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2017年10月24日 06:49:23

Carsten Schloter, the chief executive of Swisscom, has been found dead at his home, in what police suspect was a case of suicide. 瑞士电信(Swisscom)首席执行官卡斯腾#8226;施洛特(Carsten Schloter)被发现在家中身亡,警方怀疑他死于自杀。 Switzerland’s biggest telecoms group said Schloter, 49, had been found yesterday morning at his residence in Freiburg in western Switzerland and that an investigation into the exact circumstances surrounding his death was under way. 这家瑞士最大的电信运营商宣布,现年49岁的施洛特昨日上午在他位于瑞士西部弗赖堡(Freiburg)的居所被发现身亡,警方正在调查他确切的死因。 Urs Sch#228;ppi, Schloter’s deputy and head of the company’s Swiss operations, will take over management of the company on an interim basis. 施洛特的副手、该公司瑞士业务负责人Urs Sch#228;ppi将暂时接手公司的管理。 Hansueli Loosli, Swisscom’s chairman, said the company and its “entire workforce are deeply saddened and pass on their condolences to the family and relatives”. 瑞士电信董事长韩穗里#8226;鲁斯利(Hansueli Loosli)表示,该公司及“全体员工深感悲痛,谨向施洛特家人和亲属表示悼念”。 Out of consideration for Schloter’s family, Swisscom will not release any further information surrounding his death. 出于对施洛特家人的照顾,瑞士电信将不再发布有关他过世的进一步信息。 Schloter, a German citizen, was well respected in the telecoms industry and among analysts as one of the best of a younger generation of senior managers. 施洛特是一名德国公民,他在电信业内和分析员圈子中深受尊敬,被视为较年轻一代高级经理中最优秀的人才之一。 He began his career at Mercedes-Benz, before switching cars for telecoms by joining the German group Debitel in 1992. 他在梅赛德斯#8226;奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)开始他的职业生涯,1992年从汽车行业转向电信,加盟德国Debitel集团。 In 2000, he joined Swisscom as head of its mobile division, before being promoted to chief executive in 2006, after his predecessor, Jens Alder, was forced to resign following a clash with the Swiss government, which is Swisscom’s largest shareholder, over the group’s international expansion strategy. 2000年,他进入瑞士电信,出任移动部门主管,其后在2006年晋升为首席执行官,此前他的前任延斯#8226;阿尔德(Jens Alder)在与瑞士政府就集团的国际扩张战略发生冲突后被迫辞职。瑞士政府是瑞士电信的最大股东。 Under Schloter’s tenure, Swisscom has remained dominant in the national mobile market in spite of renewed challenges from lower-cost competitors Orange and Sunrise, shifting to bundled services to prevent price erosion. 在施洛特掌舵期间,瑞士电信在国内移动市场保住霸主地位,借助务捆绑防止价格侵蚀,尽管成本更低的竞争对手Orange和Sunrise对其发起新的挑战。 Although the group’s revenues have declined slightly in recent years, it has managed to maintain its profitability and last year made net profits of SFr1.76bn (.9bn) from revenues of SFr11.4bn. 虽然该集团的营收近年来略微下降,但它成功保持了盈利能力,去年实现营收114亿瑞士法郎,净利润17.6亿瑞士法郎(合19亿美元)。 /201307/249588上饶妇幼保健院治疗狐臭多少钱上饶botox注射除皱医院余干县隆胸医院哪家比较好

上饶激光点痣多少钱上饶脱毛哪家好Vodafone is in advanced discussions with rival Hutchison Whampoa about merging their Irish telecoms infrastructure in the latest attempt by mobile operators to cut costs and improve coverage in the face of difficult business conditions. 沃达丰(Vodafone)正与对手和记黄埔(Hutchison Whampoa)就合并双方在爱尔兰的电信基础设施展开深入谈判,这是在目前商业困境下,移动运营商为削减成本和提高覆盖率做出的最新尝试。 The negotiations between Vodafone and Li Ka-shing#39;s Hutchison Whampoa, the Hong Kong-based conglomerate that operates the Three mobile brand in Ireland, to create a shared grid have reached agreement although not formally signed. 沃达丰与和记黄埔之间的谈判旨在建立一个共同的电信网络,目前双方已达成协议,不过还未正式签字。李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)旗下的和记黄埔是一家总部位于香港的集团企业,在爱尔兰经营着移动品牌“3”。 The pair will create an equal joint venture structure that will own the telecoms equipment, but they will maintain independent spectrum holdings and run competing retail services. Savings for each business could exceed pound;200m over a five-year period, according to one person with knowledge of the talks. 沃达丰与和记黄埔将建立一个利益均等的合资架构来掌控它们在爱尔兰的电信设备,但二者会保留各自独立的频段,并提供相互竞争的零售务。据一位了解谈判情况的人士透露,双方在五年的时间里可各自节省下逾两亿英镑成本。 The move would be latest in a series of deals between rival operators to share the costs of the physical mast infrastructure needed to broadcast mobile services to their users. 此前亦有一些互为对手的运营商达成了类似协议,它们的目的在于彼此分担基站成本。运营商为用户提供移动务离不开基站。 Increasingly, mobile operators are engaging in services competition at a retail level rather than compete over which can build the largest infrastructure. It also shows how such operators are looking to cut costs through such quasi-mergers of basic infrastructure to boost earnings as service revenues continue to come under pressure in flagging economies. 移动运营商之间的竞争逐渐转向零售务层面,它们不再相互攀比谁有能力建设规模最大的基础设施。这件事同时显示出,在疲弱经济体带来的营收持续面临下行压力之际,移动运营商是如何尝试通过此类基本基础设施上的准合并来削减成本和提高利润的。 The deal will follow a similar merger of the 18,500 network sites owned by Telefonica and Vodafone in the UK, which analysts at Bernstein have estimated could save /201207/189124It was a disappointing moment for fans of Haruki Murakami in Japan when the Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel prize for literature to Canadian author Alice Munro.典学院(Swedish Academy)将诺贝尔文学奖颁给了加拿大作家艾丽斯#8226;芒罗(Alice Munro)。对于日本作家村上春树(Haruki Murakami)的书迷来说,这是个令人失望的时刻。Expectations were high that the 64-year-old best-selling author of critically acclaimed novels like #39;Norwegian Wood#39; and #39;1Q84#39; would finally nail the Nobel after having his name floated as a likely candidate for the prestigious award in recent years.此前人们普遍预期这位64岁的畅销作家将最终捧得诺贝尔奖。村上春树的《挪威的森林》(Norwegian Wood)、《1Q84》等小说作品都深受好评,近年人们不断地认为他是可能的获奖人选。British bookmaker Ladbrokes had him as the 3-1 favorite, while the media had been abuzz with its now annual speculation that Mr. Murakami could achieve a feat of becoming the third Japanese author to be awarded the Nobel since Yasunari Kawabata in 1968 and Kenzaburo Oe in 1994.英国公司立(Ladbrokes)将村上春树列为热门人选,开出的盘口为3-1,媒体则一直热议现在已经成了每年一度的猜测,即树上春树可能成为日本第三位获得诺贝尔奖的作家。前两位分别是1968年获奖的川端康成(Yasunari Kawabata)和1994年获奖的大江健三郎(Kenzaburo Oe)。#39;I guess we#39;ll have to wait until next year. I believe he#39;ll get it in the near future, #39; tweeted one person who uses the Twitter handle Nash_Moser.推特(Twitter)上名为Nash_Moser的用户发消息说,我想我们得等到明年了,我相信他会在不远的将来获奖。#39;I sympathize with Haruki Murakami and how the media stirs up a fuss for missing the prize every time the Nobels are announced, #39; tweeted another person with the handle tngstn.另一位名为tngstn的用户说,我同情村上春树,每次诺贝尔奖宣布时媒体都会为他未能获奖而大惊小怪一番。Hours before the announcement from Stockholm, public broadcaster NHK aired a segment Thursday evening in which ardent fans of Mr. Murakami, called #39;Harukists, #39; gathered at a cafe in Tokyo with bottles of champagne lined up in preparation for a celebration.斯德哥尔方面宣布诺贝尔奖得主之前几个小时,日本公共媒体机构日本广播协会(NHK)周四晚间播放了一个片断,村上春树的热心书迷(“春树迷”)在东京一个咖啡馆聚会,还为获奖后的庆祝活动准备好了成排的香槟。#39;I know he#39;s going to get it and I#39;m quite nervous, #39; said the owner of the cafe, who said he#39;s been a Murakami fan for 25 years.咖啡馆老板说,我知道他会获奖,我特别紧张。他说自己成为村上春树的书迷已经25年。But Harukists will have another year to wait in anticipation, and even longer to find out what deliberations were behind the final choice. The names of the nominees and other information about the nominations are sealed for 50 years.但“春树迷”又将在期待中等待一年甚至更久的时间,以找出最终颁奖结果背后的意见。被提名者的姓名以及提名的其他信息将封锁50年后才会公布。#39;We can#39;t be sure if his name had really emerged as a candidate, but expectations have definitely been increasing, #39; said Takeshi Usami, professor of modern Japanese literature at Chuo University.中央大学(Chuo University)现代日本文学教授宇佐美毅(Takeshi Usami)说,我们不能确定他是否真的获得了提名,但可以肯定的是,人们的期望越来越高。#39;In terms of the bth of ership, there#39;s nobody that can surpass Mr. Murakami, #39; he said. #39;In that sense I believe he will continue to be considered a strong candidate for the Nobel prize, #39; he said.他说,在读者群的广度方面,没有人能超越村上春树,就这方面而言,我认为他将继续被认为是诺贝尔奖的有力竞争者。 /201310/260783上饶人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱A young woman who fell into scalding water under the pavement died after days of fighting for her life at a hospital in Beijing, the Beijing News reported.据《新京报》报道,北京一名年轻女子坠入热水坑中受伤,数日医治无效后死亡。Yang Erjing, 27, was walking on Beilishi Road in Beijing#39;s Xicheng district on April 1 when a section of pavement collapsed and she fell into 90℃ water, which had leaked from underground heating pipes. Yang suffered serious burns to 99 percent of her body.现年27岁的杨二敬,4月1日在西城区北礼士路行走时,一块路面突然塌陷,她不慎坠入90℃的热水坑中,造成全身99%被严重烫伤。The party responsible for the accident is still unclear as an investigation by Xicheng district#39;s work safety bureau and Beijing District Heating Group is underway.事故责任方尚不明确,西城区安监部门和北京热力集团正对事故进行调查。 /201204/177364上饶长鼻手术哪家好

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