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Every year, this Christmas party is held for the children of the people living in the Mews of Buckingham Palace. Everyone seems to be enjoying it. Usually, were lucky with the weather, but tonight it seems a bit more like a typical English winter. The children have been waiting for the usual buildup of excitement and expectation for Father Christmas to arrive, no doubt, wondering what hes brought with him in his sack. For the children, the party and the meeting with Father Christmas are perhaps the most exciting part of the evening. But I hope that a walk through the stables also helps to bring the traditional story alive for them. I hope it also helps them to realise how fortunate they are to have comfortable homes and warm beds to go to, unlike the Holy Family, who had to share with the animals because there was no room at the Inn. Christmas is a festival for all Christians, but it is particularly a festival for children. As we all know, it commemorates the birth of a child, who was born to ordinary people, and who grew up very simply in his own small home town and was trained to be a carpenter. His life thus began in humble surroundings, in fact, in a stable, but he was to have a profound influence on the course of history, and on the lives of generations of his followers. You dont have to be rich or powerful in order to change things for the better and each of us in our own way can make a contribution. The infant Jesus was fortunate in one very important respect. His parents were loving and considerate. They did their utmost to protect him from harm. They left their own home and became refugees to save him from King Herod, and they brought him up according to the traditions of their faith. On this Birthday festival, which we try to make an occasion of happiness for our own families, we must not forget those children who are the victims of ill treatment or neglect. It is no easy task to care for and bring up children, whatever your circumstances – whether you are famous or quite unknown. But we could all help by letting the spirit of Christmas fill our homes with love and care and by heeding Our Lords injunction to treat others as you would like them to treat you. When, as the Bible says, Christ grew in wisdom and understanding, he began his task of explaining and teaching just what it is that God wants from us. The two lessons that he had for us, which he underlined in everything he said and did, are the messages of Gods love and how essential it is that we, too, should love other people. There are many serious and threatening problems in this country and in the world, but they will never be solved until there is peace in our homes and love in our hearts. The message which God sent us by Christs life and example is a very simple one, even though it seems so difficult to put into practice. To all of you, of every faith and race, I send my best wishes for a time of peace and tranquility with your families at this Festival of Christmas. A very Happy Christmas to you all.201509/397756I believe there are two trends that are most significant here, and bare the closest watching.我认为现在有两个最重要的趋势,并需要我们密切关注。The first is what we call deep computing. The term is inspired by our chess-playing super computer Deep Blue, which I believe many of you know competed with the Grand Master Gary Kasparov last year. Deep Blue is an amazing machine, capable of 200 million moves per second. But speed, while essential, is not enough. After all, Deep Blues predecessor was quite fast, butit loss to Gary Kasparov two years ago. 第一个我们称之为深入计算 (deep computing)。这个术语是在我们会下国际象棋的超级计算机;深蓝; 的启发下得到的。我相信很多人都知道去年它与国际象棋特级大师卡斯帕罗夫进行过对抗赛。;深蓝;是一台令人吃惊的机器,它具备每秒 2 亿步的计算能力。速度虽然是必要的,但是仅有速度是不够的。不管怎么说,;深蓝;的前身的计算速度是相当快的,但两年前它还是败给了卡斯帕罗夫The difference in second time around was an infusion of knowledge, human chess knowledge, thousands and thousands of chess moves, games and outcomes, captured as mathematical algorithms. This is what led Deep Blue to mimic the workings of the human mind, and race through millions of possible chess positions and extract the best one. And it worked rather well. But Deep Blue is emblematic of a whole class of emerging computer systems that combine ultra-fast processing with sophisticated analytical software.。第二次比赛的不同之处在于,人类的国际象棋知识、成千上万步的步法、行棋顺序及结果都被提炼为数学算法。正是这些东西使得;深蓝;能够模仿人类的思想行为,从上百万可能的布局中选出其中最好的一种,而且干得相当不错。;深蓝;实际上是所有正在浮现的将复杂的分析软件与超高速处理能力结合在一起的计算机系统的象征。Today we are applying these systems to challenges that are far more vital than chess. Let me talk about two important application areas, starting with simulation.如今我们正把这些系统应用到比国际象棋更重要的挑战上。我来说说两个重要的应用领域吧。首先是计算机仿真。Simulation is about replacing physical things with digital things, recreating reality inside these powerful computer systems. 仿真是一种用数字的东西代替实际的东西的技术,在强大的计算机系统中重建现实世界。201312/267720

And so somebody comes up to Kirby, and they say, ;oh my god, is that Gayle King?; And Kirbys like, ;Uh-huh. Shes my mom.;有人走到卡比面前,对卡比说:“我的天啊,那是盖尔·金吗?”卡比说:“嗯,她是我妈妈。”And so the person says, ;Oh my god, does it mean, like, you know Oprah Winfrey?;然后这个人说:“哦,我的天啊,那就是说,你认识奥普拉·温弗瑞?”And Kirby says, ;Sort of.;卡比说:“认识一点。”I said, ;sort of? You sort of know me?; Well, I have photographic proof. I have pictures which I can e-mail to you all of Kirby riding horsey with me on all fours. So, I more than sort-of know Kirby Bumpus. And Im so happy to be here, just happy that I finally, after four years, get to see her room. Theres really nowhere else Id rather be, because Im so proud of Kirby, who graduates today with two degrees, one in human bio and the other in psychology. Love you, Kirby Cakes! Thats how well I know her. I can call her Cakes.我说:“认识一点?你跟我只认识一点?”我有照片为。我甚至可以把所有卡比和我一起骑马的照片用邮件发给你们。因此我不仅仅只是有点认识卡比·鹏思。我非常高兴来到这里,因为四年来我终于能有机会看看她的寝室。说实话,我没有更想要去的地方,因为我为卡比感到自豪,她今天就要毕业了,并且获得了人类生物学和心理学的双学位。我爱你,卡比甜心!看看我跟她多熟。我可以叫她甜心。And so proud of her mother and father, who helped her get through this time, and her brother, Will. I really had nothing to do with her graduating from Stanford, but every time anybodys asked me in the past couple of weeks what I was doing, I would say, ;Im getting y to go to Stanford.;我也为她的父母感到骄傲,他们在这期间给了她很大帮助,还有她的哥哥威尔。卡比在这儿上大学的四年中,我对她真的没有什么帮助。但是在最近过去的几周里,每当有人问我在做什么时,我都会说:“我正准备去斯坦福。” /201311/264319

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