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A: Hi! I need to request a wake-up call tomorrow morning.B: What time do you want the call?A: I need two calls, one at 7 and another at 7:.B: We can certainly do that. Expect a call from us at 7:00, and then again at 7:.A: Actually, can I change the latter wake-up call to 7:30 am?B: I can certainly do that. Is there anything else?A: I can't think of anything. If I do think of something, I'll be sure to call again.B: Okay. Good night, sir. 97

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  In 19, a trip on board the Titanic was the ultimate in luxury travel. More than a century later, it still is.19年,登上泰坦尼克号无疑是一趟豪华旅行,在一个多世纪以后的今天,依旧如此Deep-pocketed tourists will once again get the chance to glide along the Titanic deck when London-based travel company Blue Marble Private begins dives to the wreck site in May 18.18年5月份,伦敦蓝色大理石旅行社将让付天价门票的游客们潜入泰坦尼克号沉没的海域,和泰坦尼克号亲密接触Interest in the th century most famous maritime disaster has remained high since Robert Ballard and his team discovered the remains of RMS Titanic almost 3 years ago.3年前,罗伯特·巴拉德和他的团队发现了泰坦尼克号的残骸,而世纪这起最著名的海上灾难对公众的吸引力依然不减However, this could well be one of the last opporties to visit. A study claimed that a recently discovered ;extremophile bacteria; could eat away what left of the famous shipwreck inside or years.不过,这可能是最后的参观机会了据年的一项研究称,近期发现的一种“极端细菌”将在未来至年将残船吞噬干净Blue Marble Private eight-day journey sets off from Newfoundland, Canada, and will transport visitors in a purpose-built, titanium-and-carbon-fiber submersible to the mighty vessel final resting place, more than two miles below the surface of the Atlantic.蓝色大理石旅行社为期8天的旅行将从加拿大纽芬兰出发,游客将进入特别设计的钛和碳纤维潜水器,参观位于大西洋海平面下方两英里的泰坦尼克号残骸所在地The first voyage is aly fully booked, despite the experience costing ,9 per person.尽管价格高达19美元人,但第一批航行名额已经报满Blue Marble Private declares in its press release that this is the equivalent (after inflation) to a first class passage $,350 on RMS Titanic inaugural -- and only -- voyage from Southampton, England, to New York.蓝色大理石旅行社宣称,在根据通胀率进行调整后,这一价格相当于当年的350美元,也就是泰坦尼克号处女航一等舱的船票价格,仅够付从英国南安普顿到纽约的航程Therell also be the opporty to ;explore Titanic massive debris field, home to numerous artifacts strewn across the ocean floor, nearly undisturbed over a century,; says Blue Marble Private founder Elizabeth Ellis.蓝色大理石旅行社创始人伊丽莎白·埃利斯表示:“人们还将有机会探索泰坦尼克号的巨大残骸场,众多文物散落在此,并封存了一个多世纪” 50。


  A: My stay is over. Here's the key to my room.B: Thank you. And here's your receipt, sir.A: Many thanks.B: I hope your stay here was satisfactory, sir.A: This could be a great hotel, once you get rid of the insects. The city itself is great.B: I'm glad that the little problem didn't ruin your visit. Please have a pleasant trip home.导购口语:This pair of sandals fits me well and is very comtable.这双凉鞋很适合我穿,非常舒This pair fits perfectly. Ill take it.这双正合脚,就要这双了Here a pair in your size. They are very good the price.这里有一双适合您穿的号码,价格非常便宜 语句:Fit well perfectly意为“正合适,正合脚”;in one size或者be one size表示“是……的尺寸”,但在Here a pair…这个句子只能用in one size;这句话也可以表达为Here the pair is your size. 情景再现:This is a new pair of shoes; you have to break them in fir a couple of days.这是一双新鞋,你得试穿几天让它合脚、Youd better try on both feet and see whether the shoes are comtable to wear.您最好两只脚都试一下,看看穿上是否舒It fits me. But let me fasten up the shoelaces and walk a few steps to see how it feels.很合脚,让我系上鞋带走几步看看 19831

  A Texas man has been charged with causing the death of his six-month-old daughter by leaving her in a hot car and then putting her in a refrigerator, a court document has revealed.一份法庭文件显示,德克萨斯州一名男子将女儿锁在温度较高的汽车之中,随后又将其放入冰箱内“降温”而遭到了过失杀人的指控Michael Thedd, 33, was arrested in Collin County, outside of Dallas, last Tuesday. He was charged with manslaughter and released on bond. No lawyer was listed him in online jail records.现年33岁的迈克尔·瑟福德于上周二在达拉斯城外的科林郡遭到逮捕他被控犯有过失杀人罪,在缴纳保释金后已获准保释监狱的在线记录显示他未曾指定律师According to a probable cause affidavit released, he dropped off his two other children, aged three and five, at daycare but got about his baby daughter in the back of the car. He went into his home and fell asleep.根据公布的词显示,他当时开车带着两个稍大点的孩子(两人的年龄分别为3岁和5岁)去日间托儿所,而最小的女儿却落在了车子的后座上之后他就进屋睡觉了His wife was at work at the time of the incident, according to police.根据警方表示,这一事件发生时孩子们的母亲正在上班Some four hours later, he discovered his daughter strapped into her car safety seat. He took her out, placed her in a refrigerator ; an undetermined amount of time;, and called 9, the affidavit said.四个小时后,瑟福德才发现女儿仍被绑在儿童安全座椅上他在词中声称,自己赶紧把女儿抱了出来,把她放进了冰箱,但是放了多长时间尚无法确定,随后他拨打了9He later placed the infant on the kitchen floor and attempted CPR on the baby bee emergency responders arrived, it said.之后,他把女儿放在厨房的地板上,在救护车到来前一直用心脏复苏术抢救女儿He said his daughter was stiff and ;hot as a brick; when he found her in the vehicle, the affidavit said. The outdoor temperature at the time was about 3 degrees Celsius.瑟福德在词中表示,女儿刚从车里出来时“热得像刚刚烧出来的砖”据悉,当时室外的温度为3摄氏度 5How often have you visited a historical site and been stunned that someone would be so selfish as to carve their names into it? This type of vandalism might seem to be the product of modern narcissism. But in reality, the human urge to leave their mark goes back millennia.还记得你有多少次在游览历史遗迹的时候看见有人将他们的名字刻在上面而对这种自私的行为感到震惊吗?这种故意毁坏文物的行为看起来是自恋的现代人独有的,但实际上,早在几千年前,人们就已经急着留下属于自己的印记了. Medieval Church Graffiti. 中世纪教堂涂鸦The medieval church was powerful in a way that today churches can only dream of. We might imagine that this would lead to them being inviolable, but even a cursory glance at medieval churches will show how untrue this is. Any surface in reach is likely to be marked in some way—in either pious devotion or distracted doodling. Some of the graffiti looks as if it was inspired by the sermons the vandals were listening to. Crosses, angels, and the Virgin Mary all appear etched into the walls and pillars of churches. Perhaps this was a m of worship those unable to speak the Latin of the mass or too illiterate to write out their faith. Other ms of graffiti speak of graffiti as prayer. Medieval ships are a common motif. It has been suggested that these may have been made as a m of prayer of protection those on the sea. Portraits of individuals also turn up. Kings and queens often feature, as do saints, but images of common men and women can tell us lots about the clothes and appearance of people who would otherwise be gotten.中世纪教堂所具有的权利之大,是现今的教堂想都不敢想的在我们的观念中,中世纪教堂都是神圣不可侵犯的,但只要看过实物,哪怕只是匆匆一瞥,就会知道事实并非如此在教堂中,只要够得着的地方都或多或少都被涂画过了——有虔诚的誓词,也有无意义的涂鸦一些涂鸦的灵感看起来是受了布道者的启发——教堂的墙上很多地方刻着十字架,天使,圣母玛利亚——这可能也是一种崇拜的形式,是那些不能用拉丁文说弥撒或不会写字的人表达信仰的方法也有一些其他样式的涂鸦表现的是祈福的愿望——中世纪海上贸易繁荣,据推测有些涂鸦是为海上的船员们祈福的一种方式当然,也有些涂鸦是个人肖像,比如国王和王后,还有圣人不过归根结底,还是那些普通人的画像涂鸦能更好地展现当时芸芸众生的穿着打扮和精神风貌9. Pompeian Prostitutes9. 庞贝娼妓Many depictions of Ancient Rome show it as a glittering citadel of white marble. In fact, the Romans were as earthy and real as any living people. The proof of this can be seen engraved in the walls of Pompeii. The ancient city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption that ironically preserved it far better than any other Roman site. Pompeii boasted an impressive number of brothels to cater to all tastes. These houses can be recognized from the stone beds packed into tiny rooms and erotic frescos showing guests what was on the . When customers staggered out into the street, or even while they were engaged in their cubicles, they liked to leave notes about the joys of their visit. ;Hic ego puellas multas futui,; one man wrote—;Here I have f—ked many girls.; Anothers left a review: ;Murtis bene felas;—;Myrtis, you suck well.; ;Rufa ita vale quare bene felas.;—;Rufa, may life be as good as your sucking.; Not all customers were as pleased with their service: ;Sabina felas no belle fasces.;—;Sabina you are sucking it, but not well.; One man seems to have become disillusioned with the whole profession, as this graffito on a brothel shows: ;Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!;人们对古罗马的描述通常是白色大理石铸就的光辉城堡但事实上,罗马人和普通人一样粗俗现实,据就刻在庞贝城的墙上我们知道,庞贝城毁于一次火山爆发,但讽刺的是,正是因为这一点,庞贝古城保存得比其他罗马遗迹还要完整庞贝城里曾有大量的妓院,可满足顾客各种品味无论是挤在小房间里的石床,还是被当作“菜单”展示给嫖客看的色情壁画,这些妓院处处可见“风情”嫖客晃到大街上时,甚至还在小房间里快活时,就会留下对消费过程的评价“Hic ego puellas multas futui,”一个男子写下,——“我在这里上了很多女孩”另一个道“Murtis bene felas”——Myrtis,吹得一手好箫“Rufa ita vale quare bene felas.”——Rufa,愿人生和你吹的箫一样好但并不是所有的顾客都对务满意:“Sabina felas no belle fasces.”——Sabina,虽然你在吹,但技术不好还有一个男人似乎对这个行业彻底失望了,因为这家妓院的涂鸦写着:“哭泣吧,女孩们我的老二已经不想要你们他现在渴望着男人的永别了,奇女子们!8. Vikings—Hagia Sophia8. 维京传奇——圣索菲亚大教堂Sometimes, graffiti can be deeply revealing about the world of those who made it, and sometimes, it is more revealing of human nature itself. The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is one of the grandest religious structures in the world. It was begun in 53 and has been a church, a mosque, and museum over the course of the centuries. It has also been a writing pad Vikings. On a marble banister is a string of runes left at some point in the ninth century. While the years have worn it away, the name Halfdan can still be made out. One ing of the rest of the inscription could be that it simply says ;Halfdan was here.; In a different part of the building, another runic graffito has been found, badly eroded. All that can really be is the name Arni or Ari—another Viking with a fondness leaving his own name in stone. It seems likely that these men served in the Varangian Guard, an elite corps of troops used by the Byzantine emperors. This body was made up mostly of Scandinavians, who apparently brought their runic writings with them.有时候,涂鸦揭示的是绘画者的内心世界,而有时候,它更多地揭露人性本身伊斯坦布尔的圣索菲亚大教堂是世界上最大的宗教建筑之一它始建于53年,在之后的数个世纪里被当作为教堂、清真寺和图书馆可以说,它是维京传奇的见者在公元9世纪某时,有人在一根大理石栏杆上留下了一串北欧文字尽管时光荏苒,它惨遭侵蚀,不过其中的“Halfdan”这个名字还是依稀可见只是通过上下文联系,这串文字可能只是简单的“Halfdan到此一游”在教堂的另一个侵蚀严重的地方还发现了一个北欧文字,只能看见一个名字,有点像Arni,也有点像Ari——是另一个热衷于在石头上留名的维京人,估计是瓦兰吉人,拜占庭皇帝的精英卫士因为这些精英卫士大部分由斯堪的纳维亚人组成,他们显然很喜欢到处播散他们的北欧文字7. Tower Of London7. 伦敦塔When people are locked up long periods, graffiti can be a tempting way to pass the time. Just check out the desks in detention room. The Tower of London is a castle that has long been used by English monarchs as both a place of safety themselves and a place to keep troublemakers out of the way. These noble prisoners often took their chance to leave a reminder of their existence in case they never walked out of the prison. Some of the graffiti is simply a name. A ;remember me.; Others are whole sentences such as a Latin inscription left by Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel in 87, which says, ;The more affliction we endure Christ in this world, the more glory we shall get with Christ in the world to come.; Noble crests and insignia also abound on the walls. Other prisoners seem to have undermined their defenses with their graffiti. One man who was imprisoned on a charge of sorcery took the time to scratch a detailed horoscope in his cell.当成为阶下囚时,涂鸦是打发时间的好办法,不信的话去看看拘留室的桌子吧伦敦塔长期被英国君主作为自己的城堡或关押麻烦鬼的地方贵族囚犯们常在这里面刷存在感——因为他们可能永远也出不去了一些涂鸦仅仅是一个名字或是一句“记住我”也有一些是一句完整的拉丁文,比如87年阿伦德尔的伯爵Philip Howard则留下的:“此生为我主受尽折磨,来生方与其共享荣耀” 还有些墙上写满了贵族家徽和印章而且似乎有些囚犯在创作涂鸦相当“放飞自我”,比如一个被控告巫术的人在牢里不慌不忙地刻下了占卜图的所有细节6. Alexamenos Graffito6. 亚历克门罗涂鸦In 1857, an excavation on the Palatine Hill in Rome turned up a piece of graffito in the plaster of a wall. Weve aly seen that the Romans were not shy with the things they were willing to write on a wall, but it seems they were not afraid of blasphemy either. The Alexamenos Graffito, dating from around AD 0, may be the earliest depiction of Jesus—and it is not flattering. The Alexamenos Graffito shows a figure hanging from a cross with a man at the base looking up. Text, in Greek, says ;Alexamenos worships his god.; What stops this being a standard image of the crucifixion is that the person on the cross has the head of a donkey. This shows some of the aggression toward the relatively new Christian religion that must have existed at the time. Tertullian, an early Christian author, refers to the idea that ;our god is the head of an ass.; The graffito is also an important source on the act of crucifixion as it was made at a time when people would have seen criminals nailed up by the roadside.1857年,人们在挖掘罗马帕拉蒂诺山的时候发现墙里的石膏上有一块涂鸦我们已经见识过罗马人什么都敢往墙上写的“美德”,但似乎他们对亵渎行为也不以为意亚历克门罗涂鸦可追溯到公元0年,可能是对耶稣基督最早的描述——而且还不是什么赞美之词亚历克门罗涂鸦画的是一个人在低处向上看着挂在十字架上的人,涂鸦下方用希腊文注释“亚厉克门罗崇拜上帝”不过它和标准的基督受难像没有半毛钱关系,因为十字架上的人是个驴头这表明当时基督教还是个新教的时候,受到了不少的攻击早期的基督教作家德尔图良就提出“我们的上帝是驴脑袋”的说法创造这个石膏像的时候人们还多是将罪犯用钉子钉死在路边,所以看起来,这幅涂鸦很可能是“钉十字架”这种刑罚的重要来由 5695

  Reduce the price 降低价格A:Im afraid your price is much too high. You know our order is a sizable one.恐怕你方的价格太高了你知道为我们的订货量相当大B:May I ask what size of your order is?请问你方订货量有多大?A:500 dozens.500打B:You can hardly call it a sizable order, can you?你很难称这个订货量相当大,对吧?A:But still it is an order of some size, moreover, we are not your new customers. I hope you will leave us some margin to cover the advertising expenses.还是比较大的,更何况,我们都是你们的老客户了我希望你们留给我们一点利润空间以抵消广告花费B:Then what your idea?最好是5美元一打A:5 dollars per dozen is the best we can do.最好是5美元一打B:You mean we reduce the price and your counter-offer is too wide. The best we can do will be a reduction of 3 dollars. I must say it is our lowest price and we cant go any further.你的意思是我方再降美元对不起,你的还盘价和我们的报价相差太远了我方最多降3美元我得说这是最低价,我们不能再降价了 8331

  With ,86 confirmed planets and Kepler candidates and the discovery of a gas giant with a colossal system of 0 rings, it may seem like we know quite a bit about what is out there in the cosmos. However, the universe loves to confuse us, and—frankly—humanity has yet to come to grips with what is in our own solar system.这些年来,我们已实了86颗行星以及开普勒候选行星的存在,还发现了一个有着0个外环的气体巨星系统,这似乎意味着我们对外太空了解颇多然而事与愿违,宇宙如此浩瀚无边,让我们困惑不已,事实上我们甚至连自身所处的太阳系都了解不多.Orcus And Vanth.奥库斯和万斯We have all heard about Pluto, especially after its declassification as a planet in and its coverage in the news due to the upcoming New Horizons probe flyby. But have you ever heard of what is sometimes referred to as ;anti-Pluto;? 98 Orcus is a Kuiper belt object with almost exactly the same orbital period, inclination, and distance from the Sun as Pluto.我们一定都听过冥王星的大名,年其从行星行列中被剔除随后新视野号对其进行了近地探测,探测报告见诸各大新闻版面,如此种种更是让其声名大噪但你是否听说过;反冥王星;?奥库斯星属于库伯带天体,拥有和冥王星几乎相同的公转周期、倾斜角和距离Both Pluto and Orcus also share a :3 resonance with Neptune, although Orcus is oriented differently. Not only are their orbits almost identical, but they both have moons that are very large relative to their size. Pluto moon Charon is half the size of Pluto, and Vanth has been estimated to be one-third the size of Orcus. The name ;Orcus; was chosen because it the Etruscan equivalent the Roman ;Pluto.;The surface of Orcus is covered with crystalline water ice and, possibly, ammonia ice, which indicates that some sort of geological activity and cryovolcanism may have taken place in the past. If the presence of ammonia is confirmed, Orcus could help scientists understand the mation of other trans-Neptunian objects.尽管奥库斯星的运行方向与冥王星不同,却共享一个比例为:3的共振它们不仅运行轨道几乎重合,还都拥有与其体积关联非常密切的卫星冥王星的卡伦卫星的体积是冥王星的一半;而万斯卫星的体积则是奥库斯星的;Orcus;在伊特拉斯坎语中相当于罗马语中的;Pluto;,二者都是;冥王;的意思,这也是这颗卫星名字的由来奥库斯星的表面覆盖着透明的固态水和固态氨,表明这里曾发生过一系列地质和冰火山活动如果氨的存在被实,奥库斯星便可帮助科学家更好地了解外海王星体的构成9.90 Antiope9.休神星The number in 90 Antiope name signifies that it was the 90th asteroid discovered, although that is actually a matter debate. You see, this rare find, orbiting within the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, is a binary system (also known as a ;double asteroid;). So Antiope is technically the 90th and 91st asteroid discovered.这个名字前面的数字表示这是第90颗被发现的小行星,尽管这广受争议这颗卫星运行在在木星和火星间的小行星带中,是一颗罕见的双重小行星(也叫对等小行星)所以严格来说它应该是第90到第91个被发现的小行星When it was first discovered, Antiope was cast aside, considered to be no different from countless other small objects orbiting within the asteroid belt. However, in 00, the -meter (33 ft), ground-based telescope ;Keck II; in Hawaii observed that the large singular blob seen by older telescopes was actually two smaller bodies orbiting each other. Each of them is approximately 86 kilometers (53 mi) in diameter, and their centers are separated by a distance of only 1 kilometers (1 mi).It is not uncommon two objects to orbit each other to some degree, but since the difference in mass of each component of Antiope is so small, the best way to imagine what it looks like is to think of two spinning bowling balls held together by piece of string.刚被发现的时候,休神星是被排除在行星序列之外的,因为人们觉得它和行星带里漂浮的宇宙尘埃并无本质区别,人们根本不会将其当做一颗行星来看待然而在00年,位于夏威夷的长达米(33英寸)的凯克二号地面望远镜观测到,其他望远镜之前观测到的那个大星团,实际上是两颗相互运行的小星体每个星体直径大约是86千米(53英里),它们之间的距离仅为1千米(1 英里)两个天体相互运行并不罕见,但难得的是这两颗小行星的质量相差非常小我们可以把它们想象成绑在同一根绳子上旋转的两颗保龄球8.Saturn Hexagon8.土星的六边风暴We all know about Saturn and its rings, but have you ever heard about its cloud patterns? In the early 1980s, the Voyager mission made a surprising and unprecedented discovery, which was confirmed by a visit from the Cassini spacecraft. Encompassing all of Saturn north pole is a giant hexagonal storm with sides longer than the diameter of Earth. The storm has been raging over 30 years. Spookily, the hexagon doesnt move with the rest of the clouds on the planet, and since it possesses such a large degree of geometric precision, countless conspiracy theories have sprung up about it. (Thankfully, most of them are not serious.)我们对土星和它的外环都有所了解,但是你们听说过它的云腾吗?上世纪80年代初,;航行者号;取得一个惊人的新发现,这一发现随后又被卡西尼号飞船实:一个边长超过地球直径的巨型六边形风暴笼罩在土星的北半球上这一风暴已在此肆虐超过30年诡异的是,这个六边形风暴并不像云一样移动,而且它的几何形状非常精准,因而数不尽的阴谋论像雨后春笋般涌现——值得庆幸的是,它们大多数都不是真的While the phenomenon is still not fully explained, scientists have several ideas that help explain exactly what is going on using ;fluid dynamics.; Lab experiments have shown that in a fluid where the center is spinning faster than the outer sides, turbulence starts to create edges. At high enough speeds, polygon shapes begin to appear. Since the winds in the hexagon have been clocked at 3 kilometres per hour (0 mph), crisp sides have med. While this sounds like a pretty solid theory, some are still convinced that it is, of course, an opening to another dimension.虽然这个现象的成因还没有完全弄清楚,科学家们还是利用流体动力学解释了这一现象实验研究表明,当风暴中心的旋转速度比气快时,风暴就会开始形成边缘;当速度足够快时,就会逐渐呈现出多边形态六边形风暴的时速达每小时3千米(0英里),所以就形成了新的形状这听起来似乎挺有道理,但依然有人相信还有更好的解释7.Haumea7.妊神星Bee it was officially named, 61 Haumea was known as ;Santa,; due to being discovered on December , . This is actually rather fitting, since Haumea is a rather ;gifted; and unique dwarf planet. Scientists initially found it hard to take measurements of Haumea because of its extremely rapid rotation, faster than any other known body in the solar system—a day is only 3.9 hours long.因妊神星于年月日被发现,在正式命名前它曾被叫作;圣诞老人;其实这十分贴切,因为它的确是一颗非常独特的矮行星它的公转速度比太阳系中其他已知星体都要快,妊神星上的一天照我们的计时标准只有3.9个小时,所以在开始的一段时间内,科学家们很难对它进行测量The rotation itself would not cause too many problems, but Haumea is not shaped like any other planet. Due to its composition of rock and ice and its very low gravity holding it together, the immense centrifugal ce has stretched the surface into what is known as a ;scalene ellipsoid.; This means that the distance between its poles is 996 kilometers (619 mi), but its longest axis is a whopping 1,960 kilometers (1,18 mi) across.Not only does Haumea possess some of the most interesting rotational properties, it also has two moons, Hiiaka and Namaka. Not bad something with only 6 percent the mass of our moon.妊神星的自转并不是问题,但它和其他星球形状不同这是因为妊神星上的岩石和冰仅靠十分弱小的的地心引力维系在一起,但巨大的离心力却将星体表面拉伸为;不规则椭圆体;正因如此,它两极之间的距离仅为996千米(619英里),而其最长轴却有1960千米(18英里)妊神星不仅自转特性非常有趣,还有两颗卫星相随,即 妊卫一和 妊卫二这对一个质量仅是月球质量6%的矮行星来说已是相当可观6.Pan And Atlas6.潘恩和阿特拉斯These two moons of Saturn have a lot in common and are the two closest moons to their parent body. What makes these two so special is the fact that they seem to have copied the rings of Saturn themselves, taking on a m that is straight out of a 1950s UFO B movie. Pan, being what is known as a ;shepherd moon,; got its name from the god of shepherds, while Atlas was named after the titan who ;held the sky on his shoulders,; since it supports the rings of Saturn.这两颗卫星有许多相同之处,也是它们的母体——土星系统里相距最近的两颗卫星它们的特殊之处在于拥有和土星外环一样的环带,世纪50年代美国的一部UFO电影就曾以此作为素材潘恩也叫;牧羊人卫星;,得名于;牧羊之神;阿特拉斯得名于;双肩顶天;的太阳神提坦,这是因为它看起来像是在撑土星的外环Atlas, the flatter of the two, is only 19 kilometers ( mi) from pole to pole but 6 kilometers (9 mi) across its waist. The elongated equators of these moons cannot be explained in the same way as Haumea, since they do not spin fast enough to bulge. Rapid rotation also creates a unim elongation, and these moons are definitely not regular. It turns out that after many computer simulations, the University of Paris has found the answer: accretion disks. As a disk of debris spins, edges of the structure flatten out. During the mation of Saturn moons, accretion disks made of dust from Saturn rings med around the tiny moons and eventually accumulated on their equators, creating their vast, bulging ridges.阿特拉斯较为扁平,两极之间的距离仅为19千米(英里),直径却长达6千米(9英里)当然,这两颗卫星的赤道长度自然不能同妊神星相提并论,毕竟它们的自转速度并不足以使其膨胀虽然它们也能自转形成一道狭长带,但这绝不会规律性出现巴黎大学在进行多次电脑模拟后终于找到了问题的:吸积盘的存在当一盘太空碎片旋转时,结构的边缘就会变平在土星形成卫星时,由土星环灰尘形成的吸积盘围绕在这些小卫星周围,并最终在赤道集合,形成巨大膨胀的赤道脊审校:哈利 来源:前十网 180。


  本文选自Kyle XY《神奇凯尔,欢迎大家来此做客Nicole: So how's your day going?Lori: It's a fiesta. Kyle channeled a superna-tural dimension.Nicole: What?Lori: The Oujia board. It spelled out some weird numbers him. He was totally pushing it.Nicole: Well, fo course he was, but he may not realize he was doing it. In which case, maybe it's another memory trying to claw its way out. Did he say he knew what the numbers mean?Lori: Of course not, that would be too easy.Nicole: Well, I have to talk to him about it.Lori: He saked it when his birthday was.Nicole: Yeah, he's having a really hard time with that today.Lori: Everyone's weird today. Even Declan, who's usually dependably unweird. Nicole: So, um, what's going on with him?Lori: I don't know. He won't talk to me and I haven't mastered the art of shrinking like you have.Nicole: Well, sometimes the easiest way to get somebody to open up is to just be there them without judgement when they're y to spill.Lori: Yeah, see, that's the problem. I live judgement.Nicole: You and Declan definitely seem to be getting closer.Lori: Yeah, I guess. Nicole: I guess you probably feel that you're y more. Physically, I mean. Lori: Are you shrinking me right now?Nicole: Shrinking, morning ... you know, whatever works.Lori: Stick to baking; it's less mortifying.Nicole: You know, life can be mortifying sometimes. And trust me, sometimes sex can be, too.Lori: That's straying from the usual'when two people love each other, they make beautiful magic script.'Nicole: Well, that's true, too. It's just that it doesn't always happen that way. Especially if you rush into things.Lori: You're right.Nicole: I am?Lori: I'm not y. 371

  Sports have always been among mankind most treasured endeavors. It usually starts off as an accessible m of entertainment and, bee you know it, it becomes part of a civilization culture. Nowadays, the international scene is dominated by a handful of the most popular sports, but that wasnt always the case. There was a time when each town had its own local pastime. And this led to some bizarre games that are now mostly gotten (although, in some cases, that a good thing).运动一直是人们最为珍视的拼搏形式一项运动通常是以日常活动的形式开始出现,不知不觉地就成为了我们的民族文化的一部分现在的体育界被少数几项最受欢迎的运动主宰,但以前可不是如此每个小镇都曾经有属于自己的运动消遣方式,体育的大一统让一些各具特色的比赛项目几乎都被历史遗忘了(虽然有时候这也是好事).Barking Off Squirrels.打树猎松鼠;Barking off; was a type of squirrel hunting popular in America in the late 18th century and early 19th century. It was created in the backwoods of Kentucky and popularized by renowned frontiersman Daniel Boone, who was famous his marksmanship.;打树;是18世纪末期和19世纪初期流行于美国的松鼠捕猎方法这项运动兴起于肯塔基州的偏远落后地区,后因拓荒者丹尼尔·布恩出色的法而闻名The goal of the contest was to hunt squirrels, but not by shooting them. Instead, the hunters would shoot the bark right below the squirrels. The impact was strong enough to shatter the bark and create a concussion blast powerful enough to kill the squirrels. trophy hunters, this type of shooting had the added bonus of leaving the squirrels skin intact. The practice of barking off squirrels occurred at a time when the woods of Kentucky were filled with these unlucky woodland critters. Regular squirrel hunts were so frequent that it wasnt uncommon hunting parties to kill thousands of them in a single day. The most successful hunter often was not the best shot but the guy who could reload the fastest. That was why a new test of skill was welcomed by both hunters and spectators, who would often gamble on the outcome of the sport.比赛的目的虽说是猎杀松鼠,却不直接对松鼠射击,而是朝着松鼠正下方的树枝开其威力能粉碎树皮,并产生足以夺取松鼠性命的爆破力作为猎人的战利品,这种打猎方法还能保持松鼠的皮毛完好无损肯塔基州的树林充满了这些不幸的小动物时,;打树猎松鼠;非常盛行人人都爱好狩猎松鼠,以至于经常能在短短的一天内就射杀上千的松鼠最成功的狩猎者往往不是最精准的射手,而是换子弹最快的人该运动还衍生出了猎手和看客都喜爱的——给猎杀松鼠最多的射手下注9.Equestrian Long Jump9.马术跳远Many sports are created by combining two concepts that aly existed. While some ideas have been successful, not all of them are winners. Take equestrian long jump, example. This sport took the human long jump and combined it with horse racing to create a sport that was less exciting than either.许多新运动就是两项已有的运动结合而来虽然有些运动结合成功,但也不乏失败的以马术跳远为例,这项运动结合了两项激动人心的赛事:跳远和赛马,结果产生的新运动却比不上原先的任何一个There was a lot of interest in this concept in its early days. It was even featured as a sport at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris as part of a double equestrian event that also featured the horse high jump.If you are wondering why the equestrian long jump is not popular today, it because it failed to make an impression. In fact, it was downright anticlimactic. The gold medal was won by Belgian racer Constant van Langhendonck and his horse, Extra-Dry. Their winning leap measured 6.1 meters. Although it was significantly better than any other horse jump that day—second place came in at 5.7 meters--it was still lackluster as people were expecting an inhuman display of athletic prowess. comparison, the current world record a human long jump is 8.95 meters.这个运动概念在早期引起了人们的注意,甚至被列入了1900年巴黎夏季奥运会,与马跳高一起作为双马术比赛的项目你或许对马术跳远难以流行感到疑惑,这主要是因为人们无法在该比赛项目中取得好成绩这项比赛其实就只有个噱头金牌获得者是比利时骑手康士顿·凡·朗尔顿和他的马微甜他们的获胜成绩是6.1米,第二名是5.7米,虽然第一名的成绩显着优于其他选手,但这结果依然让人失望,所有人都期待着一场高技术厮杀的好戏呢告知大家一下,目前人类的跳远纪录是8.95米8.Turtle Racing8.乌龟赛跑You might think that turtle racing doesnt count as a gotten sport because it is still practiced today, but there are few similarities between the old and current versions aside from the name. Nowadays, turtle racing is a fun activity kids you can find at county fairs. All the participants huddle up in the center of a circle and let their turtles loose. The creatures wander around aimlessly until one eventually makes it out of the circle and is declared the winner.也许有人认为乌龟赛跑不算被历史遗忘,因为现如今这项运动仍然存在,但除名字相似以外,古今两个版本的乌龟赛跑再无相像之处现今在乡村集市,经常可以看到孩子们玩乌龟赛跑参赛者聚集在画好的圆圈里然后在中心处放下各自的乌龟,乌龟们漫无目的地游荡,直到有一只爬出圈子,这便是冠军That was not the case 0 years ago. Back then, giant turtles were used in a genuine straight-line race. Crowds of excited spectators watched impatiently from the sides just like they would at a horse race. The turtles even had small children riding them like jockeys. As bizarre as that image might be, there are even stranger claims about the origin of the sport. According to an in the Miami News, turtle racing first became popular in the Bahamas, where it was a favorite local pastime. However, there were a few key differences. starters, the races took place in water instead of on land, so giant sea turtles were used, typically loggerhead turtles. These turtles had men riding them as jockeys, and they werent just show. They were there to make sure the animals followed the course, which was usually more complex than a simple straight line.此规则跟0年前的乌龟赛跑大相径庭那会儿,大乌龟真的要直线赛跑赛场周围挤满了兴奋的观众,仿佛看赛马般狂热有时甚至会有小孩像赛马骑师一样骑在比赛的大乌龟身上更好玩的是,居然还有人考究起这运动的起源来根据《迈阿密新闻的一篇文章,乌龟赛跑初始在巴哈马群岛,且深得民心然而,这与我们之前讨论的又有些关键的区别首先,这里的比赛场地在水中而非陆地,所以用巨型海龟参赛,通常是赤蠵龟而且参赛者真的会坐在海龟上,这不是为了表演,而是为了确保海龟沿着复杂的比赛路径爬行7.Quintain7.刺靶Jousting is an essential part of medieval lore. There was no better way a knight to prove his valor than to enter a jousting tournament and perm in front of the king and his royal court. However, jousting champions are made, not born. In order to perfect their skills, knights would need to train—and that quintain. Instead of two knights charging at each other, one knight would charge at a stationary target (also known as a quintain) in order to improve his skill.格斗是中世纪传说必不可少的一个部分没有比参加格斗锦标赛更好的方法让骑士在国王和宫廷大臣面前展现自己的勇猛格斗需要磨练,没有经验的人是无法获胜的为了使自己的技术更加精湛,骑士们需要不停地训练,即刺靶这种训练不需要两个骑士互刺,只需要骑士攻系一个固定的目标(靶)以此来提高自己的技术Typically, the target was a shield balanced on a pole with a counterweight at the other end. The weight served multiple purposes as the quintain would spin when hit. An accurate shot would cause the maximum spin, and this was considered a good indicator of a knight skill. However, a slow or incorrect hit could spin the weight (usually a sandbag) in time to hit the rider from behind and knock him off his horse. Since quintain was merely a m of training, there was very little pomp and circumstance associated with it. Everyone was free to watch and even participate. Eventually, this turned quintain into a sport of its own, accessible to all the classes. Even those without a horse could participate by using a wooden horse or a boat in some areas. They could even simply run toward the target.靶子通常是吊在杆子一端的盾牌,另一端放上等重的平衡物这样的设计让骑士在刺靶时依照靶子的旋转速就能判断自己攻击的准确性快而准的攻击能达到靶子的最高转速,将盾牌甩得高高的,这被认为是骑士技术好的一个重要指标慢攻或错误的攻击会使另一头的平衡物(通常是沙袋)由背后打向骑士甚至把他打落马由于刺靶是只是一种训练形式,正式的排场很少会用到它每个人都可以随意观看并且参与其中刺靶最终演变为一种任何阶层都可以接触到的运动一些没有马的地方也使用木马或船来代替,只用双腿跑着刺靶也未尝不可6.Eel Pulling6.拔鳗鱼It shouldnt be surprising to find out that human beings werent always concerned with the welfare of animals. We certainly would not have let it get in the way of a good time. Such was the case with eel pulling, a practice that was popular in the Netherlands in the 19th century. There were two basic ms of this sport. One was a classic tug-of-war battle, but the rope was replaced with a live eel. The eel was soaped up to make it more slippery, and two teams would pull ferociously at each end of the doomed animal.人们通常不会去关心动物的幸福,不仅如此,还不让动物们好过例如;拔鳗鱼;,一个在19世纪荷兰十分流行的运动项目该运动项目有两种形式一种像传统的拔河比赛,只不过绳子换成了活鳗鱼为了使鳗鱼更滑,人们还在它身上抹肥皂双方的拔河队员会野蛮地拉扯这条在劫难逃的鳗鱼The other version of eel pulling involved hanging the eel from a line dangling over a canal. Players had to jump and take down the eel while passing through the canal in a boat. This version of the sport, which was more popular, was more entertainment than sport. Spectators would laugh at the participants, who often ended up in the canal.The biggest eel pulling hot spot was Amsterdam. The game was so popular that people kept playing it even after it was outlawed. Trying to stop the Dutch from enjoying their eel pulling had dire consequences, as the people of Amsterdam found out on July 5, 1886. A police officer ended a game in progress by cutting the line. This triggered the Eel Riot of 1886, which resulted in 6 deaths, 0 injuries, and countless arrests.另一个版本的;拔鳗鱼;则是用绳索把鳗鱼悬挂在在运河一处的上方参赛者需乘船流经此处并跳起来;拔;下鳗鱼这一版本的;拔鳗鱼;更为流行,与其说是运动不如称其为一种,因为一般来说参赛者最后都会掉进水里,这让观众们捧腹大笑;拔鳗鱼;最流行的地方是阿姆斯特丹该运动项目实在太火了,以至于后来被列为了非法运动,人们却还是乐此不疲如果你想要禁止荷兰人开展;拔鳗鱼;比赛,后果非常严重1886年6月6日,阿姆斯特丹一位警官剪断挂鳗鱼的绳索,中断了一场;拔鳗鱼;比赛,这就引发了1886年的;鳗鱼暴乱;事件,导致6人死亡,0人受伤,还有数不清的人被拘留翻译:彼得潘、小飞侠 前十网 65

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