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A: management is going through a big turnover these days. With Bill's retirement, and department realignment, we have lost about 1/3 of our managerial staff. They've been dropping like flies…B: isn't that a good thing? Having fewer bosses means having less stress, don't you think?A: actually, I don't think so. Supervisors are really important to make sure everything goes smoothly in the workplace. They are necessary for divvying up work and disciplining employees. If there is no one to keep an eye on us, no one would get any work done. You know what they say, when the cat's away, the mice play.B: you're right, we do need leadership. But what we don't need is too many people to lead us. You know what they say about too many chiefs and not enough Indians…A: alright…I get your point. /11/89635介绍熟人 Introducing an Acquaintance Mr. Lee: We’ll get Miss Lewis’s opinion on this, I think. 我们来听一听Lewis的看法。 Mr. Jones: Miss Lewis… I’ve heard that name. Oh yes! I heard she is one of the secrets of this company’s success. Everyone was raving about what a great job she’s done in motivating the… Lewis……我听说过那个名字。哦,是的。听说她是公司的大功臣之一。每一个人都对她优秀的表现赞不绝口,她善于激励…… Mr. Lee: Uh, Mike …speak of the devil… the famous Lewis is standing right behind you. Mary, let me introduce our new Accounting Manager, Mark Jones. Mark, this is Mary Lewis. Mike…… 说曹操曹操就到,赫赫有名的Lewis就站在你的身后。Mary,请允许我向你介绍我们新财务经理Mike Jones. Mike, 这位是Mary Lewis. Mr. Jones: So you are the famous Miss Lewis! So nice to meet you at last! I’ve heard so much about you.你就是那位Lewis! 终于见到您,十分高兴!我常常听人提起你。Miss Lewis: All good, I hope. It’s nice to meet you, too.希望说的都是我的好处。很高兴认识你! Mr. Jones: Yes, I assure you, it was all good. What do you do in Human Resources? 我向你保都是好事情。你在人力资源部做什么工作? Miss Lewis: I’m the General Manager of Human Resources. I took over from Jim when he stepped down a few years ago. And how long have you been in the Accounting Department? 我是人力资源部的总经理。几年前Jim离职后我就接替了他总经理的职位。你在财务部有多久了? Mr. Jones: Just started, I’m afraid. But I hope to see more of you in the future. 我刚来。希望以后多多见面。能认识你,真的很高兴。 /03/63832

1. There is a very high tariff on jewelry.  珠宝的税率很高。  重点词语:tariff n.关税,(旅馆,饭店等的)价目表 vt.课以关税  商务用语:tariff amendment 运价表订正单  reciprocal tariff 互惠税率  tariff bargaining 关税协商  tariff for the transit of goods 过境商品运价  2.Now people have enough money to taste a rich variety of foods.  现在人们有足够的钱品尝各种丰富的食品。  重点词语:taste v.品尝,(of)有…味道 vt.体验,感到 n.味道,爱好  商务用语:a taste of success 体验成功的喜悦  taste of 有…味道,体验,感到  3.These two shopkeepers are in prison for tax evasion.  这两个店主因逃税而坐牢。  重点词语:tax n.税,税款,税金 vt.对…征税  商务用语:free of tax 免税  income tax 所得税  tax allowance 免减税  value added tax 增值税  4.We are all temporaries like him.  我们都像他一样是临时人员。  重点词语:temporary adj.暂时的,临时的 n.临时工  商务用语:temporary post 临时职位  temporary budget 假预算,临时预算  5.The government is going to invite tenders for a new bridge.  政府准备为新桥工程招标。  重点词语:tender v. 投标 adj.软弱的 n.标书,投标  商务用语:tender for 投标  tender bidding 投标买卖  tender money in payment of a debt 付款还债 /200810/54288


  This is the first in a two-part Business English Pod series on the work of administrative assistants. Well be looking at vocabulary and collocations related to office duties and daily routines. 这是有关行政助理商务英语播客系列的前部半分。我们讲学习办公责任和例行公事的词汇及其搭配。Before we start, lets talk a bit about collocations. Collocations are groups of words that are commonly used together. Native speakers are so used to using them, they know what sounds ;right; and what sounds ;wrong.;在我们开始之前,我们来谈下搭配。搭配是指常用的词组搭配到一起。当地人很习惯于用这些,他们知道什么的搭配听起来是对的,什么是错的。For example, in English the phrase ;go online; is a natural way to refer to using the internet. But it wouldnt be natural to say something like ;proceed online; or ;travel online;, even though ;proceed; and ;travel; are other ways to express ;go.; Yoursquo;ll hear lots of collocations related to office life in todays dialog. Listen out for them and well explain what they mean and how to use them in the debrief. 比如,英语中的短语上网,就是使用网络的意思,甚至用前进和旅游来表达这个意思。在今天的播客中,你将听到很多和办公生活有关的搭配。仔细听,我们将会解释它们的意思以及如何在听取报告的时候使用它。Now, on to the role of an administrative assistant. The job title of ;administrative assistant;, or ;admin assistant; for short, can cover quite a broad range of responsibilities. Admin assistants typically spend a lot of time handling data;whether its timesheets recording the working hours of other employees, or rosters used for scheduling meeting rooms. Much of what they do involves making sure that other employees are working as efficiently as possible. 现在,来谈谈一个行政助理的职责。通常他们要花很长时间处理数据,不论是日程表记录,雇员的工作时间,还是会议地点安排的执勤人员表。这些很多都牵涉到确认是否有效地工作。In this episode well talk with Christina, who works as an admin assistant in the human resources department of an auto parts manufacturer. Christinas going to tell us about some of the responsibilities of her position. 在这节播客中,我们将和克里斯蒂娜交谈,她是汽车配件生产商的人事部的行政助理。克里斯蒂娜将会告诉我们有关她职责的细节。Listening Questions1. What is Christinas first task every day?2. How many employees are on the sales team?3. When is the deadline for personal leave day requests? /201111/161824。

  1.雇员有机会到调到设在海外的分部工作吗?Are there chances for employees to be transferred to overseas branches of the company?2.我曾经在一家外贸公司做过兼职翻译。I used to work as a part-time interpreter in a foreign trade company.3.我负责东南亚的市场营销。I'm in charge of marketing activities in Souuth-East Asia.4.我的专业是商务英语。My major was business English.5. 这是我第一次来外资企业工作。This is the first time I have come to work in the foreigh capital enterprise.6.我想谈谈如何扩大公司的出口业务。I'd like to talk about how to expand the export business of this company.7.很好的顾客关系对公司的发展很重要。Good customer relations are very important to the corporate development.8.因为你们公司的运作是全球化的,我觉得在这样一个环境中工作会收获最多。Because your operations are global, I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of environment.9.我的专业和工作经验使我能胜任这个职位。My major and work experiences make me qualified for this position.10.我想了解一下你们的主要产品和市场份额。I'd like to know about you major products and market share. /201106/139422

  Personal vs. Personnel密切注意这些单词的拼写和重音!"Personnel"是个名词意思是公司的职员。例如"Our company has the best personnel in the industry."重音落在单词的末尾。"Personal"是个形容词意思是私人或是个人。"I'm requesting a day of annual leave for personal reasons."重音容落在单词的开头。如果你不仔细,你就可能说成"personal meeting"而不是"personnel meeting." /201001/94551to take someone to the cleaners 骗钱英文释义To cheat someone of their money. (NOTE: ;cleaners;refers to laundry)例句The dishonest owner of the only hotel in the remote mountain town often takes unwary tourists to the cleaners by doubling his prices for services.这处偏远山区里唯一宾馆的心术不正的老板经常加收一倍的务费,骗取毫不知情的旅游者的钱。 /201309/253737第28期:应聘秘书我主要是打字、文件归档、回电话等曰常工作。I mainly did typing, filing, answering telephone calls and such routine work.For example:A: What kind of work did you do in your previous job?你以前的工作具体做什么?B: I mainly did typing, filing, answering telephone calls and such routine work主要是打字、文件归档、回电话等曰常工作。 我为总经理起草商业信件。I drafted business correspondence for the general manager.draft( v.)起草,草拟刚开始工作时我是初级秘书,不过在一年内我被东南公司提拔为高级秘书。I started the job as a junior secretary, but within the year I was promoted to senior secretary of Southeast Company.你的打字和速记能力如何?How are your typing and shorthand skills?For example:A: How are your typing and shorthand skills?你的打字和速记能力如何?B: I can type 100 Chinese words a minute and take dictation in English at 150 words a minute.我能一分钟打100个汉字,英语速记一分钟可达150个。shorthand (n.)速记 你能熟练操作计算机吗?Can you operate computers skillfully?For example:A: Can you operate computers skillfully?你能熟练操作计算机吗?B: Yes, I can. I have received some special trainning in computers. 没问题,我接受过计算机方面的特殊培训。我能熟练操作一般的办公设备,比如传真机和复印机。I am good at operating common office machines, such as fax machines and duplicating machines.打印机printer; 复印机 duplicating machine; 传真机fax machine; 打字机 typewriter;幻灯机 epidiascope你能告诉我加班的频率和时间长度吗?How often and how many hours should I work overtime?For example:A: How often and how many hours should I work overtime?你能告诉我加班的频率和时间长度吗?B: It just depends. If we have important visiting delegations,you have to stay with us. It is not unusual.这得看情况。如果我们有重要的访问代表团,你必须留在我们身边, 这种情况很正常。你能处理英文文件及写英文信件吗?Can you handle English papers and write English correspondence?For example:A: Can you handle English papers and write English correspondence? 你能处理英文文件矣写英文信件吗?B: Yes. Thats one of the main parts of my present job.可以,这是我目前工作中的主要部分之一。你在英文秘书方面修了哪些课程?What courses have you taken in English secretarial studies?For example:A: What courses have you taken in English secretarial studies?你在英文秘书方面修了哪些课程?B: Ive taken such courses as secretarial principles, office administration, business English, public relations, etiquette study, psychology, computer programming, typing, stenography, and file keeping.我修了秘书原理、办公室管理、商务英语、公共关系学、礼仪学、心理学、计算机编程、打字、速记和档案管理等课程。你是不是撞长商务英语?Are you good at business English?For example:A: Are you good at business English?你是不是擅长商务英语?B: Business English should be easy to me.商务英语对我来讲应当很容易。贵公司的秘书工作有哪些职责?What sort of responsibilities does this secretarys job involve?For example:A: What sort of responsibilities does this secretarys job involve?贵公司的秘书工作有哪些职责?B: This job is handling routine tasks, such as typing letters and documents, receiving visitors, answering phone calls and so on.这项工作要处理日常常规工作,如打印信件和文件、接待来客和接电 话等。involve (vt.)包括 /201501/357333

  第一句:Could I have your impression of my performance today?可以说说我今天的表现如何吗?A: Could I have your impression of my performance today?可以说说我今天的表现如何吗?B: To be frank, you should practice more.说实话,你需要多练习。第二句:Is there any room for my development? 我还有什么发展的空间吗?A: Is there any room for my development?我还有什么发展的空间吗?B: Yes, I believe there will be a lot more to come from you.是的,我认为你有很大的潜力。知识扩展:1.询问对自己的印象如何:How did my performance impress you?您觉得我的表现如何?What’s your initial / first impression of me?您对我的最初/第一印象怎样?Whats your general impression of me?您对我的总体印象如何?Im wondering whether I have impressed you.我想知道我是否给您留下了深刻的印象。initial adj.开始的,最初的2. 我是“潜力股”吗:have (great / a lot of) potentialwith tremendous / incredible potentialWe can see your potential.我们能看到你的潜力。 tremendous adj.巨大的,极大的重点单词查看全部解释frank[fr#230;#331;k]想一想再看adj. 坦白的,直率的,真诚的vt. 免费 initial[i'ni#643;#601;l]想一想再看n. (词)首字母adj. 开始的,最初的, 联想记忆X单词initial联想记忆:in进入+it+ial→走进→开始的,最初的 performance[p#601;'f#596;:m#601;ns]想一想再看n. 表演,表现; 履行,实行n. 性能,本 联想记忆X单词performance联想记忆:perform表演+ance→表现;表演 impress[im'pres]想一想再看n. 印象,特徵,印记v. 使 ... 有印 联想记忆X单词impress联想记忆:im进入,press(n /v 压)-压入头脑-使印象深刻 impressed想一想再看adj. 外加的;印象深刻的;了不起的;受感动的 potential[p#601;'ten#643;#601;l]想一想再看adj. 可能的,潜在的n. 潜力,潜能 impression[im'pre#643;#601;n]想一想再看n. 印象,效果 联想记忆X单词impression联想记忆:impress印象+ion→印象;感想 incredible[in'kred#601;bl]想一想再看adj. 难以置信的,惊人的

  keep from 阻止,妨碍英文释义To stop someone or something from doing harm by preventing movement.例句He was argumentative, loud and just plain rude. We bit our tongues the entire weekend to keep from telling him where to go!他好争论,大嗓门并且毫无礼貌。整个周末我们强忍住未向他下逐客令。 /201303/231721

  陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他来到美国同事Amy的办公室。(Office ambience)C: Hi Amy.A: Hey, Chen Hao, whats up?C: 我晚上下班有活动,我去多认识一些生意上的人。A: Thats called a networking event.C: Networking是什么意思啊?A: 很简单。Networking in business is connecting with other people who might be of help to you or whom you might be able to help.C: 换句话说,就是带有商业目的的社交活动。A: 没错。The point is to go and meet as many people as possible to expand your circle of business friends and associates.C: 我最不擅长跟陌生人打交道了。Amy, 你有什么好的建议吗?A: Sure. The first thing you need to be able to do is to introduce yourself with confidence.C: 你能不能说得再具体点儿?A: You look for the approachable people. Those are people who are standing by themselves or who are in groups of three or more.C: 只能去找那些独自一人,要不就是三五成群的。两个人为什么不行呢?A: You never walk up to two people who are in conversation because you risk interrupting a private conversation.C: 有道理。人家两个人在一起聊天儿,很可能是在谈私事,我上去打招呼,一定很不礼貌。Amy, 自我介绍的时候有什么需要注意的地方吗?A: You start with ;Hello; and then you say who you are, using both your first and last name.C: 除了介绍自己的名字,还要说些什么?A: You need to offer a handshake and some information about yourself, such as your job title and organization.C: 那我可以说,“你们好,我叫陈豪,我是北京A公司的销售部经理。”这样行吗?A: 没问题。CH: Thanks. Ill see you tomorrow.MC: 第二天,陈豪又遇到了Amy。A: How did it go last night? Did you make lots of new contacts?C: 还不错。我至少认识了十几个人,其中一些人对我以后扩展业务很有帮助。不过,我也遇到了一个很尴尬的场面。A: What happened?C: 我刚认识了一位女士。她的一个朋友走了过来。她没给我们做介绍,我不知道该怎么办,就干站在那儿。他也是,感觉特别尴尬。A: When someone you dont know approaches you, dont wait for anyone else to introduce you. Take the responsibility for introducing yourself immediately.C: 有了这次的教训,我下次一定会主动自我介绍。A: Right. Find the approachable people, start with a greeting, give your name, and say something about yourself. Dont wait for other people to introduce you.C: 我记住了。 /201207/190777。

  under the aegis of 在…的持下英文释义Protected by; under the sponsorship of; with the friendly guidance of (NOTE: ;aegis; was the shield of the god Zeus in ancient Greek mythology)例句The free concert series featuring the music of modern composers was held under the aegis of fundraising for a worthwhile local charity.这场演奏当代作曲家音乐作品的免费系列音乐会,是在本地一项重要慈善筹款活动的持下举办的。 /201301/218310


  Ive just been disconnected from a number. 我的电话断掉了。 Ive just been disconnected from a number.我的电话断掉了。It must be something wrong with the line.一定是线路出了问题。I was cut off before John could tell me how to get there.还没等约翰告诉我怎么到那里电话就断线了。Hello? We have been disconnected.在吗?掉线了。I cant get a proper dialing tone. 拨号音不正常。 I cant get a proper dialing tone.拨号音不正常。Try it again.再拨一遍看看。Are the lines overloaded?是线路超负荷 了吗?Maybe the receiver is off the hook.可能是听筒没放好。We must have gotten our lines crossed.我们的线路一定和别人的串线了。 内容来自: /201406/305828

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