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信州区妇幼保健人民中医院疤痕多少钱上饶市南昌大学医院双眼皮多少钱上饶双眼皮修复哪家医院好 LONDON — Kensuke Shichida, the head of a centuries-old sake brewery in southern Japan, had spent a dizzying week in London restaurants tasting a variety of exotic and confounding dishes: pub food, gourmet burgers, French food, Angus beef, ceviche.伦敦——日本南部一家有一百多年历史的清酒厂的老板七田谦介(Kensuke Shichida),在伦敦的餐馆里度过了头晕目眩的一周。他品尝了各种充满异国风情又令人费解的菜式:酒吧餐、厨师汉堡、法式大餐、安格斯牛肉,还有柠汁腌鱼生。The experience left him slightly bewildered and slightly ill, he said, suffering from a food hangover.这场体验让他有点困惑,还有点不适,七田谦介说,就好像经历了一次由食物引发的宿醉。But Mr. Shichida, 43, is on a mission, he said, to bring his family-brewed sake to European restaurants and pair it with Western cuisine, which means charting new territory. It is an exercise of necessity. Japan is proud of its sake heritage, but sales have been falling for decades, and Mr. Shichida and a number of other brewers are trying to help reverse its decline before it is too late.现年43岁的七田谦介说,他现在有一个目标,就是要把自己家族酿制的清酒推广到欧洲的餐馆,让它与西餐搭配,开辟新的市场。七田谦介这么做实属无奈。清酒一直是日本人引以为傲的传统饮品,但它的销量几十年来却在不断下滑。趁现在还不算太晚,七田谦介和另外几位酿酒商都在设法扭转颓势。“I’d be lying if I said pairing sake with burgers didn’t hurt my pride as a Japanese,” he admitted at a recent dinner, hesitantly poking a piece of lamb kidney and sweetbs — a first for him — with his fork. “But we need to be exploring this path to survive as a brewer.”“如果我说,清酒配汉堡不会伤害我作为日本人的自豪感,那是在撒谎,”七田谦介最近在一次晚餐时承认道。他一边说着,一边用叉子迟疑地戳向一片羊腰和一堆羊杂。那是他第一次吃羊杂。“但作为酿酒商要存活下来,我们必须尝试这条路。”“Sake is surprisingly versatile,” he added. “I’ve discovered it goes well with many Western recipes, perhaps even better than wine or beer.”“清酒的搭配范围之广令人称奇,”他接着说。“我发现它与很多西方菜式都可以很好地搭配,甚至可能比葡萄酒和啤酒还好。”Fresh oysters, for example, usually go pair well with Champagne or Chablis, which have a crisp acidity. But Mr. Shichida, who runs the 140-year-old Tenzan brewery, says sake works better. The drink is mellower and less acidic, and its cleansing properties help remove the oysters’ briny taste, he said. And sake’s umami — a savory sensation considered to be the “fifth taste” — helps improve their fleshiness.例如,法国生蚝一般都以口感酸爽的香槟或夏布利酒搭配。但七田谦介却说,清酒配生蚝效果更佳。他经营的天山酒造(Tenzan brewery)已有140年历史。他说,这是因为清酒更香醇、没那么酸,由于能去除邪味,它还可以消除生蚝的腥气。此外,清酒的鲜味(umami)——经常被称为“第五种味道”——则提升了食物的质感。At a recent dinner at Hixter, a restaurant here, the head chef, Ronnie Murray, paired a plate of Launceston lamb and meaty girolle mushrooms with Mr. Shichida’s 75 Junmai, a full-bodied sake that uses unpolished rice, a rarity even in Japan. The Japanese generally prize sake that contains highly polished rice, which produces a flowery and smooth taste. By contrast, Mr. Shichida’s sake had a round, woody flavor with a tempered acidity that complemented the earthy lamb.最近在伦敦Hixter餐厅享用晚餐时,主厨朗尼·莫瑞(Ronnie Murray)以一盘朗塞斯顿羔羊肉和有肉质口感的鸡油菌,来搭配七田谦介的“纯米75”。这种清酒用糙米酿造,口味浓烈,即使在日本也很稀有。日本人一般喜欢用精米酿造的清酒,因为精米能带来一种优雅和柔滑的味道。相比之下,七田谦介的清酒则饱满直接,酸味受到了抑制,与味道浓厚的羊肉相得益彰。“Wine tends to be more acidic and cuts through the taste of meat,” said Gareth Groves, the head of marketing at Bibendum Wine, a retailer that recently announced that it was stocking sake from Japan. “Sake is less about cutting through the food than sitting alongside it.”“葡萄酒往往口感更酸,会盖过肉的味道,”必比登葡萄酒(Bibendum Wine)市场营销负责人加雷思·格罗夫斯(Gareth Groves)说。这家零售商最近宣布,从日本进口了大量清酒。“清酒不太会盖住食物的味道,能够互不影响。”Most Westerners generally view sake as a clear-colored liquor to be savored with sushi and sashimi, with an alcohol content of 15 to 20 percent. It is thought to have originated in the seventh century and is considered the drink of the gods in the Shinto religion.多数西方人只是知道,清酒颜色澄清,要搭配寿司或刺身,酒精度在15%到20%之间。清酒据信起源于7世纪,而在日本的神道教里,清酒则被视作神祗的饮品。There are 80 types of rice specially designed to produce sake, which is made from fermented rice, water and koji — white rice imbued with a special kind of mold. While wine is typically served only in glasses, sake can be poured into a variety of cups that alter its fragrance, including earthenware, lacquerware, glass, porcelain and box-shaped ones made from Japanese cedar.专门用来酿造清酒的大米有80种。清酒是由酒酿、水和酒曲酿成的。酒曲是加入了某种特殊霉菌的大米。葡萄酒一般只用玻璃杯盛,而清酒却可以倒入不同的杯皿,酒香也会因为容器的不同而略有差异。可以盛放清酒的容器包括陶器、漆器、玻璃、瓷器,还有用日本柳杉制做的盒型容器。Sake ranges from sparkling, somewhat similar to Champagne, to namazake, which tastes best straight from the vat, unpasteurized. Meaning “raw sake,” namazake offers a taste of the ethereal, as it can sour within hours. Some other sake uses yuzu, a Japanese citrus, making the drink a tangy cousin of the Italian limoncello, while umeshu is kind of a plummy version of the Hungarian dessert wine Tokaj.清酒种类繁多,从有些类似香槟的发泡酒,到未经杀菌处理的生酒。生酒直接从酒桶汲出时味道最佳,口感妙不可言,但几个小时就会变质。还有一些清酒是用日本柚酿制的,这种柑橘属水果又称香橙,味道就像是意大利柠檬酒(limoncello)的浓郁版。而梅酒则仿佛是梅子味的匈牙利甜酒托卡伊(Tokaj)。Some lesser-known koshu, or aged sake, sells for more than 0 a bottle for a 40-year-old vintage. Shigeri Shiraki, whose family brewery in the mountainous region of Gifu was founded in 1835, is exploring how to make her 20-year-old aged sake, Daruma Masamune, palatable to Westerners. It is brewed manually by a handful of employees, and only in the winter, a practice among koshu brewers that dates to the 17th century. Mrs. Shiraki said her brewery does not use refrigerators.还有一些不那么出名的古酒,即陈年清酒。一瓶40年的古酒售价在300美元以上。白木繁里(Shigeri Shiraki,音)是岐阜市山区一座家族清酒厂的老板。这家酒厂创立于1835年。她正在探索如何让自己酿造了20年的清酒——达正宗(Daruma Masamune)——适合西方人的口味。这种古酒是由几名工人手工酿制的,而且只在冬天酿造,延续了17世纪酿造古酒时普遍采用的方法。白木说她的清酒厂不用冷库。On its own, her sake has a salty undertone reminiscent of soy sauce or Marmite, and it shares notes with port, sherry or the smoky-flavored Islay Scotch whisky. Mrs. Shiraki suggested pairing it with a particularly rich dessert, pouring it over a slice of pecan pie and vanilla ice cream, or trying it as a digestive.白木繁里的清酒带有一种咸味,能让人联想起酱油或马麦酱,还有一丝波尔图葡萄酒、雪利酒,或者烟熏味艾拉岛威士忌(Islay Scotch)的口感。白木繁里建议搭配味道浓郁的甜品,在享用山核桃派和香草冰淇淋时倒上一杯,或者把它当成一种餐后酒。Some chefs and food lovers describe the experiment with sake as a shot in the dark, but for brewers, the challenge is more urgent.一些大厨和美食爱好者称,用清酒所做的这种尝试结果还很难说,但对于酿酒商来说,面前的挑战越来越迫在眉睫。Sake consumption has fallen sharply in Japan since the 1970s because of a decreasing birthrate and a switch by many drinkers to wine, much of it imported, or other domestic drinks like beer, whiskey or shochu, a Japanese spirit. Japan exported 5,000 tons of sake in 2012, but mostly to Japanese restaurants, limiting its audience. Overseas sales are still a small fraction of total sales.自1970年代以来,清酒在日本的消耗量就大幅下降,一个原因是出生率的不断下滑,此外许多饮酒者转而饮用葡萄酒——很大一部分是进口的——或者国内生产的其他酒类,如啤酒、威士忌或烈性的烧酒。2012年,日本出口了5000吨清酒,但主要都流入了日式餐厅,这就限制了清酒的受众。海外销售仍然只占总销量的很小部分。The number of brewers — mostly old-fashioned and family-owned — has shrunk to around 1,000 from around 4,600 in the earlier part of the 20th century.清酒厂的数量已经由上世纪上半叶的约4600家,减少至目前的1000家左右。大部分清酒厂都是传统的家族式酒厂。“The sake industry won’t survive on its local market,” said Barry McCaughley, a food and beverage consultant based in London. “Unless it makes changes now, it will be dead in 20 to 30 years.”“清酒行业单靠本地市场根本无法生存,”伦敦的餐饮行业咨询师巴里·麦可利(Barry McCaughley)说。“除非现在就做出改变,否则二三十年后清酒业就会消亡。”Restaurants and retailers are starting to push sake as the next drink fad, similar to craft beer, whose popularity has exploded in Britain. A Scottish brewer, Arran, plans to start producing Britain’s first sake on a commercial scale later this year, the second European brewer to do so after Nogne O of Norway. Many bars are aly using sake in their cocktails.餐厅和零售商正开始把清酒包装成新的时尚饮品,就像在英国人气爆棚的手工酿制啤酒一样。苏格兰的酒厂Arran计划今年晚些时候,商业化生产英国的第一款国产清酒。它是继挪威的纳酷欧(Nogne O)之后,第二家采取这种做法的欧洲酒厂。许多酒吧已经开始使用清酒调制鸡尾酒。For all the gambling on foreign sales, brewers say they have one ultimate aim: bringing sake back in Japan as well.除了进军海外市场的,酿酒商说,他们还有一个终极目标:让清酒在日本重新流行起来。“If we’re able to tell the Japanese, ‘Look how much foreigners are enjoying sake,’ that would give them an opportunity to rediscover sake and revive demand,” Mr. Shichida said. “We don’t want our culture to disappear. We really don’t.”“如果我们能够告诉日本人,‘看,外国人多喜爱清酒啊,’就会让他们重新发现清酒的魅力,进而提振需求,”七田谦介说。“我们不想让自己的文化消失。真的不想。” /201411/345176Yu Lan soup (Bamboo shoots soup) 玉兰片汤 This elegant name comes from a legend.这道汤的雅称来源于一个传说故事。During the reign of Emperor Jia Qing (A.D 1796-1821)in Qing dynasty, there lived a family named Guo in Yi Yang , Hunan Province, who were the descendents of the renowned General Guo Ziyi of the Tang dynasty. Guo Xin, the eldest son of this family, was skilled in martial arts and took service when he was young. He was a courageous warrior and won a lot of credits during campaigns and expeditions. Later, he was promoted to assistant minister of the war department.清仁宗嘉庆(公元1796-1821年在位)年间,湖南益阳住着唐代名将郭子仪的后代郭氏一家。郭氏的长子郭信拥有一身好武艺,年轻力壮时就从军,在随军征战中立下了许多功劳,官升兵部侍郎。Guo Xin was granted by Emperor Jia Qing to pay a home visit after promotion where he met and married a beautiful lady named Yu Lan. They were deeply in love with each other and led a sweet life. After Guo Xin left for office, Yu Lan stayed at home to take care of Guo’s elderly parents. During days of separation Yu Lan often asked people to take native products to Guo to convey her feeling of love.升官后,嘉庆皇帝特许郭信回家探亲,娶了个美丽贤淑的妻子叫玉兰。两人相亲相爱,甜甜蜜蜜。后来郭信离湘,赴京上任,玉兰留在益阳的家中,照顾郭信年迈的双亲。平时夫妻二人虽然不常见面,但玉兰常托人带一些家乡的土产给郭信,所以恩爱之情并不衰减。One winter, Yi Yang celebrated a bump harvest of bamboo sprouts. Yu Lan dried them under the sun and then had them taken to her husband. One day when Guo Xin was cooking bamboo soup at home he is told that the Emperor had arrived.有一年冬天,益阳竹笋大丰收,玉兰就将竹笋晒干,捎往京城。郭信在京城的家中用笋干煮食烧汤,正欲食之,恰逢门外来报:“皇上驾到!”When Emperor Jia Qing stepped into the room he sniffed the fresh smell of the bamboo, then asked: “What great dish are you cooking my dear minister, I’d like some too.” Guo was embarrassed and said: “I was simply cooking soup with the bamboos my wife had sent me. How could it be any better than soups cooked in your majesty’s palace!” However, Emperor Jia Qing insisted and Guo Xin served the Emperor with the soup. His Majesty took a sip and praised very highly of it before discussing state affairs with Guo Xin. Upon leaving, knowing his Majesty was still attached to the soup, Guo Xin asked the emperor if he could have the honor to have the uncooked dried bamboos as tribute to His Majesty.话音刚落,嘉庆已经踏入郭信前屋,只见他鼻子嗅了嗅,便道:“郭爱卿,什么好吃的?别藏着了,也让朕尝一尝吧!” 郭信不好意思地说:“这是微臣家中媳妇玉兰捎来的竹笋,微臣只是草草将其切片,煮成汤喝,哪里能跟皇宫里的汤比呀?” 嘉庆坚持要尝,郭信只好端了上来。嘉庆尝了一口,发现滋味鲜美,海夸了一阵,然后才和郭信谈正事。临走时,嘉庆还对刚才喝的那道汤恋恋不舍,郭信把未煮过的笋干让随行太监带回宫。Emperor Jia Qing nodded and said: “Since the soup is made from the dried bamboo shoots of your wife Yu Lan, then we will name it after her.” Since then, the elegant name “Yu Lan soup” enjoyed an incessant national fame.嘉庆点点头道:“这汤既然是爱卿之妻玉兰的笋干所制,以后就管他叫玉兰片汤吧。”从此,“玉兰片汤”这一雅号就不胫而走,名扬天下。 /201504/372201上饶鼻整形

上饶整形哪里医院比较好Early Career Success Guide: What If You Don#39;t Know What to Do With Your Life?早期职业生涯成功指导:如果对生活感到迷茫应该怎么做?Only 53 percent of college graduates get a first job related to their major. Obviously, this is even less likely to be the case, if you studied for love and not for money or a clear career path. But does that mean that you#39;re doomed to wander the job market, searching fruitlessly for a good-paying job that you#39;ll actually enjoy? The simple answer is: of course not. 仅有53%的大学毕业生第一份工作与专业相关。显而易见,如果人们只是因为喜欢,而非挣钱或者明确的职业方向来选择大学专业,真实结果也许还会小于这个比率。If you don#39;t feel driven to dedicate the rest of your life to your exact college major or don#39;t know how it#39;s even possible to do that, evaluate your reasons for choosing your major and whether you feel a real affection for it.如果你并不打算余生都奉献给自己的大学专业,或者有兴趣却不知道如何去做,认真想想为什么要去选择这个专业以及自己是否真正心存热爱。There are a few things you can do to start heading in the right direction:下面有几条比较有帮助的建议:1. Think about what you liked about both your major and your college experience.1.想下在专业学习和大学生活中你喜欢的东西Even if you couldn#39;t wait to graduate and never want to think about your classes again, there#39;s likely something you enjoyed about your college experience. Don#39;t dismiss what comes to mind, even if it was the parties, or your involvement in your favorite sports team, or even living in a community of people doing the same thing.即便你着急毕业,再也不想见到大学同学,大学生活中仍然会有值得你留恋的事物。抓住大脑里闪过的一切,即使是聚会或者参加最爱的体育队,甚至与喜欢同一样事物的家伙们共度的时光。2. Don#39;t forget about the stuff you hated, too.2.也不要忘记自己讨厌的东西Make a list of all the aspects of your experience that didn#39;t work for you, whether it was making your own study schedule or doing group projects or even some core aspect of your major. Again, be honest. 给大学中自己讨厌的事物列个清单,不论是学习计划、做团队项目,还是你专业的某些核心方面。同样,要诚实。3. Talk to people who know you.3.与了解你的朋友聊聊Do you have a favorite professor, or a bunch of friends from your major who really get you? Now#39;s the time to look them up. Sometimes, an outside perspective can show us sides of ourselves we never contemplated. Maybe one of these people has a line on a job that could put your skills to use. Even if the job doesn#39;t turn out to be your dream gig, you#39;ll learn something. 你们专业是否有比较了解你,你又喜欢的教授或者朋友?现在就是需要他们的时候了。有时,旁观者清。也许这群人中的某个会指导你找到能发挥专业所长的工作。即使这份工作并不是你最理想的,你也会有所收获。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/380329江西上饶副乳切除多少钱 Singapore’s reputation as a “nanny state” — where the sale of chewing gum is banned and persistent litterbugs can be fined up to S,000 (US,000) — is one of the more notorious legacies of Lee Kuan Yew, who has died aged 91.新加坡有着“保姆国家”的名声,这是在91岁辞世的李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)不甚光的遗产之一。新加坡禁止销售口香糖,多次乱扔垃圾者将被罚款最高1万新元(合7000美元)。It struck at the heart of the founder of modern Singapore’s vision for a society where collective responsibility came above the instincts of the individual, for the greater good.这个词切中“现代新加坡之父”的理想社会的核心特征:为了更广泛的社会福祉,集体责任高于个人天性。Mr Lee justified his government’s intrusiveness on its citizen’s private lives by saying it was necessary for social cohesion. But this paternalistic approach to governing chafes with many in the population who have grown tired of being told how to live their lives.关于政府介入公民个人生活领域,李光耀的理由是,这是形成社会凝聚力的必要之举。但这种家长式的治理作风引起了许多新加坡人不满,他们厌倦了被告诉该如何生活。One of the earliest acts of the ruling Peoples’ Action party in the 1960s was to start a programme of clearing the streets of itinerant hawkers, and rehousing them in “hawker stalls”, organised under a single roof and regulated with strict hygiene standards.执政的人民行动党(People’s Action party)在上世纪60年代采取的最早举措之一,是展开了一项整顿街头小贩的行动,引导这些流动小贩进入集中的、有着严格卫生标准的“小贩中心”。With the massive public housing programmes of the same decade came the introduction of strict rules on cleanliness and order that survive to this day. Urinating in apartment block elevators is banned and urine smell detectors are installed to deter offenders.60年代实施大规模公共住房项目的同时,新加坡也开始推行延续至今的、关于保持清洁与秩序的严厉法规。公寓楼电梯里禁止小便,并且安装有尿味探测器。Failure to flush a public toilet is also a punishable offence.在公厕不冲水也要受惩罚。The authority that administers the country’s massive Housing Development Board housing schemes goes to the length of including on its website items that must not be hung from the bamboo laundry poles that jut from most HDB flats. The list includes cooking woks and even shopping trolleys.大规模的公共住房计划由新加坡建屋发展局(Housing Development Board)负责管理,该局网站上详细列出了不得挂于此类住房中伸出的晾衣竹竿上的物品清单(大多数HDB公寓都有这种晾衣杆)。被禁物品包括炒锅,甚至还有购物用的小推车。Littering has become an increasing problem in Singapore, in spite of a system of “corrective work orders”, which force offenders to pick up litter in public.尽管政府出台了“垃圾虫劳改法令”,强制犯规者打扫公共场所,但乱丢垃圾现象仍日益增多。Fines have risen accordingly. Last year the maximum fine for littering was doubled to ,000 for the first conviction, rising to five times that for repeat offenders.于是对乱扔垃圾者的罚金也相应提高。去年,对初犯者的最高罚金提到了一倍,达2000美元,对屡教不改者的最高罚金则提高了4倍。In January authorities meted out a fine of S,800 (,000) to a smoker for throwing cigarette butts out of his apartment window — the largest ever such punishment.1月,当局以一名吸烟者将烟头扔出自己家窗户为由,对其处以1.98万新元(合1.5万美元)的罚款,为同类罚款中金额最高的一次。Goh Chok Tong, Mr Lee’s successor in 1990, posted a comment on Facebook in January lamenting how Singapore’s reputation as one of the world’s cleanest cities “was going down the rubbish chute” after an outdoor music festival venue was left strewn with rubbish. But the move provoked a reaction from many people who felt he was needlessly patronising.1990年接替李光耀担任新加坡总理的吴作栋(Goh Chok Ton)今年1月在Facebook上发了一条。事情起因是一场户外音乐节结束后,地上扔满了垃圾,吴作栋为此感叹道,新加坡作为全球最清洁城市之一的名声也“沿着垃圾滑槽沉下去了”。但这番言论在社会上引起很大反响,许多人认为,吴作栋不必自视清高。It was Mr Goh who introduced the ban on chewing gum in 1992 — a move unlikely to have gone ahead without the support of Mr Lee, who still wielded enormous influence in the cabinet at the time.1992年实行口香糖销售禁令的正是吴作栋——此事若未得到李光耀的持是推行不下去的,那时李光耀在内阁仍有很大的影响力。The ban was relaxed in 2004 after lobbying by Wrigley, the US gum maker, to allow the limited sale of sugar-free gum for medicinal purposes.在美国箭牌公司(Wrigley)的游说之后,口香糖禁令在2004年有所放宽,允许用于医疗用途的无糖口香糖的有限销售。The government official who implemented the prohibition on gum, Daniel Wang, was reported this week to have died aged 71. “It’s actually good for gum health and that’s why it’s still used for medical reasons today,” he was reported as having said. “But I was under instructions.”本周有报道称,当初负责贯彻落实口香糖销售禁令的政府官员Daniel Wang已经去世,终年71岁。据报道他曾说过这样的话:“嚼口香糖确实有利于牙龈健康,所以今天口香糖仍可用在医疗用途上,但我是奉命行事的。”There is no sign of the ban being fully lifted.目前没有迹象表明,口香糖销售禁令将全面解禁。 /201503/366238上饶鼻基底手术费用

上饶玻尿酸多少钱Han Seol-hyang blushes as she recounts her memories of teenage dating in Pyongyang.韩雪香(Han Seol-hyang,音)讲述起自己十几岁时在平壤约会的往事,她的脸红了。“Everything was in secret. It wasn’t all out in the open like in South Korea,” says the 30-year-old daughter of a North Korean government official. “It wasn’t that we were scared of being punished; that was just the culture.”韩雪香今年30岁,是一位朝鲜政府官员的女儿,她说:“一切都得保密,不像在韩国这么开放。倒不是说害怕受处罚,而是文化使然。”South Korea’s brash dating scene is one of a bewildering range of cultural differences confronting more than 25,000 North Koreans who have made their way south over the past 20 years, with many struggling to integrate socially and economically.过去20年逃往韩国的朝鲜人超过2.5万人,他们面临着各种令人无所适从的文化差异,令许多人无论从经济上还是从社会上都难以融入韩国,大胆的约会场面便是其中之一。But Ms Han and 51-year-old Kim Min-jeong, her business partner, have turned the situation to their advantage by establishing Eve, a matchmaking agency aimed at helping fellow North Korean refugees find husbands.但韩雪香和她的生意伙伴——51岁的金敏贞(Kim Min-jeong,音)将这一文化差异化作她们的优势,俩人合作创建了婚介机构Eve,旨在帮助朝鲜难民同胞找到如意郎君。On the wall of their office in a western district of Seoul is a whiteboard listing a dozen meetings arranged for the next few days between women born in North Korea and South Korean men. The dates of two imminent marriages and an expected birth are noted in red.Eve位于首尔西部某区,办公室的墙上挂着一面白板,上面列出了未来数日安排好的十几场约会,女方都是朝鲜人,而男方都是韩国人。其中有三个标红的日期,分别是马上要举行的两场婚礼,以及一个预产期。Next to a large framed photograph of one of the weddings they have helped to bring about — there were 29 last year alone — one of their 10 employees is explaining the service to a shy-looking man on the threshold of middle age.这家婚介所有10名员工,其中一个员工正向一位面露羞色、即将迈入中年的男士介绍务项目。他们身边的墙上挂着一个大相框,里面是Eve促成的一场婚礼的照片,仅去年这家婚介所就促成了29桩婚事。Eve promises to arrange up to six introductions for each man within the first year, with further dates to follow if he remains single after that time. About 200 men paid Won2-3m (,788-2,667) last year to register at Eve; more than double that number of female North Korean defectors signed up at no cost.Eve承诺每位男士在第一年内最多可相亲6次,如果一年后该男士仍为单身,还可为他安排更多约会。去年约有200名男士在Eve注册,注册费在200万韩元到300万韩元之间(约合1788美元到2667美元),女性会员都是脱北者,去年她们的注册人数是男性会员的两倍以上,无须缴纳注册费用。Seated on adjacent leather armchairs, both sporting white shirts, miniskirts and auburn-tinted hair, Ms Han and Ms Kim explain how they help clients to bridge the inter-Korean cultural divide.韩雪香和金敏贞挨着坐在皮革扶手椅上,两人都穿着白衬衫,迷你裙,头发染成茶褐色。她们介绍了自己如何帮助客户跨越朝韩之间的文化鸿沟。“The North Korean women are like 60-somethings in South Korea; they’re very conservative,” Ms Kim says. “So I tell the men to take things slow. If you grab her hand on the first date, it will scare her.”金敏贞说:“朝鲜女性的思想相当于韩国60多岁的人,她们非常保守。因此我告诉男士们要慢慢来。如果你第一次约会时就牵她的手,会吓到她的。”Ms Kim plays down the difficulties of becoming an entrepreneur in a dynamic capitalist economy after spending her first four decades in one of the last socialist states. She thinks she gained useful skills from working for 20 years in a regional accounts department of a state-owned restaurant company, before emigrating in 2005.金敏贞人生的头四十年是在社会主义国家度过的,之后她又在这个充满活力的资本主义国家里成了一名企业家,她并不认为这有多不容易。2005年金敏贞从朝鲜来到韩国,此前她在一家国有餐饮公司的分区会计部工作了20年,她认为自己从中获得了有用的技能。Ms Han had left North Korea two years before at the age of 18, having felt isolated, like “a frog in a pond”, after spending hours watching television footage of the outside world. They met in 2007, when both were working at a Seoul matchmaking agency. But in 2008 the two women decided to go it alone. They used their modest savings to put down a Won10m deposit for a rented office and lured a few male clients from their previous employer.韩雪香比她早两年离开朝鲜,当时18岁,在连续看了几个小时外面世界的电视后,她觉得自己与世隔绝,像只“池塘里的青蛙”。她与金敏贞相识于2007年,当时她们在首尔一家婚介所工作。2008年两位女性决定出来单干。她们用微薄的积蓄缴纳了1000万韩元定金,租下一间办公室,还从前雇主那儿挖走了几个男客户。Eve has attracted only one male North Korean client and no South Korean women. The lopsided gender mix reflects the fact that North Korean refugees earn a third less than the South Korean average. In one 2013 survey, all the women polled said they disliked the idea of marrying a defector. But 69 per cent of the men said they would, reflecting North Korean women’s reputation for being “docile and submissive”, according to Ms Han.Eve的客户里只有一位朝鲜男性,没有韩国女性。这种极不平衡的性别结构反应出一个事实,朝鲜难民的收入不抵韩国人平均收入的三分之一。在2013年一份调查中,所有女性受访者均表示她们无法接受嫁给一个叛逃者。但69%的男性受访者表示他们愿意娶一名叛逃者,据韩雪香说,这反映了朝鲜女性“温顺”的美名在外。This has led critics to accuse Eve and similar agencies of exploitation. Ms Han counters that the service can help female defectors integrate in the face of prejudice, recalling how she nervously pretended as a student to be from the north of South Korea.批评者因此指责Eve之类的机构利用脱北女性。韩雪香反驳说,她们的务可以帮助女性脱北者在面对偏见的情况下融入当地社会。她回想起自己当初如何紧张地装成一个来自韩国北部的学生。The troubles faced by North Korean defectors are an ominous sign of the challenge that Seoul will face in dealing with a greater influx, should Korea reunify. In the meantime, Ms Han adds, “we are doing our own version of unification”.脱北者面临的麻烦预示着首尔可能面临的挑战,如果朝鲜半岛真的统一,那么韩国将迎来更庞大的移民潮。与此同时,韩雪香说,“我们正在进行我们自己的统一事业”。 /201507/383868 江西上饶市切埋线双眼皮多少钱上饶余干县做双眼皮手术多少钱



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