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Im not really a fan of fish. 我不喜欢吃鱼。例句:A:What would you like to eat,sir?先生,您想吃点什么?B:I dont really see anything I like.Is this all there is,or do you have a special tonight?我没看到什么喜欢的。所有的菜都写在上面了吗?你们今晚有特色菜吗?A:Im afraid thats it.I could suggest the lobster and it is really very good.我恐怕就这么些了,我建议您吃龙虾,味道很不错。B:That does sound good,but I really only like oyster.Do you serve them here?听上去可以,但是我只喜欢吃牡蛎。你们这儿有吗?B:No.Im afraid not.How about trying our broiled fish?恐怕没有。尝尝我们这里的烤鱼。A:Im not really a fan of fish.In fact,I dont really care for it at all.我可不是什么鱼爱好者,其实,我根本就不喜欢。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写)0 /201704/501544Exercise 5-10:She lay on her linoleumand slid along the floor in anguish.A little later,she leapt up and laughed.She no longer longedfor a leaderto tell her how to live her life.Little Lola was finally all well.Dull versus dleRepeat after me.laidladlelay dullTo hear the difference between contrast the sentences,Dont lay dull tilesand Dont ladle tiles.lay dullladle /201510/4038691.惯用口语句子:Internet banking is a service provided by banks that allows people to find out information about their bank account, pay bills etc using the Internet.网上是提供的一种务,可使人们利用因特网来查看他们的账户信息、付账等。Online banking is a form of electronic banking.网络是一种电子形式。service n. 务provide v. 提供,供应banking n. 业务account n. 账户,账目etc ad. 等等(亦可写成etc.)form n. 形式electronic a.电子的Internet banking“网上”(online banking)electronic banking“电子”(e-banking)Internet banking provides services including enquiry, transfer, payment and settlement.刚上提供的务业务包括查询、转账、付和结算。enquiry n. 查询,询问transfer n. amp; v. 转账payment n. 付,付款项settlement n. 结算,结账,清算You may be able to access your account round the clock, even on weekends.你可以随时登陆你的账号,甚至在周末也可以。access v. 进入,接近,使用力,进入,接近,使用权本句中的动词“access”也可以换成词组“get access to”,但在此词组中“access”用作名词。round the clock在这里用作副词短语,表示“整天地,不分昼夜地”。on weekends意为“在周末”,也可以说成“at weekends”。With Internet banking you can carry out all of your banking transactions online, quickly and simply, securely and conveniently, wherever you are and whenever you want.使用网上业务,你可以随时随地在网上进行交易,快速简单,安全便利。securely ad. 安全地conveniently ad. 方便地,便利地(其形容词形式是convenient)carry out“实行,执行”Internet banking enables people to make online purchases.网上使人们可以在线购物。enable v. 使能够,使成为可能purchase n. amp; v. 买,购买Is online banking safe?网上安全吗?Will my money be safe?我的钱会安全吗?Could a thief find a way to clean out my bank account?窃贼有办法把我账户上的钱都取空吗?How can I protect my account?我该如何保护我的账户呢?thief n. 小偷,贼clean sth./sb. out“偷光某个地方/某人的财物”Every online bank uses the most advanced Internet security systems available to protect you and your money.每个网上都使用能用到的最先进的网络安全系统来保护你和你的钱。advanced a. 高级的,先进的security n. 安全available a. 可用到的,可利用的,可获得的Internet banking has some drawbacks though.然而,网上还是有缺陷的。drawback n. 缺陷,缺点though ad. 可是,然而,不过Once you are connected to the Internet, all information, encrypted or not, can be viewed by anyone else on the Internet with the right tools.一旦你连上网,你所有的信息,不管是加密的还是未加密的,都能被其他在网上的人利用合适的工具看到。once conj. 一旦encrypt v. 加密,将…译成密码view v. 观察,观看本句虽然较长,但句子结构非常清晰易懂:“Once”引导了从句,主句从“all”开始到结尾。 “all information”作主语,“encrypted or not”作后置定语,修饰限定主语“all information”,“can be viewed”作谓语。Select a password that is hard to guess; avoid ID card numbers, birthdates, or other obvious choices.选择一个不易猜到的密码:避免用身份号、生日或其他明显的数字。Try using capitalization. non-letter characters and other symbols with significance only to you.尝试使用大写,非字母形式的字符和其他只对你个人有意义的符号。select v. 选择,挑选password n. 密码,口令avoid v. 避免capitalization n.大写character n. 字符symbol n. 符号significance n. 意义,含义,重要性Keeping your personal information confidential is your best safeguard on the Internet.将个人信息保密是你在网上最好的防卫措施。Keep your personal information private and secure.个人信息要保密、安全。Make sure you log out of your online account when finished - especially at work. libraries and net cafes.用完网上账户后一定要退出,尤其是在工作场所、图书馆和能上网的咖啡馆。Also. be sure to change your password periodically.而且,还要定期更改你的密码。Your password or PIN(Personal Identification Number) should be something unique and regularly changed.你的密码或者个人身份识别码应该是独一无二的,且要定期更换。Ignore the ;remember my password option; on banking and shopping sites。不要理会或者购物网站上的“记住密码”选项。personal a. 个人的,私人的confidential a. 秘密的,机密的safeguard n. 保护,防卫,预防措施private a. 私人的,秘密的,不公开的secure a. 安全的especially ad. 尤其,特别periodically ad. 周期性地,定时性地identification n. 身份unique a. 惟一的,独特的regularly ad. 定期地,有规律地ignore v. 忽视,不理睬option n. 选项,选择site n. 站点,网站log in/on意为“登陆,进入,注册”.log out/off意为“退出,注销”。 /201506/379012大家肯定都听过鸟叫,英语里形容鸟叫的相声词是tweet. 你知道吗,现在有个网站叫twitter, 可以用电脑或是手机在上面发送字数不超过140个字的短信。我也是最近才从年轻同事那里知道这个网站的,但还是不知道具体怎么操作。今天我们要学的习惯用语恰恰可以用来形容这种情况。那就是:not know beans about.说一个 not know beans about,一件事情,意思就是对一件事情一无所知,毫无概念。就拿我来说吧,如果你让我上网tweet你,那我简直就是丈二和尚摸不着头脑,因为I do not know beans about it.奥巴马夫妇入主白宫后,第一夫人米歇尔多次成为头版新闻。就在前不久,她在白宫开垦了一个菜园子。让我们听听下面这篇报道是怎么说的。例句-1:First Lady Michelle Obama recently started a vegetable garden at the White House. Its a reflection of the many gardens that are sprouting up in backyards across the county. Even Americans who dont know beans about farming are trying it. Soon enough these absolute beginners are enjoying their own delicious and healthy produce.报道说:第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马最近在白宫开了个菜园。眼下,这样的菜园子在全美各地象雨后春笋一样纷纷出现。就连对种植一窍不通的美国人也跃跃欲试。没过多久,这些初次“务农”的人就能尝到自己种出来的可口健康的水果和蔬菜了。我和老公就是从去年开始种菜的。去年第一次尝试,we did not know beans about it. 所以只种了西红柿、黄瓜和韭菜,结果大丰收。你别说,自己种的菜味道就是不一样,又有利环保,绝对是一举两得。******常听人说,爱情可以战胜一切。真是这样吗?听听下面这个例子,你就会得出。例句-2:When Brenda was first introduced to Jack, she was intimidated by his knowledge. When it came to his field, astrophysics, she frankly did not know beans. But over several dates, she fell in love with his enthusiasm for galaxies and electromagnetism. Its amazing how much she understands now.这个人说:布兰达第一次经人介绍跟杰克认识的时候,杰克的学多才让她有些无地自容。对于杰克研究的天文物理学,布兰达可以说是一无所知。但是几次约会下来,她就被杰克对宇宙和电磁的热情折了。现在她懂得越来越多,简直不可思议。有趣的是,not know beans的另外一种说法是not know Jack. 因此,在上面这个例子里,我们可以说,对于天文物理学,Branda doesnt know Jack. 这里的Jack指的就不Jack这个人了。******大家也许会问,为什么要说beans,豆子呢?或许恰恰是因为豆子小,微不足道吧。这个习惯用语早在十九世纪早期就已经出现了,一直沿用到今天。 /201506/380075

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