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196年肖恩·康纳利向全球的影迷宣布:“我叫邦德—詹姆斯·邦德”在1年间的七部邦德影片中,这位高大,黝黑的苏格兰人表现出的温文尔雅的特工形象,使全世界对他的代号都耳熟能详:0 HOW TO ACT 0—SEAN CONNERY “My name is Bond—James Bond,” Sean Connery inmed the world’s movie-goers in 196. In seven Bond films over a span of 1 years, the tall, dark Scot come to embody the suave secret agent whose code name was known around the globe 0. But it didn’t go very smooth to be a successful star. The exception was Robert Henderson, a 7-year-old Yank who was directing South Pacific. One day, Henderson had a long talk with the muscle man whose determination seemed irrepressible. Connery told Henderson he hoped to become a professional soccer player. “Well look,” said Henderson. “ With soccer, at or 30. it’s all over. Then what do you do? Wouldn’t you rather be an actor?” “How?” asked Connery, “ I left school at .” Henderson nodded. “You’ve practically no education. But you have an imagination and a mind. I will give you a list of ten books that you should .” The “ten” books that Henderson had mentioned were more like 0. including the complete works of Shakespeare, Thomas Wolfe and Oscar Wilde. But Connery tackled them—every day, applying all the energy and tenacity he got from his parents. He would go to the library in the morning and stay till curtain time. Late at night, he would sit up with his tape recorder, hearing a voice that certainly wasn’t Polish and was sounding a little less Scottish. Acting, he decided after a year of this, was going to be his career. And his new life, Connery had chosen a new first name. In 1957, the B produced Rod Serling’s play Requiem a heavyweight. The down-and-out prize-fighter, Mountain McClintock, was played by a young actor who had boxed in the Royal Navy. His name—Sean Connery. The same year, Connery was cast in a production of Anna Christie. The title role was played by ash blond Diane Celento. She was to become Connery’s wife a few years later. By then Connery had appeared in five gettable films—but in one of them, he caught the eye of Walt Disney, who brought him to the ed States in 1958. Disney cast him as Michael McBride, the love interest in a story about leprechauns called Darby O’Gil and the Little People. In the film’s climax, McBride has a rousing fistfight with the village bully. Among those who took note of Connery’s screen presence in Darby was producer Harry Saltzman who, with co-producer Albert R. “Cubby” Rroccoli, was casting a film of their own based on Dr .No, the 1985 novel by Lan Fleming. Connery was called to the producers’ London office an interview. “We watched him bound across the street like Superman,” said Saltzman later. “We knew we had our Bond.” But lan Fleming, author of the James Bond novels. Had casting approval and was harder to persuade. “He’d have loved to have had Cary Grant in the role, but there wasn’t enough money that.” Says Connery. “So he was obliged to agree that I would do it.” Play it Connery did, and splendidly—five times in all in the 60s. from Dr, No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and Thunderball to You Only Live Twice. His debonair charm and magnetic good looks on screen captivated audiences around the globe. Small boys from Chicago to Rome could tell you exactly what 0 said when Goldfinger threatened him with a laser “Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.” But 0 did not die. The Bond pictures’ success permitted Connery to move his wife, their son, Jason, and his stepdaughter into a town house overlooking London’s Acton Park. He was also able to buy his parents a more comtable home and persuade his father to retire. He also set up Scottish International Educational Trust with million. To help underprivileged Scots go to college. 6。

欧美大片里出镜率最高的单词口语 -- :30:18 来源: 欧美大片里出现的各种口语,你都了解吗?新东方小编几天和大家分享欧美大片里出镜率最高的单词口语,希望能给大家带来帮助  Absolutely!—— 绝对正确!   Adorable! —— 可爱极了!   Amazing! —— 太神了!   Anytime! —— 随时吩咐!   Almost! —— 差不多了!   Awful! —— 好可怕呀!   After you. —— 您先   About when? —— 大约何时?   All set? —— 一切妥当?   Allow me! —— 让我来!   Baloney! —— 胡扯!荒谬!   Behave! —— 放尊重点!   Bingo! —— 中了!   Boring! —— 真无聊!   Bravo! —— 太棒了!   Bullshit! —— 胡说!   Cheers! —— 干杯!   Congratulations! —— 恭喜啊!   Correct! —— 对的!   Crazy! —— 疯了!   Damn! —— 该死的!   Deal! —— 一言为定!   Definitely! —— 当然!   Disgusting! —— 好恶心呀!   Drat! —— 讨厌!   Encore! —— 再来一次!   Exactly! —— 完全正确!   Fantastic! —— 妙极了!   Farewell! —— 再见啦!(常含有永别或者不容易再见到的意思)   Fifty-fifty! —— 对半分!   Foul! —— 犯规了!   Fresh! —— 好有型!帅!   Gesundheit! —— 干杯祝福   Gone! —— 跑了!   Gorgeous! —— 美极了!   Great! —— 太好了!   Hey! —— 嘿!   Hopefully! —— 希望如此!有希望的话...   Horrible! —— 好可怕!   Hot! —— 好辣!   Hurray!Hurrah! —— 万岁!   Hush! —— (肃静)嘘!   Hurry! —— 快点!   Incredible! —— 不可思议!   Indeed? —— 真的?   Imagine! —— 想想看!   Impossible! —— 不可能吧!   Impressive! —— 很感人,永生难忘!   Jesus! —— 天啊!   Liar! —— 你撒谎!   Listen! —— 听着!   Lousy! —— 差劲!   Marverllous! —— 棒极了!   Now! —— 现在就做!   Objection! —— 我抗议!   Outrageous! —— 不得了!   Pardon! —— 请再说一遍!   Perfect! —— 很完美!   Please! —— 拜托了! 欧美 大片 出镜率。

A基础英语对话:学习英语 -01-7 19::19 来源: Dario: Studying English can be difficult sometimes, you know.Brian: Yeah I know. But it will make a big difference to our future careers, right?Dario: Sometimes I ask myself why we do it.Brian: It's so that we can communicate better with people around the world and improve our education.Dario: It also helps to get a better job and we won't have to hire a translator if we want to travel around the world.Brian: We have been studying together a while now. Do you think we are getting somewhere?Dario: Sure we are. Every week we get better and better. We have learned a lot in the last few months.Brian: There are so many different ways to improve our English. How do I choose the best one?Dario: I don't think there is an easy way. The best way is practice, practice and practice.Brian: I agree - although it's hard work, it gets the best results.Dario: Practicing with a good, reliable friend like Xianzai also helps!达里奥:你知道有时候学英文挺难的布莱恩:没错,我知道不过这将对我们以后的事业产生很大的影响,对吗?达里奥:有时候我问我自己我们为什么要这么做布莱恩:这样我们就可以更好地和世界各地的人们交流,同时可以提高我们的受教育程度达里奥:这么做还有助于我们找一份更好的工作,而且如果我们做环球旅行的话,我们就不用雇翻译了布莱恩:我们一起学英文也有一段时间了,你觉得我们有进步吗?达里奥:当然了我们每周都有进步,这几个月以来我们学到了很多东西布莱恩:提高英语有很多种不同的方法我怎样选择一种最好的方法呢?达里奥:我不认为有什么捷径最好的办法就是练习、练习、再练习布莱恩:我同意―虽然很辛苦,但会取得最好的效果达里奥:与一个好的、像现在网一样可靠的朋友一起练习也会有帮助! 英语 学习 对话 基础。

值得结交的人相处---在事业的每个阶段你身边都有有成就的人,这很重要倍加重视有一个健康的身体---努力提高健康水平,保持精力旺盛Secrets of Self-made1) Successes 1.Dream Big Dreams--How to visualize),imagine and create an exciting picture of prosperity.2.Develop a Clear Sense of Direction--Learn a powerful,proven goal-setting exercise that c an change your life.3.See Yourself as Self-employed--How to take complete control of your career and your life.4.Do What You Love to Do--Identify the ideal work you and then get paid well doing it.5.Commit to Excellence--How to move in to the top %in your field.6.Work Longer and Harder--How to organize your time so you get more done and contribute more value.7.Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning--How to continually upgrade3) your talents and abilities.8.Learn Every Detail of the Business--How to become an expert in your chosen field.9.Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others--The starting point of all personal success and how to beg in.10.Be Absolutely Honest with Yourself and Others--How and why personal integrity) goes hand in hand with success.11.Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-mindedly--The importance of focusing on your most important tasks all day long.12.Develop a Reputation Speed and Dependability5)--How to give yourself the winning edge in everything you do.13.Practice Self-discipline in All Things--Develop the most important quality success.14.Unlock Your Inborn Creativity--Learn how to solve any problem,overcome any obstacle,achieve any goal.15.Get Around the Right People--The importance of surrounding yourself with winners at each stage of your career.16.Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health--How to develop and maintain high levels of energy and fitness. 81。

At the Office 在办公室 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Manager : Rudy, will you please make ten copies of this report? Rudy : I'd like to, but the photocopier is out of order. Manager : Then use the xerox machine. Rudy : It broke down one year ago. Manager : Oh, get it then. Hey, I told you to put files on the "in" tray, not on my desk. Rudy : The pile is over ten feet high. I'm afraid it'll fall all over and bury you underneath if I put this file on top of it. Manager : Very funny. What's wrong with you today? You are my secretary and you are not supposed to talk to me in that tone of voice. Didn't you know that? Rudy : What do you expect? I've been working you three years, and you've never given me a holiday. I don't feel well today because I have a terrible headache. I'm not in the mood being gentle and polite. If you can't stand it, it's your problem. I'm not going to change because I think it suits you best. Manager : Keep your voice down, Rudy. I know you've had a hard day today, but you should at least show some respect me. If you really don't feel well, go home. There isn't much work today anyway. Rudy : I apologize getting myself, but I do need some time off. Vocabulary 注释 1. xerox machine 复印机 . to get oneself 失态 办公室 Rudy Manager today。

盘点爱情金句 哪一句戳中你的心? -- :: 来源: I love you not because of who you are, but because of who Iam when I am with you.我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感觉No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is,won’t make you cry.没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can’t have them.失去某人,最糟糕的莫过于,他近在身旁,却犹如远在天边Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with yoursmile.纵然伤心,也不要愁眉不展,因为你不知是谁会爱上你的笑容To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.对于世界而言,你是一个人;但是对于某个人,你是他的整个世界Don’t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.不要着急,最好的总会在最不经意的时候出现Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.不要因为结束而哭泣,微笑吧,为你的曾经拥有If you love someone, let it be and set himher free,if heshe comes back to you,it’s meantto be.如果你爱一个人,随遇而安,让他她自由地飞,如果最后他她还是回到你身边,那就是命中注定的 爱情 金句。

How I've Been Enriched by BeggarsOutside our hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a seemingly ancient woman on crutches waited beside the door with her hand outstretched. Every day I put my hand in hers as our eyes met. She never failed to return my smile, my grasp, and my greeting.On the last day of our visit, I found myself alone on a busy corner across the street from our hotel. Bicycles and motorbikes careened in front of me. We had been advised to walk straight through the teeming traffic without looking right or left. Let them avoid us. But tonight I was by myself and felt inadequate to face the torrent of vehicles. As I hesitated on the curb, I felt a hand on my elbow and looked down to see the smile of my small beggar friend looking up at me. She nodded her head toward the street, indicating that she would take me across.Together, we moved slowly into the chaos as she gently prodded me ward. When we reached the center of the crossing, I looked down at her again, and couldn't resist exclaiming, "You have the most beautiful smile." She obviously knew little English, but must have recognized the tone, she threw both arms and crutches around me in a big hug, while the traffic streamed by us on both sides.Then we precariously moved on toward the sidewalk, where she pulled my face down to hers, kissed me on both cheeks, and then limped away, still smiling and waving back to me. I had not given her a single coin. We had shared something vastly more important—a warming of hearts in friendship. This experience remained me of something Mother Teresa once said "If you cannot do great things, you can do small things with great love."To look beggars in the eye and smile, thus acknowledging their existence, is a small thing. Putting your hand into another's outstretched hand and grasping it firmly a moment is also a small thing. Learning to use a greeting in the local language is not too difficult. But these are important.Traveling in poorer nations, I have witnessed a variety of ways to deal with beggars. The most common response of tourists faced with the poverty-stricken is to ignore them and focus their eyes elsewhere. I have seen people push away an outstretched hand in angry annoyance. A few may hastily drop a few coins into a beseeching palm, and then execute a quick getaway in hopes that another ragged pursuers won't immediately appear on the scene.But I feel it's worthwhile to try to live by the words of English author John Cowper Powys "No one can consider himself wholly civilized who does not look upon every individual, without a single exception, as of deep and startling interest." I've learned that those considered the world's most hopeless are so often rich in humanity, with hearts yearning to be affirmed—and y to respond.My life continues to be enriched by connecting with everyday humanity. Each time I do this, I rediscover that what I have been given is far beyond monetary value. And I reaffirm that everyone is worthy—and worth knowing. 7661。

口语小词学到位:避免不必要的麻烦(5) -01-7 :: 来源: J1: S.O.S --- Some One Special午饭时间,大家做在一起总喜欢讨论一些轻松的话题.今天讨论的是那个男生帅、酷. Kitty是最活耀的一个,她边告诉我们她是喜欢谁,边在她的书上列了一大堆名字,最后她在Mike的名字上打了个*号,还在底下加了SOS.这让我觉得很奇怪,看了看坐在后面的Mike,对Kitty说:"Mike看起来很好阿,他需要急救吗?"Kitty听后,边笑边解释:"SOS在这里的意思是 Some One Special,而不是急救的SOS!"J: School Xing [School Crossing]好几年前,刚来美国不久,有位朋友要考驾照,但因他自认英文不很好,却认为我英文小可,就要我陪他去DMV考中文试题的笔试.笔试考完,接着考交通标志,即考试人员指着标志,他用中文说出,我则用英文翻译给考试人员听.当考试人员指到一个标志上画了两个人走在人行穿越道上,下面写着[School Xing]时,我朋友用中文说[学童人行道],而我因看到X后面加了ing,就翻成[School X-ing],那位考试人员笑了笑说:这要念成[School Crossing].当时觉得很窘,不过事后想想觉得很感谢那位考试人员耐心的改正,不但让我懂了Xing的正确念法[X-ing]而且没有因为我念成 [X-ing]而算我朋友答错了.如考试人员硬听成[Exiting],而让我朋友因错了这题而没过关,那我就不知如何向他解释了. J3: Monkey see, Monkey do一次开车在路上,旁边驶过的一辆车里坐着一个妈妈,边开车边打电话,座位旁还有一个小女孩.我家洋先生看了,就说这样真危险,边开车边电话键,旁边还坐了一个小朋友,更何况 Monkey see, Monkey do. 我听了有些茫然,就问他"你在说什么, What monkey?"他边笑着边告诉我;原来[Monkey see, Monkey do]是俚语,相当于中文[有样学样].这个俚语还挺生动的,让我想起听过的猴子学人喝醉酒的故事.所以大人在小孩前面尤其得注意自己的行为,因为 Monkey see, Monkey do.J: Go cold turkey小胖Johnny是公司里[名嘴],哪里有吃有喝必见其踪.今年,公司为了赶不及回家的游子开了一个很丰盛的感恩节派对,Johnny参加了,却一反常态不再见其大吃大喝.感恩节过后,追问究竟,他说" I' m getting too fat, so I must go cold turkey on greasy food."喔!原来冷火鸡亦有减肥之效,想想冰箱还剩下大半只火鸡,即问 "If you don't mind you can have the rest of the turkey in the freezer",Johnny会意一笑答"I sure have had enough turkey these days. No thanks"随即委婉相告他已痛下决心减肥戒吃了,而"go cold turkey"即[速戒]之意. cold `turkey (sl 俚 esp US)(a) way of treating a drug addict by suddenly stopping all his doses of the drug instead of gradually reducing them 使有毒瘾者突然停用毒品而不是逐渐减少剂量的处理方法.(b) frank statement of the truth, often about sth unpleasant 直言不讳; 照实说: talk cold turkey towith sb 对[与]某人直言不讳.J5: Sleeping on both ears小李刚来美国时当过褓母.有一次遇到所带的小女孩生病,小孩哭闹,大人着急,连续折腾了好几天,煞是辛苦.那天早上小李像往常一样去上班.小女孩的妈妈笑着悄悄地告诉小李:"She is sleeping on both ears."这下小李懵懂了.她听说过在中国小婴儿一直脸朝天睡会睡出[铲刀头],也听说过在美国让婴儿俯卧趴着睡,可偏偏就没听说过sleep on both ears.她实在不知所以然,便问:"为什么?"小女孩的妈妈看着小李一副迷茫的样子,赶紧说:"她好多了,现在睡得好好的"以后经过小李的"研究",才知道sleep on both ears是酣睡之意.J6: Indian giver一次和同学聊天,聊到咖哩,旁边的印度同事说:"我刚给约翰的自制咖哩,?一定要带回家尝尝,才知道什么叫咖哩!!"约翰听后从椅子上跳起来大叫:"You are such an Indian giver!"印度同事和我顿时如坠五里雾中茫然不已,怎么她变成印地安人了? 约翰看我们的样子,于是解释[Indian giver]是形容一个人给别人东西后,又想拿回来; 或是想交换其它好处的意思. 印度同事和我听后,无奈的笑笑.约翰保留住那罐咖哩,笑得更开心了.J7: Stood up金发碧眼的莎莉在周末都兴高采烈的去约会.这天晚上她却早就回到宿舍,打扮得像孔雀却无精打采,对我说" I was stood up"她不是预备去电影院吗?我问她"为何要站着,而不是坐着?"她听了之后,十分懊恼地看着我.后来她明白我真的不是幸灾乐祸,才解释说[stood up]是被人放鸽子,约会的人爽约. J8: Carpool在台湾,公家机关习惯将公务车保养及司机休息的场所称Motropool,中文意思就是[车辆保养场].十多年前,有次来美出差,顺道访友,同学开车到机场来接我去他家住.出了机场,同学将车驶入最内线,有个标志写着[ Carpool only].我心中纳闷,Carpool是什么意思?他总不可能去司机休息室吧!于是我就自作聪明地问他:怎么,车有问题?他说:没有阿?为什么?我说: 那你为什么要去Carpool?同学哑然失笑地告诉我,Carpool是指两人以上共乘一车,才可以走这条线,我听了怪不好意思的.晚饭后,同学的邻居过来问他明天可不可以Carpool,同学说不能,"我要陪同学去买点东西",我又胡涂了,为什么他不能跟他Carpool,我们今天也不是Carpool 的吗?同学再解释给我听,邻居所说的Carpool,是指大家轮流开车上班,以节约能源的措施.前面的Carpool是名词,后面的Carpool则是动词,对初到美国的人而言,还真是一时不容易体会! 麻烦 必要 避免 到位。

新新人类必须知道的英语词语 -- :: 来源: 新新人类必须知道的英语词语A Appreciate (英文直译:欣赏) 我有自己肤色,不看别人脸色 A+ (英文直译:A加,优异成绩) 争上游B Baby (英文直译:宝贝、小婴儿) 你是说我家的小吧?我可不是什么小孩了 C Cheese (英文直译:奶酪) 年轻,就是有点怪味 Curiosity (英文直译:好奇心) 没有好奇又怎能有创造 Cute (英文直译:可爱) 精灵古怪是年轻人的专利 D DIY, Do It Yourself (英文直译:自己做) 想自己所想的,做自己想做的 Doraemon (机器猫,著名的日本卡通形象) 大头叮当 E e-life (英文直译:e生活) 就是网络虚拟新生活 Eager (英文直译:渴望) 渴望着下课、渴望着放学、渴望长大 Energetic (英文直译:精力旺盛) 浑身是劲,不用充电 Examination (英文直译:考试) 青春日记中最难熬的体验,偏偏又被重复多次 F Fantasy (英文直译:幻想、怪念头) 奇妙的梦幻是青春的音符 Fast food (英文直译:快餐) 我爱麦当劳 我爱肯德基 我爱肯德熊… Feel (英文直译:感觉) 妙不可言 Free (英文直译:自由) 自由吗?不自由吗?自由吗… G Green (英文直译:绿色) 青春:青葱岁月 H Happy (英文直译:快乐) 没什么比快乐更重要 Hard Candy (年轻线的化妆品牌) 展现真我风采 Hip-hop (目前没有中文翻译,字面意义是轻摆扭臀) 不放电子乐的舞派对,节奏舒缓,长长久久地跳,反正你爱说Hip-hop是什么就是什么 I Icq便捷的沟通方式 Identity (英文直译:身份) 我是谁 Innocence (英文直译:纯洁) 纯真最美 J Jeans (英文直译:牛仔) 给我仔裤,其余免谈! K Kawaye (日语:卡哇伊,可爱的意思) “酷”已经是“一般”的意思了 L Lemon (英文直译:柠檬) 亮丽而不无酸涩的青春 Love (英文直译:爱) 将爱情进行到底 M mp3大家都喜欢mp3,除了唱片公司 N Now (英文直译:现在) 一切从现在开始 O Opporty (英文直译:机会) 有扑错,没放过 P Pimple (英文直译:青春痘) 只要青春不要痘 PlayStation (英文直译:照片快拍机) 玩自拍吧 Party (英文直译:派对) 自由自在的时刻 Q Query (英文直译:问题) 永远没有蠢问题 R Rebel (英文直译:反叛) 反叛是年轻的权利 Ready (英文直译:时刻准备) 准备好了吗?GO! S Second Hand (英文直译:二手货) 伸手一族的无奈 School (英文直译:学校) 不得不把大把青春花费掉的地方 Sunshine (英文直译:阳光) 青春就是阳光灿烂的日子 T T-Shirt (英文直译:T恤衫) 青春和T恤是绝配 Temptation (英文直译:诱惑) 不确定的诱惑总是很多 U Utopia (英文直译:乌托邦) 白日梦天天做 V Vacuous (英文直译:茫然的) 无所事事的闲逛 V频道:音乐电视频道 W Wolf (英文直译:狼) 谁爱做小绵羊?要做有性格的大灰狼 X X’Mas (英文直译:圣诞节) 比春节好玩多了 Y Yeah (英文语气词) !耶! Young Generation(英文直译:年轻一代) 早晨的太阳  Y-Girl (英文直译:由Young-Generation引申而来,指1979年以后出生的女孩) 新新女生  Z  Zeal (英文直译:热情) 热情无限耐心有限 新新人类 英语 词语。