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上饶哪里去疤痕上饶纹眉价格Young voters年轻选民Apathetic fallacy无情的谬误Online voting could transform Britains electorate网络投票改变英国选民Fancy a snap election?喜欢临时选举?ONE-BY-ONE they approach the lectern, explaining why they will cast their votes. “Regardless of whether you do or dont, policies will be implemented,” says Princess, an activist, to loud cheers. As politicians from the main parties all make their speeches, the atmosphere in the lecture theatre at Queen Mary University, in east London, is electric. This is what Citizens UK, a network of university bodies, youth groups and religious gatherings, does so well: using existing civil-society organisations to spur young people into political action, and holding invigorating assemblies to meld them together.选民们一个一个走上将台,解释他们为什么要投下选票。“不管你投还不是不投,政策还是要实施,”活动家Princess大声欢呼道。各主要政党的代表们都发表演讲之后,东伦敦玛丽皇后大学的演讲厅充满了激昂的情绪。这就是一个大学机构、青年团体和宗教集会网络Citizens UK擅长的伎俩:利用现有的民间社会组织来鼓励年轻人参与政治并举办鼓舞人心的集会来团结他们。It is also the exception. At the 2010 election, according to Ipsos MORI, 44% of Britons aged between 18 and 24 voted, compared with 76% of those aged 65 and over (national turnout was 65%). The gap is relatively new: it was half the size in 1970, and has grown significantly only over the past two decades. It is also starker than elsewhere. In the German election in 2013, for example, 64% of first-time voters cast their ballots, compared with 75% for over-70s. Britains low youth turnout helps to explain why the outgoing, Conservative-led government has protected public spending on older voters (guaranteeing increases in the state pension, for example) while doing little to solve a housing shortage, which affects the young most acutely.但这也是一个例外。根据莫里市场公司调查显示,在2010年的选举中 ,18岁至24岁的英国选民中有44%的人投出选票,而65岁及以上的选民投票率达到76%(全国投票率为65%)。这个差距一直在变化:1970年的差距仅为2010年的一半,而在过去的20年间迅速增长。英国的差距也比其他地区明显。在2013年的德国大选中,64%的第一次投票的选民(people aged between 17 and 21)进行了投票,70岁以上选民投票率为75%。英国低靡的年轻选民投票率在一定程度上解释了外向的保守党联合政府为何乐意为老年选民保公共出(比如保养老金增长)而不太愿意去解决对年轻人影响更大的住房短缺问题。There are several reasons for the low turnout. One is that more Britons are going to university and ever-more live in short-term, rented accommodation. Both trends make it harder for authorities to register them. Another is that Britains first-past-the-post system holds down insurgent parties—like the Green Party—which are popular among young voters but stand no chance of winning more than a handful of seats. This makes voting seem less effective. Perhaps the most convincing explanation is that mainstream parties, with their soporific committee meetings, are ill-attuned to a generation more at home in dynamic organisations like Citizens UK and 38 Degrees, an online campaigning network which claims to have over ten times as many members as the Labour Party.年轻人的低投票率有一些原因。第一,越来越多的英国人进入大学,相较于以前更多地住在短期租赁的住所。这两个趋势让当局很难为他们进行注册。第二,英国选举的简单多数制能够压制叛乱党派——比如绿党——该党在年轻人中更受欢迎,但是却没有机会赢得更多的席位。这让选举变得似乎不那么有效。最有说力的理由或许是主流政党中那些催人欲睡的委员会把更愿意呆在家里的这个群体推向了动态的组织,比如Citizens UK 和38 Degrees 这个声称拥有比劳工党多10倍成员的在线竞选网络。What to do? In the long term, political parties should become looser, more open and more welcoming. But one simple improvement would be online voting; a measure which John Bercow, the speaker of the House of Commons, has said he wants to see by 2020. That would both accommodate the footloose lives of young Britons, but also reflect how they like to do their politics: online and with reference to their social networks. Estonia introduced online voting in parliamentary elections in 2007. What is Britain waiting for?我们该做什么?长远来看,政党应该变得更宽松、更开放、更受欢迎。但是在线投票或许是一个简单的改进:下议院院长John Bercow说他希望在2020年看到这一景象。这会更加适应年轻英国人自由自在的生活,也能够反映他们喜欢怎样参与政治:通过在线和社交网络。爱沙尼亚已经在2007年的议会选举中引进了在线投票。英国还在等什么呢?译者:胡雅琳 校对:吴倩 译文属译生译世 /201505/373301德兴市妇幼保健院祛疤手术多少钱 When you go back to work or class after lunch, why is it so hard to stay awake?当我们用完午餐回去工作或上课时,为什么很难保持清醒呢?Although we get energy from food, we also use lots of energy to digest it.尽管我们从食物中获取能量,但也需要耗费许多能量来消化这些食物。Your energy use increases 25-50% as you digest a meal.消化一餐就会增加百分之二十五至五十的能量消耗。With all that action going on in the digestive system, the body sends extra blood to the gut to supply oxygen and other necessities.有了消化系统内的一系列活动,身体才能源源不断地将额外的血液输送到消化道以提供充足的氧气和其它必需物。As food enters the stomach, the intestines secrete substances that dilate, or expand, the blood vessels that supply them with blood.当食物进入胃,肠道便分泌许多物质,它们使得为肠道供血的血管膨胀或扩张。As a result, more blood flows to the upper digestive tract,and theres a bit less to go around to the rest of the body.结果便是更多的血液流向上消化道,而循环于身体其它部分的血液则相应减少,That might make your arms and legsand brain feel a little sluggish!这时你可能感觉浑身懒洋洋的,连大脑也变得迟钝起来。At the same time, the small intestine releases a hormone that activates the part of the brain that controls sleep, making you drowsy.同时,小肠释放出一种荷尔蒙,它可以激活控制睡眠的大脑区域,让你昏昏欲睡。Finally, the natural components in foods can also contribute tothe snooze effect. Certain foods, especially carbohydrates, increase production of serotonin in the brain.最后,食物中的天然成分也会让你打盹。某些食物,特别是碳水化合物,会增加大脑中血清素的生成。Serotonin works both to stop sugar craving, and to make you very relaxed.血清素既可以抑制吃甜食的欲望,又可让你倍感放松。The larger the meal, the more pronounced that feeling can be.吃得越多,这种感觉就越明显。With all of these physiological reasons why wemight feel sleepy after eating, a siesta after lunch sounds like a brilliant idea, and maybe after dinner and breakfast too!鉴于诸多生理原因导致我们餐后昏昏欲睡,也许午餐抑或早晚餐后小憩一会儿是个明智的选择。 /201412/350116Eastern Ukraine乌克兰东部Fighting on坚持战斗As the battle continues and the death toll mounts, the West imposes more sanctions战争持续,伤亡增多,西方国家加强制裁THE two presidents could not have offered a greater contrast. Announcing new sanctions against Russia on July 16th, Americas Barack Obama a prepared statement and took no questions. Minutes later, Russias Vladimir Putin staged an off-the-cuff press conference in Brazil to assail the sanctions legitimacy. He let emotion take hold, reaching a crescendo during a riff about the “tears of mothers, widows and orphans” in Ukraine.两位总统都无法达成更好的协议。7月16日美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马宣读了准备好了的声明,宣布对俄罗斯的新制裁并不回应任何问题。几分钟之后,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京在巴西举行了即席记者招待会来质疑制裁的合法性。他在说到乌克兰“母亲、遗孀和孤儿的眼泪”等反复出现的字节时被情绪影响,音量逐渐加强。The new sanctions come at a crucial juncture in Ukraines war. The death toll, both civilian and military, is rising as the fighting creeps into Donetsk and Luhansk, eastern Ukraines two biggest cities. Russia has not stopped its support for rebel forces, and has even ramped up equipment transfers following the fall of rebel-held Sloviansk two weeks ago. Kiev has implicated Moscow in the recent downing of two Ukrainian military aircraft. After an air strike demolished an apartment block in the city of Snizhne on July 15th, Ukrainian officials called it a Russian provocation, saying none of their planes took off that day. That would imply Russia sending a jet more than 20 kilometres (12 miles) across the border to bomb a residential neighbourhood and poison opinion against Kiev, a cynical notion even for Mr Putin. But to blame Ukraine is to accept that the countrys armed forces are dangerously incompetent or stunningly cruel. Neither version suggests the conflict will abate soon.新的制裁正好出现在乌克兰战争的关键点上。平民和军方的死亡总人数因为乌克兰东部两个最大的城市顿涅茨克和卢汉斯克战火蔓延而不断增加。俄罗斯并没有停止对乌克兰叛军的持,甚至在两周前叛军控制的斯洛伐克沦陷后,将转让的装备提升了。基辅因最近两家乌克兰军用飞机的坠毁与莫斯科纠缠不清。在7月15日一架飞机撞毁了一栋位于斯尼日内的公寓楼后,乌克兰官方称之为俄罗斯的挑衅,并称乌克兰的飞机在那天均没有起飞。这就意味着俄罗斯派遣了一架飞机越过边境线至少20千米(约合12里),向邻国住宅区投放炮弹,并且刻意抹黑基辅,这即使对普京来讲也过于愤世嫉俗。但是怪罪乌克兰就是承认这个国家的武装力量过于不称职或者惊人的残忍。不论是哪个版本的说法都表明矛盾不会很快结束。The main targets of the new sanctions are two prominent banks (Vneshekonombank and Gazprombank ) and two energy firms (Novatek and Rosneft). The sanctions do not yet cut the companies off from international business or block their assets. Instead, they restrict access to American debt and equity markets, barring loans of more than 90 days maturity. Eight defence firms, a few individuals and a Crimean shipping firm face more traditional asset freezes. The European Union has promised to follow suit, with the names of “entities and persons” affected to be released shortly.新制裁的主要目标是两个主要的(Vneshekonombank和 Gazprombank)和两个能源公司(Novatek和Rosneft)。但制裁并没有切断这些公司与国际商务的关系,也没有冻结它们的资产。相反,它们只是限制进入美国债券和股票市场,禁止借贷超过90天的贷款。八家防务公司,少数个体公司和一家克里米亚半岛的船运公司面临着更加传统的资产冻结问题。欧盟承诺也会跟着美国做,取名为“实体与个人”并且会很快产生影响。The sanctions effect will depend on whether Mr Putin finds that another blow to his countrys wobbly economy hurts more than one to his pride. So far he has bridled, saying the decision would have a “boomerang effect” and that American-Russian relations were being driven to a “dead end”. In any case the fighting in eastern Ukraine has taken on a momentum beyond his control. Kievs “anti-terrorist operation” is alienating locals. Since the fighting began three months ago, 478 civilians killed, and 1,392 have been wounded. The anger on the ground may be creating conditions for what Alexander Golts, an independent Moscow-based defence analyst, calls “a long partisan war”.制裁的效果取决于普京能否对俄罗斯摇摇欲坠的经济伤害甚于对他本人骄傲的打击。到目前为止他对此表示不屑一顾,并称决议将会产生“回旋效果”,并且美俄关系将会进入“死胡同”。无论如何乌克兰东部的战争已经超出它的控制范围了。基辅的“反恐作战”正使当地人疏远。自从3个月前战争开始,478名平民死亡,1392名平民受伤。现场的愤怒可能会将情形变为莫斯科国防分析师亚历山大·高斯所说的“长期党派战争”。The rebels attitude is “victory or death”. At one militias base on the edge of Donetsk, where shelling has ravaged residential areas, three weary soldiers take cover in a bomb shelter. “People dont fully comprehend what is happening,” says one, referring to stunned locals who peek out of their windows when they hear the sounds of battle. He might have been speaking of the outside world. At another base, away from the fighting, few think it will stop soon. “Its not fucked up,” says Maksim, giving a soldiers assessment. “Its completely fucked up.” A brawny ex-paratrooper, he once served in the same Ukrainian army he now fights against. He promises to stand till the end.叛军的态度是“不成功便成仁”。在一个民兵组织驻扎的顿涅茨克的边境,那里的炮击已经摧毁了居民区,3名疲惫不堪的士兵躲在一个防空洞里。“人们并不能完全明白繁盛了什么。”一名士兵说道,指的是震惊的当地人在听到战争的声音时还透过窗子偷看。他或许一直都在说外面的世界。在另一个远离战争的基地中,几乎没人认为这会很快结束。“这还没到一团糟的地步。”马克西姆在给一位士兵做评估时说。“这已经是一团糟了。”一位强壮的前任伞兵说,他曾役于他现在攻击的同一乌克兰军队。他保不到最后一刻绝不倒下。译者:邵夏沁 校对:邵灵玲译文属译生译世 /201508/390198上饶脱小腿毛多少钱

上饶哪里取脂肪垫好余干县保妥适多少钱 On Wednesday a middle school teacher in Newtown, Connecticut was arrested and charged with bringing a firearm into the towns middle school. 周三,一名康涅狄格州纽顿中学教师被捕,被指控携带到镇上的中学。The teacher, 46 year-old Jason Adams, was detained by Newtown Middle School security after being spotted carrying a concealed weapon. 46岁的老师杰森·亚当斯,在被发现携带隐蔽武器后被纽顿中学安保拘留。Connecticuts gun laws prohibit gun possession on school property. 康涅狄格州的法律禁止学校财产持有。The school has said that Adams has been placed on administrative leave. 该校表示,亚当斯已被行政休假。Newtown, Connecticut experienced one of the deadliest school shootings in 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School.2012年康涅狄格州纽顿桑迪胡克小学经历了致命的校园击案。译文属。201604/436217上饶市卫校附属医院做去疤手术多少钱

上饶哪里有激光纹身的 听力参考文本:Detroit Public Schools is million behind in pension payments with no end in sight for the financial free-fall.According to Chad Livengood of The Detroit News, the district is predicting a deficit of 6 million.;The biggest driver to the DPS deficit is legacy costs and past debt,; Livengood says.With past years debts rolled into one, payment becomes even more difficult for the schools to escape.;The pension is the last thing that gets paid when DPS is trying to hold onto money and make sure they have enough money to make payroll every two weeks and keep classes operating,; Livengood says.DPS has been under state oversight for 12 of the past 15 years and is currently on its fourth emergency manager in the past six years.But the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren is looking to interrupt this failing system. Livengood says the group will be unveiling new recommendations to the governor this week on how they believe education in Detroit should change.Currently, the area is a mix of charter schools and public schools, and DPS is saddled with much of the responsibility of serving special education needs.According to Livengood, charter schools dont have the same type of mandate for servicing every need of special education students. He says this has caused DPS special education costs to be higher than the statewide average.So where will the money to fix DPS come from?;I would look for this to be a big negotiation point in the budget talks, especially as the governor formulates a plan and submits a new plan to the Legislature this spring,; Livengood says.But until a budget is agreed upon, the coalition is moving forward and Livengood says hes heard its proposals may include a new position that oversees all educational entities in the city.201503/366666余干县改脸型的费用鄱阳县妇幼保健人民中医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱



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