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An appeals court on Monday upheld the bulk of Apple’s patent victory against Samsung Electronics in 2012, but overturned part of the decision and said that a lower court should reduce the total amount that Samsung would have to pay.本周一,一家上诉法院维持了苹果(Apple)2012年在三星电子(Samsung Electronics)专利侵权案中获得的大部分胜诉裁决,但推翻了其中一部分。它表示,一家下级法院应该减少三星必须付的赔偿总金额。The ed States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which deals with patent lawsuit appeals, said that the overall aesthetic of the iPhone — a rectangular product with rounded corners, black borders and a flat, clear surface — could not be protected and part of the damages would have to be recalculated.美国联邦巡回上诉法院(ed States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)处理涉及专利诉讼的上诉,它表示,iPhone的整体美学造型——长方形的产品、圆角、黑色边框、平整的表面——不能受到保护,苹果的部分损失必须重新计算。Apple had accused Samsung of diluting its brand by copying the overall look of its iPhones. But the court said Apple failed to prove that the iPhone aesthetic was not “functional.” In other words, giving Apple protection for the overall look and shape of a smartphone would essentially grant it a perpetual monopoly over making smartphones work better, and the three-judge panel decided not to go in that direction.苹果此前指控三星抄袭其iPhone手机的整体外观,令其品牌蒙受损失。但该法院表示,苹果未能明iPhone的美学造型不是“功能性的”。换句话说,在一部智能手机的整体外观和形状上为苹果提供保护,基本上会为其在智能手机的功能改善上提供一个永久性垄断地位,由三名法官组成的合议庭决定不这么做。“We therefore vacate the jury’s damages awards against the Samsung products that were found liable for trade dress dilution and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion,” the appeals court wrote in its decision.“因此,对于发现三星在产品外观上进行模仿,我们取消了陪审团在损害赔偿上的决定,并将这个案件发回,根据这个意见进行重审,”上诉法院在裁决中写到。Josh Rosenstock, an Apple spokesman, lauded the decision as having “confirmed Samsung blatantly copied Apple products.”苹果发言人乔希·罗森斯托克(Josh Rosenstock)称赞这个决定“明三星明目张胆地抄袭了苹果的产品”。“This is a victory for design and those who respect it,” he said.“这是设计的胜利,是那些尊重设计的人的胜利,”他说。Samsung did not have a comment.三星并未予以置评。In 2012, a jury unanimously decided that Samsung had violated a series of Apple patents and needed to pay more than billion in damages, an amount that was recalculated to 0 million by another jury in a separate trial in 2013. The lawsuit was prominent, pitting two of the world’s top smartphone makers against each other.2012年,陪审团一致裁定三星侵犯了苹果的一系列专利,需要付逾10亿美元的赔偿金。2013年,一个不同的陪审团参加的另一次庭审对这笔金额进行了重新计算,调整为9.3亿美元。由于原被告是全球两大智能手机制造商,该案件令世人瞩目。The two companies have gone on to duel in other legal entanglements, before calling something of a truce. Last year, in a separate case, a federal jury found that Apple and Samsung had infringed on each other’s patents in some mobile devices and awarded most of the damages to Apple. In August, however, the companies said they agreed to drop suits against each other outside the ed States.这两家公司也因其他一些法律纠纷对簿公堂,后来基本宣告休战。去年,在另一个案件中,联邦陪审团认为,苹果和三星均在一些移动设备上侵犯了对方的专利,并裁定苹果获得大部分赔偿。但在去年8月,这两家公司表示,他们同意在美国以外的地方放弃针对对方的诉讼。Separately on Monday, Carl C. Icahn, the activist investor, published an open letter to Apple. In the 2,200-word letter, he said Apple’s shares were still “dramatically undervalued,” and urged Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive, to buy back more of Apple’s stock because the company was sitting on too much cash.另外,在本周一,激进投资者卡尔·C·伊坎(Carl C. Icahn)向苹果发出了一封2200字的公开信。他在信中说苹果公司的股价依然“被严重低估”,并敦促苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)回购更多苹果的股票,因为该公司目前坐拥太多现金。 /201505/376331

Toyota has unveiled its vision of a “hydrogen society” at an event in Germany, as the scandal over diesel emissions engulfs Volkswagen, its biggest global rival.日本汽车制造商丰田(Toyota)在德国的一次活动中披露了其建设“氢社会”的愿景。丰田在全球市场的最大竞争对手大众汽车(Volkswagen)正笼罩在柴油车尾气造假丑闻的阴影中。The Japanese carmaker — the world’s biggest by 2014 sales — on Thursday invited the world’s media to Hamburg for the European launch of its Mirai fuel-cell powered vehicle.周四,丰田邀请全球媒体赴汉堡见其在欧洲推出燃料电池汽车Mirai的活动。以2014年销量计,丰田是全球最大的汽车制造商。This 60,000 hydrogen-powered saloon forms a key part of the plans that Toyota announced this week to cut 90 per cent of its cars’ carbon dioxide emissions between 2010 and 2050.这款售价6万英镑的氢动力轿车是丰田本周宣布的计划的关键一环。丰田计划在2010年至2050年间,将旗下汽车的碳排放削减90%。Yoshikazu Tanaka, chief engineer of the Mirai — which means “future” in Japanese — said the vehicle offered “a pathway to a better, safer and cleaner future”.Mirai首席工程师田中良和(Yoshikazu Tanaka)表示,这款汽车提供了“一条通向更美好、更安全、更清洁未来的道路”。Mirai在日语中的意思是“未来”。Carmakers worldwide have been looking afresh at how to reduce vehicle emissions in the wake of the VW test-manipulation scandal. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles such as the Mirai are seen by some as an improvement on pure electric cars, as they offer range and refuelling time that is competitive with petrol and diesel models. Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle can travel 550km on its two hydrogen tanks, and can refuel in as little as three minutes.在大众尾气检测作弊丑闻曝光后,全球汽车制造商正重新关注如何减少汽车尾气排放。Mirai等氢燃料电池汽车被一些人视为对纯电动汽车的改进,因为氢动力汽车的续航里程和补充燃料所费时间可与汽油车和柴油车媲美。丰田的这款燃料电池汽车拥有两个氢燃料箱,可续航550公里,补充燃料最短仅需3分钟。Toyota — along with Hyundai, maker of the ix35 hydrogen car — has been at the forefront of the nascent technology, having begun research on the project in the early 1990s.丰田与ix35氢动力汽车的制造商现代(Hyundai)一直处于这一新兴技术的前沿,从上世纪90年代初就开始研究该项目了。Toyota says the zero-emission Mirai can achieve an overall CO2 reduction — including factory production — of between 50 per cent and 70 per cent versus conventional petrol and diesel models. Its CO2 reduction depends on whether the hydrogen is produced from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, as is the case at four refuelling stations in Hamburg.丰田表示,与传统汽、柴油车型相比,零排放的Mirai可实现二氧化碳总排放(包括工厂生产时的排放)减少50%至70%。具体的碳减排量取决于氢燃料是否源自可再生能源,例如风能和太阳能,就像汉堡的4个加氢站一样。Toyota will begin by offering Mirai models to environmentally conscious companies, business leaders and public bodies in Germany, Denmark and the UK. Early customers include Transport for London.丰田首先将面向德国、丹麦和英国的具备环保意识的企业、商界领袖及公共机构销售Mirai汽车。初期客户包括伦敦交通局(Transport for London)。It says its aim is to almost eliminate the internal combustion engine from its line-up by the middle of this century.丰田表示,公司的目标是到本世纪中叶基本上不再生产内燃机汽车。“There will be almost no gasoline and diesel cars as we approach 2050,” said Kiyotaka Ise, a senior managing officer at Toyota, speaking in Tokyo on Wednesday.“到2050年,我们将基本上不再生产汽油车和柴油车,”丰田高管伊势清贵(Kiyotaka Ise)周三在东京发表讲话时表示。To meet that target, it plans to sell more than 30,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles annually worldwide by about 2020, 10 times its sales target for 2017.为了实现这个目标,丰田计划到2020年左右时,每年在全球销售逾3万辆氢动力汽车,是2017年销售目标的10倍。 /201510/404638

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