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  • I have to say that that has nothing to do with the treatment of this company.Ive been satisfied with my salary here,and treasure the opportunity.我要说这同公司待遇无关。我很满意我的薪水,我非常珍视公司给我的机会。Have I done wrong to you?Youve really surprised me.那是我做了什么错事?你真让我震惊!Bob,youve really been nice to me,and I thank you for the face that youve taken care of me and taught me so much.鲍勃,你真的待我很好,我很感谢你一直照顾我,多方教导我。I must admit that Im still mixed up.There must be something wrong,why are you leaving?我糊涂了,一定有对不住你的地方,不然你又为什么要辞职?Well,I like new experiences,and need some new challenges.唔,我喜欢新的经历,我需要新的挑战。I see.Just these reasons?我懂了。还有其它的原因吗?To be honest,the chances for promotion are good in the new company,and the salary was just too attractive to turn down.老实说,新公司晋升的机会很好,而且薪水好得简直令人无法拒绝。Lily,you know how highly I think of your work,you should have come to me earlier,so we could talk about it.We might have had a chance to better the situation.莉莉,你知道我非常看重你的工作,你该早点和我谈谈这件事。我们原本有机会改善情况的。Im sorry,Bob.很抱歉,鲍勃。I suppose its too late to say that!我想,现在太晚了。Im afraid so.The offer arrived beyond expectation,and I had to decide as soon as possible.It was the chance of a lifetime I can not miss,and I really can not hesitate.恐怕是如此。这工作机会来得突然,我必须马上做出决定。我不能错过关系一生的机会,我觉得我不能犹豫了。Well,Im sad to see you off,Lilly.But all the best in your new career.唔,莉莉,你要走,我真的很难过,但希望新事业顺利。Thanks,Bob.Your generosity helps a lot.谢谢你,鲍勃。谢谢你的帮忙。 /201502/355312
  • 来自中国的雇员Dana跟同事Charlie聊天儿,说自己要去美国朋友家过圣诞节,请Charlie给她讲讲美国人过圣诞的习俗。D: Would you say Christmas is the most popular American holiday?C: Definitely. Its a really big deal. Most people dont work on that day, and if you ask someone to work you have to pay them a lot of overtime.D: Should I bring presents for all of his family members?C: Thats probably not necessary because youre a guest. You could bring a small souvenir or something from China for them. But one tradition is to bring a nice bottle of wine.圣诞节是美国的重要节日。Charlie说,Its a really big deal. 意思是说圣诞节确实非常重要。大家都放假,让人加班,得付很多加班费。 You have to pay them a lot of overtime. Overtime是加班费的意思。去朋友家过圣诞节,要给每个人买礼物吗? Charlie认为不用,只要带个中国纪念品就行了。但是美国人去朋友家作客,有带葡萄酒的传统。D: Is there a lot of drinking during Christmas?C: It depends on the family, but Id say most people probably do enjoy alcoholic drinks. Have you ever tried eggnog?D: No, whats that?C: Its an alcoholic drink that sort of tastes like egg custard. Its sweet and warm and perfect for the cold winter season.D: Sounds delightful. Whats the traditional ?Charlie说,美国人过圣诞节,most people do enjoy alcoholic drinks, 大多数人都喜欢喝一杯,其中一种很普遍的酒精饮料叫eggnog, eggnog is spelled e-g-g-n-o-g, eggnog, 这种饮料味道甜甜的,温温的,适合天气冷的时候喝。圣诞节有什么传统菜肴吗?C: Probably roast chicken. During Thanksgiving most people eat turkey. Actually, we Americans eat way too much food during the holiday season. When New Year comes around, everybody makes a resolution to lose weight!D: Are there fireworks or any kind of public events?C: Not really. Usually in the town center theres a huge Christmas tree. All the streets are lined with Christmas lights...its really quite pretty.Charlie说,圣诞节很多家庭会吃烤鸡。他还说,美国人过节总会吃很多东西,we Americans eat way too much food during the holiday season. 所以新年一到,大家都会立志减肥。Charlie还说,美国人过圣诞节,一般不放烟火,但是市中心往往会有一棵特别高大的圣诞树,街道两边也都是圣诞节的灯,充满节日气氛。美国是不是所有人都庆祝圣诞节呢?我们下星期继续听。 /201202/172109
  • 1.Novel and practical 新颖实用 A: Who decides if the patent application is novel and practical?B: The Patent Committee.A:谁来决定专利申请是否新颖实用?B:专利委员会。 2.Patent infringement 侵犯专利权A: What happens if we have a patent infringement? B: Your company gets huge fines and you won't be allowed to sell the related produces.A:如果我们侵犯了专利权会怎么样?B:你的公司要付巨额罚款,任何有关产品也不允许销售。 3.Patent licensing 专利许可A: We need to license a patent. What do we need to do?B: You need to contact the company who owns the patent.A:我们需要采用一项专利,应该怎么办?B:你需要联系一下拥有这个专利的公司。4.Sole license 独家许可A: We want to get the sole license for China.B: We will have to think about it.A:我们想拿到全中国的独家许可。B:我们需要考虑一下。5.Technical know-how 专有技术A: Would a patent involve technical know-how?B: Sure. But you'll have to publish the know-how. A:专利包括专有技术吗?B:当然,(申请专利的同时)你也公开了你的专有技术。 /200810/51968
  • to give someone gray hair 使…焦虑(俚语)英文释义Expression meaning to cause someone to become worried, anxious, or confused.例句The many problems I am having with my adolescent son are giving me gray hair.我和我处在青春期的儿子之间的很多问题让我心焦。 /201301/221362
  • 九句话一场景系列几乎覆盖了普通一个人从白天到晚上常见的所有场景,大家认真学习后会发现,其实生活口语很简单,仅仅需要“九句话”!【打招呼九句】 : 打招呼,除Greetings 之外九句最常用的招呼语 。 只要是朋友都能用的: How's everything? 一切都好? What's up? 近况如何? What's new? 有什么新鲜事? What's happening? 在忙什么? 任何时后都可以用,但比较见外: How are you? 你好吗? 适用于第一次见面: Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你。 适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人: Nice to see you again. 很高兴再见到你。 适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友: How have you been? 你过得怎么样? 适用于很久没见的朋友: Long time no see. 好久不见。 /03/64785
  • 1.Foreign investment 外商投资A: Is foreign investment encouraged in China?B: Yes. China wants to attract as much investment as possible. A:中国是否鼓励外商投资?B:是的,中国想要尽可能吸引投资。 2.Misconduct 违法行为A: There was some misconduct of the Enrun Company officials. B: Yeah. They took money and run.A:Enrun公司的官员有一些违法行为。B:是的,他们携款潜逃了。 3.Monopoly 垄断A: Is it allowed to become a monopoly?B: No. It's not allowed under the business law.A:垄断是允许的吗?B:不是,商法是不允许垄断的。4.Registration 注册登记A: Did you register your business?B: I sure did. Look at the license on the wall.A:你的商店注册了吗?B:当然,你看执照就挂在墙上。5.Scope of business 业务范围A: So what is the scope of your business?B: Import and export of industrial products.A:那么你的业务范围是什么?B:工业产品的进出口业务。 /200810/52313
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