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Now of course sure Sloanes, so you know its also really important its all about the numbers, absolutely; its all about the technology without a doubt. But only people can build products and produce numbers. And so I decided to write that book. Now if you decide to the book which I, of course, hoped you will. You will find that the first thing I deal with in this book, in the very first two pages, is the fact that I got fired. It was, of course, a hugely public event. It made headlines alt over the world. It causes lots of people still to say. ;Gosh, you failed.; By the way I dont think I failed, I do think that I was fired. But we will come to that in a moment. But I decided I had to start with that, because if I could not deal with that, most public of events, in an authentic way, the er wouldnt believe the rest of the book. And so I start with that.你们是斯隆的学生,当然知道这是十分重要的,生意绝对是关乎数字,生意也无疑是关乎科技的。但是只有人才能造就产品和带来数据,所以我决定写这本书。如果你打算看这本书——我当然希望如此,你将会发现我在这本书的前两页就提到我被辞退。这已是众人皆知的事情,是全球的头条新闻。人们依然在说“天哪,你失败了!” 顺便说一下,我不认为我失败了,我是被解雇了。我们过会儿再谈论这一问题。当时,我决定将此作为这本书的幵头,因为如果我不说明白这件大家都知晓的事情,读者就不会相信书中的其他内容。所以我以此幵头。What happened and how I felt and how I got up the next day and went on. I do spend a chapter talking about my time at MIX. Because my time here made a big difference, and I want to just talk to about three classes that I took here, because they are, they made being impact on me. By the way, you know, I loved, actually maybe four classes.—开始我就说了发生了什么事、我的感受以及后来发生了什么。我用一章的篇幅叙述了我在麻省理工的曰子,因为在这里的日子对我影响深远。 其中,我谈到了对我有重大影响的三门课程。顺便说一下,其实我喜欢的大概有四门课。201407/316390Throughout my career, Ive been fortunate enough在我的职业生涯里,我非常幸运的to work with many of the great和很多著名的international architects,国际建筑师一起工作过,documenting their work and observing整理他们的工作,并观察how their designs have the capacity他们的设计是如何有能力to influence the cities in which they sit.去影响其所在的城市。I think of new cities like Dubai我想到了如迪拜一样的新城市or ancient cities like Rome或者像罗马一样的老城市with Zaha Hadids incredible MAXXI museum,拥有扎哈·哈迪德不可思议的设计——21世纪国家艺术物馆or like right here in New York with the High Line,或者像这里,高楼林立的纽约a city which has been so much influenced一个被天大楼的建筑by the development of this.深深影响的城市。But what I find really fascinating但是我发现最吸引我的是is what happens when architects and planners leave当这些城市的建筑师和规划者离开and these places become appropriated by people,人们开始使用这些地方时,城市将会发生怎样的变化like here in Chandigarh, India,比如印度的昌迪加尔the city which has been completely designed一个完全由建筑师,勒·柯布西耶by the architect Le Corbusier.设计的城市。Now 60 years later, the city has been taken over60年后的今天,这个城市已经被by people in very different ways居民以一种当初设计时不可设想的方式from whatever perhaps intended for,所使用,like here, where you have the people像这里sitting in the windows of the assembly hall.有人们坐在礼堂的窗户上。But over the course of several years,但是在这几年期间,Ive been documenting Rem Koolhaass我在记录雷姆·库哈斯CCTV building in Beijing设计的北京CCTV大楼and the olympic stadium in the same city和同一个城市里由赫尔佐格和德·梅隆设计的by the architects Herzog and de Meuron.奥运主体育场。At these large-scale construction sites in China,在这些中国的大型基建项目里,you see a sort of makeshift camp你可以看到一种临时的帐篷营地where workers live during the entire building process.是工人在整个施工期间居住的地方。As the length of the construction takes years,由于施工期需要多年的时间,workers end up forming a rather rough-and-y工人最终形成一种非常原始和简单的informal city, making for quite a juxtaposition非常规城市,和他们正在建设的against the sophisticated structures that theyre building.复杂结构的建筑并存。Over the past seven years, Ive been following在过去的七年里,我一直在追随着my fascination with the built environment,我对建筑环境的兴趣,and for those of you who know me, you would say并且对你们当中了解我的人,你们会说that this obsession has led me to live这种痴迷使我out of a suitcase 365 days a year.一年365天提着行李生活Being constantly on the move一直四处奔波means that sometimes I am able意味着有时我可以to catch lifes most unpredictable moments,抓住生活中最不可预测的时刻,like here in New York比如在纽约这里the day after the Sandy storm hit the city.在桑迪飓风袭击城市后的一天。Just over three years ago,正好在三年前,I was for the first time in Caracas, Venezuela,我第一次来到委内瑞拉的加拉加斯and while flying over the city, I was just amazed当飞机飞过城市上方时,我很惊讶于by the extent to which the slums这里的贫民窟reach into every corner of the city,已经遍布了城市的每个角落,a place where nearly 70 percent of the population一个百分之七十的居民lives in slums,生活在贫民窟里的地方,draped literally all over the mountains.贫民窟满山遍野的搭建着During a conversation with local architects Urban-Think Tank,在和当地的城市设计智库的谈话中,I learned about the Torre David,我了解到托雷·大卫a 45-story office building which sits一个45层高的办公楼,坐落在right in the center of Caracas.加拉加斯的中心。The building was under construction这个高楼一直在施工until the collapse of the Venezuelan economy直到90年代初委内瑞拉经济大崩盘and the death of the developer in the early 90s.并且设计者去世。About eight years ago, people started moving大概八年前,人们开始搬进into the abandoned tower被废弃的大楼里and began to build their homes right in between并开始在这个未完工的大楼的每个间隙里every column of this unfinished tower.搭建他们自己的房子。Theres only one little entrance to the entire building,整座大楼只有一个小小的入口,and the 3,000 residents come in and out3000居民从这里through that single door.通过这一个门进出。Together, the inhabitants created public spaces居住者合力建立了公共空间and designed them to feel more like a home并设计德使这里多一点家的感觉and less like an unfinished tower.少一点烂尾楼的感觉。In the lobby, they painted the walls and planted trees.在大堂,他们粉刷了墙面,种植了树They also made a basketball court.他们还建了一个篮球场。But when you look up closely,但是当你近距离观察时,you see massive holes where elevators可以看到很多的洞,这是当初设计给电梯and services would have run through.和其它的务设施。Within the tower, people have come up在大楼里,人们想出了with all sorts of solutions各种解决方案in response to the various needs以应对不同的需求which arise from living in an unfinished tower.由于居住在这个烂尾楼里。With no elevators,由于没有电梯the tower is like a 45-story walkup.大楼像个45层的步行高楼。Designed in very specific ways这群没有受过任何建筑和设计培训的居民by this group of people以一种独特的方式who havent had any education in architecture or design.设计了大楼的使用。And with each inhabitant finding their own而当每个居住者发现他们自己unique way of coming by,独特的生活居住方式时,this tower becomes like a living city,这座大楼好像变成了一座居住的城市,a place which is alive with micro-economies一个伴随着微观的经济and small businesses.和小商户的地方。The inventive inhabitants, for instance,比如,这些有创造力的居住者find opportunities in the most unexpected cases,在最不可思议的情况下发现机遇,like the adjacent parking garage,比如毗邻的停车场which has been reclaimed as a taxi route被重新规划为一条出租车的路线to shuttle the inhabitants up through the ramps搭载居民通过坡道in order to shorten the hike以缩短到公寓的up to the apartments.爬坡的距离。A walk through the tower穿过大楼的一路上reveals how residents have figured out展现了居民是如何想出how to create walls, how to make an air flow,怎么搭建墙体,怎么让空气流通,how to create transparency,怎么让大楼更加透亮,circulation throughout the tower,大楼的循环系统,essentially creating a home尤其是创造一个thats completely adapted完全适应于to the conditions of the site.周围环境的家园。201503/365740The leader in this online race is ;amazon.com;.If you have not heard of them, do not feel bad. Three years ago, nobody heard of them. They did not exist. Their customers do not aware they exist physically, and they do not care. Amazon.com exists only in cyberspace. But with 2.5 million titles, it is nearly 15 times larger than the worlds largest physical bookstore. It is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And they recently serve their one million of customer in Japan, one of 160 countries in which amazon ships books. Until recently they had the market to themselves. Now the traditional book sellers like Barnsamp;Noble in the US, and medium firms like Burtlesman in Europe are jumping in. Can virtual companies like ;amazon.com; battle against and beat these entrenched brands? Stay tuned. We do not know yet. The same kind of transformation is happening in retail banking, in car sales, in music entertainment, in insurance. And it is not just limited to the commercial world. Public sector institutions are being buffeted by the same powerful forces. 这场竞赛现在的领先者是 amazon.com。如果你还没听说过它,不要紧。三年前没有人听说过它们,那时候它们还不存在。它们的顾客并未意识到它们在实际上的存在,它们也不在乎这些。amazon.com 仅仅在网上存在。但是它拥有 250 万种图书,几乎比世界上最大的传统书店大 15 倍。它每天 24 小时、全年每天都营业。不久前,它们在日本接待了它的第 100 万名顾客,日本只是 amazon 销售书籍的 160 个国家中的一个。现在传统的书籍销售商如美国的......媒体高速如欧洲的......也跳进了这个市场。象 amazon.com 这样的虚拟公司能否击败这些根深蒂固老牌号?等着瞧吧,我们也不知道。类似的变革同时还发生在零售业、汽车销售、音乐、保险业中,而且还不仅仅限于商业领域。公众机构也遭受了同一种强大力量的冲击。201312/269522

No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come, but condense, if you will, the 50,000 years of mans recorded history in a time span of but a half-century. Stated in these terms, we know very little about the first 40 years, except at the end of them advanced man had learned to use the skins of animals to cover them. Then about 10 years ago, under this standard, man emerged from his caves to construct other kinds of shelter. Only five years ago man learned to write and use a cart with wheels. Christianity began less than two years ago. The printing press came this year, and then less than two months ago, during this whole 50-year span of human history, the steam engine provided a new source of power. Newton explored the meaning of gravity. Last month electric lights and telephones and automobiles and airplanes became available. Only last week did we develop penicillin and television and nuclear power, and now if Americas new spacecraft succeeds in reaching Venus, we will have literally reached the stars before midnight tonight.没有人能够完全明白我们已经走了多远,走得多快,但是如果你愿意,可以把人类有史以来的5万年浓缩成半个世纪的时间跨度。在这个时间跨度下,我们对于开始的40年知之甚少,只知道在这40年的最后人类学会用兽皮遮体。然后,大约10年前,根据这一标准,人类走出洞穴,开始建造其他类型的住房。只有5年前的人类才学会了写字和使用有轮子的车辆。基督教出现还不到两年。今年出现看印刷机,不到两个月前,在人类历史的整个50年跨度中,蒸汽机提供了一种新能源。牛顿研究出重力的意义。上个月电灯、电话和汽车、飞机都可以使用了。仅仅上周,我们就发明了青霉素,电视机和核能,而现在如果美国飞往金星的新的宇宙飞船成功,我们真能在今晚午夜之前到达星星之上。This is a breathtaking pace, and such a pace cannot help but create new ills as it dispels old, new ignorance, new problems, new dangers. Surely the opening vistas of space promise high costs and hardships, as well as high reward.这是激动人心的一步,但这一步在驱除旧弊病的同时,也会产生新的弊病、新的无知、新的问题与新的危险。航天事业战线的远景当然是成本高,但是回报也很丰厚。 /201306/243420

So let your heart break.让自己沉浸于心碎It will change what you do with your optimism.这会改变你们对乐观的理解On a trip to South Asia,有一次去南亚I met a desperately poor Indian woman who had two children我碰到了一位赤贫的印度女性 她有两个孩子and she begged me to take them home with me.她请求我把这两个孩子带回去领养And when I begged her for her forgiveness she said,在我请她原谅我的无能为力时 她说well, then please, just take one of them.那请你领养其中一个孩子行吗On another trip to south Los Angeles,还有一次我去南洛杉矶I met with a group of the students from a tough neighborhood.见了一群来自艰苦社区的学生A young girl said to me,一个小女孩跟我说do you ever feel like we are the kids你有没有觉得我们这些孩子whose parents shirked their responsibilities都被父母放置不理and we are just the leftovers?我们只不过是多余的东西These women broke my heart.这些女性让我感到心碎And they still do.现在仍然如此And the empathy intensifies if I admit to myself, that could be me.如果想想;这也可能是我; 同情心便会越发强烈When I talk with the mothers I meet during my travels,我在其它地方碰到过很多母亲theres no difference between what we want for our children.我们想为子女提供的东西其实并没有太大差别The only difference is our ability to provide it to our children.唯一差别在于我们为子女提供这些东西的能力So what accounts for that difference?这种差异是如何造成的 201412/347631

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