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小学五年级英语作文 -- :57: 来源: 小学五年级英语作文 范文我的书包 My BackpackI have a backpack. It is large and it is blue. It is a birthday gift from my parents. I love it very much. It is very "hard-working", because I keep all my school things in it. It is very heavy. It is with all the time during school days. It is a good friend of mine.我的房子(My House) I have a house. It is big and new. There are eight rooms in it. They are a living-room,a kitchen,three bedroom,one study and two bathrooms. I watch TV in the living-room. I do my homework in the study. I have dinner in the kitchen. This is my house. I like it.

新奥尔良英文介绍 -- :19:5 来源: 新奥尔良英文介绍Visiting New Orleans Mardi Gras season? You'll find pizza, hot dog stands and rolling carts of cotton candy galore along the parade routes, but some of the city's finest fare can also be consumed along St. Charles Avenue - the main drag the biggest and glitziest star-studded processions of Carnival.Some restaurants even have grandstands that put viewers at eye level with floats and just above the throngs of street revelers jockeying beads with outstretched arms.Herbsaint, a French bistro-style restaurant on St. Charles near the middle of the parade route, offers viewing spots diners from its grandstands to , depending on the night, but also has dining-room windows fronting the route."I can't think of too many spaces where you can actually sit in a restaurant and have that nice bottle of burgundy, that nice meal, and then just sit there and just watch the parades go by," says chef and owner Donald Link."It's a neat experience."Members of the Krewe of Zulu travel down St. Charles Avenue, the main drag the star-studded processions on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans. Sean Gardner ReutersLink says this will be the restaurant's th Mardi Gras, and after experimenting with buffets, special s and scaled-back s, what works best is the regular dinner service inside with the option of stand-viewing outside. That means the opporty to indulge in Herbsaint standards such as duck confit and dirty rice, beef short ribs with potato cakes and gumbo - all while taking in the Carnival revelry."We serve our wine in the right glasses, and nothing changes," Link says."It's the experience you want to come here any night of the year."Like several restaurants, Herbsaint is closed on Mardi Gras (March this year), but most downtown parades happen in the days and weeks bee the holiday.Zulu, Rex and two other clubs, known as krewes, parade on Carnival day. More than 30 others are scheduled from Feb 1 through Lundi Gras, the Monday bee Mardi Gras, including the star-studded Bacchus, Endymion, Muses and Orpheus parades."It's a busy time us, but it's a fun time," says Anthony Scanio, chef de cuisine at Emeril's Delmonico, which is owned by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse and is also located along the St. Charles route.There, patrons can watch parades from the main dining area while enjoying a fine meal with some Carnival-inspired touches, such as a Mardi Gras "king's cup" cocktail and king cake doughnuts sprinkled with Carnival colors of purple, green and gold.The also includes Louisiana delicacies like spicy cream cheese boudin (sausage) balls, chicken and andouille gumbo and veal braciolone with spaghetti and New Orleans red gravy.The Brennan family-owned Palace Cafe, which is toward the end of the route where St. Charles turns onto Canal Street, offers fine dining with three levels of parade views."We're known our crabmeat cheesecake, our andouille-crusted fish and, of course, the white chocolate b pudding," says Wesley Janssen, spokeswoman the restaurant."That's what people come here . The views are a bonus."Near the start of the route is Superior Seafood, which opened two years ago serving Louisiana seafood favorites like raw and charbroiled oysters, oysters wrapped in bacon, seafood gumbo and shrimp and oyster po'boys. It's on the corner where floats and marching bands turn from Napoleon Avenue onto St. Charles, fronting the parade route on two sides. It was designed with Mardi Gras in mind, said Aimee Rowland, the restaurant's event planner."It's a crazy corner, so we tried to set things up to accommodate as many people as possible," she says.The restaurant boasts an oyster bar and two patios with seating at ground level as well as a large balcony that can accommodate up to 0 patrons upstairs.A bit farther down the St. Charles route is Superior Seafood's sister-restaurant Superior Grill, a Mexican-style restaurant. To accommodate more patrons on Mardi Gras, stools are removed to make room at the long bar inside, and a walk-up bar is set up outside. The restaurant hires a disc jockey to entertain between parades, and grandstands are available rent outside.But the big draw is the food. The includes full meals of enchiladas and fajitas or easy-go options like burgers and nachos. A favorite is brisket, marinated in a seasoned dry-rub hours bee being cooked and served in quesadillas, flautas and nachos. On busy parade days, they tend to run out, said McKinley Eastman, managing partner at the restaurant since its opening in 1997."We can't make our brisket as fast as we sell it," Eastman says."But we'd rather run out than cut corners and make a less quality product, even Mardi Gras." 新奥尔良英文介绍

我爱春天(I love ring) --1 :55:39 来源: 我喜爱春天(i love spring)  of the four seasons,i love spring best.in spring,the weather gets warmer and everything begins to grow rapily.if we go to the countryside on a sunny day in spring,w'll find tree turning green and flowers blooming.besides mypersonal interests,i think the most in portant reason.  why i like spring is that spring signifies hope and progress.it assures us a promising season of summer and also the most iportant havvest seaso-autum.i love sprig.

英语童话剧本: Pulling the radish (拔萝卜) -01- ::19 来源: characters: rabbit、dog、monkey、cat角色:小兔、小鸭子、小、小猫背景:舞台上放着些萝卜出场:音乐响起,小兔子跳着舞高兴地出来采萝卜,突然,它发现一个特大萝卜兔:啊,一个萝卜!一个大萝卜!我把它拔出来H: Oh, a radish! A big radish! I want to pull it out.哎——嗨——呦!哎——嗨——呦!Ai-----Hay---Yo! Ai---Hay---Yo!这萝卜太重了我拔不出来The radish is too big. I can’t pull it out.小鸭子出场小鸭子:我是漂亮的小鸭子我饿了哦,兔,你在干什么?D: I’m a beautiful duckling! Hi, Miss rabbit, What are you doing?兔:你好,先生一个萝卜,一个大萝卜它太大了我拔不出来H: Hello, dear duckling! Here is a radish, a big radish. But it’s too big..I can’t pull it out.小鸭子:我帮你咱们一起拔D: I can help you. Let’s pull it together.兔:谢谢你咱们一起拔H: Thank you .Let’s pull it together.兔和小鸭子:一、二、开始!哎----嗨----呦!哎---嗨---呦!哦,这萝卜太重了我们拔不出来HD: One, two, pull! Ai---Hay—Yo!Ai—Hay—Yo! Oh, the radish is too big. We can’t pull it out.(小伸伸懒腰走了出来)猴:我是小猴我饿了哦,你们在干什么?M: I’m a monkey. I’m hungry. Oh, What are you doing?兔和:你好,猴先生一个萝卜,一个大箩卜它太重了我们拔不出来HD: Hello, Mr. Monkey. A radish, a big radish. It’s too heavy. We can’t pull it out.猴:我帮你们咱们一起拔M: I’ll help you. Let’s pull it together.兔和:谢谢你咱们一起拔HD: Thank you. Let’s pull it together.兔,和猴: 一,二,开始!哎---嗨---呦!哎---嗨---呦!哦,这萝卜太重了我们拔不出来H,DM: One, two, begin! Ai---Hay---Yo! Ai—Hay---Yo! Oh, the radish is too heavy. We can’t pull it out.(小山羊走了过来)羊:我是山羊我饿了哦,你们在干什么?G: I’m a goat. I’m hungry. Oh, what are you doing?、兔和猴:你好,山羊先生一个萝卜,一个大萝卜它太重了我们拔不出来H,DM: Hello, Mr. Goat. A radish. a big radish. It’s too heavy. We can’t pull it out.羊:我帮你们咱们一起拔G: I’ll help you. Let’s pull it together.,兔和猴:谢谢你,咱们一起拔H,DM: Thank you. Let’s pull it together.兔,,猴和羊:一,二,开始哎—嗨---呦!这萝卜真大,这萝卜真重哎—嗨—呦!我们必须使劲干我们一定把它拔出来H,D,MG: One, two, begin. Ai—Hay—Yo! The radish is big. The radish is heavy. Ai---Hay—Yo! We must work hard. We must pull it out.兔,,猴和羊:哎—嗨—呦!啊,萝卜拔出来了!一个大萝卜!一个重萝卜我们大家一起吃!H,D,MG: Ai—Hay—Yo! Hooray, the radish is out! A big radish! We’ll eat it together .A heavy radish!(他们一起围着大萝卜唱歌,跳舞) 英语 童话 剧本

我的漂亮(My pretty sister) -- :7:1 来源: 我的漂亮(My pretty sister)  My pretty sister’s name is LiQiouyun .She is twenty years old .She is very slim and she don’t look like me ,I’m very strong. .She very kind and friendly .  She like swim very much and her like eat cabbage soup ,salad ,pizza and some vegetable very much too .She like me very much ,because I’m very pretty and strong .I like her to ,because she can help me to do some English home work .but now she is in Beijing .but I like her very much!

迷失方向的第七天 -- :: 来源: 迷失方向的第七天人们时常会迷失方向,谁也不知道迷失方向后会发生什么,唯有继续前行在自己的道路上尽管周围的景物和人已经变化,我们能做的唯有继续前行终点也是一个新的起点本剧讲述的是一个迷失了方向的人徘徊在一个陌生的城市,第七天了,他能否找到自己的方向呢?Aside:People often lose their directions when on the way. We have no idea what may happen in the future. Only we go ahead on our own ways. Despite the change of views and people around us, we can do nothing but go ahead. End is also a new start. A new future there will always be.  Memory, or love; and pain, or pleasure has possibly been come through. But all these brilliant beauty-the dancers in flame, the moths under lamplights, the shooting stars in the dark night-sky, the eyelashes wet with dew, seem to blossom, to burst, to finish and to die in this short time.  What has been in our possession? What shall we lose?  Pray continue your advance, dear brothers; pray do it, dear sisters. I am from where you come. So am I where you're going.  We are walking on the way. We just need a future.  Scene:The stage on which a man lit up a cigarette with the lighter is entirely black.It is accompanied by beautiful background music.  MAN  (mazedly) What am I doing here? Six days have passed. The seventh day will come just through the moment of zero, but what am I doing here? (music stops,drops the cigarette, people walking up and down upstage)  MAN  This is a strange place. I have been here fully six days. Why have I been here so long, where, without the taste of friendliness, the chilly wind blows and the stars dazzle? Do you know why? Tell me! (to the audience) Do you know why? Tell me! (to the passers-by) Why do you not speak? (rushes into the crowd) You must speak to me! You're walking, you're breathing, you're loving. You must speak to me. (the passers-by make their way around him with a sidelong glance at him)  MAN  (walks out of the crowd downstage) Never bother them while people are walking. Never bother them while people are breathing. The living are strange to me. I am isolated from this strange place and the people in a hurry. But what am I doing here? And six days! Should I go or stay? Should I seek on or give up? Should I love or hate? Shall I speak to people? (the stage is black, exit the passers-by, enter the pair of lovers, the lights shine on the stage, the man is to either side)  PIAO  (terrifiedly) Xiao Luo, listen to me. I didn't really mean it. The letter had been torn up open bee I got it!  LUO  (coldly) Then why did you not ask me?! Today you met my parents the first time. What a thing you've said. What will become of us since!  PIAO  (worryingly) I didn't mean it, I have to say. How come I knew about your sister but one missing page of the letter!  LUO  You're right. One page was missing. But it was neither the first nor the last. Didn't you find it when you it?! Sow!  PIAO  (angrily) You... ...  MAN  (abruptly interrupts them) What are you doing here?  LUO  (surprisedly) What?  PIAO  Who are you? (walks beside Luo to protect him)  MAN  What are you doing here, I said?  PIAO  This is the avenue, not your home. Why do you care what we are doing here?  LUO  (to Piao) What are you doing?  MAN  Ah! Do you also lose yourselves? Do you know why I am here?  PIAO  You? A lunatic!  MAN  It looks like you really lose yourselves. Where are you going? Do you know your own directions?  LUO  (naughtily) And you? Where are you going?  PIAO  Xiao Luo!  MAN  I? I don't know. Neither do I know where I am. Please you tell me!  LUO  Why should I tell you?  PIAO  (laughing) Yes. Why should we tell you?  MAN  Why? I never think of it. get it. Go now.  LUO  Where are you from? What's your name? And your homephone number?  MAN  What? Oh (smiling). Thanks your care. I have no name. And no home or no phone, either. I'm not lunatic but very normal. Just I've been here six days. But I don't know why I came here. Neither do I know where it is here. I shall leave when I make it clear.  LUO  (smiling) So you've come here just by way of this place!  MAN  (smiling) You are interesting.  PIAO  Xiao Luo, we have to go now.  LUO  What's so urgent? (turns to the man) Why did you just say we lose ourselves?  MAN  Do you love each other?  LUO  We-we-  PIAO  We are, of course, in love so deeply.  MAN  Then are you happy?  PIAO  We-we-  LUO  We shall be.  MAN  (smiling) How can you be happy since in love? You've lost yourselves in your own dreams. But you're happy. Keep your sleep. I don't want to wake you.  LUO  (puzzledly) You-  PIAO  (scaredly) Lunatic! Let's go, Xiao Luo!  [exit the lovers]  MAN  (smoking) They are so lovely! The entire world will bless them! But why did they call me a lunatic? Love? Lunatic? (to the audience) Do you long love? Lunatics!  [Enter Yan with a cigarette in his mouth.]  YAN  Hey, buddy, have you got a lighter?  [The man takes out a box of cigarettes,and then fishes out a lighter from it.]  YAN  Thank you. (takes up the box) Yo! The same brand of cigarettes as mine. I always have it. And you? (the man smiles without a word, Yan returns the box) What a terrible weather! It's too cold. Buddy, I say, you're wearing so much that you look like a little daughter-in-law in confinement. What material is this clothes made of? (stretches out to touch the man's clothes, the man doesn't speak, still staring at him while smiling)  YAN  (nervously) Why are you ever smiling?! What's wrong with me? (looks at himself, the man smiles)  YAN  (angrily) What you fucking smile ?! Lunatic! (drops the cigarette, stamps it out) Nonsense! (turns to leave)  MAN  Wait!  YAN  What?  MAN  Please return the wallet to me! There is no money left in it but one photo of my mother's, so I don't want to give you that.  YAN  (in a panic) You-you-  MAN  I'm familiar with the taste on you once I was also a thief.  YAN  (takes out a dagger) What do you fucking want?!  MAN  I don't need the wallet anymore, all right? If only you give me back that photo. In fact, the wallet is a fake worth 5 yuan. No use even though you get it. Besides, you're holding the dagger in such a wrong pose that you easily hurt youself. And, and, remember not to stab here. That'll lead to so much blood.  YAN  You-you- (drops the dagger, takes out the wallet and throws it to the man). You'are out of mind. You're a lunatic. (staggers running off the stage)  MAN  (picks up the wallet and dagger) Lunatic? Hehe, maybe I am!  [Enter Meng]  MENG  Have you got cigarettes? I want one.  MAN  Here you are. (lights up Meng)  MENG  How sweet this cigarette tastes! I seem to be familiar with it.  MAN  Indeed? I always have this brand. (lights up himself)  MENG  What is your name?  MAN  I-I have no name.  MENG  How should I call you?  MAN  Call me? No need. I'm very bee you. It's OK you speaking to me.  MENG  What if you go?  MAN  You won't find me after my departure. Why worry to know my name.  MENG  No-no-. Must I know it. Must you have one.  MAN  Why? I am I. My name is my name. Be irrelated. Even I myself sake my name, what do you have it ?  MENG  You don't understand. People and names are inseparable. Names are actually people. Someday people leave, but names stay with me. Tell me, what is your name?  MAN  OK. You can call me Yan.  MENG   being speechless? (excitedly)  MAN  No, three fires.  MENG  Oh, I thought you have the same name as His.  MAN  As whose?  MENG  My boyfriend's. Yan is his name.  MAN  Is he all right?  MENG  I don't know. I have now his name only. He is lost-long bee.  MAN  Did you not look him?  MENG  Yes. And I had found him, but he's still lost.  MAN  (smoking) You ought to get him.  MENG  I have gotten him. You're also called Yan. Whatever Yan, it's your name, isn't it?  MAN  get me, too!  MENG  I shall, but it is not now. (dinches the cigarette) Please hug me, will you?  MAN  No.  MENG  Why?  MAN  I haven't made clear why I came here. six days I have been here, but without any reason. You know everything has a reason. I need a reason of my own.  MENG  Hug me bee I give you one.  [Enter Piao and Luo]  LUO  Sister. How come you ran out again!  MENG  (excitedly) Ah, Xiao Luo, you've come. You know his name is also Yan.  LUO  You!  MAN  Yes!  LUO  You haven't gone yet!  MAN  Soon! I shall go after finding a reason.  [Enter Yan with a pontil in his hand]  YAN  Bastard! I was really frightened. Don't go if you have a lot of guts.  LUO  (looks at Yan) You.  YAN  Xiao Luo! Meng! (drops the pontil, coming running up)  LUO  Stop!  YAN  Meng! Meng! Are you all right? Xiao Luo, what's the matter with your sister?  [Meng, with a confusion on her face, looks as if in dream, Xiao Luo is very cold]  LUO  She hasn't remembered you. Go.  YAN  Meng! (comes up)  LUO  Get away! (Piao comes up to protect Meng and Luo)  LUO  Sister, let's go!  [Exit Meng obediently, accompanied by Luo and Piao, suddenly turns running to the man, getting hold of his shoulders]  MENG  Yan.  YAN  Meng, I'm here. (the man waves to her)  MENG  Yan (gladly). You know you've come here to meet me. six days you've been here just to meet me. Do you understand?  MAN  I do.  LUO  Sister, let's go home!  MENG  Well, I'm off. And you?  MAN  I shall.  [Exit Meng, Luo, Piao. Onstage entire peace. The man comes up to give Yan a cigarette, another himself and lights up]  YAN  Are you really named Yan?  MAN  Three fires.  [The bell strikes]  MAN  The seventh day comes. I have to go. And you?  YAN  Go.  ACT DROP  END 迷失 方向 的

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