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A generic targeted drug to treat cancer manufactured by a Chinese pharmaceutical company hit market recently.我国制药公司生产的一种仿制靶向抗癌药物于日前上市。The new gefitinib cancer-treating drug, whose Chinese commercial name is Yiruike, was produced by Qilu Pharmaceutical (Qilu).这款新上市的吉非替尼抗癌药由齐鲁制药研制,中文名是伊瑞可。Its release ends an almost decade-long monopoly by Iressa, developed by British multinational biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and introduced to China in 2005.伊瑞可的上市结束了易瑞沙在国内市场近10年的垄断。易瑞沙由英国跨国生物制药公司阿斯利康研制,于2005年引入国内。Yiruike was approved for marketing by the China Food and Drug Administration after Iressa#39;s patent protection expired in April 2016, Qilu said.齐鲁制药称,易瑞沙的专利保护于2016年4月到期后,国家食品药品监督管理总局批准伊瑞可上市。Qilu#39;s general manager Li Yan said Yiruike, at less than RMB2,000 a pack, is a fraction of the price of the previously available drug, meaning more people in need can be helped.齐鲁制药总经理李燕称,伊瑞可的售价不到2000元/盒,是此前能买到的药物的价格的一小部分,这意味着更多有需要的人可以得到帮助。Gefitinib is a much-needed first line medicine used in targeted therapies against non-small-cell lung cancer, which accounts for about 80% of lung cancer cases in China.吉非替尼是靶向治疗非小细胞肺癌的急需一线药物,非小细胞肺癌约占我国肺癌病例总数的80%。Lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer in China. About 591,000 people die from lung cancer in China every year, according to the national cancer center. There are about 733,000 new cases every year.在中国,肺癌的致死人数要多于其他任何癌症。根据国家癌症中心的数据显示,每年我国大约会有59.1万人因肺癌去世,此外每年还会有73.3万的新增病例。 /201703/495051

How Do Top Students Study?真正的学霸是怎么学习的?Learn topics that you are taught as soon as they are introduced in class and learn them well in small chunks.上课学到的知识要尽早深入学习,把它们分成小的模块来学。Do your problem sets diligently and put effort into understanding the material.勤奋地归纳问题集,努力读懂材料。Math requires practice if you want to solve questions consistently under exam conditions.如果你想要在数学考试中持续成功地解决问题,就要多多练习。How much practice you need will depend on your level of maturity (in Math).做多少习题取决于你在数学这个科目上的熟练程度。Do not count on last minute cramming right before exams to do well.不要考试前的最后时间里靠死记硬背去取的好成绩。Cramming might work (i.e. get you decent grades in the exams) during the first two years when the material is relatively simple, but if you don#39;t learn the basics well, you might end up having trouble with the more advanced material that will build on the basics.在前两年题目比较简单的时候死记硬背也许有用(比如在考试中取得不错的成绩),但是如果你不打好基础,你可能会在遇到进阶题的时候觉得困难重重——因为这些题都是建立在基础知识上的。It might be hard to catch up once you have a gap in your understanding in the early years.一旦早期在理解方面落后,后期赶上去会非常困难。The 7 most important things that enable learning and top grades are:让你取得好成绩的七个要点:Listening carefully in class - no just furiously taking notes. Notes can be borrowed from friends, or you can refer to reference materials later. Listen in class!在课堂上认真听讲-不要只是急着记笔记。笔记是可以向朋友借,或者你也可以借助参考资料。上课认真听!Ask questions in class - don#39;t be afraid to ask questions. Genuinely engage the professor and participate in class. if you can#39;t follow, others probably can#39;t either.在课堂上提问-不要害怕问问题。要和老师进行真诚的互动,积极参与课堂。如果你跟不上,其他人可能也跟不上。Go to office hours - and engage the TA / Professor利用老师办公室答疑时间-跟助教或者老师互动Sleep on time准时睡觉Exercise练习Find a good study group - ideally people who know things complementary to you, or with whom you work extremely well.找个好的学习小组-最好是他们的观点可以对你的有所补充,或者和那些和你合作得非常默契的人一起。Stay calm before exams - don#39;t cram, and definitely try not to stress out during exams. The best way to do well during an exam is to stay calm before and during the exam.考前不紧张-不要死记硬背,不要在考试中压力过大。应对考试最好的方式是在考试之前和考试过程中都保持镇静。 /201702/490781

Over the last 15 years, as a geriatrics and palliative care doctor, I have had candid conversations with countless patients near the end of their lives. 过去15年间,作为一名老年病学及舒缓疗护医生,我和无数即将走到生命尽头的病人进行过多次坦诚对话。The most common emotion they express is regret: regret that they never took the time to mend broken friendships and relationships; regret that they never told their friends and family how much they care; regret that they are going to be remembered by their children as hypercritical mothers or exacting, authoritarian fathers.他们最常表达的情感是遗憾:遗憾从未花时间去弥合破裂的友谊和关系;遗憾从未告诉朋友和家人自己有多在乎他们;遗憾会以吹毛求疵的母亲或严苛专制的父亲的形象留在儿女的记忆里。And that’s why I came up with a project to encourage people to write a last letter to their loved ones. 正因为如此,我推出了一个项目,鼓励大家给挚爱之人写最后一封信。It can be done when someone is ill, but it’s really worth doing when one is still healthy, before it’s too late.这封信可以在生病的时候写,但在身体尚且康泰、一切尚未太迟之前就写下来,会是非常好的选择。It’s a lesson I learned years ago from a memorable dying patient. 这是多年前,我从一位令人难忘的临终病人身上学到的。He was a Marine combat veteran who had lived on a staple diet ofSemper Fi and studied silence all his life. 他是海军陆战队的一名退伍老兵,以永远忠诚为人生信条,一辈子沉默寡言。A proud and stoic man, he was admitted to the hospital for intractable pain from widely sp cancer. 这个骄傲而又坚忍的男人,因癌细胞大面积扩散,导致顽固性疼痛而收治入院。Every day, his wife visited him and spent many hours at his bedside watching him watch television. 妻子每天都会前来探视,在他的病床旁待上好几个钟头,看着他看电视。She explained to me that he had never been much of a talker in their 50-plus years of marriage.她跟我解释,在他们50多年的婚姻生活中,他向来少言寡语。But he was far more forthcoming with me, especially when it became clear that his days were numbered. 但他和我倒很有话说,尤其是在他显然已经时日无多的时候。He spoke of his deep regret for not having spent enough time with his wife, whom he loved very much, and of his great pride in his son, who had joined the Marines in his father’s footsteps.他说自己非常后悔没有花足够多的时间陪伴深爱的妻子;他还满怀骄傲地谈起了追随自己的脚步加入海军陆战队的儿子。One afternoon, when I mentioned these comments to his wife and son, they looked incredulously at each other and then disbelievingly at me. 一天下午,当我对他的妻儿提及这些话的时候,他们对看了一眼,又望向我,满脸的难以置信。They thanked me for being kind but stated that my patient was incapable of expressing such sentiments.他们感谢了我的好意,但却表示,他不可能表达这样的情感。I wanted to prove my credibility and to make sure that his wife could actually hear her husband professing his love. 我想要明自己没说谎,并确保他妻子真的能够听到他坦陈爱意。I knew he was unlikely to speak to them directly. 我知道他不愿意直接告诉他们。So I took my huge family camcorder with me the next morning on medical rounds and – with the patient’s consent — recorded an open letter from him to his family. 所以第二天早上巡房时,我带上了巨大的家用摄像机,并征得病人的同意,录下了他给家人的公开信。When I gave them the taped letter as a keepsake, both his wife and son were moved to tears.当我把录下来的话语作为信物交给他的妻儿时,他们感动得热泪盈眶。The experience inspired an idea that has grown into the Stanford Friends and Family Letter Project. 上述经历给了我灵感,把它转化成了斯坦福亲友书信项目(Stanford Friends and Family Letter Project)。With guidance from seriously ill patients and families from various racial and ethnic groups, we developed a free template for a letter that can help people complete seven life review tasks: acknowledging important people in our lives; remembering treasured moments; apologizing to those we may have hurt; forgiving those who have hurt us; and saying thank you, I love you and goodbye.在来自不同族裔群体的危重病人及其家人指引下,我们设计出了免费的信件范本,可以帮助大家完成回顾人生的七项任务:确认我们生命中重要的人;回忆珍视的时刻;向伤害过的人道歉;原谅伤害过我们的人;说谢谢你,我爱你,以及再见。While these may seem intuitive, many people don’t complete these steps before they die, leaving their family members with unanswered questions and regret.这些任务看起来或许颇为直观,但许多人在去世前并没有全部完成,为家人留下未解之谜和深深的遗憾。(A showing people participating in the project can be seen here.)(一段视频记录了人们参与这个项目的情况,点击此处观看。)The letter template, which is available in eight languages, allows writers to express gratitude, forgiveness and regret. 信件范本共有八种语言可供选择,可以让写信人表达自己的感激、谅解和遗憾。In one letter, a participant wrote to his wife, Lily, I wish I had loved you more.一位参与者在信中对妻子莉莉(Lily)说,如果我曾更爱你该有多好。Many writers use the templates to express pride in their children in ways they might not do in person. 许多人会利用它来告诉子女,自己为他们感到骄傲,而在面对面时,这些话或许难以出口。One wrote to a son, Michael: You are so courageous to change your major and do what it takes to be successful to reach your dreams. 一位参与者在信中告诉儿子迈克尔(Michael):你转换专业,尽一切努力实现自己的梦想,实在是太有勇气了。Another wrote, Life for us was never easy but you overcame obstacles.另一位写道,我们的生活从未一帆风顺,但你克了重重障碍。And some apologize. 有些人则会道歉。A man named Tyrone Scott wrote to his daughter, I’m sorry that I wasn’t there when you were growing up. 一个名叫泰隆#8226;斯科特(Tyrone Scott)的男人在信中对女儿说:很抱歉没能在你长大成人的过程中陪伴左右。If I could relive my past, I would not have let your mother take you away from me.如果可以重新来过,我不会让你妈妈把你从我身边带走。The letters can be a chance to let go of grudges. 写信还可以是放下恩怨的契机。Shirley Jones wrote, To Harold: You have forgotten to repay some of the personal loans you obtained from us. 雪莉#8226;琼斯(Shirly Jones)写道:致哈罗德(Harold):你忘了偿还从我们这儿得到的某些私人贷款。We are wiping your account cleared.我们已经把你的帐一笔勾销了。So we invite you to use the Dear Friends and Family template and write your letter now while you still can.所以我们诚邀各位使用挚爱亲朋信件范本,在你还能活动的时候写下心里话。Those with chronic or serious illness may use the illness letter template; there is also a healthy letter template for those in good health. 患有慢性病或者重症的人可以使用病人书信范本,身体健康的人则可以使用健康人士书信范本。In working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, I found that some were reluctant to complete the goodbye task for fear that it might become a become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 在与来自不同文化背景的人士合作的过程中,我发现有些人不愿完成说再见的任务,因为担心这或许会成为自我实现的预言。I recommend that people write only the parts they feel comfortable with.我建议大家只写不会让自己感到不舒的部分。Once the letter is written, you can choose to share it with your loved ones right away. 写完信以后,你可以选择立即和亲友分享。You can also store it in a safe place or with a trusted person to be given to your family in the future. 你也可以把它存在一个安全的地方或者一个信得过的人手中,等到以后再交给家人。Some people prefer to use the letter as a living legacy document and update it over time.有些人倾向于把信当成可更新的遗书,会不时地加以修正。It may take tremendous courage to write a life review letter. 写一封回顾人生的信可能需要巨大的勇气。For some people, it evokes deep and troubling emotions. 对一些人来说,它会勾起内心深处令人不安的情感。Yet it may be the most important letter you will ever write.不过,它或许是你一生中写的最重要的信。 /201609/465995Speaking at the Kremlin in December 2014, Vladimir Putin explained that bears might prefer a quiet life, eating berries and honey instead of chasing piglets, but no self-respecting bear should let its enemies rip out its claws and fangs. 2014年12月在克里姆林宫讲话时,弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)解释称,熊或许更喜欢安静的生活,吃浆果和蜂蜜,而不是追逐小猪,但是,任何一头有自尊的熊都不应任由敌人拔掉它的爪子和尖牙。Among the bears for which the Russian president’s remarks were sure to have held singular resonance was Fancy Bear.普京的发言肯定在一些熊中引发了独特共鸣,花式熊(Fancy Bear)就是其中之一。Fancy Bear is a Russian cyber-espionage group that the World Anti-Doping Agency holds responsible for hacking into its computer systems and publishing the confidential medical data of US and European athletes. 花式熊是俄罗斯一家网络间谍团体。世界反兴奋剂机构(World Anti-Doping Agency)认为,该团体入侵了它的计算机系统并公布了美欧运动员的保密医疗数据。Another tech-savvy denizen of the Russian forest that likes to show its claws is Cozy Bear.生活在俄罗斯森林中的另一头懂技术、喜欢露出爪子的熊,是安逸熊(Cozy Bear)。According to CrowdStrike, a California-based cyber security company, the two bears were responsible for separate attacks on Democratic National Committee servers that disrupted this year’s US presidential race.据总部位于美国加州的网络安全公司CrowdStrike称,两只熊分别对民主党全国委员会(DNC)的务器实施了攻击。这些攻击扰乱了今年的美国总统竞选。Despite Russian government denials of involvement in these two incidents, CrowdStrike suspects that Fancy Bear is affiliated with the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency, and that Cozy Bear may be connected with the FSB, successor to the KGB, the Soviet spy service. 尽管俄罗斯政府否认与这两起攻击有关联,但CrowdStrike怀疑,花式熊与俄罗斯军事情报机构格鲁乌(GRU)有关系,而安逸熊或许跟俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB,前身为苏联间谍机构克格勃(KGB))有关联。The two bears do not appear to co-ordinate their cyber attacks on the US and its allies. 两只熊似乎没有协同对美国及其盟国发起网络攻击。But the nature of their targets indicate that the bears dance to a powerful state’s tune.但从它们所针对目标的属性来看,这两只熊听命于强大的国家。Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear are almost certainly examples of a rich and highly distinctive tradition of Russian subversion that dates to before the first world war. 俄罗斯在颠覆活动方面有着厚重、独特的传统,花式熊和安逸熊几乎可以肯定是体现了这一传统。此传统可追溯到第一次世界大战之前。This includes forged documents, false news stories planted in foreign media, front organisations and, in our times, government-backed social media trolls and fake websites.做法包括伪造文件、安排在国外媒体上发表的假新闻、掩护性组织,在我们这个时代,还有政府持的社交媒体钓鱼和假网站。Naturally, when it comes to hacking and related clandestine operations, other governments are no babes in the woods. 当然,当谈到黑客和相关秘密行动时,其他国家的政府也并非善男信女。For example, China and Russia tout their friendship, but Chinese hacking of Russian institutions and companies has increased this year, according to security experts in Moscow.比如,尽管中国和俄罗斯吹嘘它们之间的友谊,但莫斯科的安全专家称,今年中国方面对俄罗斯机构和公司的黑客攻击有所增加。As for forgeries, a notorious 20th century case, the Zinoviev letter of 1924, had nothing to do with Soviet intelligence. 至于伪造文件,20世纪那个臭名昭著的案例——1924年的季诺维也夫信件(Zinoviev letter)——与苏联情报机构毫无关系。The document purported to be a letter to the UK Communist party from Grigory Zinoviev, the Soviet international propaganda chief, encouraging subversive acts. 那封信据称是当时的共产国际主席格里戈里#8226;季诺维也夫(Grigory Zinoviev)写给英国共产党的,鼓励后者实施颠覆活动。British intelligence passed it to the Conservative party, from where it arrived at the Daily Mail. 英国情报机构把这封信转交给保守党,从保守党那里又到了《每日邮报》(Daily Mail)手中。The Mail published it on the eve of the 1924 election, which the Tories proceeded to win by a landslide — although their victory owed little to the scandal.该报在1924年选举前夕公布了此信。保守党随后以压倒性优势获胜——不过,这个丑闻对他们的胜利贡献甚微。Nowadays, historians think that the letter probably originated with anti-Soviet White Russian exiles in Berlin or Riga. 如今,历史学家认为,这封信很可能出自柏林或里加的反苏白俄流亡者之手。However, another spectacular forgery — The Protocols of the Elders of Zion — seems to have been concocted by the Paris-based head of the foreign branch of tsarist Russia’s secret police. 然而,另一个引人注目的伪造事例——《锡安长老会纪要》(The Protocols of the Elders of Zion)——似乎是由沙皇俄国秘密警察机构的巴黎分负责人炮制出来的。The Protocols, which makes wild allegations of a Jewish plot to rule the world, was first published in Russia in 1903 and nourishes global anti-Semitism to the present day.于1903年最先在俄罗斯出版的该书,令人匪夷所思地指控犹太人阴谋统治世界;自那时起、直到今日,这本书一直为全球反犹太主义提供着养料。The Soviet Communist party and KGB had a kind of colour scheme for subversive measures. 苏联共产党和克格勃有一套指代不同颠覆活动的颜色代号。The KGB’s Service A conducted black propaganda (forgeries and rumours); the party’s international information department handled white propaganda (stories in the official Soviet press); and the party’s international department took care of grey propaganda (clandestine radio broadcasts and front groups).克格勃的A小组(Service A)实施黑色宣传(即:伪造和造谣);苏共国际信息部处理白色宣传(即:苏联官方媒体上的报道);苏共国际部负责灰色宣传(即:秘密无线电广播和掩护性组织)。From the 1960s until the late 1980s, all sorts of lies were sown in western countries and the developing world. 从20世纪60年代至80年代末,苏联在西方国家和发展中国家散播了各种各样的谣言。The KGB sp a rumour that a rightwing conspiracy was behind President John Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. 克格勃散布谣言称,1963年美国总统约翰#8226;肯尼迪(John Kennedy)的遇刺背后有一个右翼阴谋。In a deception codenamed Operation Infektion, a letter appeared in a pro-Soviet Indian newspaper in 1983 alleging that Aids was the result of Pentagon biological weapons programmes. 在代号为感染行动(Operation Infektion)的造谣行动中,一份亲苏联的印度报纸在1983年刊登了一封信,声称艾滋病(Aids)是五角大楼(Pentagon)生物武器计划的产物。In 1985 the disinformation campaign moved to Literaturnaya Gazeta, a Soviet literary weekly, from where it sp to non-Communist countries, damaging America’s image. 1985年,造谣运动的阵地转向苏联文学周刊《文学报》(Literaturnaya Gazeta),谣言又从那里传到非共产党国家,损害了美国的形象。After the Soviet Union’s collapse, Yevgeny Primakov, a former foreign intelligence chief, confirmed that the KGB had set up the whole operation.苏联解体后,前对外情报局长叶夫根尼#8226;普里马科夫(Yevgeny Primakov)实称,克格勃策划实施了这一整套行动。A comparable example involving Mr Putin’s Russia is the false story in January that asylum-seekers had raped the 13-year-old daughter of a Russian immigrant family in Germany. 在普京领导下的俄罗斯,一个类似的例子是今年1月的假新闻,声称寻求避难者强奸了德国一个俄罗斯移民家庭的13岁女儿。This tissue of lies, first reported on Russian state television, stirred up ethnic Russians in Germany just when public opinion was on edge because of the tide of refugees entering the country.最先由俄罗斯国家电视台报道的这一串谎言,在难民大潮涌入德国导致舆论紧张之际,煽动了该国俄裔居民的情绪。Rather than pure aggression, retaliation often seems to be behind Russia’s dark arts. 隐藏在俄罗斯这些见不得光的做法背后的,似乎往往是报复,而非单纯的挑衅。The hacking of Wada was probably a tit-for-tat move for the ban on Russian athletes at the Olympics that followed Wada’s disclosures of state-sponsored doping. 对世界反兴奋剂机构的黑客攻击,很可能是在该机构披露俄罗斯政府持用兴奋剂、导致俄运动员遭到奥运会禁赛之后,一项以牙还牙的报复行动。The DNC hacking may reflect the Kremlin’s perception that the US had a hand both in the 2011 anti-Putin protests in Russian cities and in the 2014 Ukrainian uprising.针对民主党全国委员会的黑客攻击,或许反映了克里姆林宫的一种看法,即在2011年发生在俄罗斯多座城市的反普京抗议活动以及2014年发生在乌克兰的叛乱中,美国都扮演了某种角色。Whatever their motives, Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear seem in no mood for a diet of berries and honey.不管花式熊和安逸熊的动机是什么,它们似乎都没有心情安静地享用浆果和蜂蜜。 /201609/468723

For decades now, we#39;ve been wearing hair ties on our wrists. Not only is this the most convenient method, but it#39;s also the only way we can keep ourselves from losing them — otherwise, the darn things just disappear.几十年来,我们经常把绑头发的橡皮筋戴在手腕上。这不仅是最方便的方法,而且橡皮筋还不容易弄丢。否则,那个小玩意儿就不见了。But one Kentucky woman#39;s harrowing tale may cause you to reconsider this accessory altogether.但是在看完这个肯塔基女人的悲惨故事,你可能会对这个小配饰有些顾虑。According to WLKY, Louisville local Audree Kopp noticed a bump on her wrist growing bigger and bigger.据WLKY报道,路易维尔市当地居民奥德利·科普注意到手腕有个凸块而且越长越大。Though she was prescribed a course of antibiotics from her doctor, it continued to enlarge and become inflamed, so she went to the emergency room. It was there that she learned her glittery hair tie had caused three kinds of infections in her wrist.尽管医生给她开了一个疗程的抗生素,但是凸块越发肿大,甚至发炎。她不得不去了急诊室就医,后来才知道原来是绑在手上亮闪闪的橡皮筋导致了手腕的三种感染。Dr. Amit Gupta at Norton Healthcare, who immediately performed surgery on Audree, believes that bacteria from the difficult-to-clean accessory entered her skin through pores and hair follicles.诺顿医疗的阿密特·古普塔医生在立即对奥德利进行了手术。他认为细菌是从不易清洁的橡皮筋通过毛孔和毛囊进入了病人的皮肤。If she hadn#39;t visited the emergency room when she did, the infection could have turned into sepsis, a life-threatening condition caused by bacteria in the bloodstream.如果她没有及时来就诊,感染可能会变成脓毒症——一种由血液中细菌引起的危及性命的疾病。;People have been known to go into a coma, your body shuts down,; Audree explained. ;It could have been way worse.;“大家都知道人一进入昏迷状态,身体系统就会停工,”奥德利解释道。“情况可能会更糟糕。”Maybe it#39;s for the best that hair ties get lost when we#39;re not wearing them – they have the potential to cause serious harm.所以可能最佳做法就是,就算弄丢橡皮筋也不要戴在手上,因为它们有造成严重伤害的可能性。 /201609/469206

I know this is going to be slightly bizarre, but I think you should go out and exercise.我知道这听起来有点奇葩,但是我认为你该出去做点运动。A few years ago I was suffering from being extremely lazy. Usually, what I would do is come home after a long day of college and not go over everything that I had learnt in class - complacency on my part because I#39;m a fast learner - but it would mostly be due to laziness.几年前我因为太懒受了不少苦。通常我在大学上了一天课回家后是不会主动去复习当天内容,我自认为自己学东西快,但其实是懒癌在作怪。When I had started exercising, my organisational skills, problem solving skills and general intelligence had substantially improved. I was no longer absent-minded, lazy and stressed. It could have possibly been due to the motivation my teachers were giving me to achieve my potential, not just due to the exercise; but the exercise was enormously beneficial, and is what spurred me on.当我开始运动后,我的组织能力、解决问题能力和综合智力都有了质的飞跃,我不再健忘、懒、紧张兮兮。这可能是因为我的老师一直鼓励我去挖掘自己的潜能,而不单单是因为运动;但是运动确实好处多多,而且是运动一直激励着我。A friend of mine wanted to lose some weight.我有个朋友很想减肥。He tried everything. He spent a whole day eating fish soup only.尝试过很多方法,甚至一天就只喝鱼汤Then he spent another day fasting. Then he started to skip breakfast. Then, for an afternoon he had fruit only. Then only rice, for 12 hours.然后第二天节食、第三天开始不吃早餐、下午只吃水果,接下去时只吃米饭坚持12小时But nothing would work. Big belly, small arms.然并卵,大肚子小胳膊一直在。“Why do you want to be skinnier?” I asked.我曾问他为什么想变瘦。“I don’t really know, it’s just better” he replied.他回答说他也不知道,只是觉得瘦更好。And then he only had salad for a day. And then a Chinese takeaway.接下去他一天只吃沙拉,隔天只点了份中国菜外卖。He didn’t know what he wanted, he only knew what he didn’t really want.他不知道自己想要的,但他知道自己特别不想要的。I like this e from Lewis Carroll.我很喜欢出自路易斯?卡罗尔这一席话。One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree.一天,爱丽丝走到分叉口,看到一只柴郡猫正在树上。;Which road do I take?” she asked.”我该走哪条路呢?”她问。“Where do you want to go?” was his response.“你想走哪条?”他反问。“I don’t know.” Alice answered.“我不知道。”爱丽丝回答。“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”“其实选哪条都不要紧。”猫回答。Hard work is just a tool. But where do you actually want to go?努力只是工具,重要的是知道自己想要什么。 /201703/498767

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