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2018年01月20日 01:36:46 | 作者:安指南 | 来源:新华社
Neil Armstrong shot to world-wide fame as the first person to step on the surface of the moon, a feat that marked a new era of human exploration. For the rest of his life he largely shunned the limelight. 阿姆斯特朗(Neil Armstrong)曾凭借人类历史上第一个踏上月球表面的人这一荣誉一夜之间名扬四海,不过他的后半生则基本上退出了公众视野。登月的壮举标志着人类探索活动进入了一个新时代。 Mr. Armstrong#39;s family released a statement Saturday confirming that he died from complications #39;resulting from cardiovascular procedures#39; performed Aug. 8, three days after his 82nd birthday. 阿姆斯特朗的家人上周六发表声明,实他因8月8日进行的心血管手术出现并发症去世。手术的三天前他刚刚度过了82岁生日。 As commander of Apollo 11 in 1969, Mr. Armstrong punctuated his exploit with the memorable phrase, #39;That#39;s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.#39; The mission transfixed people around the globe, including nearly one million spectators who flocked to the Florida launch site. 作为1969年“阿波罗11号”(Apollo 11)飞船的指挥官,阿姆斯特朗以令人难忘的一句话精辟地概括了自己的登月之举:这是我个人迈出的一小步,却是人类迈出的一大步。美国的登月计划震撼了全球,也震撼了涌入佛罗里达发射场地的近100万围观者。 He resisted getting caught up in the hoopla, years later calling himself a #39;nerdy engineer.#39; Bucking intense pressure to use his celebrity status for political purposes or personal gain, the self-effacing Midwesterner left it to others to ponder the significance and broader meaning of his accomplishment. 他拒绝投入到火爆的宣传旋涡中,多年后他自称是一个“书生工程师”。这个不喜欢出风头的中西部人顶住了将自己的名人身份用于政治目的或获取个人利益的巨大压力,而是把自己所取得成就的重要性和更广泛的意义留给他人去思考。 The statement from Mr. Armstrong#39;s family referred to him as #39;a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job.#39; 阿姆斯特朗的家人发表的声明称他是一个不情不愿的美国英雄,他一直认为自己只是做了分内之事。 Mr. Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio, on Aug. 5, 1930, and spent part of his teenage years on a farm about 60 miles from where Orville and Wilbur Wright more than 25 years earlier experimented. He took his first airplane ride at 6 years old. 1930年8月5日,阿姆斯特朗出生在俄亥俄州沃帕科内塔(Wapakoneta),他的童年有一部分时间是在一个农场上度过的。在距离农场约60英里的地方,逾25年前怀特兄弟曾经进行过飞机试验。阿姆斯特朗六岁时第一次坐上了飞机。 Mr. Armstrong flew 78 missions as a Navy combat pilot in the Korean War and later gained prominence as a civilian government test pilot. 朝鲜战争期间,阿姆斯特朗作为海军战斗机飞行员执行过78次飞行任务。后来,他在担任政府民航试飞员时脱颍而出。 During his historic moon exploration on July 20, 1969, some of Mr. Armstrong#39;s other transmissions reflected his unflappable demeanor. Before returning to a ticker-tape parade and a 28-city world tour, the aviator was understated in describing his situation and surroundings some 240,000 miles above Earth. In one of his first transmissions to controllers on the ground, he calmly told them: #39;I tell you, we#39;re going to be busy for a minute.#39; 在1969年7月20日历史性的月球探索之旅期间,阿姆斯特朗与地面之间的其他一些通讯反映出了他的镇定自若。他在描述自己在地球上空约24万英里(约合38万公里)的太空中的情况和周围环境时很有节制。在传送给地面控制中心的首批信息中,他冷静地对中心说,我告诉你们,我们要忙上一会了。他返回地面后,参加了一场盛大游行和全球28个城市的巡回宣传活动。 Later in the mission, Mr. Armstrong, who earned his pilot#39;s license as a teenager and idolized Charles Lindbergh, epitomized the calm, assured tone astronauts prized. #39;It#39;s different, but it#39;s very pretty out here,#39; he matter-of-factly told controllers. #39;I suppose they are going to make a big deal of all this.#39; 登月行动期间,阿姆斯特朗展现了宇航员冷静、自信的可贵品质。他不带丝毫感情色地对地面控制中心说,这里与地球不同,但非常漂亮,我认为他们会把这一切搞得惊天动地。阿姆斯特朗十多岁时就取得了飞行执照,他的偶像是美国飞行英雄林白(Charles Lindbergh)。 After the voyage, Mr. Armstrong worked for a year as a high-level official at National Aeronautics and Space Administration headquarters. In his authorized biography, published in 2005, Mr. Armstrong fumed at the bureaucracy and the burden of frequent #39;appearances on demand#39; by lawmakers on Capitol Hill. He resigned and went on to teach at the University of Cincinnati. 在登月之后,阿姆斯特朗在美国国家航空航天局(NASA)总部做了一年的高层官员。在2005年出版的授权传记中,阿姆斯特朗对NASA以及常常要在国会议员的要求下露面的负担表示不满。他随后辞职,去辛辛那提大学(University of Cincinnati)任教。 Starting about 1980, he largely retreated from public view to enjoy the tranquillity of a restored 19th-century farmhouse. He raised cattle and corn, served on corporate boards and enjoyed his grandchildren. Always reluctant to talk to reporters, Mr. Armstrong sometimes seemed uncomfortable even when he gave speeches or attended events commemorating advances in aviation and space. 从大约1980年开始,他基本上退出了公众的视野,在一座翻修后的19世纪农舍中享受平静的生活。他养牛、种玉米,在公司董事会任职,享受着孙辈绕膝的生活。他一直不愿接受记者的采访,有时甚至在发表演讲或参加纪念航空航天进步的活动中也显得不自在。 /201208/197078Over the next 20 years, some trillion will be passed to women through divorce, death of spouse or inheritance. They aly make up just under half of the nation#39;s millionaires. Combined with their growing earning and wealth-creation power, women may account for up for two thirds of the nation#39;s wealth by 2030.未来20年中,将有约25万亿美元的资产因离婚、配偶去世或遗产继承而转移到女性名下。女性现已占了美国百万富翁人口的将近一半。加上她们不断增加的收入和创造财富的能力,2030年前女性将可能拥有美国三分之二的财富。Those numbers have financial industry salivating over how to serve the women#39;s market. Private bankers, brokers, trust companies, family offices and wealth managers are all asking the same question: What do wealthy women want?Associated Press这样的数据令金融行业对务女性市场垂涎不已。私人家、经纪商、信托公司、家族理财公司和财富管理公司都在问同样一个问题:富有的女性想要什么?A new survey from The Family Wealth Advisors Council, a network of independent wealth advisers, gives some clues. Women, it says, want their advisers to understand their ;life pictures; and ;financial journeys; rather than just their investments. (Men, by contrast, might hang up if their broker asked about their ;life picture;.)独立理财顾问组织The Family Wealth Advisors Council进行的一项新调查提供了一些线索。报告说,女性希望理财顾问理解她们的;人生图景;和;财务经历;,而不止是她们的投资。(与此相反,如果男富翁的理财顾问打电话询问他们的;人生图景;,他们可能会挂断电话。)Fully 96% of the 550 female-millionaire respondents said it is ;important for their financial advisers to spend a significant amount of time up-front to understand their entire life picture, not just their finances,; the study said.报告说,在受访的550位女性百万富翁中,有整整96%的人说,很重要的一点是,理财顾问要先花相当多的时间来理解她们的整个人生图景,而不止是她们的财务状况。The report also said the women millionaires want their advisers to understand them ;in terms of their unique profiles and values,; and not to stereotyped by gender or ;talked down to.; They also want an adviser who ;recognizes the importance of an authentic relationship.;报告还说,女性百万富翁希望理财顾问能够理解她们的独特个人情况和价值观,不要因为她们的性别戴上有色眼镜,或用高人一等的口气和她们说话。她们还希望理财顾问能够认识到建立一种可靠关系的重要性。A majority of the single, widowed or divorced women-millionaires said they reach out to their financial advisers on non-financial matters. The study said working women reach out to their advisers for some ;out-of-the-box; advice: from support on personal-health issues to family disputes, life coaching and other personal matters, the study said.大部分单身、丧偶或离异的女性百万富翁说,她们在非财务问题上也会请理财顾问帮忙。报告说,职场女性会向理财顾问征求不;墨守成规;的意见:从个人健康问题、家庭纠纷,到人生指导和其他个人问题。;Each successful woman is on a unique journey, and she expects her adviser to travel along with her,; the study says. ;The woman client will typically choose an adviser who listens well and can respond with case studies or anecdotes that illustrate the adviser#39;s experience with similar clients.;报告说,每个成功女性都在经历一个与众不同的人生,她希望理财顾问能够和她同行。女性客户常常会选择一位善于聆听、然后能用案例或趣闻加以回应的理财顾问,这些案例要能体现理财顾问与类似客户打交道的经验。How do you think wealthy women and men are different when it comes to financial advice?你认为富有女性和男性在对待理财建议方面有何不同? /201201/167796

TWO teenage sweethearts look just like any other couple — but both were born the OPPOSITE sex.这一对年轻的情侣和其他情侣看起来没有区别,但其实他们都进行过变性手术。Pretty Katie Hill, 18, spent the first 15 years of her life as Luke, son of a Marine colonel.图片可爱的凯迪·希尔今年18岁,之前15年一直是一个男孩,名叫卢克,父亲是一名海军上校。And boyfriend Arin Andrews, 16, was born a girl called Emerald who excelled at ballet dancing and won beauty contests.她的男朋友阿瑞·安德鲁斯今年16岁,之前是女孩名叫艾莫瑞德,擅长跳芭蕾,还曾赢得过选美比赛。Both struggled with their sexuality all through their childhoods and were teased and bullied.他们两人童年都因性别所扰,遭到别人的嘲讽和欺辱。Katie always felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body while Arin thought the reverse. They met when both went to have gender-changing treatment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and instantly fell in love.他们的想法正好相反:凯迪(之前的卢克)觉得自己内心里住着一个女孩,阿瑞(之前的艾莫瑞德)觉得自己应该是个男孩。他们在俄克拉荷马州塔尔萨市接受变性手术治疗的时候相识,立即坠入爱河。Katie, who has developed breasts with female hormones, said: “We’re perfect for each other because we both had the same troubles growing up. We look so convincing as a boy and a girl nobody even notices now.”因为女性荷尔蒙的作用凯迪长出了胸部,她表示:“我们非常适合对方,因为我们在成长的过程中都遭遇过同样的困扰。我们现在的样子很正常,别人都不会注意到我们有什么不同。”Arin said he knew he was a boy inside on his first day at school when he felt confused at being told to line up with girls. He said: “Girlie things didn’t interest me. I was called a lesbian growing up but I didn’t feel gay.”阿瑞说在他上学的第一天,当老师告诉他要跟女生排成一列的时候他非常混乱,因为他觉得自己应该是个男孩。他说:“我对女性化的东西一点都不感冒。我成长的过程中别人说我是蕾丝,但我觉得自己不是同性恋。”Both sets of parents had trouble accepting their children’s situation but are now firmly behind them.双方的父母之前都经历过一段接受自己孩子状况的痛苦时间,但现在都非常坚定的持他们。 /201211/208457

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