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上饶注射隆胸哪家医院好上饶鼻基底偏曲治疗Here’s a thing that’s quickly becoming a part of our shared reality: human beings — normal, red-blooded, humans, many of them god-fearing — have embraced a new tool of self-expression, designed to enhance our fragile planet’s favorite past-time. It’s called the “selfie stick” and people are going absolutely crazy over it.自拍是普通人最喜欢的一种消遣方式,而目前有一种提升自拍效果的新神器正迅速成为我们大家生活的一部分。它就是 “自拍杆”,人们简直为它而疯狂。You’ve probably noticed a few of these new type of photos popping up in your Instagram feed. Much like a selfie, the composition is generally of one or more people mugging for their phone’s front-facing camera, only this time these photos are different, taking on what I can only describe as a more dramatic, almost fish-eye quality. Like crossing a photo trend with a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew, the result adds a certain level of X-TREME? to what is, most likely, an otherwise mundane photo. In some cases, it turns an impressive picture into a stunning image.也许你在刷Instagram的时候已经看到过一些这样的新式照片。自拍照通常是一两个人挤到手机前置摄像头前摆表情扮鬼脸,这些照片也差不多,只不过它们的品质更高,几乎可以与鱼眼镜头的拍摄效果媲美。就像是给自拍开了外挂一样,一幅可能很一般的照片一下子就有了质的飞跃,而本来已不错的照片有时就成了神级照片。While the selfie stick’s origins seem to come from the extreme sports community — mostly Go-Pro users — the trend is quickly sping to the everyday, smartphone wielding populace. A quick Instagram search for #selfiestick doesn’t return sky-divers and base jumpers, but regular people uploading performance-enhanced selfies of everyday activities. In most cases, the appeal seems to be simply fitting more people into the frame.自拍杆可能来源于极限运动爱好者(大多数使用GoPro相机),然而这股风潮很快便走进了使用智能手机的大众的每日生活。在Instagram上搜索#selfiestick,你看到的不是高空跳伞的照片,而是一般人上传的更高品质的日常生活照。很多情况下,人们使用自拍杆只是想让镜头塞下更多的人。Regardless of the reason, the trend is very real, according to camera and photo retailers. “It’s sold so well we’ve had trouble keeping it in stock,” Darrick Olson, a buyer at National Camera Exchange, told BuzzFeed.照相器材零售商表示,无论什么原因,它确实火了。在美国照相设备交易所采购的德里克?奥森说,“自拍杆卖得非常好,我们的货基本不够。”Debate be damned, they are coming. You’ve been warned.不管怎么说,这可是最新流行趋势。我已经告诉你了哦。 /201407/315796上饶去眼角价格 The B visits New York#39;s Chinatown for the new year celebrations to see how the community is changing为进一步了解美国华人群体的变化,英国广播公司探访了纽约唐人街的新年庆祝活动。Chinatowns are a feature of many US cities, but some of the best known are succumbing to gentrification, campaigners say. Even one of the largest and most vibrant, in Manhattan, is slowly being invaded by luxury shops and apartment buildings.唐人街是众多美国城市的一个特点,但社会活动家称,一些最有名的唐人街正不得不顺应社区高档化(即贵族化)趋势的发展。甚至其中最大和最有活力的曼哈顿唐人街也正在逐渐被豪华商店和公寓楼所侵蚀。It#39;s late afternoon and Mei Rong Song is serving a few last customers in Lao San Snack on East Broadway. Giant metal pots steam behind a counter stacked with metal trays of pig#39;s blood, heart and intestines. Mei has run her restaurant for a decade, catering to a wave of immigrants who began arriving in the 1980s from Fuzhou in south-eastern China.傍晚,在东百老汇的“老三小吃”,梅荣松(音译)正在为最后几名用餐的顾务。柜台上堆放着盛着猪血、猪心、猪肠的金属托盘,后面巨大的金属蒸笼正煮着(食物)。梅的餐厅已经开了十年,用餐顾客主要是20世纪80年代开始移民过来的一波来自中国东南部福州地区的移民。But high rents have been pushing Chinese immigrants out of the area, their place taken by wealthier white tenants.但高昂的租金使得中国移民逐渐退出该地区,富裕的白人接手这些地方取而代之。;My shop has Fuzhou speciality foods, and as Fuzhounese people stop living in this neighbourhood there#39;s less and less demand for what I sell,; she says. ; I don#39;t know that I can stay for more than a year or two.;“我的店供应福州特色食品,但随着这一街区的福州人逐渐搬迁,我店里的顾客也越来越少。”她说道,“我不知道我还能在这待一年多还是两年。”Rapid immigration led to the formation of US Chinatowns in the late 19th Century, though a long period of exclusion and discrimination for the Chinese began around the same time. The next large wave of arrivals followed the 1965 Immigration Act, but in recent decades older Chinatowns have shrunk.19世纪后期,频繁的中国移民使美国形成了唐人街,尽管华人从一开始就遭受了长期的排挤和歧视。随着1965年移民法案的颁布,一的中国移民接踵而来。但近几十年来旧的唐人街却在收缩。;Chinatowns are turning into a sanitised ethnic playground for the rich to satisfy their exotic appetite for a dim sum and fortune cookie fix,; says Andrew Leong, one of the authors of a recent report that charted gentrification in New York, Boston and Philadelphia#39;s Chinatowns.“唐人街正在变成一个供富人为满足异域胃口而猎奇中国点心和签饼(美国的中国餐馆特有的折叠形小饼,内藏有预测运气话语的纸条)的清洗改造过的异域情调场所。”Andrew Leong如是说。后者近期参与撰写了一份描述了纽约、波士顿、费城等地唐人街所在区域高档化(贵族化)现象的报告。Washington DC#39;s version is little more than a collection of Chinese restaurants, gift shops and an ornate arch.(这一高档化现象在)华盛顿地区所呈现出来的版本(使该地区唐人街看上去就)是一个中国餐馆、礼品商店和华丽拱门的集合体。This is partly a result of the success of Chinese immigrant families. Many of those from Manhattan#39;s Chinatown have moved to younger Chinese neighbourhoods in Flushing, Queens and Brooklyn#39;s Sunset Park.(之所以出现这种现象)有部分原因是中国移民家庭(在美国)获得了成功。他们中的许多人已经从自曼哈顿唐人街搬到了法拉盛、皇后区和布鲁克林区日落公园的年轻华人街区。But up to now, new arrivals in New York have always taken their place.但是直到现在,纽约的新华人移民始终在接替他们(已搬走的华人)的位置。Thousands of working-class families still live in Chinatown#39;s humble tenement buildings, protected by the city#39;s rent-control laws. English is seldom used for business. On an icy winter#39;s day, shoppers stop at stalls selling Chinese delicacies, and cluster in a basement fish and vegetable market.成千上万的工薪阶层家庭仍然居住在唐人街简陋的公寓楼里,由城市租金控制法保护着。(在这里)做生意很少用到英语。在寒冷冬季的一天,顾客们停留在出售中国食品的摊位前,并聚集在一个地下的菜市场。;It#39;s remained a very dynamic immigrant centre for 100 years because it#39;s retained its ability to be an immigrant gateway - a place where new immigrants come in and are able to find housing and job networks,; says Ken Guest, an anthropologist at New York#39;s Baruch College. ;East Broadway is the first stop as people try to figure out how to make their way in the US economy.;“一百年来,这里一直是一个非常有活力的移民中心,因为它保留了它作为一个移民门户的职能,——在这里,新移民进来之后能够找到住房和工作(关系)网。”Ken Guest,纽约巴鲁克学院的人类学家,“在新移民们盘算如何在美国经济体制下获得成功的时候,东百老汇就是第一站。”Services on offer there include immigration agencies, Chinese doctors, herbal shops, lawyers, phone card companies, banks and wire transfer firms.在那里提供的务包括移民代理,中国医生,凉茶店,律师,电话卡公司,和电汇公司。Employment bureaus send people out to jobs in restaurants on Chinese-run bus routes that stretch as far as the Rockies. An estimated 50,000 people are passing through this network at any one time, says Guest.(唐人街的)就业机构把(前来求职的)人分配到绵延落基山脉的华人经营的巴士沿线上的中餐馆去工作。任何时候都有估计50,000人通过这个关系网(找工作),Guest说。It#39;s this community that has preserved Chinatown#39;s special character. The shop signs, the language, the groceries, the aroma of the restaurants are unlike those of any other Manhattan neighborhood. Visitors to Chinatown have entered a subculture.正是这样一个群体保持了唐人街与众不同的特征。店铺招牌、语言、杂货店、餐馆的风味都与任何其他曼哈顿街区有所区别。游客来到唐人街意味着进入了一个亚群体文化氛围。Yet things are changing.然而事情正在发生改变。The report on gentrification, published by the Asian American Legal Defense Fund, finds that from 2000-2010 the share of the Asian population has fallen from 48%-45% in New York#39;s Chinatown, 57%-46% in Boston#39;s, and 49%-30% in Philadephia#39;s, and that the share of the white population rose in all three cities.亚美法律援助基金发布的关于(唐人街)高档化趋势的报告发现,从2000年到2010年,亚裔人数(在各地唐人街总人口中的)比重有所下降,纽约唐人街从48%下降到45%,曼哈顿唐人街从57%下降到46%,费城唐人街从49%下降到30%,与此同时,白人比重在这三城中有所上升。As local government encourages commercial development, low-income families and small businesses have been displaced, the report says.报告称,由于当地政府鼓励商业发展,低收入家庭和小商户已经被移走了。The process is less advanced in New York, says Andrew Leong. But even there high-end stores, non-Asian restaurants and luxury apartment buildings have been sping.在纽约,这一发展进程还没有那么快,Andrew Leong说。但即使在那里,高端商店、非亚裔的餐馆和奢华公寓也呈蔓延趋势。Former garment factories have been converted into expensive lofts and landlords have illegally evicted low-income residents, the study says.研究表明,(这一地区)曾经的成衣工厂已经变成了昂贵的公寓,并且房东们非法驱逐了那些低收入的人群。This story is echoed by Zheng Zhiqin, a campaigner who has noticed growing pressure on low-income tenants, many of them Chinese, over the past 10 years.《中国合伙人》这个故事由郑zhiqin口述而成。这名老兵见了过去十年里低收入租户们越来越重的生活压力,这其中许多都是华人。;They#39;re encouraging people to leave all the time. Sometimes by not providing hot water, or adequate heat, and raising the rents as high as they can,; she says. ;I see this happening all over Chinatown with my neighbours and friends, and in other buildings in the area.;“他们一直想方设法促使人们离开这里,有时候停止供应热水或暖气,或者极尽所能的提高租金,”她说,“我发现居住在唐人街的邻居和朋友们普遍遇到过这种情况,这个地区的其他一些公寓也一样。”Zheng says big celebrations for Chinese festivals allow immigrants to feel ;very much at home; in Chinatown. But this year her landlord, keen to keep the building tidy, asked her for the first time not to hang a traditional bright red scroll from her front door for Chinese New Year.郑说,大型的春节庆祝活动让唐人街的移民们感到如在家般的温暖。但是今年她的房东极力要求保持公寓的整洁,第一次要求她不要在前门贴春联。Increasing numbers of immigrants live outside Chinatown and come in for business during the day, or a weekend shopping trip.越来越多的中国移民不再住在唐人街了,只是在白天来做生意,或者周末来购物。Cynthia Koo, a 26-year-old start-up employee who went to elementary school in Chinatown, says that all but one of her childhood friends have left the neighbourhood. Her mother used to work in the garment industry before its rapid decline in the 1990s and her father manages a Chinatown restaurant that she says now serves non-Chinese communities.26岁的初级雇员Cynthia Koo曾在唐人街读过小学,她说她所有儿时的伙伴中仅剩一人还留在这一街区。她的妈妈曾经在一家成衣制造厂工作,她的爸爸经营了一家唐人街餐馆,20世纪90年代(唐人街)开始迅速衰落,如今餐馆里的顾客不再是中国移民了。;I think it#39;s a little sad,; she says. ;It definitely from my experience feels a lot less lively.;“我觉得这有点难过,”她说,“我深切感觉到(这里)少了许多活力。”But some argue that Chinatown has to adapt in order to survive. Wellington Chen, who runs a community network formed to help the neighbourhood recover after the 9/11 attacks, thinks the focus on gentrification is misplaced.但是一些观点主张唐人街应该适应环境以生存下去。陈Wellington 经营着一家专门用于帮助911袭击后社区恢复的社区网站。他认为只关注高档化问题是一种认知错位。;At the end of the day the narrow splitting of us versus them - the class differentiation, the gender, the race thing - that#39;s nonsense,; he says. ;The best communities, just like the best individuals, are the ones that can adapt to changes very flexibly, nimbly, quickly.;“最终我们之间细小的分化也会使我们之间产生阶级分化、性别、种族之类的东西,这些毫无意义,”他说,“最优秀的群体,就像最优秀的个体一样,能够灵活的机敏的迅速的适应各种改变。”Chen supports Chinatown#39;s Business Improvement District (BID) scheme, which uses levies from local business owners to pay for projects to spruce up the area. Keen to make the area more welcoming to outsiders, Chen would like to see waiters speaking better English and has expressed support for the construction of an eye-catching Chinatown arch.陈持华埠商业发展区(BID)计划,该计划用本地商户的税金付本地区环境改善的费用。陈极力主张使这一区域更好的接纳其他人,他希望务员说着更流利的英文,还有醒目的唐人街牌楼建设能够得到专门的持。It#39;s ideas like this that feed Andrew Leong#39;s fears of an ;exotic playground; for wealthy visitors.正是这种主张使Andrew Leong产生关于迎合富裕游客的“异国情调场所”的忧虑。Some recent research suggests that gentrification can actually benefit an area#39;s original residents. Though vulnerable tenants can be pushed out, those who stay may benefit from improving services and better credit ratings.最近的一些研究提出,真正能从高档化进程中获益的是该地区的原住居民。虽然弱势租户会被迫离开,那些留下的或许可能受益于改善的务和更好的信用评级。But Peter Kwong, a professor at New York#39;s Hunter College, says that while this may apply to struggling communities in areas suffering from industrial decline, it doesn#39;t apply to Chinatown.但纽约亨特学院的教授Peter Kwong却认为,虽然这可能适用于一些因工业衰退的艰苦努力的社区,然而它并不适用于唐人街。That explains local resistance to the BID and to ;rezoning; laws that allow for future property development, he says.他说,这也解释了为什么当地阻挠BID计划和“改划分区”法律,这条法律允许有未来财产的发展。;Manhattan is practically all gentrified - this is one of the last areas,; he says. ;There is a lot of money targeting this area, that would like to see this place [become] a destination for tourism - a quaint place, kind of a hip place for rich people with an ethnic flavour.;“曼哈顿几乎全部高档化了,华埠是最后的几块街区之一,”他说道,“有很多热钱看准这一地区,就是想看看这里变成旅游目的地,一个离奇有趣的地方,那种让有异域民族偏好的富人趋之若鹜的地方。Bonnie Tsui, author of the book American Chinatown, says that when Chinese communities decline ;there is this larger sense of loss of that everyday vibrancy that a neighbourhood like Chinatown has;.《美国唐人街》的作者Bonnie Tsui说过,当华人群体衰落,“对于一个像唐人街那样每天充满活力的街区,就是这种巨大的失落感”。Visitors ;like that concentration, they like that richness of experience, they like that people are speaking in a different language because it feels foreign yet familiar,; she argues. ;They don#39;t really see that in many neighbourhoods any more.;参观者“那么的专心,他们喜欢那样丰富的经历,他们喜欢人们讲着不同的语言,因为这感觉像在外国而又似曾相识,”她解释说,“他们根本无法在众多其他街区看到(像在这里看到的)那样。 /201402/275103上饶除皱大概多少钱

上饶脱毛多少钱A tone-deaf teenager who suffered a concussion has astonished his family by suddenly being able to play music effortlessly.一个音痴少年经历了一次脑震荡之后,忽然可以毫不费力的演奏各种乐器。他的家人被吓了一跳。Lachlan Connors, a high school junior from Denver, Colorado, now plays 13 instruments - even though he has never learned to music这个名为拉克伦·康纳斯的少年是科罗拉多州丹佛市的一名高中生。如今他可以演奏13种乐器——尽管他从未学过识谱。But he didn#39;t always have such a talent; as a younger student he loved sport, dreamed on a career playing lacrosse - and had no passion for music.他的音乐才能并非与生俱来。这个高中生之前一直喜欢体育,并且希望以后能成为职业长曲棍球选手——对音乐他并不热衷。#39;He really had no talent,#39; his mother Elsie Hamilton told CBS Denver. #39;I would say, ;Can#39;t you hear what#39;s next?; with something like ;Mary Had a Little Lamb; or ;Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; and he’d say ;No;.#39;When he was in the sixth grade, he was playing lacrosse with his local team when he fell backwards and smacked the back of his head against the ground, suffering a concussion.“过去他确实没有音乐方面的才能,”少年的母亲对CBS丹佛电视台记者说,“过去我会问他,‘你听不出下一个音符是什么吗?’,即使是《玛丽有只小羊羔》或者《小星星》这样简单的歌曲,他也会说‘听不出来’。”他六年级的时候,有一次和本地的长曲棍球队打比赛摔了一跤,后脑勺着地造成了脑震荡。”#39;I remember getting up and feeling really dazed,#39; he told CBS. #39;I didn#39;t really understand something bad had happened.#39;“我记得我爬起来的时候,感觉有点晕,”他对CBS电视台记者说,“我当时还没有意识到自己脑部受了伤。”The doctors told him he could return to the field, but he went on to suffer another couple of hard hits to the head, which sent him to hospital and caused him to suffer epileptic seizures.医生认为他可以回到场上继续比赛,结果他的头部又受到了几次严重撞击,他开始发癫痫,被送往医院救助。As his condition worsened, he started to hallucinate and doctors told him he should not play contact sports anymore - but there was one bizarre good side effect: his new-found musical talent.接着他的情况不断恶化,开始产生幻觉。医生告诉他他不能再参与接触性运动了。诡异的是,他的这次事故产生了一种有益的副作用:他开始具备音乐才能。He said he can now play as many as 13 instruments, including piano, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, harmonica, karimba and bagpipes - both Scottish and Irish ones. #39;Music is the thing that gets me up in the morning,#39; he said.他说现在他可以演奏13种乐器,其中包括曼陀铃琴、四弦琴、口琴、拇指琴和风笛等等——苏格兰风笛和爱尔兰风笛他都会吹。“每天早晨都是音乐将我唤醒的。”他说。His doctor, Dr. Spyridon Papadopoulos, said the theory is that the concussions switched on part of Lachlan#39;s brain that had previously been dormant.少年的医生,斯彼利当·帕帕多普洛斯将这种现象解释为,脑震荡或使康纳斯的大脑中某些一直休眠的部分开始活动了。The condition of suddenly developing a talent - musical, artistic or mathematical - is called acquired savant syndrome and is believed to occur when the right brain compensates for an injury on the left brain.这种忽然间发展出某种才能——音乐才能、艺术才能或数学才能——的病例被称作“后天性学者症候群”,其产生原因是左脑遭受损伤后,右脑作出的补偿机制。Last year, another Denver man, Derek Amato, said that following a concussion he could play eight instruments even though he#39;d never had a lesson in his life.去年,一个名为德里克·阿玛托的丹佛人遭受脑震荡之后发现自己可以演奏8种乐器,尽管他从未学过任何一种。 /201311/266357波阳县卫生学校附属医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 上饶妇幼保健医院做隆鼻手术多少钱

江西上饶激光祛痘印多少钱 More than 23 millionprocedures were performed in 20132013年,美容治疗案例超过两千三百万Cosmetic surgery is booming worldwide as peopleflock to have millions of operations including breast augmentation, liposuctionand Botox.整容行业在全球范围内蓬勃发展,有数以百万计的人接受了包括隆胸、吸脂和注射肉毒杆菌等手术项目。More than 23 million cosmetic and non-surgicalprocedures were performed in 2013, according to the International Society ofAesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).根据国际美容整形外科学会提供的数据,2013年,实施美容和非手术治疗的人超过两千三百万例。The ed States topped the international chart,with almost 4 million people going under the knife or needle, followed byBrazil with more than 2 million procedures.美国高居国际排行榜首位,有近4百万人民挨针动刀,巴西以超过两百万的数据紧随其后Britain did notfeature in the top 10 but was ranked 14 in the world by the number of plasticsurgeons, with an estimated 865 in business.不列颠整容数量未能挤进世界前10,屈居14,估计约有865例Figures released bythe British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) earlier this yearshowed 17 per cent more operations were performed in the UK in 2013 but thecount of 50,122 did not include non-surgical procedures reflected in the ISAPSfigures.由英国美容整形外科医师协会今年早些时候公布的数据来看,2013年英国实施的整形手术占到百分之17还多,但是有50122例没有进入国际美容整形外科学会的非手术治疗数据A spokesman for BAAPS said little information onthe treatments can be collected in Britain because dermal fillers and lasertreatments are unregulated.英国美容整形外科医师协会发言人说一部分信息没有被计数,因为皮肤填充和激光治疗不受监管Botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure inthe world. The toxin, which can be lethal, is injected to paralyse facialmuscles to slow down the ageing process.注射肉毒杆菌是最受世界欢迎的项目。这种毒素,是致命的,被注射到面部麻痹肌肉来减缓衰老Other popular non-surgical treatments includedfillers, laser hair removal and chemical peels.其他受欢迎的非手术治疗包括填料、激光脱毛和化学换肤More than 1.7 million breast operations wereperformed last year, making it the most popular cosmetic surgery worldwide,followed by liposuction, eyelid surgery, lipostructure and rhinoplasty.去年有超过一百七十万例的隆胸手术被实施,这使它在世界范围内成为最流行的整容手术,其他受欢迎的还包括吸脂,眼睑手术,唇形构建和鼻整形术。Women were by far the biggestconsumers in the cosmetic surgery market, making up almost 90 per cent of allprocedures in the world – more than 20 million.迄今为止女性是整容市场的最大消费群,几乎占据世界市场份额的百分之九十——超过两千万Men underwent more than 3 million procedures,mostly rhinoplasty, breast reduction and eyelid surgery.接受手术的男性有三百多万,大多数是隆鼻术、 乳房缩小和眼睑手术Penis enlargements were most popular in Germany,where almost 3,000 men had the operation, followed be Venezuela, Spain andMexico.阴茎增大术在德国最受欢迎,大约有3000名男性接受了该手术,其次是委内瑞拉、西班牙和墨西哥According to BAAPS, “boob jobs”, eyelid surgeryand facelifts are most popular among women in the UK, while men prefer nose andeyelid surgery, as well as breast reductions.英国美容整形外科医师协会所说,隆胸、眼睑手术和拉皮手术在不列颠最受女性欢迎,而男性则更喜欢隆鼻、割双眼皮和缩胸手术Rajiv Grover, a consultant plastic surgeon andPresident of BAAPS, said the number of procedures has rocketed as the economyrecovers.整形顾问、英国美容整形外科医师协会主席,拉吉夫 ·格罗弗说,随着经济的复苏,整形手术的数量也一路飙升 /201408/317115广丰区黑脸娃娃多少钱万年县妇幼保健人民中医院激光祛痣多少钱



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