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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201511/399301Fiber helps waste products pass quickly through纤维素能够加快食物在大肠中的the colon which has been shown to help reduce the吸收速度,从而降低罹患大肠癌的几率risk of colon cancer. Several ideas have been关于如何解释纤维素对于大肠癌的proposed to explain this observation of fiber防治作用,人们提出了几个想法in the colon. One possibility is that fiber reduces一种可能是纤维素减少了排泄物the transit time of feces through the colon. The faster在结肠中停留的时间,排泄物通过feces passes through the colon, the shorter time there结肠的速度越快is for mutagenic material in the feces to排泄物中的致癌物质与结肠壁的interact with the inner surface of the colon.接触时间就越短In addition to fiber, whole grains contain many除了纤维素外,天然谷物还富含多种antioxidants such as Vitamin E, a variety of抗氧化物,例如维生素E 还有多种different phytochemicals, and selenium.植物化学性物质以及硒Antioxidants such as Vitamin E protect the cells维生素E等抗氧化剂能够保护身体中的in the body from oxidative damage and prevents细胞不受氧化过程的侵害,并且阻止carcinogen formation. Phytochemicals also致癌物形成,植物化学性物质和抗氧化剂protect the cells in your body from damage as many拥有相似的功效,都可以保护身体中的细胞are antioxidants as well. Selenium, which is required而硒是谷胱甘肽活动的必须物质for the activity of glutathione peroxidase is an过氧化物酶是一种重要的酶important enzyme that protects cells against oxidative它能够保护人体细胞不受氧化过程的损害damage. Oxidative damage can lead to cancers such as氧化过程可能导致癌症lung, prostate, and colorectal cancers.比如肝癌和直肠癌Now that we know the benefits of consuming我们已经知道了食用天然谷物可以whole grains in cancer prevention, how many有效预防癌症,那么每天摄入的whole grains should be eaten each day?天然谷物量是应该在多少呢?The recommendation is to make half of your grains是保每天食用的谷物中whole. Alternately, three ounces or more per day.有一半是天然谷物,或者是三盎司以上Here are some easy examples of servings of whole下面就是几种简单的饮食搭配grains: 1 cup of y-to-eat whole grain cereal,粮食: 一杯天然谷物a half cup of oatmeal, one slice of whole wheat b,半杯燕麦,一片全麦面包one half cup of brown rice or pasta,半杯黑米饭或者意大利面and five whole wheat crackers.以及五个全麦薄脆饼干In the grocery store aisle, how can you be sure我们怎样才能确保在杂货店买到的to find whole grain products? What should you是真正的天然谷物呢? 我们应该关注look for on the package?标签上的哪些信息呢? Article/201510/406056They#39;re still trying to understand科学家还在试图解释the mechanism that produces this effect,这个现象出现的机制和原因but when you add this new factor to variables但当我们把这个因素加入到众变量中去like the Sun#39;s solar cycle,例如太阳活动周期what happened to our winters starts to make sense.我们开始理解冬季变化的原因了And perhaps what#39;s even weirder整件事情中更奇怪的是is that as the world gets warmer,尽管全球都在变暖some bits of it can get colder.有些地方却变得更冷Of course, Europe and the UK is only one region of the globe.当然 欧洲和英国只是地球的一部分There are many other regions, and when you average those up还有其他地方 若是算出平均气温you still see warming.全球是在变暖的So the fact that Europe is cold欧洲更加寒冷and the US is cold at the same time,与此同时 美国也更冷is balanced by the fact that但与此同时Canada and the Mediterranean tend to be milder in those winters.加拿大和地中海地区的冬季会更温暖So when you integrate up this change in the winds,所以当把风向的变化考虑在内the extra easterly winds,那些偏东的风when you average it over the whole globe,在全球范围内看的时候it cancels out.效果被互相抵消了So global warming can continue unaffected,因此 全球气温会继续变暖but the regional temperatures over, say, UK and Europe,但局部地区的气温 例如英国和欧洲can go down, at least for a few years,可能会下降 至少几年之内温度会下降as the globe warms up.而全球其他地方在变暖Even though, in the end, global warming will, of course, win,但是到最后 全球变暖会胜出if we continue on that trend.如果气候继续朝这个方向发展 Article/201411/339853

It#39;s a scientific fact that having lots of friends helps keep you healthy. Here#39;s how to add to your social circle.科学据表明,拥有很多朋友可以帮你保持健康。下面是拓宽社交圈的一些方法。You Will Need你需要A place to meet people认识新朋友的地方Some leisure time一些事件And a giving nature乐于付出的性格Steps步骤STEP 1 Join a group1.加入团体Join a group that interests you. You could work on a political campaign, sign up for a class, do volunteer work, or become a member of a club like a hiking group.加入一个你感兴趣的团体。你可以致力于政治活动,报名参加兴趣班,做志愿者工作,或者成为某个俱乐部会员,比如远足。STEP 2 Make the first move2.迈出第一步Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Keep it simple, like inviting the person to grab a cup of coffee with you.不要害怕迈出第一步。简单一点,邀请他们和你一起去喝杯咖啡。In the beginning, don’t call or email your new acquaintance more than he or she does you. You want to be a pal, not a pain.最初,打电话或发邮件给新结识的朋友的次数不要超过对方联系你的次数。你想要和他们成为伙伴,而不是成为讨厌的人。STEP 3 Be interested3.感兴趣Focus on being interested, rather than being interesting. Research shows that when people are allowed to talk mostly about themselves, they give high ratings to their conversation partner!集中注意力对某件事感兴趣,而不是自己变得有趣。调查显示,当人们被允许总是谈论自己时,他们会对谈话对象评价更高。STEP 4 Do a favor4.帮忙Listen with an ear toward what you can do for the person you’d like to befriend. Doing someone a favor—without being asked—will fast-track the friendship.留意你可以为想要结交的人做点什么。主动为别人帮点忙,这样会使友情迅速升华。Don’t be afraid to reach out to old friends who have faded from your life. Sometimes a renewed friendship is the most rewarding of all.不要害怕联系淡出你的生活的老朋友。有时重新恢复的友情是最值得珍惜的。STEP 5 Throw a party5.举办聚会Throw a party that includes all your friends, old and new, and encourage them to bring friends. As a wise man once said: make new friends, but keep the old—one is silver and the other’s gold.举办一个聚会,邀请所有朋友参加,无论是老朋友还是新朋友,鼓励他们带朋友前来。一位智者曾经说过:结识新朋友,不忘老朋友——新朋友是银,老朋友是金。According to a British study, the average person will make and lose 363 friends in a lifetime and end up with 33—six of whom could be described as #39;best friends.#39;根据英国一项调查,一个人一生中平均会结交和失去363个朋友,最终只剩下33个朋友——其中6个可以称得上“最好的朋友”。视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/363690

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