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湖州解放军98医院祛眼袋手术多少钱湖州中医院治疗痘坑多少钱湖州二院口腔科 The image of a smooth-talking, chain-smoking and sexist James Bond may be a thing of the past as the latest 0 novel gives him a politically-correct makeover.由于最新一部0系列小说给詹姆斯·邦德(James Bond)进行了政治正确的大改造,能言善道、烟不离口、大男子主义的邦德形象可能将成为过去式Author Anthony Horowitz has revealed the new book Trigger Mortis has been amended modern ers and contains anti-smoking messages and the first time an ‘outspoken’ gay friend.小说作者安东尼·赫洛维兹(Anthony Horowitz)透露,新书《Trigger Mortis为现代读者作了改动,包含反对吸烟的信息,而且首次有一位“直言不讳”的同性恋朋友出场Horowitz admitted that while doing so he has had to work carefully to preserve 0 characters and attitude as created by the spy novel’s first author Ian Fleming, who died in 196.赫洛维兹承认,他这样做时不得不小心翼翼,以保存这部间谍小说的首位作者伊恩·弗莱明(Ian Fleming)所创造的0的个性和态度弗莱明于196年逝世As the younger generation begins to frown on Bond’s chauvinistic attitudes and unhealthy lifestyle in the era of political correctness, Horowitz has introduced a cast of new characters who will point out the error of his ways.在这个力求避免任何歧视的态度的年代,年轻一代开始不满邦德的大男子主义态度和不健康的生活方式,赫洛维兹引入了一系列会指出邦德错误的新人物Included will be messages about smoking causing cancer and women who give the charmer a run his money as little twists have been added to make the story suitable the modern er.为了让故事更符合现代读者的口味,新作加入了一些“小花样”,包括吸烟会导致癌症的广告词以及一位跟邦德不相上下的女性 the first time a Bond girl’s storyline will be followed beyond her fleeting experience with 0, with the return of Pussy Galore.普斯·格洛(Pussy Galore)在本书中回归,这也是首次有邦女郎在邦德身边昙花一现后,拥有了自己的故事线In the book, Galore moves in with Bond in London and together they spend their mornings squabbling.在小说中,格洛搬来与邦德在伦敦同居,并在争吵中一起度过早晨时光Horowitz, speaking to radio station RTE, said he was keen to keep the new Bond true to the 1950s creation.赫洛维兹对爱尔兰广播公司RTE表示,他的新邦德形象强烈忠于50年代的邦德He added that there was an unavoidable issue with the original plot, because Pussy Galore was cast as a lesbian who cannot help but be overcome with lust Bond.他补充说,原本的故事情节里有个无法回避的问题,因为格洛本来的设定是个深陷对邦德的欲望而无法自拔的女同性恋The book is true to the character and keeps him as fans would want him, which is as the original hard-bitten guy, he said.他说:“小说忠于邦德的人物形象,邦德还是粉丝喜欢的、那个最初的硬汉邦德”But then it always challenges and nudges and says ;well wait a minute;.“但书中又总是有人质疑他、说他、跟他说‘慢着’”One of the challenges of writing the book was that attitude that a heterosexual man can change a woman life and make her go weak at the knees.“写这本书的一大挑战是异性恋男人能改变一个女人的生活并使她死心塌地的看法”That something that would be challenged, I think, in the 1st century.“我想,在1世纪,人们绝对会质疑这件事”o it how do you square that circle? How do you remain true to the original creation and concept and yet at the same time not offend people in the 1st century?“所以问题在于你如何将不可能化为可能?如何保既忠于原始人物和设定,同时不冒犯1世纪的读者?If you Trigger Mortis, you’ll see actually there is a little twist to the tale in that particular story which I think sort of pays him off his slightly patronising attitude.“如果你读了这本书,你就会发现,在这个故事里有个小插曲,我想那在某种程度上报复了邦德有些傲慢的态度”Explaining how he adjusted the novel, he said: I think the answer is that in the book I remain true to every one of Bond things.在解释他如何改动小说时,赫洛维兹说:“我想是在书中忠实于邦德的全部特征”He does smoke cigarettes, he smokes many, many cigarettes.“他还是抽雪茄的,他抽很多、很多雪茄”But then what I do is I nudge him with a little reference to a newspaper he happens to glance at which just reminds him that these things will give him cancer.“但我让他在碰巧看了一眼报纸时,看到上面一篇文章提醒他吸烟会致癌With women, he has this sort of patronising carnal attitude with them which is absolutely accurate to the Bond of the books. But then by creating very strong women he is given quite a run his money and his attitudes are challenged.“邦德对待女人的态度是那种高高在上的、肉欲的,这完全符合0系列小说中邦德的形象但我创作出十分强势的女人,与他难分伯仲地竞争,他的看法由此受到挑战I also gave him a very outspoken gay friend, who chides him and says ;come on Bond, youre living in the th century now not the Middle Ages;.“我还给了他一个直言不讳的同性恋朋友,他会责备邦德,说:‘拜托,邦德,你是生活在世纪,不是中世纪’”My first duty, my first responsibility was to be true to the original feel of the book, to be true to Ian Fleming: his creation, his world and his ideas.“我首要的使命、首要的责任是忠实于这本书的原始感觉,忠实于伊恩·弗莱明:他的作品、他的世界和他的构想What I was trying to do was wrap myself in his mantle and write a book that would be worthy of him.“我试图做到的是继承他的衣钵,写一本典型的伊恩·弗莱明式的0小说”Trigger Mortis was released on September 8, ahead of the release of the latest Bond film Spectre which is out in cinemas on October 6.《Trigger Mortis于9月8日发行,先于月6日上映的0新电影《(幽灵党(暂译)(Spectre) 3990湖州医院祛痣电话

湖州曙光整形美容医院除皱价格好吗湖州市中医院瘦腿针多少钱 It might still be a long time off, but a character as adorable as Doraemon, it never too early to celebrate.也许为时尚早但为多啦A梦这样的卡通万人迷庆生,再怎么早也不为过If you are a fan of the iconic Japanese anime character, you will know that he was born on September 3, 1, meaning next month it will be the start of the centennial countdown to his birth.如果你是经典日本动漫形象多啦A梦的粉丝,那么一定知道它出生于1年9月3日也就是说下个月便是它诞辰一百周年前的倒计时Hong Kong has jumped early on the bandwagon of celebration. Harbor City, a shopping mall in Hong Kong, is hosting the ;0 Years Bee the Birth of Doraemon; exhibition.在此次的庆祝热潮中,香港抢先出手香港海港城购物中心正在举办;多啦A梦诞生前0年祭;展览活动Outside Harbor City, 0 different Doraemon figures are lined up in neat rows. Inspired by Doraemon magical gadgets, a group of designers around the world have created and designed 30 original gadgets.在海港城外,0个不同造型的多啦A梦雕塑整齐列阵受多啦A梦的诸多神奇法宝的启发,来自全球各地的设计师们设计打造出30种新型法宝;Each design has been influenced by Doraemon own futuristic world,; Du Lishi, , a student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said. ;And it feels like Doraemon magic comes to life.;来自香港中文大学的岁的杜丽诗(音译)表示:;每种设计都深受多啦A梦未来世界的影响就好像是多啦A梦的神奇魔法复活了一样;The robotic cat from the future, created by Japanese manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio, needs no introduction. The series has been widely popular since its debut in the late 1960s and its popularity has expanded worldwide over the past two decades.这只由日本漫画大师藤子#86;F#86;不二雄一手打造的未来机器猫根本无需过多介绍该漫画系列丛书自世纪60年代末面世以来,广受欢迎在过去年间,多啦A梦的人气席卷全球 most of us, whether born in the 1980s or 90s, Doraemon is a sweet childhood memory.对于我们中大多数80后、90后而言,多啦A梦都是甜蜜的童年记忆Wu Hao, 1, a junior at Ocean University of China, is a Doraemon fan. He has decided to watch all the cartoon episodes once again to celebrate the occasion.中国海洋大学大三学生,1岁的吴昊(音译)是位多啦A梦迷为了给哆啦A梦庆生,他决定重温多啦A梦全集;When I was a boy, every time I saw Doraemon reaching into his pocket, I knew something exciting will happen,; Wu said.吴昊说:;小时候,每当我看到多啦A梦把手伸进口袋时,我便知道奇迹将要发生了;Now, Wu is still in love with the robotic cat, but not only because it was part of his childhood.吴昊现在依旧深爱这只机器猫,但并不仅仅是因为这是他童年的一部分;I may have outgrown the fairytale-like stories of Doraemon,; he said. ;But I believe every Doraemon fan will have a place the cat in their hearts, because it gives us the courage to dream big.;他说:;像多啦A梦这样的童话故事或许已经不适合我的年龄了但是我相信每个多啦A梦迷都会把它放在心底,因为它给了我们放胆去做梦的勇气;Du added another reason why Doraemon has been loved by so many fans – his owner Nobita Nobi.此外,杜丽诗还提到了一个很多人喜欢多啦A梦的原因,那就是它的主人野比大雄;I think many of us can relate to Nobi, who is an underdog and often bullied by others,; Du said.杜丽诗说:;我想很多人都会和大雄有相同的经历,一事无成且常常被人欺负;;So, we all wish to have a loyal (and magical) friend like Doraemon, who is always there you and help you solve all kinds of problems.;;所以,我们都希望能够拥有一位像多啦A梦那样忠诚而又会魔法的朋友它总是及时出现,为你摆平一切烦恼; 1979湖州空气祛眼袋效果好不好

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