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Smaller is more beautiful更小,却更美丽Many other cities are battling problems almost as acute as Detroit’s很多其他城市正在积极应对和底特律一样急迫的问题THE five kinds of heirloom tomatoes on Joanna Lehrman’s and Roxanne Adair’s farm look delicious. Their tiny two-acre (0.8 hectare) farm also has a buzzing beehive and a hoop house, which protects produce in the winter. It is just a short walk from downtown Flint, a gritty struggling Michigan city. Until about a year ago the land was 16 abandoned residential lots along Beach Street, filled with rubbish, broken pieces of concrete and burnt trees. According to Doug Weiland, who runs the Genesee County Land Bank, a third of all Flint’s parcels are abandoned. Even seemingly stable neighbourhoods have boarded up houses.在琼娜-勒曼和洛克森-艾黛儿的农场种植的五种看起来非常好吃。除此之外,在他们的农场里还有一个嗡嗡作响的蜂巢和冬天保护作物的大棚。从弗林特 – 一个在密歇根州常年与风沙作战的城市的闹市区到他们面积约两英亩(合0.8公顷)的小型农场只要走很短的一段路。直到一年以前,这块地还是沙滩街边上16个废弃的住宅用地,上面堆满了垃圾,破碎的混凝土块还有烧焦的树干。据乔纳斯郡土地的经营者道格-维兰德说,弗林特三分之一的土地被荒芜了。甚至看起来稳定的区域房子也被钉上了木板封起来了。Flint is one of many cities in America’s rustbelt, like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Rochester, which have seen dramatic drops in population over the past half century or so. When manufacturing left these cities, so did their residents. In 1968, General Motors, which was founded in Flint, employed 80,000 employees there. Today, there are only 6,000. The city’s population has halved since 1960, falling from 197,000 to just over 100,000; proportionately, it has suffered nearly as badly as Michigan’s largest city, Detroit. Many unable to sell were forced to abandon their houses. Others lost their homes to foreclosure. The rustbelt cities of the Midwest and north-east have been in decline for decades, but it has taken decades for many of them to accept that no one was coming to save them.弗林特是处在锈带的众多城市的其中之一,其他城市像底特律,克里夫兰,水牛城,匹兹堡,杨斯敦和罗切斯特,都在过去的大约半个世纪内,经历了人口大幅下滑。随着制造业离开了这些城市,城市的居民也随之离开了。在1968年,通用汽车在弗林特,也就是它成立的地方,雇佣了80000名员工。而今天,只剩下了6000名。城市的人口数相较于1960年的197000己经下降了一半,至100000出头。与此相类似的是密歇根最大的城市底特律,它的情况一样糟,许多人卖不出被强制将房子闲置。另一些人失去了他们的家并丧失了赎回权。中西部和东北部的锈带城市在过去的几十年里都有不同程度的衰落,但是他们花了几十年才接受这样一个事实,即没有人会来拯救他们。These cities—many with acres of abandoned property—are finally and desperately trying to come up with stabilising plans. This is no easy task with a poor, ageing and dwindling tax base, expensive health and pension legacy costs, reduced commercial activity, high unemployment and high crime. Some of the problems of shrinking cities are so fundamental that there is no quick fix. For instance, the need to diversify was long ignored. Many of the rustbelt’s cities were single industry towns. Some were single company towns, like Kodak in New York’s Rochester or GM in Flint.这些有着大量闲置土地的城市拼命努力要想出稳定计划。这在当前不良,陈旧,萧条的税务基础,昂贵的医疗和退休及遗赠成本,萎靡的商业活动,高失业率和犯罪率的情况下并不是一件容易的任务。这些萎缩城市的一些问题是那么地基础以至于不能够很快地得到解决。譬如说,多样化的需要一直被忽略。很多锈带城市属于那种单一的工业城镇。而一些则是属于单一公司的城镇,像柯达所在的纽约罗切斯特或是通用汽车所在的弗林特。Flint is in the middle of developing a 20-year master plan, the first since Jack Kennedy was in the White House. The old thinking was to sell tax-foreclosed property to whomever, even speculators. The new thinking is that land is an asset for the city. Since its creation in 2002, the Genesee County Land Bank has had the power to take control of and to redevelop vacant, abandoned or tax-delinquent properties. Neighbours are encouraged to buy abandoned adjacent property for as little as . Alternative land use is encouraged. Ms Adair and Ms Lehrman own three of their farm’s lots, which they bought for 0 each from the Genesee County Land Bank. The rest they lease. The land bank has been a model for other cities and states, like Ohio and Georgia. Just this summer, Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, signed a bill allowing land banks.弗林特正在制定一个20年的总体规划,这也是自从肯尼迪入主白宫之后的第一次。老的想法是把那些没收的房产卖给任何想买的人,即便是投机商。而新的想法是,土地是城市的财产。自从2002年成立以来,乔纳斯郡土地就拥有权力控制并再发展那些 空置的,废弃的,或是因未缴纳地税而被没收的地产。邻居们被鼓励以至少50美元的价格购买边上被闲置的地产。将这些地产挪作他用也是被鼓励的。艾黛儿女士和勒曼女士拥有构成她们农场地块中的三块,其中每一块都是她们花了100美元从乔纳斯郡土地购取的,余下的土地则是租赁的。这家土地已经成为其他城市和州(例如俄亥俄和佐治亚)的一个榜样。就在这个夏天,纽约州长安德鲁-郭沫签署了允许土地存在的法案。Pittsburgh is often pointed to as a model for other shrinking cities. Its revival since its steel industry collapsed in the early 1980s is partly thanks to good long-term planning. Under the leadership of Tom Murphy, a three-term mayor, more than 1,000 acres of abandoned, blighted industrial land in Pittsburgh was cleaned up and is now thriving commercial, retail, residential and public space. Once lined with factories the city’s waterfront has been given over to parks. Mr Murphy oversaw the development of more than 25 miles of new trails alongside the river and urban green space. He helped develop public-private partnerships which leveraged .8 billion in economic development.匹兹堡通常被指认为是其他萎缩城市的一个榜样。它的重整旗鼓要追溯到80年代前期,也就是其钢铁工业溃败的开始。这也要归功于一个好的长期计划。在连任三届的市长汤姆-莫非的领导下,匹兹堡超过1000英亩废弃的衰落的土地被清理干净,今天它们以商业区,零售店,住宅区和公共用地的方式兴盛着。曾经林立着工厂的滨江区现在让位给了公园。莫非先生监督了超过25英里的河边小道以及城市绿地的建设。他帮助建立了公共-个人的关系体系,这也让他借到了48亿美元用于经济建设。As well as land, there are other assets, such as institutional “anchors”, even in the poorest of cities. Anchors can be hospitals and universities, arts organisations, and foundations (the Mott and Ford Foundations have been especially helpful to shrinking cities). Cleveland has its famous Clinic. Detroit Medical Centre, the Henry Ford Hospital and Wayne State University provide the same service for Detroit (see article).和土地一样,就算是最穷的城市也有其他的财产,像一些机构的“锚”。这些锚可以是医院和大学,艺术机构和基金会(莫特和福特基金会对萎缩城市的帮助特别大)。克里夫兰有其有名的医疗务。底特律医学中心,亨利-福特医院和韦恩州立大学为底特律市提供同样的务。Changing attitudes is essential. The American Assembly at Columbia University, which recently published a report on post-industrial cities, used the term “legacy cities” as “shrinking” and “resizing” can have negative connotations. Youngstown, a steel town, was devastated when its mills closed: over 30 years it lost more than half its population and thousands of jobs. It adopted a plan in 2005 which demanded accepting it is a smaller city. This is crucial, says Dan Kildee of the Centre for Community Progress. “Then you can get people’s minds to focus on what’s next and not what has been lost.” And there is hope. Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institution has long believed these cities will once again be the engines of their regional economies. Pittsburgh, for instance, reinvented itself as a successful tech and health hub, even as its population continues to fall. As Aristotle put it, “a great city should not be confounded with a populous one.”改变态度是必须的。哥伦比亚大学的美国集会最近发表了一则后工业城市的报告,其中使用了“遗留城市”。因为“萎缩”和“尺寸调整”可能会有负面的涵义。钢铁城市杨斯敦在工厂关闭之后就荒芜了:在超过30年的时间里,它的人口数下降了一半以上,损失了数以千计的就业岗位。它在2005年采用了一项计划,该计划要求它必须接受这样一个事实,即它不再像过去那么大了。这是很关键的,社区发展中心的丹-基尔迪说“这样你就能让人们把焦点移到什么是接下来要做的而不是我们损失了什么。”希望是有的。布鲁金斯学院的布鲁斯-凯兹一直相信这些城市将会再次成为区域经济发展的引擎。举例说,匹兹堡已经转型成为一个成功的科技和健康医疗中心,即使是在人口持续下降的情况下。就像亚里士多德说的“伟大的城市不一定是人口多的城市。”201111/159865。

  • The top U.S. military officer says critics who claim it will take years to even have a chance to defeat the Afghan insurgency ignore the fact that a similar counterinsurgency strategy turned around a similarly difficult situation in Iraq in 2007. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, spoke to reporters traveling with him to South and Central Asia Thursday.Admiral Mullen acknowledges that it may take years to fully defeat the Afghan insurgency. But he says that is not what the ed States expects to accomplish by this time next year, when President Barack Obama has said he will begin to withdraw U.S. troops. But Mullen says the year-and-a-half the president allowed for the new strategy to prove itself is adequate."Insurgencies last a long time," said Mullen. "But, as you look at how long it took to turn Iraq around, it was about 18 months. Now, we're about two-and-a-half years later, and we're still working in Iraq. But it was sort of that period of time where it really turned. Turning it doesn't end it, [but] you've got to turn it to get it moving in the right direction."The admiral says the situation in Iraq seemed impossible to resolve a few years ago, and, although the two countries are very different, and progress in Iraq is not a guarantee of progress in Afghanistan, it does give him reason to be hopeful about Afghanistan - even during the current period of heavy violence and, at best, slow progress."There are similarities and differences between Iraq and Afghanistan, and I understand that," added Mullen. "But I don't accept the fact that, just because it takes insurgencies a long, long time [to be defeated], that we're not at a point where it can't be turned, because I think it can. It doesn't mean it's going to be easy. But, I think it can be [turned] over the period of time that we're talking about."U.S. officials acknowledge that, even if the situation in Afghanistan begins to turn during the next 12 months, the U.S. withdrawal will likely be very gradual, and some number of international troops will be needed in Afghanistan for many years to come.Admiral Mullen welcomed the statement by Afghan President Hamid Karzai this week that he wants his forces to be able to take responsibility for security in the country by 2014. Mullen said the goal sounds reasonable and that it is important for leaders to set such targets to focus the efforts of their governments.The admiral spoke as he flew toward New Delhi, where Afghanistan will be among many issues he will discuss with Indian defense officials. It will be on the agenda again when he visits Pakistan later in the week, before heading into the war zone itself.  美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将承认,完全打败阿富汗叛乱分子需要几年的时间。他说,这不是美国预期在明年这个时候实现的目标。明年7月是奥巴马总统设定的美军开始撤军的日期。但是马伦说,总统留出一年半时间来明新策略的有效性,这是合适的。 他说:“叛乱行为会持续很长时间。但是如果你看看扭转伊拉克的局势需要多长时间,那大约是18个月。现在,2年半后,我们仍在伊拉克行动。但是局势真正出现扭转用了大约18个月时间。扭转并不意味着结束,但是你必须扭转形势使它朝正确方向发展。” 马伦上将说,几年前伊拉克局势看起来根本无法解决。虽然伊拉克和阿富汗有很大不同,而且伊拉克的进展并不能保在阿富汗也会取得进展,但这使他有理由对阿富汗的未来抱有希望,尽管目前仍存在严重暴力,而且局势进展缓慢。 他说:“我很清楚,伊拉克和阿富汗的情况有相同之处,也有不一样的地方。但是如果因为需要很长时间才能击败叛乱活动,就说我们现在不能扭转局面,我不认同这种看法。因为我认为局面能够被扭转。这不意味着能轻而易举实现,但我认为在我们所说的这段时间里,形势是可以好转的。” 美国官员承认,即使阿富汗局势在今后12个月里开始好转,美军撤离也很可能是非常缓慢的,而且阿富汗在未来很多年仍将需要一定数量的国际部队。 马伦对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊这星期发表的谈话表示欢迎。卡尔扎伊说,他希望在2014年前,阿富汗军队有能力承担起自己国家的安全责任。马伦说,这个目标听上去是恰当的,领导人设定这样的目标,使政府有工作重点,非常重要。 马伦是在飞往新德里途中发表上述谈话的。他将同印度国防官员讨论包括阿富汗形势在内的一系列问题。马伦本周晚些时候访问巴基斯坦时也将讨论阿富汗问题。马伦此后将前往阿富汗战区。201007/110155。
  • White House Gears Up For Bush-Obama Talks白宫为布什与奥巴马会晤作准备  U.S. President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama meet Monday at 2PM in the White House. Mr. Obama and his family will get a tour of the White House from President Bush and first lady Laura Bush. It will be their first opportunity to speak face-to-face since the November 4 election. 美国总统布什和当选总统奥巴马将在星期一下午2点于白宫举行会晤。这是两人自11月4号总统选举以来首次有机会进行面对面交谈。It is traditional for the incoming president and first lady to visit the White House after Election Day. 美国素有当选总统和夫人在选举日后拜访白宫的传统。Usually they wait a few weeks. But this time the meeting between the current president and the president-elect was arranged in a matter of days. 通常他们都是在选举日过后几个星期访问白宫,可是这一次,在任总统和当选总统的会晤被安排在了选举结束后的几天之内。That is in part because this is the first transition in four decades to occur at a time when the ed States is at war. It is also taking place in the midst of an economic crisis that demands immediate attention. 这样做的一个原因是,这是40年来美国首次在和它国交战期间发生权力交接。另一个原因是权力交接发生在经济危机当中,领导人需要立即着手处理这场危机。President-elect Obama says dealing with the economy is his top priority. 当选总统奥巴马说,处理经济问题将是他的首要任务。"I do not underestimate the enormity of the task that lies ahead," said Barack Obama. "We have taken some major actions to date, and we will need further actions during this transition and subsequent months." 他说:“我不会低估摆在我面前的任务的艰巨程度。到目前为止,我们已经采取了一些重要行动,在过渡期和之后的几个月中,我们还要采取进一步行动。”Mr. Obama has said he will move with - what he calls - deliberate haste to choose his cabinet. Aides stress he understands the urgency, but wants to make sure he has the best possible people in place. 奥巴马表示,他会在经过慎重考虑的情况下尽快选定内阁部长。他的助手们强调,奥巴马理解形势的紧迫性,但同时也希望保把最适合的人放在部长的位置上。John Podesta heads the Obama transition team. During an appearance on the Fox News Sunday television program, he was asked about the need to move quickly to reassure financial markets. 波德斯塔是奥巴马过渡小组的领导人。他在接受福克斯电视台周日节目的采访时被问到关于政府需要尽快行动稳定金融市场的问题。"I think we are moving aggressively to build up that core economic team, the national security team, and you will see announcements when they are y," said John Podesta. 波德斯塔说:“我们正在积极行动,建立核心经济小组,国家安全小组,在准备就绪时我们会宣布我们的决定。”Podesta said the incoming administration is also taking a close look at many of the executive orders signed by President Bush that are at odds with Mr. Obama's views.  波德斯塔说,即将上任的奥巴马政府还在仔细研究那些由布什总统签字生效、但和奥巴马的观点相左的行政命令。"... on stem cell research, on a number of areas," he said. "You see the Bush administration even today moving aggressively to do things I think are not in the interest of the country." 波德斯塔说:“我们在考虑干细胞研究等很多领域的问题。即使在今天,你依然能看到,布什政府在尽力推行一些不符合美国利益的政策。”He said these executive orders could be repealed or amended easily by the new administration because no Congressional action is required. 他说,新政府废除或修改这些行政命令并不难,因为这并不需要国会采取行动。But despite their differences on matters of policy, President Bush and President-elect Obama are going out of their way to stress their willingness to cooperate during the transition period. 虽然布什和奥巴马在许多政策上持不同观点,但是两人都竭力强调,他们愿意在过渡期进行合作。Mr. Bush has ordered his staff to make the transition as seamless as possible. And Mr. Obama has repeatedly stressed that until January 20, George Bush is the President of the ed States. 布什命令他的工作人员尽量使权力过渡顺利进行。奥巴马也多次强调,在明年1月20号以前,布什依然是美国总统。Perhaps to underscore that point, the president-elect will not be attending the major economic summit Mr. Bush is hosting in Washington on November 15th. He has, however, been talking to other world leaders by telephone. 也许是为了强调这一点,奥巴马将不会出席布什11月15号在华盛顿主持召开的主要经济峰会。不过,奥巴马一直在通过电话和世界其它国家的领导人进行交谈。On Saturday, Mr. Obama spoke for the first time since the election with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. A Kremlin statement said they agreed that their countries have a common responsibility to address serious global problems. It also mentioned the possibility of an early meeting once the president-elect takes office. 星期六,奥巴马同俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫进行了他当选后的首次谈话。克里姆林宫发表的一份声明说,两人同意,美国和俄罗斯肩负着解决重要全球问题的责任。声明还说,在奥巴马就任总统后,他和梅德韦杰夫可能会举行会晤。Relations with Russia are strained over a Bush administration plan to set up a missile-defense system with sites in Poland and the Czech Republic. During the U.S. presidential campaign, Senator Obama said he needs more proof that the plan will work and the high cost is justified. 在总统竞选活动中,奥巴马说,他需要更多据来明这一导弹防御计划将发挥作用,并且值得美国为该计划付出大量资金。200811/55750。
  • Bacteria and behaviour细菌和行为学Gut instinct肠道反应 Tantalising evidence that intestinal bacteria can influence mood逗引的据表明,肠道细菌可以影响人的情绪Sep 3rd 2011 | from the print edition A GOOD way to make yourself unpopular at dinner parties is to point out that a typical person is, from a microbiologist’s perspective, a walking, talking Petri dish. An extraordinary profusion of microscopic critters inhabit every crack and crevice of the typical human, so many that they probably outnumber the cells of the body upon and within which they dwell.一个让你自己在晚宴上不受欢迎的好方式就是,从微生物学家的角度指出,一位有代表性的人就是一个会走动并会说话的皮氏培养皿。每位有代表性的人的裂纹和缝隙里生活着无数的微小生物,它们的数目如此之多可能超过它们所依靠并栖息的人体细胞。Happily, these microbes are mostly harmless. Some of them, particularly those that live in the gut, are positively beneficial, helping with digestion and keeping the intestines in good working order. That is no surprise—bacteria as much as people have an interest in keeping their homes in sound condition. What is surprising is the small but growing body of evidence which suggests that bacteria dwelling in the gut can affect the brain, too, and thereby influence an individual’s mood and behaviour. The most recent paper on the topic, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reports (like much of the research in this field) on results in mice.幸运地是,这些微生物大部分都是无害的。其中一些,特别是那些生活在消化道里的微生物,实际上是有益的,不仅有助于消化还保持肠道良好的工作秩序。这毫不奇怪——细菌和人一样也喜欢保持家园状态完好。奇怪的是,虽然数量不多,但越来越多的据表明,生活在肠道的细菌也可能影响大脑,继而影响个人的情绪和行为。本周有关该主题的论文刊登在《美国国家科学院院刊》的一篇文章报道(像这个领域的许多研究一样)了应用小鼠的实验结果。The researchers, led by Javier Bravo of University College, Cork, split their rodent subjects into two groups. One lot were fed a special broth containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a gut-dwelling bacterium often found in yogurt and other dairy products. The others were fed an ordinary diet, not fortified with microbes.科克大学学院的哈维尔#8226;布拉沃(Javier Bravo)带领下的研究人员将这些啮齿目动物分成两组。一组以一种在酸奶和其它乳制品中经常发现的含乳酸杆菌属鼠李糖乳杆菌(学名为Lactobacillus rhamnosus)的特别液体培养基喂食。另一组则以不用微生物强化的一般食物喂食。The team then subjected the mice to a battery of tests that are used routinely to measure the emotional states of rodents. Most (though not all) of these tests showed significant differences between the two groups of animals.然后,研究组人员对小鼠进行了一套测试。这套测试经常用于衡量啮齿类动物的情感状态。大部分(虽然不是所有的)测试表明,两组动物之间有着显著的不同。201109/152865。
  • This is East Africa, the Great Rift Valley, a land in constant upheaval . The flamingos and baboons here at Lake Bogoria live in harmony. They share this landscape and all it has to offer. They may not be compatible. But in the midst of Bogoria's bounty, they can afford to be indifferent. In July, after a successful breeding season, nearly four million flamingos gather along the scenes of the Great Rift Valley. They carve the inlets and crowd the local residents.The baboons who live here all year round can't help but take notice of the sheer numbers of new arrivers. Some baboons have never seen these many flamingos before, and some of them don't know how to behave. There are so many birds at Bogoria that they trip over each other in order to escape. Baboons aren't meat eaters, but this is something unusual for baboons. Choosing between fruits and flesh is a simple matter for these meat eaters.Until now, such an orchestrated attack on flamingos has rarely been witnessed or recorded. The graceful wading birds become a buffet of pink feathers and crimson flesh.The young have discovered a new taste and they like it. Perhaps this is nature's coldly indifferent way of restoring balance.upheaval1.动乱;激变;剧变Mass unemployment may lead to social upheaval. 大批失业会导致社会动乱。 2.胀起;鼓起;举起;(地壳)隆起landscape1.(陆上的)风景,景色[C]From the hill he looked down on the peaceful landscape. 他站在山上眺望下面的宁静景色。 2.风景画,山水画[C];风景绘画(或摄影)[U]She preferred a good landscape to a portrait. 较之人像画她更喜欢美丽的风景画。 compatible:合得来的,能共处的,不冲突的take notice of: 关注;理会Don't take any notice of others' comments. 不要理会别人的议论。witness1.目击I witnessed the traffic accident. 我目睹了那次交通事故。 2.作...的人;连署The two servants witnessed Mr. Smith's will. 两个仆人在史密斯先生的遗嘱上签名作。 3.为...作,明4.是...的发生地点The year 1849 witnessed a great war in Hungary. 一八四九年匈牙利发生了一场大战。 07/79328。
  • Political Fallout in Wake of Terror Attacks Taking Toll in Mumbai孟买所在邦最高官员批评声中辞职 Top officials in the Indian state, Maharashtra, are becoming political causalities of last week's terror attack. The 60-hour assault on Mumbai, blamed on Islamic militants, killed an estimated 175 people, including at least 18 foreigners. 印度马哈拉施特拉邦的最高官员成为上周发生的恐怖袭击的政治牺牲品。据称由伊斯兰武装分子发起的针对孟买的60个小时袭击导致大约175人死亡,其中包括18名外国人。The two top officials of the state in which Mumbai is located appear to be on their way out, in wake of last week's terror attack. Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilisrao Deshmukh says he is willing to quit to take responsibility for perceived security shortcomings. Media reports say the state had received intelligence warnings Mumbai would be attacked.  上个星期发生恐怖袭击后,孟买所在的这个邦的两名高官看样子官位不保。马哈拉施特拉邦首席部长维拉斯拉奥.德斯穆克说,他愿意为显而易见的安全疏漏引咎辞职。媒体报道说,该邦此前已经收到情报警告,说孟买将会受到袭击。At a raucous news conference, where reporters demanded a clear statement, the chief minister would only acknowledge he is offering his resignation and leaving his fate in the hands of his Congress Party bosses. 记者们在喧闹的新闻发布会上要求得到一个明确的声明,但这位首席部长只承认递交了辞呈,把自己的命运交到了国大党领袖的手中。"Whatever decision high command takes … I was telling you in very, very simple understandable words," said Deshmukh. "You don't need any more explanation."  他说:“不管高层做出什么样的决定。我是用最最简单易懂的词汇告诉你们的。你们不需要任何其他解释。”Deshmukh also came under fire for having his movie star son, as well as a top Bollywood filmmaker, accompany him on a tour of the devastated Taj Mahal Hotel, while bodies were still being removed from the attack site. 德斯穆克还因为带着他在宝莱坞做影星兼制片人的儿子一道前去巡视遭受重创的泰姬陵酒店而受到抨击。当时从这个遭受袭击的酒店里仍不断有尸体被抬出。Deshmukh's number-two is also quitting. Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil called the unprecedented siege of Mumbai "a small incident." That comment generated an uproar of criticism.  德斯穆克的副手也提出辞职。副首席部长R.R.帕蒂尔把孟买遭遇的这场前所未有的袭击称作是“一个小事件”。这番话招致铺天盖地的批评。The first political casualty at the federal level was the unpopular home minister. He stepped down Sunday.  联邦层级的第一个政治牺牲品是不得人心的内政部长。他在星期天辞职。Calls for the ouster of Shivraj Patil had been heard even before last week's attack on Mumbai. Patil had faced criticism for the perceived poor government response to a continuing wave of bombings, this year, in various Indian cities.  甚至在孟买上个星期遭袭击之前,就有人呼吁把希夫拉杰.帕蒂尔赶下台。帕蒂尔因为政府对今年在多个印度城市接连不断发生的炸弹事件反应明显太差而遭到批评。Patil is being replaced by the respected finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, who tells reporters he is moving reluctantly to the home ministry, which oversees domestic security.  帕蒂尔的职务被受尊敬的财政部长奇丹巴拉姆取代。他对记者说,他对调往负责国内安全事务的内政部有些迟疑。"I would be less than honest if I do not say I was disinclined," said Chidambaram. "But, in a situation like the one we find ourselves, the final call is taken by the party leader - in my case the Congress [Party] president and the prime minister.  他说:“如果我说我没有觉得不情愿的话就不是实话。但是,处在我们现在所处的这种局面,党的领袖有权做出最终决定。我的任命是由国大党主席和总理指定的。”The prime minister, Manmohan Singh, is taking the finance portfolio, a post he held previously.  总理辛格接管了财政部长一职。他过去曾经做过这个位置。The political turmoil is not unexpected.  这样的政治混乱令人意外。Analysts say the governing coalition, led by the Congress Party, has to make changes, amid rising public anger about its perceived inability to halt terror attacks across India. The top opposition party, the BJP, is saying the government, led by Prime Minister Singh, is no longer fit to stay in power. 分析人士表示,政府在制止遍及印度的恐怖袭击中表现出的显而易见的无能已经引发公众怒气高涨,因此由国大党领导的执政联盟必须做出改变。印度的主要反对党人民党表示,由总理辛格领导的政府已经不再适合掌权了。200812/57759。
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