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上饶韩美医院去痣多少钱上饶韩美整形美容医院祛疤怎么样1、Whats the rush?: why are you in a hurry ?2、Scurrying around: you moving from one place to another quickly [As busy as bee (simile)]3、Copycat: copy sbs behaviours4、Collage: a picture in which various materials are stuck onto a large surface5、Through the thick and thin:your experience bad and good times6、Bare my soul:express my mind without secret7、Sappy:over sentimental8、Short and to the point:get down to business or get to the point or break the ice or cut to the chase /201311/264876江西上饶市瑞兰美白针多少钱 Todd: Hey, James!嗨,詹姆斯!James: Yeah!嗨!Todd: Lets talk about seasons.我们来聊一聊季节。James: OK.好的。Todd: James, what is your favorite season?詹姆斯,你最喜欢的季节是什么?James: My favorite season is spring.我最喜欢的是春天。Todd: Yeah, why is that?为什么是春天?James: Because its not so cold but its not so hot that Im sweating on the train. I can go to the beach. I can relax with my friends outside. Its very nice.因为春天的天气不是很冷也不是很热,参加训练正合适。我还能去海边玩儿,和我的朋友一起出去。天气非常好。Todd: OK. What is your least favorite season?好的,你最不喜欢的季节是什么?James: My least favorite season in Japan is the rainy season ...because I dont like rain at all.我最不喜欢的是日本的雨季……因为我一点儿都不喜欢雨。Todd: OK. What season are we in right now?好的。我们现在正处于什么季节?James: Right now it is the very end of winter. It is just starting to become spring.现在正是冬天的末尾,我们即将迎来春天。Todd: Whats the weather like today?今天的天气怎么样呢?James: Today, its very sunny. Its a little cool. A little breezy. Its very nice. I enjoy it.今天天气很晴朗,威风,有一点冷。今天天气很好,我很喜欢。注:译文属原创,,。 /201212/217205上饶弋阳县激光美白肌肤多少钱

上饶第一人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱万年县妇幼保健人民中医院做丰胸手术多少钱 Wang Fei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Wang Fei.王飞:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是王飞。Rob: And Im Rob Carter.罗布:我是罗布·卡特。Wang Fei: Rob, Im going on a hot date tomorrow and Im feeling a bit nervous now. I think I need your help.王飞:罗布,我明天有个重要的约会,我现在感觉有点紧张。我想我需要你的帮助。Rob: Hmm. It is a scary thing to do. What you need is some kind of icebreaker.罗布:嗯。这是件很可怕的事。你需要的是打破僵局。Wang Fei: An icebreaker? That sounds quite cold!王飞:icebreaker?听起来好冷啊!Rob: Dont worry, its not. But an icebreaker has got something to do with warming up a cold situation. It will make things more relaxed.罗布:别担心,不是那样的。icebreaker指打破冷场。让事情更轻松。Wang Fei: An icebreaker is something you can do or some words you can say to make people feel relaxed. So an icebreaker will make things less formal?王飞:这个词是指你可以做些事情或者说些话来让人们感觉放松。打破僵局会让事情不那么正式吗?Rob: Yes, thats right. Doing something or saying something at the start will hopefully make your date more relaxed and less tense.罗布:对,没错。在开始时做些事情或者说些话会让你的约会更轻松,不那么紧张。Wang Fei: I see. An icebreaker will make people feel more relaxed. Maybe I should sing a song or do a dance?!王飞:我明白了。打破僵局会让人们感觉更轻松。也许我应该唱首歌或者跳舞?Rob: Now thats a bit over the top–why not start with a joke?罗布:那有点夸张了,为什么不用笑话来打破僵局呢?Wang Fei: If singing or dancing is a bit over the top, or too much, I will think of a joke then.王飞:如果唱歌或跳舞会夸张,或是做得太过,那我就讲笑话吧。Telling a joke is an excellent icebreaker.讲笑话是打破僵局的绝妙方法。That party needed an icebreaker to make it less formal!这场聚会需要打破僵局,不要让气氛那么正式!Wang Fei: So just now we heard people using icebreaker in their conversation. Rob, does icebreaker literally mean breaking the ice?王飞:刚才我们听了一些对话中对这个单词的应用。罗布,这个词按字面理解就是打破沉默吗?Rob: It does. You can do it when you start a new job. Everything feels so formal that its good to break the ice. We British can be a bit reserved or formal so its good if someone can break the ice.罗布:对。你可以在开始新工作时使用这个词。所有事情都太正式了,是时候来打破僵局了。我们英国人有点保守或是恪守陈规,所以如果有人可以活跃气氛的话是不错的。Wang Fei: Yes, I agree. Sometimes British people can be quite reserved and formal. Rob Im not good at jokes. Do you have any I can use?王飞:对,我同意。有时英国人真的很保守和死板。罗布,我真的不擅长讲笑话。你有没有什么笑话可以让我用用?Rob: Lets have a think. How about telling this one? ;With my last girlfriend it was love at first sight–then I took a second look!;罗布:我们来想想。讲这个怎么样? “上个女朋友, 本来看第一眼就一见钟情了,但是后来我又看了第二眼!”Wang Fei: Its a good joke. But honestly, did it work for you?王飞:这笑话不错。不过说实话,起作用了吗?Rob: Um... It didnt actually. But it might be good for you!罗布:嗯……实际上没有。不过也许你可以用到呢!Wang Fei: Hmm… Actually I think I would rather find a good story on our website as an icebreaker.王飞:嗯……实际上我宁愿在我们的网站上找个可以活跃气氛的故事。Rob: Yes. Dont forget our website is a good place to learn some English phrases that might help you break the ice at a party.罗布:好。别忘了我们的网站可以帮助大家学习英语短语,而且可以帮助你在派对上打破僵局。Wang Fei: And our website is…王飞:我们的网址是……Rob:www.bbclearningenglish.com. Bye bye.罗布:www.bbclearningenglish.com。再见。Wang Fei: Bye!王飞:再见! 译文属 /201408/319521上饶市人民医院整形

上饶割双眼皮手术Todd: Now Steven, Im single and, but you are married and you are a father, correct?托德:史蒂文,我是单身,可是我知道你已经结婚而且当了父亲,没错吧?Steven: That is correct, yeah.史蒂文:完全正确。Todd: OK. Im just curious. What is it like being a father?托德:好,我只是很好奇。成为父亲是什么感觉?Steven: Ah, right. OK, well, I think if I first of all talk about what it was like not being a father, being me and not being a father. I think I used tomake the most of my free time, well in fact I didnt make the most of my free time. I was a very lazy person. I was an incredible time waster, so I would have all of this free time to make use of and I would probably just sit in front of the TV, or Id probably go to a pub and drink, but anyway I took my timefor granted. I thought I have this time. It wasnt such a precious thing for me. I had so much of it. Once I became a father, suddenly my time disappeared but strangely enough, now that Ive become a father and Ive, its taught me to appreciate the time I have. My time is now very limited. My work has become busier but I actually make much more use of my time now than when I did so much of it. Its kind of strange.史蒂文:嗯,好,我想先来谈谈我没成为父亲之前的样子。我认为我以前会最大限度地利用我的业余时间,可是实际上我并没有这么做。以前我是个懒人,是个浪费时间的人,而且情况非常严重,我会把所有的空闲时间用在看电视上,或是去酒吧喝酒,总之就是我不重视我的时间。我认为这是我的时间,对我来说并不是什么珍贵的事情。我有很多时间。可是我当上父亲以后,突然我的时间都消失了,虽然说来奇怪,不过我成为父亲以后学会了如何珍惜我所拥有的时间。现在我的时间非常有限。我的工作越来越忙,但是相比于以前,现在我会更多地利用我的时间。这其实有点奇怪。Todd: And how many children do you have?托德:你有几个孩子?Steven: Ah, two. Boys.史蒂文:两个男孩。Todd: Oh, two boys.托德:两个男孩。Steven: Yep, theyre both still very young. They keep us very busy. The eldest is four and the youngest is three.史蒂文:对,他们现在都还小。他们让我们一直处于忙碌的状态。我的大儿子今年四岁,小儿子三岁。Todd: Wow!托德:哇!Steven: So they need, they still need quite a lot of attention.史蒂文:他们还需要我们的照顾。Todd: Yeah, so when you first have kids do you lose a lot of sleep? Im always worried that I wont be able to sleep.托德:是啊,那你第一次当上父亲的时候有没有失眠?我就会担心到那时我会睡不着觉。Steven: Well, something that carried over from my previous lifestyle was an ability to sleep very well, and, um, fortunately I have a very understanding wife so if the children woke up, yeah, well because I had to work my wife was, my wife tended to be responsible. She would look after the children if they woke up during the evening, during the night, sorry, and Im such a good sleeper that even if they were crying incredibly loudly I could just go back to sleep. I dont think there are many fathers like me. Ive spoken to some other fathers and they dont have the same talent as I do.史蒂文:我之前的生活方式使我养成了睡得安稳的能力,幸运的是,我有个非常善解人意的妻子,如果孩子们醒了,因为我还要去上班,所以我妻子会负责照顾孩子们。如果孩子们在夜里醒了,她会去照顾他们,因为我睡得太沉了,所以即使哭闹声再大我也能继续睡觉。我想可能没有多少像我这样的父亲。我和其他的父亲聊过,他们都没有我这种能力。Todd: Oh, well, thanks Steven.托德:哦,好的,谢谢你,史蒂文。 译文属 /201411/340144 Donny 在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天吴琼是要问的:人气。Donny: Hi, Wuqiong, do you want to go to this concert with me?WQ: 演唱会?让我看看是哪个歌星开的。哇! 这个人现在是人气天王! 我当然愿意跟你去啦。哎?人气在英文里怎么说?Donny: 人气就是受欢迎的程度。So you can use the word ;popularity;, p-o-p-u-l-a-r-i-t-y, popularity.WQ: popularity 就是人气。这个词就是 popular 的名词形式嘛。Donny: Exactly. Ive heard about this singers rising popularity. Thats why I want to go to his concert.WQ: 演唱会的表演嘉宾,guest stars,都有谁?Donny: Well, heres the guest star list. Most of them are popular too, but whos this person on the bottom of the list? 我怎么没听说过。WQ: 让我看看,让我看看。哦,这个女明星几年前很红,可后来过气了。Donny: No wonder Ive never heard about her. Shes a has-been. The word ;has-been; means someone who is no longer popular.WQ: has-been? has 和 been放一起就是过气的人,过时的东西。This guest star used to be famous and popular, but now shes just a has-been.Donny: 对。WQ:这么说,她可能想借着当嘉宾的机会重新走红喽?Donny: Thats possible. This concert will be a good opportunity for her to stage a comeback.WQ: comeback, c-o-m-e-b-a-c-k, comeback 就是东山再起,咸鱼翻身的意思吧?If this singer makes a comeback, she will regain her popularity!Donny: Exactly. Now lets see what youve learned today!WQ: 第一:人气叫 popularity; 第二:过气、过时的人或物是 a has-been; 第三:东山再起是 a comeback. /201303/231510上饶中医院激光除皱多少钱上饶韩美整形美容医院做双眼皮手术多少钱



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