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PyF~+ZN-okiFQ,r|0Ud@KmVw1I_gQlBOXZVbHe was a famous cartoonist. He drew political cartoons. His cartoons made fun of presidents. His cartoons made fun of vice presidents. His cartoons made fun of Congress. Politicians hated him. Ordinary people loved him. His name was Paul. He put 00 of his cartoons in a book. He sold the book at a book fair. Many people bought the book. He signed the book everyone. He autographed the book everyone. “Why are you selling this book? Do you need extra money?” Becky asked. “Yes, I need extra money,” Paul said. “The newspaper laid me off. They said my cartoons are mean. My cartoons make the politicians cry.” “But your cartoons tell the truth,” Becky said. “Yes, and the truth hurts,” said Paul.8aEy(x7-,(9eKZf9Q[(jrJrPaCYaMnE__o0KCF9feQ_T8iFG 133

  But, em, you know, well, I was born with the name of Mironov.但是,呃,你知道,嗯,我出生时候的名字是米罗诺夫So, officially I guess I would be Mironov,所以,我想我正式的名字应该是米罗诺夫,because my father was born in Russia.因为我的父亲出生在俄罗斯Which I didn’t realise your paternal side your grandfather actually was in the military during the Tsar.我没有意识到你的父亲一边,你的祖父实际上是在沙皇的军队中He came to England to purchase arms and the league.他到英国购买武器Russian Revolution breaks out;俄国革命爆发;he settled in a refugee and your dad was born in England.他作为难民呆在那里而你爸爸出生在英格兰Yes, my dad was born in Russia.是的,我的父亲出生在俄罗斯But he came at the age of two or three with my grandparents to England.但他在两岁或三岁的时候和我的祖父母一起来到英国So absolutely I’m half Russian,所以我自己绝对有一半是俄罗斯血统,I would say it’s my bottom half that’s Russian. Ha我认为它是我的底部一半都是俄罗斯血统呵呵Why the bottom half?为什么是底部的一半?Good old Russian peasants stopped down there, somewhere.古老的俄罗斯好心的农民停了下来,在某个地方Talk to me about your childhood,和我谈谈你的童年,because your dad was a cab driver and your mom was sort of a reluctant homemaker who wanted more her girls.因为你的爸爸是一名司机,妈妈是一位不情愿的家庭主妇,她想要她的女孩得到更多Yes, my mom was a very early feminist I guess.是的, 我猜我的妈妈是一个非常早期的女权主义者You know. you know, the issue of marriage and never came in up in our family.你知道你知道,婚姻问题也从来没出现在我们的家庭You know. Oh, don’t worry, darling, you’ll get married and a man will take care of you.你知道哦,别担心,亲爱的,你会和一个会照顾你的男人结婚That was never promoted as a, as a sort of life choice.从来没有被认为是一种生活的选择注:听力文本来源于普特 18553

  Movies-The Usual Suspects; Tribal Colleges and Universities; effectiveness versus efficacy; to consider and to differentiate; common responses to “Thank you”Words:usualsuspectversionlimpto round upinnocentnotorioustribalto cereservationquality of lifesocial serviceseffectivenessefficacyto considerto differentiate 8。


  Franklin Roosevelt富兰克林·罗斯福Franklin Roosevelt was one of the most important leaders of twentieth century America and perhaps in the whole span of American history. He significantly changed the role of the federal government in the American system,his ideas and prejudices helped to determine the shape of the post-World War II world, and he changed the nature and constituency of the Democratic Party. In addition, his administration did much to give American labor and agriculture the m they have today.富兰克林·罗斯福是美国二十世纪,或许是整个美国历史上最重要的领导人之一.他极大地改变了联邦政府在美国制度中的作用,他的思想和偏见帮助确立了第二次世界大战后世界的格局,而且他改变了民主党的性质和选民另外,他的政府为赋予美国劳工和美国农业今天的结构形式做了大量的工作Roosevelt ideas helping the country were labeled ;the New Deal;.Though he was not personally responsible all the programs tried and laws passed in his years as president, he was the man in charge. Supporters and critics alike measured succeeding presidents and other leaders against him.罗斯福造福国家的主张被称作“新政”尽管他没有亲自负责他执政时期所实行的计划以及所颁布的法律,但这些工作都是在他主持下进行的持者和批评者以同样的方式,以他为例来对比这些计划和法律、评估以后继任的总统和其他领导人 those admired Roosevelt, a later leader was as good as, or not as good as their hero. Those who disliked, even hated F.D.R, complained that a later president was as bad as, or worse than Roosevelt. Such strong feeling was common during the New Deal years对于那些崇拜罗斯福的人来说,继任领导人与罗斯福同样好,或不如他好那些不喜欢,甚至恨罗斯福的人抱怨说继任的总统像罗斯福一样坏甚至比罗斯福还坏这种强烈感情在新政时期是非常普遍的Whether people liked or disliked F.D.R. they could not overlook the impact he had had and continues to have. Almost every president since Roosevelt s time has supported or opposed the Roosevelt legacy but could not and cannot ignore it. If the significance of a leader is measured by the lasting impact on succeeding leaders and generations, then Franklin Roosevelt isone of the most important people of the twentieth century.不管人们喜欢还是不喜欢罗斯福,他们都不能忽视他已经和继续带来的影响罗斯福以后的几乎每一位总统都持过或反对过罗斯福的“新政”,但都未能而且也不能忽略它如果一位领导人的意义是由他对其继任者和后代的持续不断的影响来判断的话,那么富兰克林·罗斯福就是二十世纪最重要的人物之一了 35199Art under the MicroscopeA's Ned Potter on the microscope images transmed into things of beauty. The microscope. In their course of their professional work, scientists often take photos of microscopic objects. And often, the resulting images can be quite beautiful. thirty years, Nikon, the camera company has held an annual competition to select the most striking photos of objects unseen by the human eye. With a closer look at this year’s winning entries, here’s our Ned Potter.It looks like stained glass, but it’s really part of a dragonfly. A wheel of some sort? No, it’s the coiled tongue of a saltwater snail. The leaf of a cedar tree, snowflakes in polarized light. Researchers in the lab looking through microscopes may sometimes do the routine but sometimes when they take pictures they create something of beauty. Liposomes, fat pouches used in medicines, or rust fungus looks like cattails in the marsh or somewhere. thirty years, Nikon, the camera and optics maker has run a competition to find the most beautiful microscope images. And these are some of the winners. The brain of a zebrafish, the embryos of clawed frogs. Some of these pictures are magnified hundreds or thousands of times, others not as much. That’s a mosquito, that’s a plankton with the eye of a needle scale. The images are often a celebration of living things, but sometimes the most beautiful pictures come from the most mundane things. That is not a rose, it’s soap, slowly draining. Ned Potter, A News, New York.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. entry : n-countAn entry a competition is a piece of work, example a story or drawing, or the answers to a set of questions, which you complete in order to take part in the competition.. cedar : n-countA cedar is a large evergreen tree with wide branches and small thin leaves called needles.3. Liposomes : nounAqueous compartments enclosed by lipid bilayer membranes; liposomes are also known as lipid vesicles. Phospholipid molecules consist of an elongated nonpolar (hydrophobic) structure with a polar (hydrophilic) structure at one end. When dispersed in water, they spontaneously m bilayer membranes, also called lamellae, which are composed of two monolayer layer sheets of lipid molecules with their nonpolar (hydrophobic) surfaces facing each other and their polar (hydrophilic) surfaces facing the aqueous medium.. plankton : n-uncountPlankton is a mass of tiny animals and plants that live in the surface layer of the sea. 5. mundane : adjSomething that is mundane is very ordinary and not at all interesting or unusual. 69

  USPS Redelivery美国邮政署包裹Jean opened her mailbox. She saw the postal m. It said, ;Insured package. Sorry we missed you. Call redelivery: 1-800-75-8777.; She went upstairs to her apartment. She called the 800 number. A phone voice said, ;Thank you calling USPS. Let begin. You can say Delivery Services.; Jean said, ;Delivery Services.; The voice said, ;You can say Redelivery.; Jean said, ;Redelivery.; The voice said, ;You can say Schedule a Redelivery.; Jean said, ;Schedule a redelivery.; The voice didnt understand her. Jean said, ;Representative.; A female USPS representative said, ;Hello. How can I help you?; Jean asked a redelivery the next day. The representative said, ;No problem. Youll get your package tomorrow. Here your tracking number. Remember, you can depend on USPS.; The next day, the mailman came and went. He did not redeliver the package. Jean called the 800 number again.珍打开了信箱她看到了邮单上面说:“您有一个上了保险的邮包很抱歉,您没有收到您可以拨打:1-800-75-8777,我们将重新为您邮寄”她回到了公寓她打了那个电话菜单录音说:“感谢您拨打美国邮政署电话让我们开始吧您可以说“邮寄务”珍说:“邮寄务”电话说:“你可以说重新邮寄务”珍说:“重新邮寄务”电话说:“您可以预定邮寄时间”珍说:“预定邮寄时间”电话并没有理解她的意思珍说“代理人”一名美国邮政署女性代理人说:“你好,有什么需要帮助的吗?”珍在第二天要求了重新邮寄代理人说:“没问题您将于明天收到包裹这是您的跟踪号请记住您的跟踪号,美国邮政署值得您的信赖”第二天,邮递员来了又走了他没有重新邮递包裹珍在第二天又拨打了电话译文属原创,,不得转载 3881Working out at work CNN's Judy tin has advice busy workers who don't have time the gym.精听建议:先完整地把一条新闻听一到三遍,争取掌握大意然后,一句一句精听,力争每句话都听明白遇到实在不懂的地方,再听写下面的文本材料中空缺部分里面要填的词都很简单,不过是一些值得注意的连读或者典型的美式发音哦,有些语速比较快试试看,你能不能全部写对?Clint Padgett works up to 80 hours a week, he doesn’t take many breaks and he has limited time to exercise. So he’s hired personal trainer Robert Dothard to give him a ___(1)___ in his office. “Hey, Robert.” The routine starts with squats, using the chair at Clint’s desk. “Come down, barely tap, we are protecting your knees.” “How long can I rest in the chair?” “No, ___()___ just a nanosecond.” That same chair gives Clint support while he does ___(3)___leg extensions. “Keep that knee right there, watch your pacing, nice and slow.” Clint’s desk doubles as a prop push-ups, “Let's do four more”, and tricep curls. “Breathing deep, getting a full range of motion.” And finally, karate kicks. Dothard ends the session with exercises that help tone arm muscles. “Hey, man, I will take that.” “Thank you.” “Yeah, you got it.” The workout takes ___()___an hour. Not only has Clint saved time in traveling to a gym, but he's helped reduce his stress levels. “After the workout, I am a lot more relaxed, a lot more calm, and I am able to be ___(5)___what's coming up next.” More work, today’s Health Minute, I’m Judy tin. 填空 :1. workout. no longer than3. a series of . less than5. focused on6

  朱莉娅.路易斯.德利法斯,生于1961年1月日,美国女演员,获得过金球奖,有次获得其他奖项(次艾美奖)及次提名 代表作品有《宋飞正传;《俏妈新上路 今天的访谈中,她说自己没法靠近第一夫人米歇尔奥巴马,但还是与她“合照”了,到底是怎么回事呢?There is a picture of you and current first lady.有一张你和当前第一夫人的照片Oh, yes, would you like to, I need哦,是的,你想,我需要它This is the strangest picture I had ever seen.这是我见过的最奇怪的照片But these is a backstory to it.Alright.但这后面是有故事的好吧I love Michelle. Are you comtable?我喜欢米歇尔你感到舒吗?No, not really.不,不是如此Yeah. I love Michelle Obama. Ok, I am crazy.是啊我喜欢米歇尔#86;奥巴马好吧,我疯了I am crazy about her. Because who would not be?我对她着迷了因为谁不为她着迷呢?And I have to tell you I never actually been invited to The White House which I am appalled by.我必须告诉你,我从来没有真正被邀请到白宫,我感到非常震惊I did have a great opporty to go to The White House correspondent dinner one year.有一年我得到一个很好去白宫记者晚餐会的机会In the, at the correspondent dinner, I do not, the president correspondent and the president and the first lady sit up at the day.在记者晚餐上,记者主席和总统和第一夫人在那天出现And there is a rope in front of them.在他们前面有一条绳子And I really want to meet her, but I could not get to her,我真想要去见她,但我无法接近她,so I need to stand in front of the rope but I have a friend to take a picture, right?所以我要站在绳子前,但我担心有朋友来拍照片,对吗?So it me but if you look carefully, you can see.所以这是我,但如果你仔细观察,你就能看到了Sorry , I would not show this.Really?对不起,我不会展示这个,真的吗?Well, it bizarre.Due to here. Right there.嗯,真的不可思议由于在这里就在那儿You can see there is Michelle and she is waving to me at the back,你可以看到米歇尔,她在我的后面挥手致意,Look at that.And the funny thing about that, Tuson,看看这个图森,非常有意思,I took it and she said:;Did you get it?; She is yelling across我拿着它,然后她说:“你拿到了吗?”她大喊着问Yeah, I think I get it. You want me to send it to you, what your address.She goes, ; 00 Pennsylvania... ;是的,我想我拿到了你想让我把它寄给你,你的地址是哪里她说:“宾夕法尼亚州00…“That right.That fun.好的很有趣And, but that picture suggests that seconds later the secret service took you out.Yeah.但这张照片暗示着几秒钟之后秘密人员将你带出去了That is what it looks like.It us.就是这样这是我们I am alright dont belong. Take my picture and then you are in cops they push your head near the back bar.我已经不属于这里了帮我拿着照片,之后你就处于警察的包围,他们着你的头去到后巷But I got the picture.但我拿到了照片注:听力文本来源于普特 99


  1970年代的克里夫·艾尔文(理查·基尔)是个风度翩翩的中年男人,他是个作家,不出名但有才,画家出身的才女艾蒂丝·艾尔文(玛希雅·盖·哈登)就是看中克里夫的才华才与他结婚的然而克里夫却不出名,出了本书却不畅销,他觉得是时候要做点惊天动地的大事了一天,克里夫向出版社编辑宣布了一件大事:隐居十年的大富豪、好莱坞大亨、飞行家霍华德·休斯先生授权让其写一本传记霍华德·休斯这个大亨很古怪,他特别害怕跟人接触,他有着无上的权利与巨额的财产,也有着无数的怪僻,在许多人心中霍华德·休斯就是个神秘的人克里夫这个名不见经传的小作家竟然能亲自采访到这个不愿意接触人的富翁,并被授权写传记,这消息震惊了全美国出版社与传媒记者们纷纷赶来找克里夫提供消息,这个小作家一下子就成为全美最受关注的人物克里夫讲了一些关于霍华德的事情,同时提供了一些细节让所有媒体记者相信克里夫确实是霍华德的代言人一下子,小作家名利双收,备受追捧"The Hoax" is based on a true story – how, in 1971, a struggling writer called Clifd Irving persuaded a leading American publishing house that he had obtained a series of unprecedented interviews with the ultra-reclusive,immensely powerful, superstar billionaire Howard Hughes and that he was sitting on the book of the century – Howard Hughes's memoirs. There was a huge amount of interest in the book because Howard Hughes was also aHollywood producer, aviator, industrialist and playboy and he had been a recluse years. A million-dollar deal was struck and the book printing began. But then, Howard Hughes broke his silence to reveal that he'd nevereven heard of Clifd Irving, and that the book was not genuine – it was "a fake"!Clifd Irving is played by the actor Richard Gere, who has a star track record playing attractive but extremely dishonest characters.unprecedented:前所未有的,无先例的,空前的The rate of growth was unprecedented. 这个成长率是前所未有的reclusive:隐居的;遁世的 recluse:隐居者真的;非伪造的;名副其实的track record:记录 7936

  Voice 1: Our next letter is about our programme, Hitting Children.声音1:下一封来信与我们的节目《打孩子有关Voice : Thanks to Spotlight radio. And thanks to the producer and writer Ryan Geertsma broadcasting today programme, ;Hitting Children;.声音:“谢谢重点报道节目也要谢谢今天节目的制作人兼编辑瑞安·吉尔兹玛,我们今天节目的名字是《打孩子”Voice : Hitting Children talks about people different ideas on punishment children. In particular, it looks at the situation in New Zealand. The government there recently created a new law. It is now illegal parents to hit their children. This has caused protests and much debate. Some people said that parenting has nothing to do with the government. Other people have welcomed the new law. What do you think about this issue? Are you a parent? How do you teach your children right from wrong? Write and tell us!声音:《打孩子这期节目谈论了人们在惩罚孩子上的不同想法该节目主要聚焦新西兰的情况近日,新西兰政府制定了一项新法律现在在新西兰,父母打孩子属于违法行为这项法律引发了抗议和很多争论一些人认为,父母的教育方式与政府无关其他人则对新法律表示欢迎你怎么看这个问题?你现在已经为人父母了吗?你怎么教育孩子明辨是非?请写信告诉我们! 译文属 56

  听笑话学英语:Stopover 中途停留的优惠I couldn't decide whether to go to Salt Lake City or Denver vacation, so I called the airlines to get prices. "Airfare to Denver is 0," the cheery salesperson replied. "And what about Salt Lake City?" "We have a really great rate to Salt Lake -- ," she said. "But there is a stopover." "Where?" "In Denver," she said. 我想去渡假,但拿不定主意到底是去盐湖城还是去丹佛,于是我打电话到航空公司问问机票价格“去丹佛的机票是300美元”,热情的销售人员回答“那,去盐湖城的呢?” “去盐湖城我们有特别的优惠,只要99美元”,她回答“但中途要停一站”“哪?”“在丹佛” 1

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