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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says the White House is determined to listen to ;every scrap of evidence; Turkey provides before deciding if it will extradite Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen.美国副总统拜登说,白宫决心在决定是否引渡穆斯林教士居伦之前,倾听土耳其提供的“每一丁点据”。Gulen lives in the eastern state of Pennsylvania, and Turkey is demanding his immediate extradition, accusing him of organizing last months failed military coup -- a charge he denies.居伦现居美国东部的宾夕法尼亚州。土耳其要求美国立即将其引渡回国,指责他组织了上个月的未遂政变,对此居伦予以否认。Biden met in Ankara Wednesday with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He tried to head off Erdogans impatience by explaining that American courts require firm evidence before a suspect is surrendered to another country.拜登星期三在安卡拉会晤了土耳其总统埃尔多安。他设法避开埃尔多安急不可待的要求,解释说美国法庭要求在将一名嫌疑人送交另外一个国家之前必须有确凿的据;You cant go into the court and say, This is a bad guy... you have to say this is a guy or woman who committed the following explicit crime,; Biden said.拜登说:“你不能到法庭上说:这是一个‘坏家伙’,你必须说:‘这个男人或女人从事了如下明确的犯罪活动’。”He said prosecutors need to show a judge probable cause, and that sometimes courts move slowly. Biden noted that President Barack Obama could be impeached if he orders a foreign national extradited without a proper hearing.拜登说,检察官需要向法官表明这么做有合理的理由,有时法庭进展非常缓慢。拜登指出,奥巴马总统如果未经恰当听审,就擅自下令引渡一名外国公民,有可能会受到弹劾。Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said any delay in sending Gulen back to Turkey could harm U.S.-Turkish relations.土耳其总理耶伊尔德勒姆说,任何拖延送交居伦的行为,都有可能损害美土关系。Biden said he understands Turkeys anger, and said the U.S. has no interest in protecting anyone who has done anything to hurt one of its allies.拜登说,他理解土耳其的愤怒,但表示美国无意保护任何一个从事过伤害其盟国的人。Turkey has arrested or fired 80,000 government workers, judges and academics it believes are Gulen supporters or were involved in the coup attempt launched by a group of renegade military officers.土耳其逮捕或解雇了8万名政府雇员、法官和学者。它认为,这些人或是居伦的持者,或参与了由一些反叛军官发动的未遂政变。来 /201608/463056

China pledged 0 million in humanitarian aid on Monday to help countries and international organizations resolve refugee and migrant crises and will consider additional support measures.本周一,中国承诺向有关国家和国际组织提亿美元的人道主义援助以解决难移民危机问题,同时还将考虑进一步的持措施。The vow was made by Premier Li Keqiang when he addressed a meeting at the ed Nations (UN) on refugees and migrants.国务院总理李克强在联合国有关难民移民问题的会议上发言时做出了上述承诺。He said that the refugee and migrant problem concerns global peace and development and affects regional stability, adding that global society needs to cope with the issue proactively.他表示,难民和移民问题关系到全球的和平与发展,影响地区的稳定。此外他还说道,全球社会需要主动应对这个问题。Li said China would also consider using part of the China-UN peace and development fund to support refugee and migrant work in developing countries, and actively explore working with international institutions and developing countries on trilateral cooperation.李克强总理表示,中国还将研究把中国-联合国和平与发展基金的部分资金用于持发展中国家难民移民工作;并积极探讨同有关国际机构和发展中国家开展三方合作。He called for enhanced international cooperation to address the issue, and stressed the importance of formulating and implementing a comprehensive solution under the UN framework.李克强呼吁,解决难民和移民问题需要加强国际合作,并强调在联合国框架下制定实施全面的解决方案的重要性。The number of displaced people reached a record 65.3 million at the end of last year, an increase of more than 5 million from 2014, according to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.根据联合国难民事务高级专员办事处表示,截至去年年底,流离失所的人数达到了创纪录的6530万人,这一数字同比2014年增长了超过500万。That includes 21.3 million refugees, 3.2 million asylum seekers and 40.8 million migrants.这其中包130万名难民20万名寻求庇护者和4080万在本国境内流离失所的人民。来 /201609/468191


  More than four decades after a sweeping British military withdrawal from bases “east of Suez the UK is scaling up its defence engagement in the Gulf and Asia in what analysts regard as a recognition of the region’s growing global importance.40多年前,英国军队从“苏伊士运河以东”的基地完全撤走了。如今,英国又开始加大海湾和亚洲的防务介入。分析人士认为,此举反映出英国对该地区的全球重要性日益增大的承认。Britain is reopening a naval support facility in Bahrain, creating a permanent army presence in Oman and establishing new defence staff centres in Dubai and Singapore.英国正在巴林重设一个海军援设施,在阿曼拥有一常驻军队,并在迪拜和新加坡设立新的国防参谋中心。RAF Typhoon jets trained with Japanese military aircraft this year; the first time Japan’s postwar air force has hosted an exercise with a nation other than the US. 英国皇家空军(RAF)的台风战斗机(Typhoon)今年跟日本军用飞机共同训练;这是日本空军在战后首次与美国以外的国家举行演练。And when Britain’s two new aircraft carriers are operational in a few yearstime, they will be “seen in the Pacific in an effort to keep sea lanes open, a senior diplomat said recently.一位资深外交官最近说,当英国的两艘新航母在几年后具备作战能力时,它们将“在太平洋游弋”,以确保海上航道畅通。This growing engagement reflects a desire in Britain’s governing Conservative party to think of the UK’s defence role in global rather than in European terms, according to Tim Huxley, executive director of IISS-Asia, the Singapore-based regional arm of the security thinktank.英国国际战略研究所亚洲分所(IISS-Asia)执行主任蒂姆.赫胥Tim Huxley)表示,英国对亚洲防务介入加深反映出,该国执政的保守党希望通过全球视野而非欧洲视野来思考本国的防务角色。Britain’s withdrawal from Southeast Asia in the 1970s, dismaying Singapore’s then prime minister Lee Kuan Yew at a time when the city-state’s own armed forces were embryonic, marked a shift in the region towards homegrown defences.英国0世纪70年代从东南亚撤走——令时任新加坡总理李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)感到沮丧,因为当时这个城市国家自己的武装力量正处于起步阶段——标志着该地区转向发展本国的防御力量。Singapore, which now has the best-equipped military in Southeast Asia, tripled its defence spending in response to Britain’s exit and signed up to the Five Powers Defence Arrangements, a security tie-up with the UK, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.如今,新加坡拥有一只在东南亚国家中装备最精良的军队。当时,为了应对英国撤退,新加坡把国防开增加了两倍,并与英国、马来西亚、澳大利亚和新西兰订立了一份安全联盟——亚洲五国联Five Power Defence Arrangements)。The UK’s revitalised military engagement in recent months reflects London’s diplomatic emphasis on the region; UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s first trade mission as premier was to India. On a visit to Bahrain in December, Mrs May pledged to deepen security co-operation with Gulf countries.英国在近几个月加大了军事介入力度,反映出该国在外交方面对该地区的重视;英国首相特里萨.Theresa May)上任后第一次率领贸易代表团出访的对象国是印度2月访问巴林时,梅承诺要加深与海湾国家之间的安全合作。The British build-up is not overtly directed at China, a power that the UK government has worked hard to court in an effort to win Chinese investment. Instead, analysts say, Britain has sought to demonstrate its enduring military capacity on a world stage.英国这么做并非公然针对中囀?英国政府一直在努力取悦中国,以争取中国投资。分析师说,相反,英国寻求在世界舞台上展示其持久的军事能力。There is a gap, however, between Britain’s rhetoric and a military capability that has been diminished by financial constraints. The UK’s sole surviving army garrison in Asia Brunei is funded not by the British taxpayer but by that country’s Sultan.然而,英国的口头说法和军事能力之间存在着差距,财政制约导致其军事能力越来越弱。英国在亚洲唯一幸存的驻军——驻文莱部队——的资金来源不是英国纳税人,而是该国苏丹。The shortcomings of Britain’s campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan including a lack of planning and shortages of vital equipment have raised doubts about its effectiveness. The UK retains a small contingent of troops in Afghanistan, deployed in non-combat roles.英国在伊拉克和阿富汗作战行动的缺陷,包括缺乏规划和缺少关键装备,使人对其行动效力产生怀疑。英国在阿富汗保留了一小型部队,用于履行非战斗职胀?来 /201612/485536。

  Airstrikes have killed at least 250 Islamic State fighters in Iraq, both Iraqi and U.S. officials reported Thursday.伊拉克和美国官员星期四称,在伊拉克发动的空袭打死至少250名伊斯兰国武装人员。The airstrikes hit around 40 Islamic State vehicles just south of Fallujah, a former Islamic State stronghold liberated by U.S.-led Iraqi coalitions last week.空袭在费卢杰以南击中0辆伊斯兰国组织的车辆。费卢杰曾经是伊斯兰国的据点,上个星期被美国领导的伊拉克联军解放。These airstrikes mark the deadliest attack against the jihadist group, though officials warn their morale does not seem to be damaged, despite territorial losses.这次空袭是对伊斯兰国组织造成死伤人数最多的一次攻击,但是有关官员警告说,伊斯兰国尽管失去很多地盘,但是士气似乎没有受到影响。Syrian forces have also made strides this week in regaining control of Islamic State held towns near Iraq which have effectively erased the border for jihadist fighters, making transportation and coordination easier in what Islamic State has declared its ;caliphate; of the two countries.这个星期,叙利亚军队也从伊斯兰国组织手中夺回了伊拉克边境附近一些城市的控制权。伊斯兰国组织控制这些城市实际上打通了叙利亚和伊拉克之间的边界,称该地区为 “哈里发国”,便于运输和协调行动。After succeeding in their month-long coalition to seize control of Fallujah, Iraqi forces will work to retake Mosul, Iraqs second-largest city, from jihadist control.伊拉克军队在耗时一个月成功夺回了费卢杰的控制权后,正努力从伊斯兰国组织手中夺回伊拉克第二大城市苏尔的控制权。来 /201607/452395

  Ashton Carter, US secretary of defence, led a chorus of international voices criticising China at the weekend Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual security forum in Singapore, warning that Beijing seems to be building “a great wall of self-isolationin Asia.上周末,美国国防部长阿什#8226;卡特(Ashton Carter)牵头国际多方在新加坡举行的年度安全论坛——香格里拉对Shangri-La Dialogue)上批评中国,警告称北京方面似乎正在亚洲打造一座“自我孤立的长城”。But defence officials and analysts say the rhetorical battle against Beijings territorial ambitions in the South China Sea obscures the fact that China has succeeded in changing the status quo in these resource-rich waters.但防务官员和分析人士表示,针对北京方面在南中国海领土野心的论战掩盖了一个事实:中国已经成功改变了这些资源丰富的水域的现状。“Last year everyone was warning about the threat from China’s island-building plans but they’ve now constructed runways for fighters, ports and radar facilities in the South China Sea,said one European diplomat in Singapore. “They’ve altered the facts on the water and there is nothing anyone can do about it now.”“去年每个人都在警告中国造岛计划的威胁,但现在他们已经在南中国海修建了战斗机跑道、港口和雷达设施。”一名欧洲外交官在新加坡表示,“他们已经改变了这片水域的现状,现在任何人对此都无能为力了。”Beijing claims almost the entire South China Sea and in recent years has become increasingly assertive in pushing its case against the other claimants: Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.中国对几乎整个南中国海提出主权声索,近年来还日益强硬地针对其他声索方——文莱、马来西亚、菲律宾、台湾和越南——推进自己的主张。Citing concerns about the impact on freedom of navigation and regional stability, the US has hit back, launching navy and air patrols close to the new Chinese islands and deepening ties with Asian nations including Vietnam and the Philippines.美国以担心航行自由和地区稳定受到影响为由对此进行了反击,在中国的新岛附近区域进行海上和空中巡航,并加深了与越南和菲律宾等亚洲国家的关系。The new Chinese facilities, built on reefs in the Spratly Islands, will extend the reach of the air force, navy and coast guard as well as the fleet of fishing boats sent out to maintain what Beijing calls its “historic rightsto this sea.中国建立在斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称南沙群岛)?礁上的新设施,将拓展中国空军、海军和海警的活动范围,以及那些为了维护中国所称的对这片海域的“历史性权利”而派出的船队的活动范围。A senior defence official from Indonesia, which has protested against recent incursions into its waters by Chinese fishing boats and a coast guard vessel, said he was “very worriedabout Beijing’s growing audacity.一名印尼高级防务官员对近期中国的多艘渔船和一艘海警船侵入印尼水域提出了抗议,他表示北京方面的日益大胆让他感到“非常忧虑”。“Diplomats can criticise China but we badly need more equipment to boost our eyes and ears at sea so we can manage this threat better,he said.“外交官们可以批评中国,但我们迫切需要更多的设备来提高我们在海上的‘眼力’和‘耳力’,这样我们才能更好地应对这一威胁,”他说。In addition to the tensions on the water, China is also facing a legal battle at the permanent court of arbitration in The Hague, where the Philippines has brought a case challenging Beijing’s “nine-dash lineclaim to almost the entire sea.除了海上的紧张局势,中国还在海牙的常设仲裁法Permanent Court of Arbitration)面临着一场官司,菲律宾已向该院起诉中国,挑战后者对几乎整个南中国海声索主权的“九段线”。In Singapore, Mr Carter joined counterparts from Japan, France, the UK and other nations in accusing China of disregarding international law by refusing to recognise the right of the court to hear the case, in which a ruling is expected within months.在新加坡,卡特与日本、法囀?英国及其他国家的防长一道,指责中国无视国际法,拒不承认该院拥有审理此案的管辖权。此案的裁决预计将在几个月内作出。Chinese officials, who have struggled to find many supporters for their position beyond the likes of Russia and Belarus, retorted that the Philippines was twisting international law and that the US was hypocritical because it has yet to ratify the UN law of the sea under which the case was brought.中国官员难以在俄罗斯、白俄罗斯等国之外找到太多持中方立场的国家。面对指责,他们回击称,菲律宾歪曲了国际法,而美国则是虚伪的,因为它自己至今都仍未正式批准此案所诉诸的《联合国海洋法公约UN Convention on the Law of the Sea)。Despite the condemnations of China’s stance in Singapore, Beijing hopes to use its economic might and threat of further military pressure to win over incoming Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte.尽管中国的立场在新加坡受到了谴责,但北京方面希望利用其经济实力(以及以进一步施加军事压力相威胁)来拉拢即将上任的菲律宾新总统罗德里戈#8226;杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)。He has suggested that he could take a softer line on the maritime disputes and enter bilateral negotiations with Beijing in exchange for investment in the Philippines and joint exploitation of natural resources.杜特尔特已暗示,他或将在海上领土争端方面采取更温和的立场,与北京方面进行双边谈判,以换取中国对菲律宾的投资以及共同开发自然资源。“The big wild card in the South China Sea right now is Mr Duterte and whether he seeks talks with China,said Euan Graham, a security analyst at the Lowy Institute, a think-tank in Sydney.澳大利亚智库洛伊研究所(Lowy Institute)的安全问题分析家尤安#8226;格雷厄姆(Euan Graham)表示:“如今,南中国海最大的变数就是杜特尔特以及他是否寻求与中国进行谈判。”The question mark over Mr Duterte, who takes office at the end of the month, highlights how China can use its economic and military power to support its position, regardless of international criticism.杜特尔特将于本月底正式就职,关于他的不确定性突显出中国如何利用经济和军事实力撑自己的立场——不论国际社会如何批评。“Don’t think China can be ganged up against,said Yao Yunzhu, a defiant but good-humoured Chinese major-general who was busily fighting back against US rhetoric at the Shangri-La Dialogue. “China is too deeply integrated into the world, economically, politically and in terms of security.”“不要以为可以拉帮结派对付中国,”中国少将姚云竹表示,“中国在经济、政治以及安全方面都极深地融入了世界。”在此次香格里拉对话上,这位强硬但不失幽默的中国少将一直忙于反击美方的言论。来 /201606/448268





  China is set to install “a few thousandtroops and staff at its first ever overseas military base, the first permanent overseas deployment by Chinese armed forces. 中国将在有史以来的首个海外军事基地部署“几千名”作战人员和工作人员,这是中国武装部队第一次在海外部署永久性力量The new naval facility will sit in the same city as America’s own sprawling African military headquarters in Djibouti, the Horn of Africa country where the US has a 4,500-strong base running counter-terrorism operations across the region. Japan, which also has its only overseas military base in Djibouti, aly faces a tense stand-off with China over territorial disputes in the South China Sea. 新的海军基地将与美国庞大的吉布提非洲驻军总部处于同一座城市里。在位于“非洲之角”的吉布提,美国拥有一处驻扎着4500人的基地,执行地区反恐作战任务。日本唯一的海外军事基地也在吉布提。日本和中国已因东中国海领土争端而陷入紧张对峙The move underscores concerns that China, historically inward-looking and non-interventionist, is making a policy shift to assert itself as a global military power. Djibouti occupies a vital strategic position at the southern entrance to the Red Sea from the Indian Ocean, with 30 per cent of the world’s shipping passing close by. 中国此举加剧了人们的担心:向来着眼国内、对外采取不干预态度的中国,开始转变政策,把自己确立为一个全球军事强囀?吉布提占据着由印度洋通往红海的南部入口,战略位置至关重要,经由此地附近的航运量占到全球总量0%China has aly vowed to near-quadruple its contribution to global peacekeeping operations, to 8,000 troops, and is explicitly building up aircraft and submarine capabilities in pursuit of what it frames as a new responsibility to help assure global peace and stability. 中国已誓言把其对全球维和行动的贡献提高近三倍,将维和常备部队增000人,并公开加强飞机和潜艇实力,以履行其所称的帮助确保全球和平与稳定的新责任So far China has said little about its own intentions in Djibouti, referring to the project in low-key terms such as characterising the new base as “logistical facilitiesfor naval rest and resupply, including for its contribution to anti-piracy operations. It has offered no information on staffing numbers. 迄今为止,中国对吉布提基地的目的所说甚少,提到吉布提军事设施时非常低调,比如把新基地称为供海军休整与补给的“后勤设施”,其功能包括为打击海盗的行动提供援。中国并未提供有关新基地人员数量的任何信息But in an interview with the Financial Times, Djibouti’s foreign minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf for the first time spelt out the likely scale of China’s presence in the small, strategically important country that sits at the mouth of Bab el-Mandeb Staits that lead to the Suez Canal. 但在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,吉布提外长马哈茂德#8226;阿里#8226;优素Mahmoud Ali Youssouf)首次披露了中国在这个小国的军事存在的可能规模。吉布提面积虽小,但地理位置具有战略重要性,位于通往苏伊士运Suez Canal)的曼德海Bab el-Mandeb Staits)入口处While the US in 2014 agreed to nearly double the rate it pays Djibouti to m a year to rent its site, Mr Youssouf told the FT that China will pay Djibouti m a year for their location, with likely “a few thousandsof military and administrative personnel. Mr Youssouf said the Chinese, like the US, signed a 10-year contract with an option to extend for a further 10 years. 2014年,美国同意把付给吉布提的军事基地年租金增加近一倍,300万美元。优素福告诉英国《金融时报》,中国每年向吉布提付的基地租金将000万美元,基地可能驻扎“几千名”作战人员和行政人员。优素福表示,中国跟美国一样,与吉布提签订0年期合同,并拥有续签10年的选择权“The terms of the contract and agreement are very clear and they are the same for each and every country that requested military presence in Djibouti,Mr Youssouf said. He added the main purpose was for China to use the naval base to protect its national interest monitoring its merchant vessels passing the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and for naval refuelling and restocking. “合同与协议的条款写得清清楚楚,对每个请求在吉布提部署军事存在的国家都是相同的,”优素福说。他接着表示,中国的主要目的是使用该海军基地保护自己的国家利益——监控通过曼德海峡的中国商船,以及进行海军燃料和物资的补给Tom Kelly, US ambassador to Djibouti, told the FT that managing the existence of both a US and a Chinese base in the same country “will be a challenge for all involved Concerns range from eavesdropping on activities at the US base, much of whose wide-ranging anti-terror operations are covert, to fears China may develop a string of bases to give them strategic control over waterways leading into Europe. 美国驻吉布提大使汤姆#8226;凯利(Tom Kelly)向英囀?金融时报》表示,对部署在同一国家内的美中两国军事基地进行管控,对“有关各方来说都将是一次挑战”。人们的担忧包括美国基地活动被窃听(美军范围广泛的反恐行动大多是秘密进行的)、中国或许会发展一系列基地对进入欧洲的水道进行战略控制等等Mr Youssouf said that China, which is scheduled to build a second major airport in the country, would have as much right to use drones as the US and French. 优素福称,中国计划在吉布提建设新的大型机场,并将拥有与美国和法国相同的使用无人机的权利“The Americans have enough technology, enough fighter aircraft, enough drones [here] to control each and every piece of this land and even beyond,said Mr Youssouf. “Why should the Chinese not have the right to also use those materials#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to preserve and protect their interest in the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb. Why?“美国人(在这里)拥有足够的技术、足够的战斗机、足够的无人机来控制这里乃至更多地区的每一寸土地,”优素福称,“中国人为什么不该拥有同样的、使用这些资源的权利……来维持和保护他们在曼德海峡的利益?为什么?China’s foreign ministry declined to respond to requests for comment on the terms of the new base. 中国外交部拒绝回应就新基地相关问题置评的请求China has instead framed the coming base in terms of an effort to showcase itself as a rising but responsible global player, supporting existing anti-piracy patrols and peacekeeping missions on the African continent, which is a hub for Chinese investments. China has sent navy ships to patrol the Gulf of Aden off Djibouti and Somalia since 2008, the first time China had sent naval ships on a mission outside its territorial waters in more than 600 years. 相反,中国有关这座新基地的措辞旨在展示自己是新兴但负责的全球事务参与者,为现有的反海盗巡逻和非洲大陆上的维和任务提供持。非洲大陆是中国的投资集中地008年以来,中国派遣了海军舰只在距吉布提和索马里不远的亚丁湾(Gulf of Aden)巡逻,这是00年以来中国首次派遣海军舰只在其领海以外地区执行任务Last November, a spokesperson said of the proposed naval “support facilitythat it “will help China’s military further carry out its international responsibilities to safeguard global and regional peace and stability 去年11月,一名发言人称,拟建的海军“保障设施”“对于中国军队有效履行国际义务,维护国际和地区和平稳定具有积极作用”Mr Youssouf and senior port officials said the base would combine a naval jetty and fenced-off location at the same site as the capital’s forthcoming Doraleh Multipurpose Port, still under construction. The new port is part-financed and part-owned by China Merchants Holding, a part state-owned company and the largest public port operator in China. 优素福及港口高级官员称,该基地将与吉布提首都即将建成的多哈雷多功能港(Doraleh Multipurpose Port)位于相同地点,既有海军码头也有隔离场所。多哈雷多功能港由中国招商局国际有限公司(China Merchants Holdings)提供部分资金、并持有部分股权。招商局国际为部分国有,是中国最大的公共港口运营商China is also set to lend more than bn at non-concessional rates for other infrastructure projects to help transform Djibouti’s .5bn economy, including a water pipeline and a new railway link with landlocked, populous Ethiopia. 中国还将为其他基础设施项目提供0亿美元的非优惠利率贷款,帮助吉布提总5亿美元的经济实现转型。相关项目包括给水管道,以及连接吉布提和内陆人口大国埃塞俄比亚的新铁路。来 /201604/435535


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