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Taking a page from the popularity of dollar stores in the U.S., consumer-goods manufacturers, retailers and restaurants throughout the euro zone have discovered the power of the round price point and are introducing one-euro products aimed at budget-conscious shoppers. 从美国“一美元商店”的高人气获得启发,欧元区的消费品生产商、零售商和餐厅发现了这一价格点的魅力,纷纷向想要省钱的购物者推出价格为一欧元的商品。 Unilever, Danone SA, Starbucks Corp. and McDonald#39;s Corp. in recent months have pushed one-euro products to light a fire under a consumer market in deep recession. The recession in Italy, for example, has pushed the number of Italians living below the poverty line up 14% in the past two years, spurring families to cut back on basic staples such as food. 联合利华(Unilever)、达能集团(Danone SA)、星巴克(Starbucks Corp.)和麦当劳(McDonald’s Corp.)最近几个月都力推一欧元商品,刺激处于深度衰退之中的消费者市场。比如,过去两年中,意大利的经济衰退促使生活在贫困线以下的意大利人增加了14%,刺激意大利家庭缩减在食品等基本商品上的出。 #39;Poverty is returning to Europe,#39; says Jan Zijderveld, head of Europe for packaged-goods maker Unilever. #39;You see 120 million people in that low-income segment. We need to get our brands to consumers who are having a hard time making ends meet.#39; 包装商品生产商联合利华的欧洲负责人齐德维尔德(Jan Zijderveld)说,贫困正重返欧洲。你看到有1.2亿人属于低收入群体。我们要让我们的品牌为消费者接受,他们如今生计艰难。 As a result, the one-euro price, about .30, is emerging as an important tool in responding to the euro zone#39;s crisis. Manufacturers are shrinking existing products to fit into the price, while restaurants and supermarkets are discounting items to grab the attention of consumers -- all in an effort to prop up the profitability of their European businesses. 因此,一欧元的价格(约合1.30美元)成了响应欧元区危机的一个重要工具。生产商们正缩减现有产品的规格以符合这个价格,餐厅和超市则将商品打折以吸引消费者的注意――这一切都是为了撑其欧洲业务的赢利能力。 #39;One euro is a magic price point in Europe right now,#39; says Lloyd Burdett, head of global clients for Futures Co., a consumer-insights consulting firm. #39;There is a feeling that the stuff will arrive at that price point anyway and their margins were going to get squeezed.#39; 洞察消费者需求的咨询公司Futures Co.的全球客户主管伯德特(Lloyd Burdett)说,在欧洲,一欧元现在是一个有魔力的价格点。给人的感觉是,商品无论如何都会达到这个价格点,其利润空间将遭到挤压。 The dollar-store concept gained a foothold in Europe with the U.K.#39;s Poundland Ltd. chain. Poundland was founded in 1990, but it exploded in the past decade, with 450 stores today that sell pregnancy tests, light bulbs, toilet paper and other items to Britons of all income levels. The retailer is adding 60 stores a year offering thousands of products at the #39;round pound#39; price point. 一美元商店的概念在欧洲立足与英国的Poundland Ltd.连锁有关。Poundland创建于1990年,但在过去10年中飞速发展,如今拥有450家门店,向所有收入水平的英国人出售验棒、灯泡、厕纸以及其他商品。这家零售商每年新增60家门店,提供成千上万种价格为整整一英镑的产品。 After Britain, the concept found its way to the euro zone via Germany, where several chains specialize in one-euro products. A leader is Germany#39;s TEDi GmbH, which started in 2004 and has opened about 150 stores a year that mostly carry one-euro products, such as beauty supplies, stationery and games. TEDi now has more than 1,300 outlets in Germany and began expanding into Austria and Slovenia. 继英国之后,“一元店”的概念通过德国进入了欧元区,德国有几家连锁店专门销售一欧元商品。其中一家领先者为德国的TEDi GmbH。该公司创建于2004年,每年开设约150家门店,主要销售一欧元商品,如美容产品、文具及游戏。TEDi如今在德国有1,300多家门店,并开始向奥地利和斯洛文尼亚扩张。 Just as in the U.S., the lure of the one-euro price point in a dismal economic environment stems from a simple, easy-to-understand price that supplanted the 99-cent price tag. 跟在美国一样,在不景气的经济环境中,一欧元这个价格点的吸引力源自一个简单易懂的价格,它排挤掉了0.99美元的价格标签。 #39;The one-euro price has an immediate impact,#39; says Massimo Bellandi, who has a stand selling one-euro toiletries, household items and stationery at an open market in the Italian town of Marina di Pietrasanta. #39;It lights a fire in our customers.#39; On a recent Saturday morning, large, handmade yellow posters emblazoned with #39;Everything at One Euro#39; hung over a stand piled high with products such as toilet paper, Nivea hand cream and Timotei shampoo, a Unilever brand. His sales of one-euro items have risen about 20% in the last couple of years. 贝兰迪(Massimo Bellandi)在意大利Marina di Pietrasanta镇的一个露天市场经营一个摊位,出售价格为一欧元的化妆用品、家居用品和文具。他说,一欧元这个价格能够产生即时的影响。它点燃了顾客的热情。不久前一个周六的上午,写着“所有商品均为一欧元”的手工制作大幅海报挂在摊位上方,摊位上堆满了厕纸、妮维雅(Nivea)护手霜和联合利华出品的Timotei洗发水等商品。过去几年里,他的一欧元商品销售额增加了约20%。 The boom has help wipe away the stigma of one-euro stores, as consumers -- rich and poor -- find virtue in landing a bargain. In response, consumer-goods makers who had shunned discount stores in Europe increasingly are making less-expensive products for such outlets. Consumer-goods makers also have jumped on the trend as a way to fight the rise of private labels and maintain shopper loyalty. 一欧元店的繁荣帮助消除了其带来的耻辱感,因为消费者(无论穷富)都发现了购买廉价商品的好处。受此影响,此前避开欧洲折扣店的消费品制造商现在越来越多地为这种商店制造价格便宜的产品。消费品制造商迎合这一趋势也是为了应对私人品牌的崛起以及保持顾客忠诚度。 The push fits into a broader trend of shrinking package sizes in Europe. Unilever has launched a series of small packages, including some priced at one-euro, use expertise gained in developing markets. 这一趋势也与欧洲更广泛的缩小包装尺寸的趋势相吻合。联合利华已推出一系列小包装产品,其中一些产品定价在一欧元,这一举措利用了该公司在发展中国家市场取得的经验。 Smaller packages are a tried-and-true formula by consumer-goods companies to generate higher profits from cash-strapped consumers. Manufacturers spend less on packaging, while the unit price of the item is normally higher than for large packs. 推出小包装产品是消费品公司从囊中羞涩的消费者获得更高利润的一个可靠方法。制造商们得以减少包装出,同时小包装产品的单价通常要高于大包装产品。 #39;It#39;s easier to downsize a pack than demand price increases from the consumer,#39; says Tom Vierhile, of consulting firm Datamonitor. #39;Consumers are more sensitive to the final price they pay than the size of the box.#39; 咨询公司Datamonitor的沃海勒(Tom Vierhile)说,缩小包装尺寸要比提高产品售价容易的多,与包装尺寸相比,消费者对他们最终付的价格更为敏感。 Silvana Cocci, a 62-year-old grandmother from the central Italian town of Prato, is drawn by the one-euro products at discount shops. With an elderly mother to support, Ms. Cocci has grown more worried about her budget in the past couple of years and has switched to one-euro products for items that she considered generic, such as hand soap. 来自意大利中部城市普拉托的现年62岁的科奇(Silvana Cocci)被折扣店里的一欧元产品所吸引。由于要赡养年迈的母亲,过去几年科奇对自己的预算状况越发感到担忧,在肥皂等她称为一般性商品方面,她已经转为购买一欧元产品。 #39;It#39;s not like we can#39;t afford things, but you just don#39;t know what will happen next,#39; she says. 她说,并不是说我们买不起贵一些的产品,但你不知道接下来将发生什么。 In Spain, Unilever has introduced a five-wash package of its Surf detergent priced at 1 euro. In Italy the company is promoting a range of one-euro Cornetto ice creams this summer, with the price splashed on the cone. 在西班牙,联合利华已经推出售价一欧元的Surf洗涤产品五件套装。在意大利,今年夏季该公司正在推销一系列散装出售的售价一欧元的可爱多(Cornetto)冰激凌。 French dairy group Danone, which has been hit hard by the downturn in Europe, is recommending that retailers sell its four-pack of Danette, a puddinglike dessert, for 1 euro, rather than the usual price of 1.39 euros. It produced new packages emblazoned with #39;Prix Choc#39; on the front. 法国乳品集团达能对四个装的布丁甜点Danette给出的建议零售价是1欧元,原先售价是1.39欧元。该公司为这个产品换了新包装,在前面印上了“Prix Choc”。达能因欧洲的衰退而遭受了严重打击。 Restaurants and cafes also are getting in on the trend. Starbucks this spring rolled out a line of #39;petite#39; cookies, croissants, and pastries for 1 euro each. And in Spain, Italy and Germany, McDonald#39;s is offering a changing selection of products for 1 euro. At the moment, it is selling beer and Coke at 1 euro each in Spain and salads and milkshakes for the same price in Italy. 餐馆和咖啡馆也加入这一潮流。星巴克在今年春季推出了“小”曲奇、牛角面包和甜点,售价均为一欧元。在西班牙、意大利和德国,麦当劳推出了会经常调整的一欧元产品系列。目前,麦当劳在西班牙出售均为一欧元的啤酒和可乐,在意大利出售同样价格的沙拉和奶昔。 The push is paying off. In 2008, Spanish restaurant chain 100 Montaditos introduced a Euromania deal on Wednesdays that helped triple sales through 2011. The items -- a mix of mini b rolls topped with Spanish ham, sauces or other ingredients -- don#39;t change, but on those days virtually every item costs 1 euro. Last summer, as consumption collapsed amid Spain#39;s second recession in five years, the company began offering Euromania on Sundays as well. 此举取得了成功。2008年,西班牙餐饮连锁店100 Montaditos开始在每周三提供Euromania餐,到2011年该公司销售额增长了两倍,这在一定程度上也是受到这个计划的提振。Euromania餐的菜单包括几款上面撒着西班牙火腿和调味汁等作料的迷你面包卷,这个菜单不会改动,但在周三实际上每款产品的售价都在一欧元。去年夏季,在西班牙出现的五年来第二次衰退导致消费受到冲击之际,该公司开始在每周日也提供Euromania餐。 #39;Euromania on Wednesdays has been the engine of the company,#39; spokeswoman Anne Corcuera said. The number of 100 Montaditos outlets in Spain increased to 250 last year from 112 in 2007. The company plans to add 100 restaurants in Spain, while expanding in Portugal, Italy and the U.K. 该公司发言人科奎拉(Anne Corcuera)说,每周三的Euromania餐一直是公司的增长引擎。去年100 Montaditos在西班牙的餐馆数量从2007年的112家增至250家。该公司计划在西班牙增开100家餐馆,同时在葡萄牙、意大利和英国进行扩张。 /201308/253346

By the time Gary Shor gets home from work at six, he has had breakfast and three lunches. Forty-five minutes later, he#39;ll eat dinner. Yet he weighs about 30 pounds less than back when he was eating only three meals a day.晚上六点钟下班回家时,加里·肖尔(Gary Shor)已经吃过了早餐和三顿午餐。45分钟后,他还要吃晚餐。但他的体重已比一天只吃三餐时减轻了30磅左右(约13.6公斤)。Mr. Shor belongs to a small but dedicated group who, heeding popular nutritional advice, has traded in the traditional breakfast-lunch-and-dinner lifestyle for a daylong stream of mini meals.当前有一些关注流行营养建议的人放弃了早中晚三餐的传统生活方式,改为全天少吃多餐,这些人为数不多,但热衷此道,肖尔就是其中一员。Every day Mr. Shor eats five or six pre-portioned combinations of lean protein, grain, vegetables and fruits, such as vegetable wraps, frittatas or grilled meat with salad. He tries to stay away from cookies and salty snacks, and relies on few store-prepared foods. He quells cravings with salads and may sweeten them with Splenda.肖尔每天吃由精益蛋白质、谷物、蔬菜和水果(比如蔬菜卷、意式煎蛋饼或烤肉配沙拉)组成的膳食,他将这些食物分成五到六餐食用。他尽量不吃饼干和含盐零食,商店预制食品也吃得很少。他通过吃沙拉来抑制食欲,有时会放些善品糖(Splenda)让沙拉吃起来甜一些。#39;I#39;m not really eating. I#39;m just grazing all day,#39; says Mr. Shor, 53 years old and a vice president at a Warren, N.J., financial planning firm. #39;I#39;m not having a candy bar. It#39;s a real meal.#39;53岁的肖尔在新泽西州沃伦(Warren)的一家财务规划公司担任副总裁。他说:“我不吃正餐,我只是整天一小点一小点地吃。我不吃巧克力棒,那相当于一顿真正的大餐。”Some fans think eating a little bit throughout the day will promote weight loss. Others want to battle hunger during long work hours or avoid sodium and additives found in many packaged foods.一些热衷此道的人认为少吃多餐有助于瘦身。还有一些人想通过少吃多餐减轻长时间工作时的饥饿感,或者避免摄入许多预包装食品中的钠和添加剂。Mr. Shor and his wife, Linda, began eating this way about five years ago, after watching a fitness infomercial on TV discussing the benefits of frequent small meals. Mr. Shor followed the fitness plan for a while but soon came up with his own version, where he doesn#39;t count calories but limits sodium and sugar. He says he lost 30 pounds and has kept it off ever since.肖尔和他的妻子琳达(Linda)是从大约五年前开始以这种方式进食的,当时他们在电视上看到一个有关瘦身的资讯型广告讨论少吃多餐的好处。肖尔跟着电视上的瘦身计划做了一段时间,但他没多久就有了自己的版本。他不计算卡路里,而只是限制钠和糖的摄入。他说,他的体重减轻了30磅(约13.6公斤),而且一直保持着这个体重。Popular weight-loss advice often promotes eating mini meals as a way to regulate appetite, increase the sense of satiety and even help keep metabolism revved up. Dietitians emphasize the importance of controlling calories.流行的瘦身建议通常主张将少吃多餐作为调节食欲,增加饱腹感乃至加快新陈代谢的方式。而营养师则强调控制卡路里的重要性。#39;When you#39;re eating constantly, it#39;s really easy to overdo it at each meal,#39; says Karen Ansel, a nutritionist based in Laurel Hollow, N.Y., and a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, in Chicago. She recommends three meals plus a snack for her weight-loss clients.驻纽约州劳雷尔霍洛(Laurel Hollow)的营养师、芝加哥美国营养和饮食学会(Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)发言人凯伦·安泽尔(Karen Ansel)说:“如果你一直不停嘴,真的很容易每餐都吃多。”安泽尔向计划瘦身的客户建议一天吃三餐,外加一次零食。Mini meals appear to be especially attractive to young adults and teens, including the group marketers call #39;millennials.#39; Phil Lempert, a food industry expert (and spokesman for ConAgra Foods Inc.) who lives in Santa Monica, Calif., says eating six mini meals appeals to the sense of adventure many young people discover when they leave home and try cooking and tasting new foods. #39;It#39;s almost like having a buffet in your home,#39; he says.少吃多餐似乎对年轻人和青少年(包括被营销人员称为“千禧一代”的群体)特别有吸引力。住在加州圣莫尼卡(Santa Monica)的食品行业专家(同时也是ConAgra Foods Inc.的发言人)菲尔·伦珀特(Phil Lempert)说,许多离开父母生活的年轻人尝试自己做饭和品尝新食物时会有一种探险的感觉,一天吃六小顿饭迎合了他们的这种心理。他说:“这很像在自己家里吃自助餐。”In the course of a recent day, Eli Penberthy, 30, who works in marketing for a Seattle organic grocery-store chain, feasted on yogurt parfait, a vegetable frittata, eggplant Parmesan, curry and rice, an apple with almond butter and salmon with quinoa and kale.30岁的伊莱·彭伯西(Eli Penberthy)在西雅图一家有机杂货连锁店做市场营销工作。最近,她一天的食谱包括酸奶冻糕、一个意式蔬菜煎蛋饼、帕尔玛干酪烤茄子、咖喱配米饭、苹果配杏仁酱,还有三文鱼配藜麦和甘蓝。She prepares and freezes most of her meals ahead of time and brings them to work. Eating a variety of foods prepared in a hot dish keeps her feeling full through the day, she says. #39;It#39;s a procession of eating throughout the day.#39;她会把大多数饭菜提前做好、冷藏起来,然后带到上班的地方。她说,吃各种食材做成的热食让她一整天都有饱腹感。她说:“我一天里会有序地进食。”Eating this way is labor-intensive. Mr. Shor says he will spend a couple of hours on a Sunday preparing chili or meatloaf, dividing it up and freezing it; sometimes, he#39;ll make enough for two weeks. It #39;took a little legs#39; to get used to the routine, Mr. Shor says, but it makes him feel healthy.这种吃法有些费事。肖尔说,星期天他会花几个小时准备辣肉酱或烘肉饼,把菜肴分成若干份然后冷藏起来;有时他会准备够吃两周的饭菜。肖尔说,习惯这一套程序“要费一点周折”,但这让他感觉很健康。Researchers say there is conflicting scientific evidence as to whether eating frequent small meals has any specific weight-loss benefits. A 2011 study published in the journal Obesity followed 50 people who were asked to exercise at least 200 minutes a week and to eat from 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day. They were divided into two groups, one eating three meals a day and the other eating six.研究人员称,少吃多餐究竟是否有助于瘦身还缺乏统一的科学依据。《肥胖研究》(Obesity) 2011年刊登的一项研究追踪了50名实验对象,研究者要求这些人一周至少锻炼200分钟,一天摄入1,200至1,500卡路里。实验对象被分为两组,一组一天吃三顿,另一组一天吃六顿。People in both groups lost similar amounts of weight. But the group eating six smaller meals reported feeling less hungry, says Hollie Raynor, associate professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville who conducted the research.这两组实验对象体重减少的数量相当。但进行此项研究的田纳西大学诺克斯维尔分校(University of Tennessee, Knoxville)助理教授哈莉·雷纳(Hollie Raynor)称,一天吃六小顿的实验组报告称他们的饥饿感较弱。#39;We cannot say one or the other was better,#39; Dr. Raynor says, adding that in other research she has found normal-weight individuals tend to eat more often each day than overweight individuals.雷纳称,“这两种方式哪一种更好还很难说。”她还表示,她在另一项研究中发现,体重正常者每天进餐的次数往往比超重者多。Heather Leidy, assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Missouri, in Columbia, published a 2010 review of eating-frequency studies in the Journal of Nutrition and says they show consumption of fewer large meals may be slightly more beneficial for weight loss and satiety.密苏里大学哥伦比亚分校(University of Missouri Columbia)的营养学助理教授希瑟·莱迪(Heather Leidy) 2010年在《营养学期刊》(Journal of Nutrition)上发表了一篇针对进餐频率相关研究的综述文章。她说,这些研究显示,少吃一些大餐可能更有助于减轻体重和增加饱足感。On the other hand, she notes, eating fewer than three by skipping meal times is a known cause of weight gain.但她指出,从另一方面来看,该吃饭的时候不吃,一日少于三餐是已知的导致体重增加的原因。Even so, individuals are likely to find their own experiences vary. #39;Three is not the magical number,#39; Dr. Leidy says.不过,情况可能还是因人而异。莱迪说:“‘三’这个数字并没有什么神奇的魔力。”Brian Wansink, a Cornell University behavioral economist and author of books including #39;Mindless Eating#39; and #39;Slim by Design,#39; says while a healthy snack might be a bag of almonds, a healthy mini meal involves more than two food groups. Mini meals should be eaten sitting down with silverware, not standing up.康奈尔大学(Cornell University)的行为经济学家、《瞎吃》(Mindless Eating)和《苗条源自设计》(Slim by Design)等书作者布莱恩·汪辛克(Brian Wansink)称,健康的零食可以是一袋杏仁,而一顿健康的迷你餐要包含两种以上的食物。迷你餐应该坐下来用银制餐具吃,而不是站着吃。Dr. Wansink says mini meals appeal to busy professionals and singles who don#39;t cook every day. These consumers find many more healthy prepackaged options in supermarkets than existed just 10 years ago, #39;We have very fractured [work] days and very attractive alternatives,#39; he says.汪辛克说,迷你餐吸引忙碌的专业人士和单身人士,这些人不每天做饭。如今,这些消费者能够在超市里买到比10年前多得多的健康预包装食品。他还说:“现在我们的工作时间非常分散,而且我们也有可以替代正餐的很好的选择。”Portions are downright tiny. Ms. Penberthy divides her vegetable frittata into seven-bite portions. Mr. Shor makes a salad with a handful of broccoli florets, thinly sliced carrots, a #39;small hint#39; of mayonnaise and five dried cranberries.每一份迷你餐都只有一点点。彭伯西把她的意式蔬菜煎蛋饼分成若干份,每份是七口的量。肖尔用一把花椰菜、切成细条的胡萝卜、“一丁点”蛋黄酱和五个蔓越橘干做沙拉。Brendan Shea, 29, a university publicist in Chicago, says as a result of eating mini meals, he visits the grocery store twice a week rather than once. He says #39;lunch#39; gets expensive. #39;Instead of one lunch, I have to buy two lunches,#39; says Mr. Shea, who recently ate small portions of sushi and a kale salad from a nearby Whole Foods for his midday meals.29岁的布兰登·谢伊(Brendan Shea)是芝加哥一所大学的公关人员。他说,以前他一周去一次杂货店,采用少吃多餐的方式之后,他一周需要去两次。他说,“午餐”变贵了。谢伊说,“买一份午餐不行,我必须要买两份。”谢伊最近午饭吃的是从附近一家Whole Foods买的小份寿司和甘蓝沙拉。Steering away from a traditional diet can lead to raised eyebrows in the office. Mr. Shea says he tries to avoid bumping into co-workers in the morning, when he is carrying his bag of food and an 80-ounce water bottle. He says he doesn#39;t want to seem high-maintenance when it comes to food.不吃传统饮食在办公室里可能会引人侧目。谢伊说,早晨他提着一袋吃的和一瓶80盎司的水走进办公室时会尽量避免撞见同事。他说,他不想给人留下吃东西挑剔的印象。#39;I try to be a little clandestine about it,#39; Mr. Shea says. #39;And I have my own office, so they don#39;t necessarily see me eating.#39;谢伊说:“我想做得保密一点。我有自己的办公室,所以他们不一定会看到我吃东西。”Kara Kilmer, a co-worker of five years, says she has noticed Mr. Shea#39;s diet because he visits restaurants for lunch less frequently and no longer purchases a cookie that he used to share with co-workers for dessert. It has also changed the mood of happy hour gatherings. #39;He#39;ll come and just drink water,#39; she says.与谢伊共事五年的同事卡拉·基尔默(Kara Kilmer)说,她注意到了谢伊饮食的变化,因为他午餐不常去餐馆吃了,也不像以前那样买饼干分给同事。谢伊的做法也改变了同事聚会畅饮时的气氛。她说:“他会来,但只喝水。” /201305/238190

Sir Elton John once sang that listening to Sad Songs was the perfect way to recover from a relationship breakdown.埃尔顿·约翰爵士曾经唱过一首《Sad Songs》,里面唱到听忧伤的歌曲是从失恋中走出来的最好的方式。But now psychologists appear to have uncovered evidence to support the pop star’s conclusions that they really do “say so much”.不过现在心理学家们似乎发现了据,持这位歌手的这一结论,悲伤的歌曲确实“讲述了很多”。A new international study has found listening to sad music was the best way to recover from a relationship break-up as it had the same soothing effect as a sympathetic friend.一项新的国际研究发现,听悲伤的歌曲是从失恋中恢复的最好方式,因为它就像一名富有同情心的朋友,能起到舒缓的作用。Researchers concluded that when consumers experienced serious emotional distress they turned to a surrogate to replace a lost personal bond and lift their mood.研究人员认为当用户经历了严重的情绪困扰时,他们会寻找替代品来代替所失去的个人联系来提升自己的心情。Their findings appear to contradict popular opinion that upbeat music or humorous movies were a better way to beat distress.他们的发现似乎与流行的观点相悖,流行的观点认为欢快的音乐和幽默的电影能更好地打败抑郁。;Emotional experiences of aesthetic products are important to our happiness and well-being,” said co-author Dr Stephen Palmer, from the University of California at Berkeley.“美学产品的情感体验对我们的开心和幸福来说至关重要,” 合著者斯蒂芬·帕尔默士这样表示,他来自美国加州大学伯克利分校。;Like a sympathetic friend, music, movies, paintings, or novels that are compatible with our current mood and feelings are more appreciated when we experience broken or failing relationships.;“当我们经历情感上的破裂时,和我们当前心情和感觉相容的音乐、电影、绘画或小说就像是富有同情心的朋友一样,能更好地发挥作用。”In the study, consumers were presented with various frustrating situations and asked to rate angry music, compared to joyful or relaxing music. Other volunteers were separately asked to recall experiences involving loss.在研究中,研究者给了受试者各种令人沮丧的情况,让他们把愤怒的音乐与欢快或轻松的音乐进行比较,给愤怒的音乐评分。其他志愿者则被要求回想失败的经历。The authors found people experiencing relationship problems were more likely to prefer “sad music” or “tear-jerking dramas” that reflected their negative mood.作者们发现,经历情感问题的人们更可能喜欢“悲伤的音乐”或“催人泪下的电视剧”,这些反映了他们的负面情绪。Participants said they liked angry music more when they were frustrated by interpersonal violations such as being interrupted or when someone was late than by “impersonal” problems such as lack of internet connection or a natural disaster.参与者说,与断网或自然灾害这样的“客观”原因相比,当他们的人际关系受到侵犯时,如说话时被打断或某人迟到时,他们更喜欢听愤怒的音乐。Preference for sad music was significantly higher when they had experienced the break-up of a personal relationship, compared to an impersonal loss such as losing a competition.与客观的损失如在竞争中失利相比,当人们经历分手这样的问题时,人们更喜欢忧伤的音乐。The study was published in the Journal of Consumer Research.研究发表在《消费者研究杂志》上。 /201305/240672

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