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5.Wacko Jacko5.怪人杰克In the mid-1980s, around the same time as he began lightening his skin, Michael Jackson became a tabloid phenomenon. He grew to despise his reputation as ;Wacko Jacko,; but this curse was largely of his own making.世纪80年代中期杰克逊开始将他的皮肤弄白之后就成为了大小报的新闻头条他的名声不断败坏,还得了一个;怪人杰克;的绰号,但这一切都是他自导自演的One of the first sensational tales about Michael emerged in 1986, when it was announced that he was spending time in an oxygenated hyperbaric chamber to defy aging. It would later turn out that he himself had actually leaked this untrue story to the press.1986年曝出了一个第一个有关于迈克尔的轰炸性消息据称他为了延缓衰老在高压氧舱度过了一段时间但结果是他自己将这个不真实的故事透露给媒体的Another story emerged that Michael had tried to buy the remains of ;Elephant Man; Joseph Merrick. This, too, was a complete fabrication by Michael and his manager, Frank Dileo.第二次爆料称迈克尔想要买下象人约瑟夫·梅里克的遗骨这也是迈克尔和他的经济人弗兰克·迪里昂一手编造的谎言Later, he would complain to biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli: ;Why not just tell people Im an alien from Mars? Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. Theyll believe anything you say, because youre a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, ‘Im an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight, people would say, ‘Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He cracked up. You cant believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. ;之后,他向传记作家兰迪塔拉波雷利抱怨:;为什么不直接告诉人们我是从火星来的外星人呢?告诉他们我吃活的鸡,在半夜还跳伏都教舞他们会相信你所说的一切,因为你是一名记者但是如果是我,迈克尔杰克逊,说出这些话的话,人们只会说,迈克尔·杰克逊是个疯子他精神崩溃了,从他嘴里说出来每一句话你都不能相信;.Child Abuse.虐待儿童As a child star, Michael suffered hideous abuses at the hands of his father. He was routinely whipped and cursed at, and in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he shed tears and claimed that he was so terrified of his father that he would often vomit upon seeing the man. This likely caused his adulthood childlike behavior and drew him to children such as Macauly Culkin, entertaining them at his Neverland Ranch.迈克尔还是一名童星的时候就遭受了父亲的可怕虐待他父亲经常鞭打和诅咒他,在与奥普拉·温弗瑞的谈话中他还留下了眼泪,称他非常害怕自己的父亲以至于一见到他他就会呕吐这很有可能导致了他成年以后孩子气的行为并且十分喜欢像麦考利克金(《小鬼当家的主角)的小孩,并让他们在自己的梦幻岛里玩耍嬉戏Neverland is a sprawling ,700-acre private amusement park with its own zoo, carnival rides, and two railroads. The ranch takes its name from Peter Pan‘s ;Never Never Land,; where boys never grow up. It seemed at first that Michael was merely trying to recapture the childhood that he had never been able to enjoy. But darker allegations surfaced in 1993, when Evan Chandler accused him of molesting his -year-old-son Jordan. Michael insurance company settled out of court a sum reported to be $ million.梦幻岛是一个占地700英亩的私人游乐园,里面有动物园,嘉年华游乐场和两条铁路梦幻岛取名自彼得潘的永无岛,在那里小男孩们永远不会长大乍眼一看这似乎是迈克尔想要弥补他毫无快乐的童年但是1993年更加黑暗的指控浮出水面,埃文·钱德勒控告杰克逊性骚扰他岁的儿子乔丹迈克尔的保险公司花费了00万美金将此事私了Later, Evan Chandler would emerge as something of an odd duck himself, becoming both a part-time screenwriter and a dentist. Carrie Fisher, in her book Shockaholic, claimed that Chandler would perm unnecessary dental procedures on her in the 1980s just so she could get morphine. She called him ;this freak; and said he made her skin crawl.之后,埃文·钱德勒变成了一个丑小鸭式的人物,成为了牙医并兼职编剧家凯瑞·费雪在她的《震惊的狂想一书中称钱德勒在世纪80年代为了让她注射吗啡给她进行了不必要的牙科手术她称他为;怪胎;,弄得她的皮肤满是皱纹After the settlement, Chandler claimed Michael Jackson fans were stalking him, and he underwent plastic surgery to disguise his appearance. In , Evan reportedly attacked his son Jordan with a barbell and mace. In , five months after Michael died, Evan Chandler committed suicide via gunshot to the head.事情私了之后,钱德勒称迈克尔杰克逊的粉丝跟踪他,为了掩饰自己的容貌他进行了整容手术年,据报道埃文携带狼牙棒和杠铃袭击自己的儿子乔丹年,迈克尔去世之后五个月,埃文·钱德勒朝自己的脑袋开了一,自杀而死Jackson again faced child sexual abuse charges in December . Police raided Neverland Ranch, and Michael left the property, never to come back, claiming that it no longer felt like home. A trial began on January 31, , and Jordan Chandler left the country to avoid having to testify. Hed previously filed emancipation from his parents, horrified by what they had ced him to say about Jackson. A jury found Michael not guilty of all charges on June , .年月,杰克逊再次面临性侵害儿童的指控警察突袭了梦幻岛,之后迈克尔就离开了这里再也没有回来,称这里没有一点家的味道年1月31号初审开始,乔丹·钱德勒为了避开出庭作离开了美国之前他申请脱离父母的监护,害怕他们逼迫他说一些陷害杰克逊的话年6月号,法庭宣判迈克尔无罪In , choreographer Wade Robson (who had testified in the trial that Michael had never touched him inappropriately) filed a suit against the Jackson estate, claiming that he had in fact been abused by Michael as a child. In May , a hearing will review if the lawsuit is viable.年,编舞家瓦德·罗伯逊(曾在年审判时出庭作迈克尔没有对他动手动脚)却对杰克逊提出控诉,称事实上在他小时候他曾遭受过迈克尔的性虐待年5月,如果诉讼通过的话就会召开听会进行复审Certainly, Michael relationships with children were unorthodox, and allowing them to sleep in his bed was inappropriate, but a retrospective of all the evidence points to his innocence in ever sexually abusing a child. Dozens of kids who spent time with Jackson were questioned during the investigations, and all of them swore that hed never done anything sexual in their presence. Asked to describe Michael penis, Jordan Chandler had asserted that the man was circumcised, a fact which was his autopsy revealed as false. Likely, several parties thought their relationships with Jackson were the ticket to a quick payday, a horrible fate a man who was otherwise charitable and kind to a fault.当然,迈克尔和小孩的关系只是谣言,让他们睡在他的床上是不适当的行为,但所有据都指出他没有性侵害小孩调查期间警察审讯了许多和杰克逊在一起过的小孩,他们都发誓他并没有性虐待他们当警察让乔丹·钱德勒描述下迈克尔的;弟弟;时,他坚持说他受过割礼,但杰克逊的尸检表明这纯属谎言一些人认为他们与杰克逊的关系很可能是他们一夜致富的门票,但对于慈善和不计较过错的杰克逊来说真是可怕的命运啊3.Escape Plans3.逃跑计划Your typical prison is populated with a motley crew of murderers, rapists, and drug dealers. These men have done unconscionable things, but even they retain some code of honor. Those serving time victimizing children wear targets on their backs and are subjected to beatings and worse. Should Michael Jackson have been convicted and sent to prison, this danger, along with his fame, would have required him to be separated from the general population in virtual solitary confinement the duration of his sentence.一般的监狱里充斥着各种各样的杀人犯,强奸犯和走私犯他们干了丧尽天良的事情,但却还留有几分良知因迫害儿童而刑的囚犯背上背着靶子,会遭受暴打,有时甚至更糟如果迈克尔杰克逊被定罪送进监狱的话,这种危险再加上他的名声,警察会要求在他刑期间把他和一般人隔绝开来进行单独监禁However, Jackson family had no intention of allowing him to suffer the indignities of prison. When the trial wound down, Jermaine Jackson arranged to have a private jet on standby to take Michael to Bahrain. The tiny Middle-Eastern island nation has no extradition treaty with the US. According to Jermaine, Michael was not aware of the plan.然而,杰克逊的家人却不打算让他遭受这种入狱的侮辱初审结束后,杰梅恩杰克逊就安排了一架私人飞机,随时待命把迈克尔送往巴林岛这个微小的中东岛国和美国没有签署引渡条约据杰梅恩所说,迈克尔对于这个计划一无所知.His Patented Shoes.他的专利鞋Michael Jackson was one of the best dancers of his or any generation. Though he did not invent the moonwalk, he certainly perfected it. However, even Michael wasnt capable of defying gravity—in the music ;Smooth Criminal,; he is seen standing at a 5-degree angle, far beyond any human capability.迈克尔杰克逊在他的时代或者任何时代都是最好的舞者之一尽管他并没有发明太空步,但他却将他发挥到了极致但是,甚至是迈克尔也不能违背地球引力,在音乐视频《犯罪高手中,人们看见他以5度角站立,远远超出了常人的能力This was accomplished by way of US Patent No. 5,55,5, granted to Michael and two partners their ;Method and Means Creating Anti-Gravity Illusion.; This method was a pair of shoes, footwear with slot in the heels to hook onto retractable pegs in the floor. Michael patented the device not to generate income but to keep others from using the effect. tunately imitators, the patent expired in after its owners missed a payment.这主要是通过美国专业号5555来完成的,它被授予给迈克尔和两名合伙人,理由是他们创造反引力的奇思妙想和方法方法是一双鞋,鞋子里安装着狭槽,可以勾住地板上的可伸缩挂钩迈克尔申请此专利不是为了赚钱,只是不想让别人表演出同样的效果对于效仿者来说,幸运的是,专利拥有人没有付费用所以年这项专利就到期了1.Giant Robot1.巨型机器人Bee the ill-fated ;This Is It; concert series, Michael Jackson had planned a massive Las Vegas comeback in . This would be no bland, tired regurgitation of the classics—Michael had a grand vision which included solar-powered costumes that would change color with the stage lights. The show would be promoted by a massive, -meter (50 ft) tall robot version of Michael, which would roam through the Nevada desert within view of McCarran airport. When this did not prove feasible, another plan was hatched to build a Michael Jackson–themed hotel and casino, which would feature a laser-blasting android at the entrance.在厄运般的;天王终点;系列演唱会开始之前,年迈克尔·杰克逊计划在举行一场盛大的复出演唱会这将不是一场平淡无奇,让人百无聊赖,让经典倒退的演唱会迈克尔有着宏伟的目标,包括由太阳能发电随着舞台灯光变幻颜色的装演出将会通过巨型的米高的机器人版迈克尔进行宣传,它在内华达沙漠行走就能看见麦卡伦机场当这个计划被实不可行以后,他又想出了另外一个点子——建造以迈克尔杰克逊为主题的旅店和,以入口处发出激光束的机器人为特色Untunately, he was fresh off his child molestation trial, and his star had fallen considerably. Despite meeting with high-powered casino moguls like Steve Wynn, he failed to secure the necessary funding this ambitious venture. The robot ended up a fantasy Michael took to his grave.不幸的是,他的娈童初审才刚刚结束,他的星路变得黯淡无光尽管迈克尔和高层的大亨们(比如说史蒂夫)会面,但是他并没能说他们为他的宏伟计划注资最后,机器人成了泡影,和迈克尔一起进了坟墓翻译:高陈影 来源:前十网 3959

“I have noted that the healthy release of emotion is frequently very unhealthy those closest to you” – Mr. Spock“我已经注意到,对自身有益的情感宣泄常常会伤及周围的亲人”——斯波克Ignoring the often sage advice of the great Enterprise science officer, Apple is working on a new Spock-inspired emoji you to express yourself via mobile devices and computers无视这名伟大的“进取号”飞船科学官的建议,苹果正在制作最新的斯波克励志颜文字用于移动设备和电脑 383

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