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统计学家尼克·马科斯质疑为什么我们要以一个国家的生产力,而不是人民的快乐和幸福感,来衡量其是否成功。他向我们介绍全球幸福指数, 这个指数测量一个国家的国民幸福感和资源使用率的比例(因为你可以不靠牺牲地球来换取幸福的生活)。 哪个国家的幸福指数最高呢? 你会大吃一惊的。201502/359635上饶面部除皱纹费用20 years after Franklins experiment,在富兰克林实验之后的二十年Another kind of revolution rocks America.另一项革命震惊了美国An isolated rebellion in a New England lumber yard Will erupt into war.新英格兰木材厂的独立反抗 成了战争爆发的导火索That drive for self-determination,that drive to control their own destiny,民族自决的驱使 自我命运的掌控that drive to control their own economy,overcame all fear.自我经济的独立 这些动力让人们战胜了所有恐惧New hampshire, 1772.Millionaire Ebenezer Mudgett.在1772年的新罕布什尔州 百万富翁埃比尼泽·马杰特 Determined, rebellious.A self-made tycoon.是一个有主见和反叛精神 白手起家的大亨Hes made his fortune From mankinds first and oldest great resource:Wood.他的发家致富是靠人类最早最古老的资源:木材The key to our lives since the dawn of man.从人类诞生之日起 木材就是生存的关键The vast forests that once haunted the dreams曾经让美国居民苦恼万分的Of Americas settlers Are now their greatest source of profit.大片森林 现在成了最大的利润来源950 million acres, over 50 billion trees.九亿五千万英亩土地上有五百多亿棵树And the king of England believes the best belong to him.英国国王认为最好的那些木材归他所有A third of all British ships are built in New England.英国三分之一的船只是在新英格兰制造One war ship uses 6,000 trees,And costs the equivalent of a modern aircraft carrier.一艘战船可用掉六千棵树 其造价等同于现代制造一艘航空母舰的费用You are gonna maintain that kind of maritime trade如果想要维持海上交易and exploration and acquisition of new colonies,探索并夺取新殖民地you better darn well have the resources that allow you to keep that Navy intact.就得整补资源 以保持舰船完整201603/433670上饶妇幼保健院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱A shooting in rural Washington has left five people, including the gunman, dead.华盛顿乡村击事件已造成五人死亡,其中包括手。We received a 911 call that this individual had shot four people and that he had a gun to his head.我们接到911报警电话,这个人已经杀了四个人,然后爆头自杀。Initial reports said the suspect had shot four people, possibly including his wife and children, in a home near the town of Belfair.最初的报道称,在贝尔费尔镇附近的家中,犯罪嫌疑人杀了四人,可能包括他的妻子和孩子。When confronted by deputies, authorities say, the suspected shooter killed himself.当面对警官时,当局称这名嫌犯手是自杀的。A teenage girl was also found on the property; she had no serious injuries but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.当场还发现一名十几岁的女孩,她没有严重受伤,但被送往医院作为预防。Officials are still searching the property and have not released the names of the shooter or victims.官员仍在搜索其住宅,并没有公布手或受害者的姓名。译文属。201602/428339栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201604/431263德兴市妇幼保健院纹眉多少钱

上饶鄱阳县祛除胎记要多少钱上饶余干县去眼角纹多少钱It happens because hot rock from the Earths interior rises up.因为地球内部的热量加热熔岩,使它往上升Near the surface,the rock sps sideways in two directions.熔岩在靠近地表的地方 朝两个方向散开,各自往一侧涌动It begins to lose heat.这时它的热量开始散失Eventually, the much cooler rocks sinks back down.最终,温度稍低的熔岩沉下去了through this sping process通过这种扩散过程the Earth crust is very slowly dragged apart使地壳慢慢地被牵引开来and it is this, that ultimately caused the continents to move.并最终使陆地开始移动225 million years ago,2亿2500万年前our planet was unrecognisable.我们的行星看起来和现在是很不一样的All the continents were joined together in a single super continent, called Pangea.那时所有的大陆是连在一起的叫做盘古大陆As the plates moved, this super continent broke up.当大陆漂移时这块巨大的板块破裂开来New ocean is formed as continents drifted along the globe.随着大陆沿着地球漂移 新的海洋形成了It is this that created the shape of world we know today.这样形成了我们今天的世界but the churning heat beneath us means the plates never stopped moving但是大陆板块从来没有停止漂移in the distant future, our continents will once again在遥远的将来 大陆板块会重新be reunited in a new giant super continent.结合成一个新的巨大的板块201508/392542Hang on.These are crowberries here, look.Oh,these are reindeer dropings.等等 看 这里也长有岩高兰浆果 这有驯鹿的粪便Look, see, look.Masses of it. This look pretty fresh.Look, this is reindeer track.你们看 一大堆 还挺新鲜 看 这是驯鹿的足迹You can really see the hoof marks all the way along.沿途能看见一路都是驯鹿的蹄印There you go -- droppings. And here.Okay, lets definitely follow this.看 粪便 还有那里 好 我们跟着这个走Thousands of years ago,Sami tribespeople moved into this remote wilderness to hunt wild reindeer.几千年前 萨米人为了猎捕驯鹿来到了这个蛮荒之地Small groups still hunt these lands,but the chances of seeing them is close to zero.至今 还有少数部落扔在此猎捕驯鹿 但是能看见这些萨米人的机会微乎其微their range is the size of North Carolina.因为这里足有北卡罗莱纳州那么大Come down, come down.Get on your belly, get on your belly.来 过来 趴下 趴下There are reindeer over here. A bit closer.Thats be vast.At least 50 there.有驯鹿 再靠近点儿 好大一群 至少有50只Actually, though, the suns behind us,which is gonna work in our favor.事实上 现在我们背光 这对我们有利It means theyre gonna be blinded looking this way.这意味着驯鹿从那边看不见我们But weve also got the wind at our back, which is bad.但是 我们处在顺风方向 这就不太好了Its blowing our scent straight across the valley.我们的味道会顺着风吹过去Back away.The sami have allowed me to kill an animal from this wild herd.后退一点 我已经得到萨米人的允许 可以猎杀一只野生驯鹿I need to drop out of sight before they spook.我得在它们受到惊吓前 不让他们发现我Theyve got every survival advantage.它们有很多生存的优势Wide hooves theyre like snowshoes moving on the snow and very fast.宽大的蹄子就像穿了雪靴一样 能够在雪地快速活动But what Ive got is a bigger brain than them,但是我可比它们聪明多了and thats why Im gonna try and use that to set a bit of a snare here.我要好好利用这一点 在这儿设个陷阱201601/419642上饶韩美整形美容医院激光去痣多少钱Our compass points across the cosmos我们的方向指向宇宙back in time 14 billion years回到140亿年前to the moment of creation.创世的那一刻This is getting scary.此情此景开始让人害怕Its like being inside a giant game就像置身于一个巨大的视频游戏But these are all too real.但这些也是真实的Asteroids, some of them hundreds of miles wide小行星,其中有些有数百英里宽This one must be about 20 miles long.这个约有20英里长And there, perched on it, a space probe.你看,上面有个空间探测器Cant have been easy降落在一个时速达5万英里parking on an asteroid traveling at 50,000 miles an hour.的小行星上可不是件容易的事Its a lot of effort just to investigate some rubble.我们一直在努力研究这些碎石Rubble that regularly collides碎石之间经常碰撞breaks up and rains down on Earth as meteorites.碎片后来落在地球上,就形成了地球上看到的陨石Our ancestors saw shooting stars as magical omens.我们的古人把流星雨看做是魔法的征兆And they were right他们是对的Rubble like this came together to make the planets就是这样一些碎石聚在一起就会形成行星including our own包括我们的地球Pretty magical.多美的魔法By dating the meteorites found on Earth通过测定地球上发现的陨石年龄we can tell the planets were born 4.6 billion years ago.我们知道行星诞生于45亿年前These are the birth certificates of our solar system.这些殒石是我们太阳系的出生明For some reason, these rocks didnt form into a planet但有些原因导致这些岩石没有形成行星Something must have stopped them一定是什么阻止了他们Something powerful.某种强大的力量Jupiter.木星What a monster犹如巨大的怪物At least a thousand time bigger than Earth至少比地球的大1000倍so vast you could fit all the other planets inside it大到可以装下太阳系其它所有行星Something this massive dominates its neighbors木星的巨大体积对它周围产生很大的影响Its gravity is pulling the asteroids apart它的引力正在把这些小行星形成扯开And its breathtaking真是美极了But this beauty is a beast.但这个美人是个巨兽Its almost all gas.木星几乎都是由气体构成的Land here and wed sink straight through its layers into oblivion.如果在这里着陆,我们会径直穿过它的外层一去不复返And Jupiters good looks?木星的美丽面孔是The product of ferocious violence它极端狂暴的产物Its spinning at an incredible rate木星自转极快whipping up winds to hundreds of miles an hour卷起时速数百英里的飓风contorting the clouds into stripes eddies, whirlpools把云层扭曲成条状和大大小小的漩涡and this, the legendary Great Red Spot这就是传说中的大红斑The biggest, most violent storm in the solar system.它是太阳系中最大、最猛烈的风暴At least three times the size of Earth, its been raging for over 300 years至少有地球的3倍大,已经肆虐了超过300年了201506/378923江西省上饶韩美整形医院韩式隆鼻多少钱

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