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The worlds animal species are dying, and humans are a big reason why.世界上的动物物种正在灭亡,人类是重要的原因。The World Wildlife Funds Living Planet Report shows global populations of wild mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles declined 58 percent on average between 1970 and 2012.世界野生动物基金会的报告显示,全球的野生哺乳类、鱼类、鸟类、两栖类和爬行类动物的数量在1970到2012年间下降了百分之58。And its not stopping there. If 1970 is our baseline, the world is on track to lose an estimated two-thirds of its wild animal populations by 2020.而且并没有停止。如果1970年是我们的基线,到2020年世界将失去估计三分之二的野生动物。But the extinction rate shouldnt be a surprise. Well-known species like eastern and western Gorillas are both critically endangered. Poaching is decimating elephant populations. And you can count the number of northern white rhinos on one hand.但灭绝率不该是什么意外。众所周知的物种,如东部和西部的大猩猩都极度濒危。偷猎正在减少大象的数量。你可以用一只手数清北方白犀牛的数量。The declines are caused by habitat loss from urban development, over-hunting, pollution, disease and climate change,all of which are tied to humans.数量下降是由于城市发展带来的栖息地丧失、过度狩猎、污染、疾病以及气候变化,所有这些都与人类联系在一起。The point is this: Earth is becoming inhospitable,both to animals and to humans. The plus side? Were getting better at recognizing our negative contributions, and researchers say thats one of the ;first steps; to fixing the problem.关键的一点是:地球正变得不适合居住,对动物和人类都一样。另一方面,我们正更好的认识我们负面的影响,研究人员称,这是解决问题的“第一步”。译文属。201611/476168TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477400Anti-vaccine activists endured a cold, rainy day in Washington to make their point.为了达到抵制目的,这些反疫苗活动人士们在阴雨连绵的华盛顿忍受了一天的严寒。;As parents, its our decision whether or not we want to vaccinate.;“作为父母,我们有权决定是否要给孩子接种疫苗。”The movement has gained so much momentum that doctors are alarmed.这场运动发展势头迅猛,医生们对此也感到十分震惊。;We now, in the state of Texas, have 50,000 kids whose parents are opting them out of getting vaccinated.;“德克萨斯州现在就有5万名孩子的家长选择不接种疫苗。”Activists say thats because vaccines can cause everything from autism to severe allergies.活动人士们表示,之所以不让孩子接种疫苗,是因为疫苗会导致各种不良反应,从自闭症到严重过敏都有可能出现。And that the centers for disease control is covering up study showing harmful health effects.疾病控制中心如今都在掩盖那些会对身体产生有害影响的研究。But thats not the case.但事实却并非如此。;Occasionally there is an adverse reaction, but it is so rare, that its to be almost unmeasurable.;“确实会偶尔出现不良反应,但是这个概率特别小,几乎是不可测的。”;The most common side effects to any of the vaccines are pain at the injection site and fever for 24 to 48 hours.;“对于所有疫苗来说,最常见的副作用就是注射部位疼痛以及发烧24至48小时。”But the activists are convinced harmful ingredients are added to the vaccines.但是活动人士坚信疫苗当中都添加了有害成分。;Now its aluminum that has been added as an adjuvant.“铝佐剂被添加到疫苗当中。Add to that formaldehyde, polysorbate-80, and significant amount of human aborted fetal cell lines,还加入甲醛、聚山梨醇酯-80,并使用大量的流产胎儿细胞系、bovine cells, pig, sheep, monkey, dog, these cells are not meant to be injected into the human body.;牛细胞、猪细胞、羊细胞、猴细胞和细胞。这些细胞本不该被注入到人体当中去的。”Again, the science says otherwise.然而这一次,科学再次明并非如此。;The vaccines that the children are getting today are very much more pure and are very safe and effective.;“现在孩子们接种的疫苗都十分纯净,而且也非常安全有效。”So effective that some diseases are no longer perceived as a threat.这些疫苗当真有效,所以有一些疾病如今已经不再被视为威胁。;Currently, if you speak with any young mother or young father in Italy, where I come from,“我来自意大利,目前,你跟任何一个意大利的年轻父亲或母亲聊天都会发现,they dont know diphtheria. Theyve never seen it, they dont know that you can lose your child from diphtheria.;他们根本不知道白喉症。因为他们从来都没见过。所以他们也不知道一个人居然可以因为白喉症而痛失骨肉。”The World Health Organization has an online site to help parents find reliable information on vaccine safety.世卫组织开通了一个在线网站,帮助父母找到可靠的疫苗安全信息。The CDC does the same.而疾控中心也是这么做的。;I think that there will be a certain number of people, a certain percentage of people,“我觉得肯定还会有相当数量和比例的人群,who no matter what you say to convince them with evidence, theyre not going to be convinced,不管你如何用据来说他们,他们就是不会相信你,but I think the approach towards people who are anti-vaccinating is to respect their opinion and dont denigrate them and dont criticize them,不过在我看来,面对这些反对接种疫苗的人,我们能做的就是尊重他们的意见,不要去贬低或者批评他们,but try to explain to them on the basis of solid evidence why the risk/benefit of vaccines clearly,而要用真凭实据向他们解释明白:接种疫苗虽有利有弊,但权衡之下,clearly favors very, very heavily towards vaccinating your children.;很明显,利大于弊,父母还是应该为自己的孩子接种疫苗。”And thats why Dr. Peter Hotez urges scientists to get out of their laboratories and to talk to people about vaccines.正因如此,彼得·霍特兹士才鼓励科学家们走出实验室,跟人们去讨论有关疫苗的话题。Otherwise, he says, children the world over will unnecessary suffer and die from diseases that can be prevented by safe, effective vaccines.否则的话,他表示,世界各地的孩子都可能患上某些疾病并最终导致死亡,但我们本可以通过为他们接种安全有效的疫苗来预防这些疾病。Carol Pearson, VOA news, Washington.VOA新闻,卡洛·皮尔森于华盛顿为您播报。201706/513119

Okay... rolling. Um... one, two, one, two...好……在拍了。嗯……一、二、一、二……Hello, everybody! Ive just seen an #EmergencyLesson by Yaroslav and Nastya in the Ukraine, and I think its amazing. And its really important as well. And I couldnt help noticing that Yaroslav had an Iron Man on his backpack, which I thought was pretty cool. Ive got an Iron Man on my backpack, but dont tell anyone.哈萝大家!我刚看了乌克兰的 Yaroslav 和 Nastya 拍的 #EmergencyLesson 影片,我觉得很棒。而且也很重要。我忍不住注意到 Yaroslav 的背包上有只钢铁人,我觉得满酷的。我自己的背包上也有钢铁人,不过别告诉任何人。They asked us, as you see, to share our best school photos, so Im now gonna share my best school photo with you. Please try not to make fun of my hair. This is four-year-old Tom... in some very smart stripy trousers, which I may wear again someday. When I was this age, I didnt know I wanted to be an actor. But I was in a school play, and I played Toad in The Wind in the Willows... so, from that day to this.他们请我们,如你所见,分享最好看的校园照,所以我现在要来和你们分享我最好看的校园照。请试着不要笑我的头发。这是四岁的汤姆……穿着看起来很时尚的条纹裤,我哪天搞不好会再穿一次。在这个年纪时,我不知道自己想当演员。不过我有参加学校的戏剧演出,我扮演《柳树间的风声》里的蛤蟆……所以,从那天到现在。School is so much more than a building, as you know. Its where you meet your friends. Its teachers, its protection, its stability, and its hope. And its where you find out who you are and who you want to be. And for children like Yaroslav and Nastya who are living through crisis and conflict all over the world, school is as vital as food and medicine.学校不只是一栋建筑,你知道的。学校是你认识朋友的地方。它是良师、它是庇护、它是稳定,而且它是希望。而且学校是你发现自我和了解自己想成为谁的地方。对世界各地像 Yaroslav 和 Nastya 这样正经历动荡不安的孩子来说,学校就跟食物和医疗一样重要。Heres how you can help: The hashtag is #EmergencyLessons. And you can help us celebrate the importance of school by sharing your favorite school photo... with the embarrassing hair... and sharing this here.这里是你能帮上忙的方法:主题标签是 #EmergencyLessons。你可以借由分享你最喜欢的校园照来帮我们宣扬学校的重要性……留着呆呆发型的照片……还有分享这影片。#EmergencyLessons#EmergencyLessons201607/452707

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457806

There you go.Right there is the river, down in the valley.好了 那有条河 一直流到山谷里And thats what I want to get to, down there.我要下到那去This is looking pretty sheer down this bit.这段路看上去非常陡峭But I reckon well use the rope and get down to that ledge halfway.不过我觉得可以用绳子 下到半截的悬崖那里This cliff is too high for my rope to reach all the way.这个峭壁太高了我的绳子不够长But I can use a climbing technique called multi-rappelling.不过我可以用一点攀岩技巧 就是多重绳索下降法I need to make sure my rope is retrievable and that Ive got good anchor points on the way down.我得保我可以把绳子收回来 并且在下去的路上找到好的固定点Really, I want to th this up high.我要把绳子穿过这个树杈Its gonna just make it easier to retrieve.这样更容易回收Gonna be a direct line of sight to it rather than going over a lip.下降时 别让绳子离开你的视线 不要让绳子卡在悬崖上The Caucasus mountains were formed when the Arabian and European tectonic plates collided millions of years ago.高加索山脉是几亿年前 印度洋板块和亚欧板块 碰撞后形成的Nice and steady there.The region is subjected to powerful earthquakes下边地势平坦 这一地区饱受强震之苦and this means the rock faces can be highly unstable.也就是说 该地区表层岩石很不稳定The whole mountain is literally just crumbling apart.整座山轰然劈开Theres a birds nest.Theres an egg in it as well.鸟巢恰巧在那 巢中恰有一颗蛋If you want to survive out here,you must think like a scavenger and never pass up any potential food source.倘若想在这样恶劣的环境中求生 就得把自己变成拾荒者 只要是能吃的 来者不拒Just smell! That egg is rotted!Thats a vulture egg.闻闻吧 鸡蛋腐臭了 这是一枚秃鹰的蛋This is just truly...putrid.Have a look at the color inside here.这绝对是...腐烂了 看看里边的颜色201704/504758

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