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Helen Mirren pens memoirThe Oscar winning actress talks about her new book “In the Frame,” her mother and what a palm er predicted for her You know why people say about Helen Mirren when she came to her success later on in life. But you had an experience, Matt alluded to it at the top of this half hour. When you were 23, that made you realize (Yes) ok, I might get success later on?Well yes, I was very confused at the age of twenty-three, I think the twenties was a very difficult time, actually much more difficult in your teens. You don’t know whether your dreams are gonna come true or not. You, suddenly reality strikes you in the face, you’ve got to do with life and all its difficulties. And I was very unhappy and confused, and I went to a shrink first, and that didn’t work out for various reasons that I described in the book. So then I was told about a hand..a guy who s hands, so I went to this guy, and he was a funky little old guy in the backstreet in London. And he said write this down, because you’ll forget what I am going to say to you, and he gave me sheets of paper and a pencil, and he started, he spoke really fast. And I wrote wrote wrote wrote wrote, like paper after paper after paper. And I worked out. Then I had this huge sheaf of papers. It was absolutely right. I could hardly remember what he said, but my whole life as it was to be revealed was there in these papers and I looked at them and I thought, you know what? I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know, I want my life to be an adventure and surprise. And I found the first rubbish bin I could find, trash can as you say, and I throw it into the trash can, but I did remember one thing that he said. And he said you will achieve fame and fortune but it won’t happen until (your) until you’re in your forties.And you certainly did, I mean boy we know you are here in this country really as the queen. That’s how everybody thinks we…No, before you knew Miss Jane Tennison, remember it?Well, that’s true, too. But...I will prefer being the police detective to the queen, it’s quite....you couldRight, but I am looking through the book, and I can’t even show these pictures, you know these picture.Yes, yes…Hello, very very racy pictures of a young woman.Well, I lived with a wonderful photographer for four years, and we did erotic photographic work together. And that’s some of it, the small part of it.But you’ve always been comfortable too in film with nudity. It’s ever been a big deal?No, I was never comfortable.No?It's never comfortable to have you to be the only person on a set of a hundred and forty people and mostly men, and to be the only person with your cloth off. That’s never very comfortable situation, but I’ve dealt with it, and to got on with it. You know.Yes. Congratulations on that Academy Award, by the way I’ve never had a chance to say that to you in person. Where is it?Thank you, thank you, it’s in England actually. I took it back to England. And that’s enough for the Midland and America. I thought he he had to live in England. He's got a little gold scarf that was knitted by a fan, and I thought that was a very nice present for him.And this is a lovely present for any of your fans. Great , Helen Mirren, thank you.Thank you, thank you very much.So, Mirren's new book “In the Frame, My Life in Words and Pictures" available in bookstores right now.shrink:Slang for a psychiatrist.01/61455。

Thai Prime Minister Promises to End Country's Political Conflicts泰总理将和解及复苏列为首要要务   Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva placed national reconciliation and economic recovery at the top of the government's program to end years of political discord on Wednesday. Mr. Abhisit also called for restoration of the rule of law. 泰国总理阿披实星期三表示,他决定将全国和解和经济复苏列为政府计划的首位,以结束多年来的政治纷乱。阿披实同时也呼吁恢复法治。The Thai prime minister said the new government's policies are aimed at ending what he called "artificial divisions" in the country between rural and urban areas, by proposing a plan for a grand reconciliation. 这位泰国总理表示,新政府的政策是通过提出一项广泛的和解计划,致力终止他所说泰国农村和城市地区之间“人为的分隔”。Speaking at a formal dinner for foreign correspondents, Mr. Abhisit said the political divisions have been about different perspectives people hold on the value of democracy. "On one side, they believe that democracy should be about majority rule so that voters, the average voters, concerned should count. But on the other side, they expect democracy to return a government that practices good governance that is transparent and that is accountable. I will prove that you can have both," he said.  在一次为外国记者举行的正式晚餐会上,阿披实表示,政治的分歧是由于人们对民主价值有不同的展望。他说:“在一方面,他们相信民主应该是多数统治,所以选民,也就是一般选民能够发挥作用。但是在另一方面,他们也期待民主可以使政府做出良好的管理,不但透明,而且可靠。我将明可以二者兼得。”Thailand has been wracked by political tensions over the past four years, during the term in office of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Elected in 2001, Mr. Thaksin's built political support with populist economic programs in the country's rural areas through low cost health care and low cost loans to villages for rural development. 泰国在前总理他信过去4年在任期间受困于政治紧张。于2001年当选总理的他信,通过提供低廉医疗照顾和为农村地区提供低息贷款等在泰国农村地区广受欢迎的经济计划,建立起他的政治持基础。After five years in office, Mr. Thaksin faced increasing street protests from Thailand's urban middle class that accused him of corruption and abuse of power. He was ousted from government in a coup in September 2006.  但是在任5年后,他信面临了越来越多泰国城市中产阶层的街头示威,他们指控他腐败和滥用权力。在2006年9月的一次政变中他信被推翻。But politicians aligned with Mr. Thaksin won elections in December 2007. While Mr. Thaksin returned to Thailand in early 2008, he later fled the country in the face of corruption charges. He now lives abroad. 但是和他信结盟的政治人物在2007年的选举中获胜。虽然他信于2008年初返回泰国,但是不久又因面临腐败控罪而再度逃亡。他信现在外国居住。Thailand suffered political unrest throughout 2008, including street protests, and the occupation of a government administrative building and the two main airports in Bangkok. Last month, after a court found that the pro-Thaksin party had violated electoral laws, coalition partners gave their support to Mr. Abhisit - leader of the Democrat Party. Speaking on Wednesday, Mr. Abhisit said he hoped to heal Thailand's political divisions. 上个月,在法院发现持他信的政党违反选举法后,他信的政治盟友转而持民主党领袖阿披实。阿披实星期三表示,他希望弥合泰国的政治分歧。"You can have a government that responds to ordinary people's needs without getting involved with corruption, without abusing power, without violating the rights of the people or your opponents. And if we can prove that, that would truly be a grand reconciliation of the diverse people that make up this great country of Thailand," he said.  他说:“你可以有一个回应一般人民需要但是又不贪污、不滥权、不违反人民或政治对手权利的政府。如果你能够明这点,就能够在泰国这个伟大国家中实现多元人民的巨大和解。”Pro-Thaksin groups had vowed to maintain protests against the government. But recent bi-elections over the weekend indicate a possible swing in support for Mr. Abhisit's coalition. 但是在过去这个周末的双选举显示,他们可能转向持阿披实的政治联盟。Mr. Abhisit also spoke of the government's economic recovery program aimed at the recession now sweeping global markets.The government's stimulus package, worth more than billion, is intended to boost domestic consumption as well as bolster programs for the rural sector, subsidies for basic services and education, and support for vulnerable groups such as the elderly.01/61106。

Air travel 飞机旅行Please be seated 请就坐A faster way of boarding planes could save time and money一种更快速的登机方法可以节约时间和金钱Sep 3rd 2011 | chicago | from the print editionTHE job of the professional astrophysicist is to contemplate the music of the spheres. Given the global nature of modern science, however, today’s astrophysicists often spend just as much time confronting the cacophony of the airport. Now, one of them has devised a way to make that experience a little less tedious. Jason Steffen, from Fermilab, near Chicago, has designed and experimentally tested a faster method of boarding aeroplanes. By his calculation, it could save airlines hundreds of millions of dollars a year.天体物理学家的工作是凝视太空,欣赏太空中的天体音乐(天文学家一直相信有天体音乐之说)。然而,全球化的现代科学使得今天的天体物理学家也经常花费同样的时间去消除机场方面的不和谐音符。现在他们中的一员已经想出了一种方法可以使得登机的过程不再那么乏味。贾森.史蒂芬,来自于芝加哥附近的费米实验室,已经设计并且实践测试了一种快速登机的方法。经过他的测算,这种方法可以为航空公司每年节约数亿美元的开销。Dr Steffen spends his time thinking about such things as extrasolar planets, dark matter and cosmology. After waiting in a particularly long queue to board a flight, though, he began to harbour an interest in the mechanics of getting people on to planes. In 2008 he wrote a computer simulation to test different methods. Using a numerical technique familiar to him from his day job, he was able to find what looked like the best. He has put his answer to the test, and the results have just been submitted for publication to the Journal of Air Transport Management.史蒂芬士致力于例如太阳系外行星、暗物质、宇宙学等方面的研究。但是在经历了一次超长的登机过程后,他对此展示出了兴趣。2008年他写了一个计算机模拟程序来对不同的登机方法进行测试。通过他日常工作中擅长的数值计算方法来查找最佳方案。最终他得到了测试的结论,并且将其投稿到了《空运管理杂志》上。According to Dr Steffen, two things bog down the boarding process. The first is that passengers are often forced to wait in the aisle while those ahead of them stow their luggage and then get out of the way. The second is that passengers aly seated in aisle or middle seats often have to get up and move into the aisle to let others take seats nearer the window. Dr Steffen’s proposal minimises the former type of disturbance and eliminates the latter.史蒂芬士提出有两大因素容易阻碍登机过程。第一个是前面的乘客需要安放好他们的行李后才能让开过道,让后面被迫等候的乘客通过;第二个是已经就坐在靠过道或者中间位置的乘客需要重新起身站到过道上,让同排靠窗的乘客就坐。史蒂芬士实验的目标是将第一个因素的影响最小化同时消除第二个因素。201109/152712。

Investment banks' squeezed Ladenburg Thalman's managing director sees weak bank earnings for 1-2 years during the change to a commercial-bank model. You have been in this industry for a while, uh, through a lot, this is certainly a shocking time. Why do you think that Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley would make an announcement like this, with this timing?Well, I think there were a few reasons. The first one was that last week they couldn’t refund their debt. In other words, because so many investors questioned the value of their assets, the people who were supposed to roll over their debt wouldn’t do it. They just didn’t have confidence in the companies. And therefore, the companies needed assistance immediately from the ed States Treasury, which I believe is forthcoming with Mr. Paulson’s new plan. Second point was that they knew that they were gonna be regulated, because virtually, every person in Congress has indicated pretty clearly that they want to regulate the investment banking business, you know, when the next Congress comes to meet. Thirdly, they wanted to show stability, they wanted to show that they US government was controlling them, that they had deposits that would be backed by the FDIC. In other words, they wanted to show some degree of solidity, so they took the step to do what was inevitable, in my estimation.Dick, was this the only option really facing Morgan and Goldman, I mean, Would we have seen a run on the bank within a week or two if this hadn’t happened?I think so. Well, I think you were seeing a run on the bank, and I think that the actions that the Treasury took is what stopped the run on the bank, as oppose to, you know, their declarations of being bank holding companies. I think because they are bank holding companies, it makes it easier for the Treasury to buy assets from them, which probably wouldn’t have been that easy if they remained strictly investment banking companies.This has to lower/ their risk-reward profile, so when we look ahead to quarterly earnings reports, I mean, are we going to see shrinking profit for these stocks because of that?Well, yeah, I mean, you are gonna see the fact that, but this would have happened anywhere, right? In other words, the companies are de-leveraging, they are getting smaller and smaller because people don’t want to give them money. Alright, so that another fact is / when you de-leverage a balance sheet, your earnings are gonna be substantially less. Also, you’re in a cycle which is very negative at the present time, which means that there just isn’t business out there. You can’t do IPOs, you can’t bring in new private equity deals, prime brokers business, you’re shrinking, you can’t do mortgage deals, so earnings are gonna be very weak for at least a year, maybe two years for these companies, whether they are bank holding companies or not. The fact that they are bank holding companies, I think, creates a little bit more stability to their earnings but they’re just not gonna have good earnings for quite some time. 200811/54673。

US Says Door Remains Open for Nuclear Talks With Iran美官员:与伊朗核谈判大门仍敞开Top Obama administration officials say the door remains open for nuclear talks with Iran. They are discounting the latest anti-American rhetoric from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.美国政府的高级官员说,同伊朗核谈判的大门依然敞开。这些官员并不重视伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德最新的反美言辞。The ongoing post-election turmoil in Iran has raised questions about the outlook for diplomacy to deal with Tehran's nuclear ambitions.伊朗选后持续的动乱局面对于以外交行动处理德黑兰核野心的前景提出了疑问。Appearing on the CBS television program Face the Nation, U.S. Ambassador to the ed Nations Susan Rice indicated the Iranian nuclear program remains a matter of high concern for the White House.美国驻联合国大使苏珊.赖斯在哥伦比亚广播公司电视节目露面时表示,伊朗核项目仍然是白宫高度关注的一件大事。"We have an interest in any case in trying to ensure that Iran does not achieve a nuclear weapons capability," said Rice. "We have pursued that through multi-lateral diplomacy. We have left the door open to bilateral diplomacy."她说:“我们在任何情况下都有兴趣努力确保伊朗不获得核武器能力。我们通过多边外交来达到这个目的。我们也为双边外交敞开大门。”On N's Meet the Press, President Obama's top advisor, David Axelrod, said the administration remains open to attending talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany.在国家广播公司的与媒体见面节目中,奥巴马总统的高级顾问戴维.阿克塞尔罗德说,美国政府仍然愿意参加伊朗和联合国安理会五个常任理事国加德国举行的会谈。He was asked if the tough talk over the weekend by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might be enough to put diplomacy on hold.他在被问到伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德周末的强硬言论是否足以将外交手段暂时搁置起来时说:"Understand that he is not the decision maker when it comes to foreign policy and defense policy in Iran," he said. "His comments are meant for domestic political content."“要了解,他不是伊朗外交政策和国防政策的决策者。他的言论是为了国内政治舆论而发表的。”Iran's president has accused the ed States of meddling in his country's affairs. Axelrod said he is merely trying to change the subject.伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德指责美国干涉伊朗内政。阿克塞尔罗德说,他只不过是想改变话题。"It is a long used technique in Iran to try to make the ed States the foil for their own problems," said Axelrod. "His problems are with the Iranian people, not with us!"阿克塞尔罗德说:“这是伊朗的惯用伎俩,试图把伊朗自身的问题转嫁到美国身上。他的问题是跟伊朗人民,而不是跟我们之间的问题。”The election dispute in Iran is dominating headlines as American troops near a deadline for pulling out of major cities in neighboring Iraq.随着美国军队越来越接近撤出伊拉克主要城镇的最后期限,伊朗选举引发的争议继续是新闻的主要内容。The top U.S. commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno told the Fox News Sunday television program that Iraqis are keeping a close watch on events across the border.美国驻伊拉克最高指挥官雷.奥迪尔诺将军星期天在福克斯电视节目上说,伊拉克人正在密切注视边界另一侧事态的进展。"It gives them more confidence in their government, in the fact they just went through legitimate and credible elections to elect their provincial leaders, and the fact they are going to go through a credible and legitimate election here for their national leaders in January," said Odiorno.奥迪尔诺将军说:“伊拉克人民刚刚举行过合法、可信的选举,选出了省级领导人;他们还将在明年1月举行合法和可信的举,选出国家领导人。这些都使伊拉克人民对自己的政府更有信心。”Odierno noted that, unlike Iran, international observers will be in Iraq to validate those elections. And he said the unfolding events in Iran may serve to encourage Iraqis to bolster their young democracy.奥迪尔诺指出,跟伊朗不同的是,国际监督人员会到伊拉克实那些选举是否公正。他还说,伊朗目前的事态可能会激励伊拉克人民持他们建立了不久的民主制度。06/76070。

Argentina legalizes gay marriageArgentina has become the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage.The move grants homosexual couples all the legal rights, responsibilities and protections that marriage gives heterosexual couples.President Cristina Fernandez is a strong supporter and the new law is expected to bring a wave of marriages.The approval came despite a concerted campaign by the Roman Catholic Church and evangelical groups, which drew 60,000 people to march on Congress and urged parents in churches and schools to work against passage.Nine homosexual couples have aly married in Argentina after persuading judges that Argentina's constitutional mandate of equality supports their marriage rights, but some of these marriages were later declared invalid.The debate stretched on for nearly 16 hours."Marriage between a man and a woman has existed for centuries, and is essential for the perpetuation of the species," insisted Senator Juan Perez Alsina, who is usually a loyal supporter of the president but gave a passionate speech against legalizing same-sex marriage.However, Senator Norma Morandini, another member of the president's party, compared the discrimination closeted gays face to the oppression imposed by Argentina's dictators decades ago. "What defines us is our humanity, and what runs against humanity is intolerance."Same-sex civil unions have been legalized in Uruguay, Buenos Aires and some states in Mexico and Brazil. But Argentina now becomes the first country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Homosexual couples who marry will now get many more rights than civil unions, including adopting children and inheriting wealth.Vocabulary:evangelical: pertaining to or in keeping with the gospel and its teachings(基督教福音派的)kickstart: to help a process or project start more quickly(促使……开始,使尽快启动)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109253。

Nervous week for Asia traders It was a tense week for traders in the Asia Pacific region. As CNN's Eunice Yoon reports, all eyes are on the U.S.It was a head-pounding, nerve-racking week in Asian markets as fears of a US recession triggered a stock market meltdown.This is a real crisis of confidence.Investors have been hoping Asia could weather a US slowdown. With many of the economies here booming people argue the region’s growth is decoupling from the US. And Asia's rising middle-class could help cushion a global slump. But this week’s sell-off shattered that theory.I think that's, er, you know, today is the end of the decoupling story. And people are gonna look at the US and say it's the end driver of global demand. Without the US, and Asia has to slow.Asia sells much of its goods to America. Paniced investors unloaded exporters and other stocks, driving markets like Tokyo, Seoul, Taiwan and Hong Kong to some of their biggest declines in years. Financial shares also tanked as investors worried the credit crisis in the US could spill over into the global banking system including China’s. The Bank Of China has the biggest exposure to American sub-prime related securities of any Chinese lender.Bank Of China will probably report a 30% decline in 2007 profit if they were to make sufficient provision. They have to bear down and cut some costs, and maybe sell some assets to make up for the shortfall.The panic selling forced the US Federal Reserve to take a dramatic emergency step, its deepest interest rate cut in 23 years.Hong Kong’s markets saw some of the wildest swings. After the Fed’s move the monetary authorities here followed suit by cutting interest rates of 0.75%. That helped to restore optimism to this market.The Fed’s rate cut helped calm investors for now, but most expect tomorrow volatility ahead and are watching the US to see what comes next.Eunice Yoon , CNN, Hong Kong. Notes: Nerve-racking: Intensely distressing or irritating to the nervesDecoupling: In physics, decoupling is the general phenomenon in which the interactions between some physical objects (such as elementary particles) disappear. 02/63420。

Metal, heal thyself金属,自己愈合吧Materials science: Researchers have devised an ingenious way for the damaged surfaces of metals to repair themselves when they come to harm 材料科学:研究人员构想出了一种新颖独特的方法,使得金属在表面受损时可以自我修复。SADLY for engineers, inanimate objects cannot yet repair themselves. But work by Claudia dos Santos at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, and Christian Mayer at Duisburg-Essen University in Stuttgart, has brought the day when they will be able to do so a little nearer. They and their colleagues have invented a way for damaged metals to heal themselves.对工程师来说悲哀的一面是,没有生命的物体还无法实现自我修复。但是在德国弗劳恩霍夫制造工程和自动化学会的Claudia dos Santos和斯图加特杜伊斯堡—艾森大学的Christian Mayer的共同研究下,无生命物体实现自我修复那一天的到来被拉近了一点。他们与同事研发出了一种能让受损金属自我愈合的方法。The surfaces of many metal objects are coated with other metals for protection. Iron, for instance, is frequently galvanised with zinc. The basic idea of the new technology is to infiltrate this coating with tiny, fluid-filled capsules. When the metal coating is punctured or scratched, the capsules in the damaged area burst and ooze restorative liquids, in the form of compounds called trivalent chromates. These react with nearby metal atoms and form tough, protective films a few molecules thick to ameliorate the damage.许多金属物体的表面都覆盖着其他金属层来保护自己。例如,铁就通常会镀上锌。而这种新技术的基本构想就是在金属覆盖层中加入微小并且充满液体的胶囊。当金属的覆盖层受到扎刺或划损时,受损区域的胶囊将会破裂并渗出具有恢复性的液体---三价铬钝化化合物。这些液体将与周围金属原子发生反应,形成几个分子厚、坚固且具有保护性的膜,以修复表面的损害。The idea of doing this has been around for years, but it has proved difficult in practice because the capsules used were too big. Surface coatings tend to be about 20 microns (millionths of a metre) thick. The capsules were 10-15 microns across—large enough to disrupt the coatings, and thus do more harm than good. The trick worked out by Dr dos Santos and Dr Mayer is how to create capsules a few hundredths of this size. 这种构想已经现世好几年了,但是由于过去所使用的胶囊太大,在实践中应用起来难度很大。金属表面的覆盖层厚度趋近于20微米(微米为一米的百万分之一),而过去用的胶囊跨度为10到15微米,这种跨度足以打乱覆盖层的结构,因此对金属造成的弊大于利。dos Santos 士和Mayer士想出来的诀窍就是如何创造跨度仅为过去的百分之几的胶囊。The capsules the researchers have come up with are made by mixing butylcyanoacrylate, a chemical found in superglue, with an oil carrying the healing compounds. This mixture is then mixed with dilute hydrochloric acid. The result is an emulsion of droplets between 100 and 300 nanometres (billionths of a metre) across. Each droplet has an oil core surrounded by a thin layer of butylcyanoacrylate. To make the droplets stable, phosphate is added to the emulsion. This triggers the polymerisation of the butylcyanoacrylate into a tough plastic, which forms the outside of the capsule.如今研究人员创造的胶囊是通过把氰基丙烯酸正丁酯和有愈合功效的化合物悬浮其中的油类混合而制的。氰基丙烯酸正丁酯是在超强力胶中发现的一种化学物质。这种混合物再跟稀释的盐酸混合,结果会产生一种乳状液, 其微滴直径在100到300纳米(纳米为一米的10亿分之一)之间。每个微滴都有一颗油核,周围包裹着一层薄薄的氰基丙烯酸正丁酯。为了稳定这些微滴,研究人员在胶状液中添加了磷酸盐,这就促使氰基丙烯酸正丁酯进行聚合反应转变成一种坚固的塑料。这种塑料就形成了胶囊的外壳。The greatest challenge for the team, however, was not making the capsules in the first place, but stabilising them during the plating process. Though galvanisation is often done by dipping steel in liquid zinc, it is sometimes done by electrolysis—nickel and copper plating are normally done this way. The capsules, though, tend to stick together in the liquids used as electrolytes during electroplating, and are also destroyed by the extreme acidity or alkalinity that is often involved in the process. To overcome these problems, Dr dos Santos and Dr Mayer used special detergents that stick to the polymerised butylcyanoacrylate shell around each capsule, which stops them sticking together and protects them from the electrolytes.然而,对于这组研究人员来说,最大的挑战并不是开始时胶囊的制造过程,而是在电解过程中如何稳定这些胶囊。尽管一般是通过液态锌蘸洗钢铁来镀锌,有时候也会用电解的方法,在电镀镍和铜时就通常使用电镀。在电镀过程中,不过,胶囊容易在使用的电解质液体中黏在一起,而且也会由于这一过程中通常出现的极酸性和极碱性而受到破坏。为了克这些问题, dos Santos士 和Mayer士使用了一种特殊的去污剂,这种去污剂可以粘附在每个胶囊周围聚合氰基丙烯酸正丁酯的外壳上,阻止这些胶囊黏在一起,并保护它们免受电解液的破坏。The researchers have now proved their techniques in electroplated layers of copper, nickel and zinc, and believe that self-repairing metals should commonly be available in the years ahead. Moreover, their nanocapsules may have other applications. Lubricants such as silicone oils can be included in them, to make the damaged surfaces of ball-bearings that have run out of oil more slippery, so that they are not scratched too rapidly. Anti-fouling compounds can be placed in capsules on the surfaces of metals intended for use in marine environments. And, in a nod to butylcyanoacrylate’s origins in superglue, capsules containing chemicals that will react to form adhesives when two surfaces are put together are also on the horizon. 研究人员现在已经在电镀铜层,镍层和锌层上实了这种技术,同时他们相信在未来的几年里将会普遍实现金属的自我修复技术。此外,他们所研发的纳米囊也可能应用到其他领域,比如硅系列油等润滑剂,可以使耗尽了油的滚珠轴承的受损表面更加光滑,避免过快擦。还可以在用于海洋环境的金属表面胶囊中植入防污化合物,以保护环境。而且,由于氰基丙烯酸正丁酯来自超强力胶水,当两种金属表面放在一起时,胶囊内含的化学物质能够反应生成粘合剂,这种新型胶囊的问世也将指日可待。201110/158951。

The U.S. Senate has approved a bill aimed at helping the country's small businesses, giving President Barack Obama a political victory in his effort to revive the country's economy.The Senate passed the bill Thursday with the help of two key votes from opposition Republicans. It now heads to the U.S. House of Representatives, which is expected to pass the bill and send it to the president to become law.President Obama says U.S. exports had a bigger-than-expected increase during the past year, which he says will help fight unemployment.奥巴马总统说,过去一年来美国的出口增长超过预期,这会帮助降低美国的失业率。"Obviously working off a low baseline, given the crisis last year, exports are expected to be up, but we are very pleased to see that they are up 18 percent, to where they were a year ago," Mr. Obama said. "And manufacturing exports are up 20 percent, and that is helping put a lot of our people back to work."奥巴马说:“我们的起点显然很低,尤其是在去年发生经济危机的情况下,出口预期会增加。但出口一下子增长了18%,并恢复到一年前的水平,这让我们非常高兴。特别是制造业的出口增长了20%,这会让很多美国民众重新就业。”The U.S. unemployment rate remains mired at 9.6 percent, which has depressed Mr. Obama's public approval ratings and hampered candidates from his Democratic Party.美国失业率继续维持在9.6%的水平,这影响到奥巴马总统的公众持率,并影响到民主党籍候选人的选情。The president says one way out of the recession is to sell more American goods and services in other countries.奥巴马总统说,摆脱经济衰退的一个途经就是向海外出口更多的美国产品和务。"The more American companies export, the more they produce," the president said. "And the more they produce, the more people they hire. And that means more jobs - good jobs that often pay as much as 15 percent more than average."他说:“美国公司出口越多,生产就会越多。生产越多,新聘雇员就会越多。这就意味着会创造更多的就业,而且是薪酬不错的工作,经常比平均工薪高出15%。”201009/113979。