用水、下水道系统、公共交通以及公共空间等基本的基础设施。Mr Modi’s government has also launched its so-called Smart Cities Mission, in which cities compete for funds to redevelop different zones and improve public services.莫迪政府还启动了所谓的“智慧城市计划”(Smart Cities Mission),在该项目中,城市之间将竞争资助资金,以用于重新开发不同的区域及改进公共务。Public participation was crucial for putting together the proposals — cities that could not show citizen engagement were eliminated from the contest. So far 20 have been selected for funding.公众参与度对于哪些城市能够获得资助提名至关重要——未能展现出公众积极参与的城市将在竞争中遭到淘汰。到目前为止,已有20个城市被选为了资助对象。“It’s an innovation programme where new things can be done and, if the arrangements work, we will try to mainstream them,” says Mr Mehta. “You’ve also made cities compete for the first time, and generated a lot of interest.”梅赫塔表示:“这是一个能办成新事情的创新型项目,如果相关安排行之有效,我们将尝试将其大面积推广。该项目还首次激发了城市之间的相互比拼,引发了广泛关注。 ”“This is the first government in India that is talking about smart urbanisation,” says Mr Kant.康德称:“这是印度首届公开讨论智慧城市化的政府。”Even with such initiatives, however, India still faces an uphill battle to improve its cities and the quality of life of their residents.但即便有了此类积极举措,印度要想改善城市条件以及城市居民的生活质量仍然面临艰巨挑战。According to Shirish Sankhe, a director at consultants McKinsey, India has been spending just per city resident per year on infrastructure and services while the actual need is about 0.咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)董事希里什#8226;桑科(Shirish Sankhe)指出,印度每年在每个城市居民身上投入的基础设施和公共务出仅为17美元,而实际所需的出约为130美元。Although Mr Modi’s schemes will raise urban expenditure slightly, they still fall far short of the nearly 0bn that a high-level panel estimated that India needs to spend on urban infrastructure over 20 years to meet the needs of its cities.据一个高规格的专家小组估算,未来二十年印度需在城市基础设施建设领域出近9500亿美元,方能满足各个城市的需求。虽然莫迪的计划将略微提高政府在城市地区的投入,但仍远远不够。Solving such problems is not just a question of funding. India also requires new political arrangements to help administer its growing cities, which are now managed by short-term municipal commissioners who usually serve just two years before moving on.解决城市面临的种种问题不仅要解决建设资金来源。印度还需要新的政治制度设计,为管理日渐扩张的城市提供助力。目前印度城市由任期较短的市政官管理,他们通常任满两年即会调任。“Indian cities are not well governed,” says Mr Sankhe. “The political empowerment of cities is poor, and you can’t really hold anybody fully accountable.”桑科称:“印度城市的管理水平不高。城市被赋予的政治权利很小,而且你无法真的让任何人负起总责。”Even the matter of how many Indians currently live in urban areas is a subject of significant debate. According to India’s 2011 census, just over 31 per cent of the country’s 1.2bn people live in areas that are recognisably urban, up from 27.8 per cent of its population a decade earlier.就连目前有多少印度人生活在城市地区,也是一个颇有争议的问题。根据印度2011年的人口调查,在印度的12亿人口中,仅有略高于31%的人生活在公认的城市地区,十年前的比重为27.8%。Yet many of these urbanised areas are not even officially recognised as cities or governed as such. India now has more than 3,900 of what it calls “census towns”, which are urbanised areas that are still classified as rural and governed with traditional rural arrangements, such as village councils.但很多此类城市化地区甚至未被官方认可为城市,或是被当做城市进行管理。印度目前有超过3900个所谓的“人口普查镇”,这些地区已经实现了城市化,但仍然被划为农村,并按传统农村的模式管理,例如有村庄委员会。Many places prefer to remain designated as “rural” as they gain access to more government-funded programmes — including social welfare schemes, such as the rural employment guarantee scheme — that are not available in urban locations. Yet these increasingly non-rural areas are then excluded from appropriate urban services and expand in a haphazard manner.很多地区更愿意被继续划为“农村”,因为这样便能参与更多的政府资助项目——包括农村就业保障等社会福利计划——而这些项目是城市地区无法享受的。但这样的话,这些愈发去农村化的地区便无法获得应有的城市务,并以一种随意的方式扩张。India’s biggest problem is that most of the strong revenues generated by its cities — through such means as property taxes — are not spent to improve the cities themselves but are instead used to support rural areas. Answers to these problems will becoming increasingly important as up to 590m Indians, are expected to be living in cities by 2030, up from 340m in 2008.印度最大的问题是,由城市地区创造的丰厚税收收入——例如来自物业税的收入——大多没有被用于改善城市自身条件,而被用于持农村地区。找到化解这些问题的对策将变得愈加重要,因为预计到2030年将有多达5.9亿印度人生活在城市地区, 而2008年还只有3.4亿人。 /201608/461518乌鲁木齐市友谊医院耳聋好吗

哈密看小儿扁桃体肥大大概多少钱费用Apple has defeated a US government attempt to force it to unlock an iPhone as part of a criminal investigation into a drugs case, handing it an important victory in the first test case on the issue. 苹果(Apple)挫败了美国政府强迫其解锁一部iPhone的企图,在这类问题的首个判例中取得了重要胜利。解锁这部iPhone是对一桩毒品案展开的刑事调查的一部分。 The decision, by a federal judge in New York, comes two weeks after Apple sought a showdown with the FBI over a separate demand in California requiring it to break into an iPhone that had belonged to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino massacre. 这项判决是由纽约一名联邦法官作出的。而两周前,苹果试图与美国联邦调查局(FBI)围绕加州的另一项要求一决雌雄,那项要求是要苹果破解圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手的iPhone。 In a 50-page ruling, judge James Orenstein backed some of the arguments that Apple has also made in its California defence. He also attacked the US government over what he described as an attempt to pre-empt Congress by getting the courts to expand its law enforcement powers. 法官詹姆斯#8226;奥伦斯坦(James Orenstein)在长达50页的判决书中对苹果的主张予以了持,而其中一些主张也出现在苹果在加州那桩案子的自辩中。奥伦斯坦法官还抨击了美国政府,称其企图跳过国会、让法院来扩展其执法权。 The decision is set to lend important moral support to Apple in its highly public fight with the government over the San Bernardino case. 在苹果与美国政府围绕圣贝纳迪诺击案上演的高度公开的斗争中,纽约的这项判决将为前者提供重要的道德持。 However, the court in California has aly moved further than the New York judge by issuing an order against the company, putting it on the defensive as it tries to have the demand overturned. 不过,加州法院走得比纽约法官要远,它向苹果发布了一道法庭令,迫使苹果采取守势。苹果眼下正尝试推翻那项要求。 A senior Apple executive, speaking on a background basis, claimed the company had even stronger arguments on its side in California. The New York case involved an older version of the iPhone operating system, which would have made it easy for Apple to help the FBI without being forced to “hack” its own device or put in a back door — the things that it has said make the demands in the San Bernardino request insupportable. 一名要求匿名的苹果高管表示,苹果在加州案中的论据比纽约案更加站得住脚。纽约案涉及的是旧版iPhone操作系统,该系统令苹果很容易帮助FBI,而不用被迫“侵入”自己的设备、或设立一扇后门——苹果已表示,正是后面这类事情让圣贝纳迪诺击案协助调查请求中所提的要求变得不可接受。 /201603/429582 库尔勒人民医院美尼尔怎么样可克达拉市妇幼保健医院过敏性鼻炎治疗的价格



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