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2012年6月8日下午,第七个中国文化遗产日安徽省主场城市活动启动仪式暨文艺演出在亳州市会务中心多功能厅隆重举行。安徽人民也用各式各样的活动迎接这一节日。East China’s Anhui Province has been marking China’s seventh Cultural Heritage Day, with a series of activities.In Bozhou City, local citizens gathered together, to learn traditional Chinese paper cuts. At Huaxilou Square, sport fans demonstrated Wuqinxi, or the ;frolics of five animals;.They’re a set of unique exercises that date back to the 2nd century. Meanwhile, local opera fans have also been celebrating—with a rarely performed local opera attracting a large number of interested music lovers. Article/201206/186447【视频欣赏】【听力文本】How To Give And Receive Compliments VideoJug and etiquette expert Diana Mather of PublicImage.com, have prepared a film on how to give and receive compliments. Giving and receiving compliments can help strengthen bonds and improve relationships, so listen carefully to these simple tips.Step 1: Be sincere(真诚)The key to giving compliments is sincerity. There is something about a fake compliment that is easy to spot, and is embarrassing for both giver and receiver. A good compliment is a little outburst of enthusiasm and positivity, and as such should be delivered spontaneously and simply. If you prepare compliments in advance, or think too much about what you are going to say before you say it, you may end up sounding too smooth or too polished, which is suspicious. So the rule should be, as soon as you are moved to say something nice, do so.Step 2: Be simple and specific(简介明了)Be specific and concentrate on a single achievement rather than making a generalization. This shows sincerity because you realize the importance of that achievement. For example, instead of saying 'you are an excellent cook', compliment them on a specific dish, 'That quiche was simply delightful'.Be wary of damning with faint praise, so don't qualify your statement by saying 'That quiche was excellent - considering the state of your kitchen'. Do not compare their achievement to somebody else's, or some other achievement. A compliment needs to flatter the receiver on it's own merits.Step 3: Be timely(及时)Giving a compliment in a timely manner is just as important as the sincerity of your compliment. So aim to deliver the compliment very soon after the achievement you are complimenting has been attained. A compliment given in front of others conveys the fact that you want witnesses to hear proof of its sincerity.If for some reason you miss the window of opportunity to make a spontaneous compliment, you can always come up with an excuse to write a note afterwards- a card saying thanks for dinner for example- and include your compliment within it.Step 4: Receiving a compliment(接受称赞时)When someone compliments you, the simple steadfast rule is to smile and say thank you. Do not shrug off a compliment or disagree with what they are saying as this will show that you think the other person's judgment is poor, and dissuade them from complimenting you in future. Another important rule is to not upscale a compliment. For example if someone says to you: "The board of directors liked your presentation today" Do not say something like: "Liked it? They absolutely loved it. It blew them away."Another thing you should avoid if you have been given a compliment, is to immediately reply with one back. This can sound insincere, even if you mean what you say. Article/201003/97793这是第一次, Keith Barry告诉我们的大脑如何愚弄我们的身体 -- 现在这个表演可以通过podcast收看. 他还邀请了观众参与令人瞠目结舌(甚至有点危险)的大脑魔术表演。 Article/201205/181166Reduce your chances of getting a nasty shock that#39;s not just annoying, but potentially dangerous.降低触静电的机会。因为静电不只令人讨厌,也存在潜在的危险。Step 1 Wear cotton1.穿棉质衣Wear clothes made from cotton and other natural fibers, which are low-static materials.穿棉质或其它自然纤维制成的衣,这些材料不容易产生静电。Step 2 Go barefoot2.赤脚Wear leather-soled shoes or go barefoot if you#39;re getting shocked indoors. Synthetic-fiber, rugs and rubber shoe soles can react to create static electricity.如果担心在室内触静电,穿皮革底的鞋子或打赤脚。人工合成纤维,厚地毯和橡胶底的鞋子容易产生静电。Step 3 Touch nonconductive material3.接触非导体材料Touch nonconductive material to reduce static buildup, including wood or concrete. Touching metal, water, or another person when your body is highly charged has the opposite effect and may give you a shock.接触非导体材料来减少静电累积,包括木制品或水泥。当你的身体带有许多电荷的时候接触金属,水或其他人会产生反作用,让你触电。Step 4 Use a humidifier4.使用加湿器Use a humidifier or put out a bowl of water in very dry rooms. Static charge build-up is enhanced when the air is dry.在非常干燥的房间内使用加湿器或者放一桶水。空气干燥的时候,静电电荷的累积会增强。Step 5 Use dryer sheets5.使用防静电纸Rub your car seats or upholstered furniture with dryer sheets if static is a problem there.如果存在静电问题,用防静电纸擦一下汽车座位或装饰过的家具。Step 6 Touch door frame6.触摸门框Avoid potentially dangerous shocks while pumping gas by touching the vehicle#39;s metal doorframe before you get out of the car.Hold the metal until you are completely out of the car.加油的时候要避免潜在的静电危害,可以在出汽车的时候摸一下金属门框。紧抓着金属门框,直到完全走出汽车。Don#39;t re-enter the car while fueling. If you must, discharge static again before touching the pump.加油的时候不要重新进入汽车。如果必须进去的话,接触油泵之前再次除静电。Step 7 Use your key7.使用钥匙Touch a key to another metal object to painlessly discharge build up before you touch anything with your hands.用双手接触任何物体之前,先用钥匙接触其他金属物体来解除静电。After removing a hat, hairs receive the same positive charge, which repel each other, causing hair to stand up.摘掉帽子之后,头发会释放出同样的正电荷,相$互之间排斥,造成头发直立起来。 Article/201301/222296

Life coach and personal trainer Georgina Burnett teaches viewers how to talk to children and keep them really engaged to what you have to say.生活教练和个人训练员Georgina Burnett教给观众怎样跟小孩讲话,让他们认真听你的话。In this , I am going to tell you how to talk so kids will listen. The most important thing you need to do is talk to them as if you are talking to fellow adults. If you patronize children or you talk down to them, they#39;re less inclined to listen to you.在这段视频中,我要告诉大家怎样说话小孩才能听你的话。最重要的跟他们说话的语气要像和大人说话一样。如果你摆出屈尊俯就或者居高临下的样子,他们不可能听你的话。This may even mean bringing yourself down to their level so maybe crouching down or sitting on a seat so you are not towering above them. Talk with energy, with animation, you wouldn#39;t be interested in somebody who seemed dead pound about what they#39;re saying, and neither will children. Show that expression in your face, smile when necessary and really light up your eyes so that you can show that you are passionate about what you are talking about and then they will think that they need to be,too.这甚至意味着把自己降低到和他们同样的高度,可以蹲下来或者坐下来,让自己不要比他们高。充满,充满生气地和他们说话,你不喜欢和非常死板的人说话,小孩也是如此。面部表情生动一点,必要的时候笑一下,双眼一定要有光芒,这会显示你对自己说话的内容充满,让小孩觉得他们也应该积极一点。Always keep eye contact. It#39;s so important to ensure that an audience is engaged and interested and it#39;s just the same with children. Use visual aids like pictures or diagrams, use auditory aids like music.时刻保持眼神交流。这能够确保听者认真倾听,对你的话感兴趣,小孩也是这样。使用一些可以看得到的辅助工具,例如图画图表,或者声音辅助工具,例如音乐。Get them moving, get them dancing, get them fully involved and you#39;ll find that they really want to listen to what you#39;re saying. Ask them questions so that they feel involved and use familiar similes, so situations that are comfortable for them and familiar to them rather than to an adult or to you specifically. And that is how to talk so kids will listen.让他们运动,让他们跳舞,让他们充分参与,你会发现他们非常乐意听你说话。问他们问题,这样他们会感到自己也参与其中,展现给他们熟悉的微笑,这样会让他们感到舒适熟悉。以上就是怎样让小孩听你说话的技巧。Thanks for watching How To Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So.感谢收看“怎样说话才能让小孩倾听”视频节目。 Article/201211/209440

The B is asking its staff to tone down the tweets. Some of the its 20,000 staff, including well-known personalities have taken to social media to discuss woes with the recent child sex-abuse scandal.B英国广播公司近日要求员工降低微使用频率。一些员工,包括部分知名人士开始喜欢通过社会媒体讨论最近的儿童性虐待丑闻。Fran Unsworth, the new head of B News, sent out an email urging staff to pull together and advised against playing out the recent scandals on social media.B新任总裁Fran Unsworth发出邮件,敦促员工齐心协力反对在社会媒体上传播丑闻。B#39;s top executive has aly resigned. Two more have also temporarily stepped down and others are facing disciplinary proceedings. Meanwhile, police said Michael Souter, who formerly worked for B Radio, was charged with indecent assault and sex offences against boys. The crimes allegedly took place between 1979 and 1999 in Norfolk.B最高执行官已经辞职,另两位官员也已暂时离职,其他人将面临违规调查。同时,警察说前B员工Michael Souter被指控犯有强暴猥亵男童罪和性侵男童罪。据调查,该犯罪行为于1979年-1999年之间发生于诺福克。 Article/201211/209316

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