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  1998年,Jake Gyllenhaal带着婴儿帽在Harvard-Westlake学校拍的一张照片



  我们必须一直警惕- :: A:Dan, Dan, dude. You have to come over to my house right now!丹,丹,哥们你必须马上到我家来B:Is everything OK?一切都正常吗?A:Just get over here! Come in! Quickly!快点来就是了快进!B:So, since when is your house a bank?什么时候你的屋子变成了?A:What do you mean?你是什么意思?B:I mean, what’s up with the locks and iron bars on your windows.我是说,在窗户上的锁和铁栅栏用来干什么A:Security ,Dan, security! You can never be too safe you know! A lot of sickos out there. Just the other day they caught that peeping tom red handed! Had a high power telescope and binoculars by his window.安全,丹,为了安全要知道你总是不安全的外面有很多坏人前几天他们逮到一个偷窥者在干坏事他窗户边有高倍的望远镜和双目望远镜B:What’s the matter with you? Why are you acting all paranoid?你怎么了?为什么如此多疑?A:Paranoid? I’m not paranoid! I’m cautious! You see Dan, we have to be on guard at all time! People just invade your privacy as if they knew you! Telemarketers, solicitors, even your bank! They have way too much inmation! I like to keep everything on a need to know basis.多疑?我不是多疑!我很小心,丹,我们必须一直警惕就如你所知道的哪有那个,人们喜欢窥探别人的隐私电话推销,律师,甚至你的他们有太多的信息我喜欢只有自己知道一切B:OK, well, what did you want to see me about?好吧,你想告诉我什么?A:You are being watched! Be careful Dan! Be careful!你被监视了要小心!丹,要小心!。

  "I feel great," Ivanovic told reporters. "I think I played an impeccable match today. I didn't do much wrong and really stayed so focussed and even sat at her chair (at a change of ends)."

  各位亲爱的可友们,欢迎来到早间课堂和Juliet一起来学习片语你知道为什么在面试时,小伙子们总是西装革履,而那些女性朋友总是一套得体的职业装吗?把自己收拾得整洁大方,才能给人留下一个稳重而成熟的印象,这时你就可以说上这么一句:例句:Leave it up to me, trust me!这句话是说:相信我,包在我身上,没有问题的引出片语:leave it up to sb解词释义:Leave it up to sb从字面上理解,leave it是;留下它;的意思,up to me含有;由我来决定;的意思,所以整个片语的意思就是;包在某人身上,,某人会成功地完成任务; If you tell other people with the phrase, leave it up to me, you show them that you will finish something successfully!范例情景:假如有一天你请你的朋友吃饭,你的男朋友告诉你要为你们买单,可饭局结束,他才发现自己根本没有带钱包这时你就可以用上下面一句话了:范例:Leave it up to me. I said theyrsquo;re my friends, so Irsquo;ll pay the bill!这句话是说:我来吧!我说过他们是我的朋友,所以我来付账如果真的那样,你的男友当时会出于什么样的心理状况呢?我们来看一看下面的这句话:例句:Blake was really down in the dumps after his boss had shouted at him, he really felt depressed and frustrated.这句话是说:Blake非常的沮丧老板吼了他一顿,他真的感到很伤心和失落心烦引出片语:down in the dumps解词释义:大家知道dump是;倾倒(垃圾);的意思,从字面上理解,如果你被down到垃圾里,够不够沮丧的呢? 所以不难理解,片语down in the dumps的意思就是;如跌入谷底的、非常沮丧的;Some people sometimes are down in the dump, then they are very sad and without much interest in life. two more exampls:范例1:She gets down in the dumps over the failure in the final examination.这句话的意思是:她因期终考试不及格而郁郁不乐范例:He was down in the dumps after losing his job.这句话的意思是:他失业后, 精神非常颓丧总结:今天我们主要学了两个片语一个是leave it up to me, 意思是;包在我身上;,自信的人何不用用呢?比如看到一个漂亮,你就可以向其他哥们儿夸下海口说:我来搞定她!( Leave it up to me!) 那么搞不定这个漂亮,你就会down in the dumps,我们还学了第一个片语:down in the dumps, 意思是;非常沮丧的;注意,dumps在这里一般都用的是复数形式我们今天的学习就到这里,我们下次再见 199我的汽车出了点毛病-01 ::5 A:Something wrong?有什么问题吗?B:Yes. My car is having problems.是的我的汽车出了点毛病A:What's wrong?怎么回事啊?B:It won't start.发动不起来了A:Do you want me to take a look?需要我看一下吗?B:No,thank you. I think I can handle it.不用了,谢谢我想我自己能应付得了A:Well, if you change your mind, let me know.恩,如果你改主意了就和我说一声B:I will. Thanks. That's sweet of you.我会的谢谢你真好A:No problem.这没什么的B:I might need some tools though. Do you know where I can get some?不过我需要些工具你知道哪儿有吗?A:Sure. I have all kinds of tools. Just ask. I’ll be happy to get them you.当然了我就有各式各样的工具向我要就可以了我很乐意去给你拿B:Thanks. That would be very helpful.多谢那真是太好了A:Anything you. Seriously, I don’t mind helping.不客气说真的,我不介意帮忙B:OK. If you really insist, I could always use the company.好吧如果你一再坚持的话,我还真是需要帮手呢

  接电话打电话她要结婚怎么没有打电话通知我- :59: A:Tom? Oh, it's been a while since we've talked to each other. Nice to hear you again.汤姆吗?噢,我们上次聊天到现在已经有一阵子了很高兴又见到你B:Same here. Hey, did you know Susan is going to get married. She invited me to her wedding and she wants you to attend also.也是在这里嘿,你知不知道苏珊要结婚了她邀请我去参加婚礼,她希望你也能出席A:Really?真的吗?B:Definitely. I'm calling to tell you this.当然我正打算打电话告诉你这件事A:Why didn't she call me?她为什么不打电话给我?B:She tried, but the line is always busy.她打过了,但是电话线路一直处于忙音状态A:Well, I may have stayed on the phone too long. Can you give me her number? I'll call her later.恩,我可能打了太久电话了你可以给我她的号码吗?我稍后打电话给她B:Of course. It's 555-653.当然是555-653A:Thanks. So how are things with you?谢谢那你最近怎样?B:Pretty good. I've just bought a new house.很好我刚刚买了套新房子A:Wow! Great! Where?喔!太棒了!在哪里?B:In the suburb. How are you and Carol? Still living in town?在郊区那你和Carol呢?还住在城里吗?A:Yeah, it's really convenient. The theater and Shopping Mall are within walking distance. Well, I got to go. I'll get in touch with you soon.是的,很方便戏院和购物中心走路就能到达额,我要走了不久之后我会与你联系的B:Okay. Don't get to call Susan.好的记得打电话给苏珊A:Don't worry. Bye.别担心拜拜,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活How to be happy快乐的法宝Be happy others.替别人感到高兴 Being jealous or fake happy is draining. 嫉妒或是假装很开心是很累的Genuinely be happy other success because youll want them to be happy you when you share your good news.真心替别人的成功感到高兴是因为你希望在分享自己好消息的时候,他们也能替你感到高兴genuinely adv.真地; 真正地; 真诚地; 诚实地例句:I thought she sounded like a genuinely caring and helpful person.我觉得她听起来像是一个真心真意地关爱和帮助别人的人更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 55



  The dinner table is more than a place to sit down and enjoy food. It a social place. Business deals are inked there. Strangers become lovers there. But what if you abandon the social function of a meal by eating alone? A New Yorker talks about the rising number of people who eat alone or cook alone, and are enjoying it.Do you eat alone? Have you been snubbed by waiters or waitresses at restaurants? 358673



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