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淄博治疗早泄效果好的医院淄博治疗早泄的多少钱When I came down this morning,我今天早上下楼I opened the back door打开后门的时候and on the mat outside was this.在门外的垫子上发现了这个OK, as you said. On the back lawn, was it?你们说是在后院的草坪上发现的 对吗Yes, on the back lawn.对 在后院草坪上Think its a bird.我猜是只鸟He walked in very nonchalantly,他若无其事地走进来looking very satisfied,一脸餍足so I went out and had a look,所以我出去看了一下and all that was left was one eyeball.发现只剩下一颗眼珠This is the green.是这片草坪Thats the green over here,在那片草坪活动this is the other green on the side of the road.还有路边的另一片草坪John, Sarah and Alan约翰 萨拉和艾伦have started combing through the cats traces开始分析猫的活动轨迹to look for unusual night-time activity以找出可能代表着他们在捕猎的which may indicate hunting.与众不同的夜间活动So thats Billy,那是比利and he looks like hes travelling up to a farm看起来他一直走到了一个农场or a single household,或一座独立的房子one single trip up and back down.一口气走过去再回来This is another cat that he lives with, is it?这是和他住在一起的另一只猫 对吗Mollys, yeah, from the same house as Billy,对 茉莉和比利属于同一个主人theyre both British Blues, pedigree cats.他们都是纯种的英国蓝短毛猫This big trip is at night-time.他是在晚上出门跑了这一大圈重点解释:1.come down 下降,落下例句:Since he lost the job, he has really come down in the world.自从他失业以后,他的确过着穷困潦倒的生活。2.go out 出去例句:He goes out drinking most evenings.晚上他差不多都到外边喝酒。3.look for 寻找;寻求例句:He turned on the torch to look for his keys.他打开了手电筒,寻找钥匙。201608/462312淄博哪间男科医院好 Are you familiar with the, uh, website Ashley Madison.com. Yes你们熟悉Ashley MAdison.com 这个网站吗?当然Ok, I know a lot of guys are pretending they are not, but恩,但我知道很多人还在假装自己不懂Ashley Madison is a, they describe, they call it a dating siteAshley Madison据说是一个用于约会的社交网站for married men and women who are looking to have an affair.专门务于那些想要‘第二春’的已婚男女They pay a fee of some kind and they pair you up with other sneaky people.人们以某种方式先付费 然后网站就会把你和另外一个人配对But well.....unfortunately for those who signed up for this service actually Madison was hacked.但我想对那些注册过这个网站的人说 我为你们感到不幸 因为Madison被黑客攻击了A group of hackers called the Impact team broke in and theyre threatening to expose有一个叫‘影响力’的黑客组织黑进了这个网站 并威胁说the identities of more than 37,000,000 users.要曝光所有三千七百万用户的信息if actually Madison They said shut down the site. or we will reveal everyones identity.如果Madison选择关闭这个网站 他们就会披露出所有的用户信息Now first of all how crazy is that they have 37,000,000 Hahaha....诶 等等 拜托 他们居然有三千七百万的用户!哈哈哈Isnt that like everyone? Isnt that like...... I mean really......那不就是所有人了么 难道不是吗?我真是醉了……Walmart doesnt have 37,000,000 customers.就连沃尔玛都没三千七百万的顾客好么And you know 36,000,000 of those 37,000,000 customers are guys right?不过其中的三千六百万都是[同志]吧?I mean Women dont need a website. Women just need ..all they need is a pos and they are fine.本来就是啊 因为女人们根本不需要这种网站啊 她们只要有一个刷卡机就够了But if this information gets released, millions of marriages could be affected.但话说回来 如果这些信息曝光了 估计得有上百万的家庭受到影响吧And you know thats hardest on kids. Kids dont undetstand of the sort of thing.这样的话小孩子才是最受伤的 小屁孩才搞不懂大人的这些事儿呢Kids are very innocent until we pollute their minds.他们都超单纯 直到我们‘污染’了他们纯洁的心灵And in fact, we went on the street today, we asked kids...... We asked kids what adultery it is? Oh......实际上 我们今天延沿街采访了孩子……我们问孩子“出轨”是啥意思?天……!Were trying to do a show or I dont know what to tell you. And here it is. Kids explaining Adultery.诶 拜托 我们在努力做节目好么 不然你们看什么?好 来看看孩子们对‘出轨’的解释吧!What is “Audltery”? Um......to be a movie star? Do you know anyone who is a audlterer? Um......你知道什么是‘出轨’不?呃……就是当个电影明星?那你知道有谁出轨了的吗?呃……Johnny Depp? What is “Audltery”? A dog running? Describe “Adultery”. Its artery for adults?约翰尼.德普?什么是‘出轨’?啥?奔跑的小?请你描述一下‘出轨’是什么?变成大人?What is “Adultery”? Being an adult? What do you think the best part of adultery is? Getting to drink.什么是‘出轨’?做大人?那你觉得“出轨”最好的地方是什么?可以喝酒!Getting to drink? Yeah...... I agree. What is “Adultery”? Apparently saying that is fun...nursing...and...可以喝酒? 嗯……好样的 我同意 什么是‘出轨’?很明显啊……就是做父母啊 ……照顾别人神马的……还有..all sorts of things. Are your parents adulterers? Yes. Both of them? Yes.反正就是那些事儿呗 那你爸妈出轨不?要!两个都出轨?对!Hows that? Fun. Fun. Yeah. What is Adultery? Um.......what do you say?感觉咋样?挺好玩的!嗯……好玩……答的好……什么是“出轨”?呃……你说啥?Adultery. Adultery? I dont know what those are. You wanna take a guess? Um...... Heeeee......出轨 出轨啊?我也不知道那是什么鬼诶 那你猜一下呢 呃呃呃……呵呵呵呵……Did you guess its funny? Adultery? Until it happens to you right?你觉得好笑么?嗯……等发生在你身上的时候就好笑了吧?What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody? It means theyre cheating?对不起另一半是啥意思?就是……他们做了对不起另一半的事And what does that mean? It means theyre not following the rules.那又是什么意思呢?就是说 他们犯规了And what are the rules? That you cant cheat.犯什么规了?就是你不能做对不起另一半的事What does it mean when somebody cheats on somebody else?什么是对不起另一半?That means that they...you know ...get the wrong person就是说……嗯你懂的……就是找错人了They might accidently get the different person that they are not supposed to get.他们可能不小心找到不适合自己的人了So when you cheat on somebody, its usually an accident? Yea.那么就是说 你对不起别人的时候都是不小心的咯?对But not all the time. Sometimes its on purpose. Yea.但也不总是这样 有时候你是有目的才对不起别人的是吧 恩 对Like if you went on to Ashley Madison and signed up to meet somebody? Yea.就像是人们注册Ashley Madison网站然后去和别人约会是吧?对的Right!Thanks kids Im Jimmy Kemmel.干得好!谢谢孩子们!我是吉米.坎尔If you like that, subscribe to our youtube channel to get all our latest s before they die and go to Youtube heaven.如果你喜欢我们的视频 请订阅我们的油管频道 观看享受更多的最新视频吧!201706/514212TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/461837淄博哪家医院治疗阳痿好

淄博哪家医院治疗龟头炎好淄博 包皮环切 Most people cant think big. This is how the majority of my friends who went to college thought,大多数人都没有野心。我大部分上大学的朋友就是这么想的,;I hope I can get a decent job when I graduate.; Like not even a good job, just a decent job.“毕业后我想找份体面的工作。”甚至不是一份好工作,仅仅是一份体面的工作。That was their biggest plan for their life. Finding a decent job.找一份体面的工作就是他们最大的人生规划。。I also had very few other friends who said, ;Im going to start a business and become a millionaire by my mid-twenties.;也有少数其他朋友说,“我打算在25岁左右的时候创业成为百万富翁。”And theyre actually on track to accomplishing that.并且他们也在朝着既定的目标前进。Now heres the thing... The biggest problem is that most people cant even think big.是这样的…最大的问题是大多数人都没有那么大的野心。And I always make sure to point out that yes, this is just the first step.我想指出的是,是的,这仅仅是第一步。There are so many other things you need to do to be successful after youre able to think big,有了大胆的想法之后,想要取得成功还有很多其他的事情需要做。otherwise that is whats called being delusional. But...否则那些想法就只能是妄想。但是…if you cant even do the first step right, there is no hope.如果你连第一步都迈不出去,那就一点希望都没有。If your biggest vision for yourself is to find a decent job just like it is for most people,如果你最大的愿望是像大多数人一样找份体面的工作,you cant expect anything great to happen.就不要期望发生什么大事。Its like setting up your finish line a hundred meters from you every time you run.就好像每次起跑都把终点设在一百米开外。No, youre not going to be a great marathon runner if a hundred meters is what youre aiming at.不,如果你的目标是一百米那你不可能成为一个优秀的马拉松运动员。And yes, there are 20 other steps ahead of you, youre going to have to work hard, youre going to have to work smart,是的,还有其他二十几步要走,你在工作上要努力,要机智,but nothings going to help you when your finish line is constantly set at 100 meters.但如果你的终点永远是100米的话,那什么也帮不了你。Value yourself. Believe in yourself. I know that sounds kind of cliche, but heres the thing...珍视自己。相信自己。我知道这听上去有点老套,但就是这样…Most people I know cant even believe that one day they could be making millions.我认识的大多数人都不相信他们有一天会成为百万富翁。They cant even entertain that thought for a second.他们甚至连想都不想。Most guys I know dont think that they actually deserve that beautiful girl.我认识的很多人都认为他们配不上那个漂亮的女孩。Most people I know dont actually think that they deserve to be around successful people.他们都认为自己不值得与成功人士为伍。And heres the thing... Youre putting a very low price tag on yourself, and guess what?是这样的…你给自己标价很低,猜猜会怎样?You cant expect people around you to put a higher price tag on you.你就别指望周围的人会把你的身价提上去。If you dont even like yourself, how can you expect others to like you?如果你都不喜欢自己,怎么指望别人喜欢你呢?If you want me to be your business partner and you dont even believe that you could make millions,如果你想让我成为你的生意伙伴,但你自己都没有信心能赚好几百万,why am I going to even consider working with you?那我为什么要考虑和你合作呢?If Im a girl, and you dont even think that you deserve me, why should I think that you deserve me?如果我是一女生,你自己都认为配不上我,我为什么还要认为你配的上我呢?No ones ever going to value you or believe in you if you cant even value and believe in yourself.如果你自己都不重视和相信自己,别人更不会重视你,也不会相信你。There is a lot of truth to what Henry Ford was saying,亨利·福特说的很有道理,the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he cant are both right.认为自己能与不能都是正确的。And finally, excusitis. I remember I was a little kid and I was talking to one of my uncles or something最后一点,借口。我记得小时候和一个叔叔谈话,and he was telling me how much he knew about success or whatever so i asked him,他告诉我他很了解很多关于成功等诸如此类的事,我就问他,;Well, if you know all about success, how come youre not successful?;“呃,你知道那么多,为什么你没成功呢?”And his kids were running around near by, and he pointed at them and he said, ;Thats why.;他的孩子们跑过来了,他指着孩子们说,“这就是为什么。”And even as a little kid that made me nauseous. But thats what everyone does. Excuse on top of excuse.即使那时还小,我仍然对他的回答感到很反感。但是每个人都会那么做。为自己找台阶下。Dont be that person. Youll be the only one feeling sorry for yourself,不要成为那种人。即使周围的人都给你灌输你是受害者的这种心态,even if people around you are encouraging your victim mindset.你也要知道对不起自己的只有你自己,而不是别人。So start thinking big, and realize that thats just the first step. Start researching the 20 other steps.所以开始大胆的想法,要知道那只是第一步。开始研究其他20几步。Start believing in yourself, and realize that if you cant even do that yourself you cant expect others to believe in you.开始相信自己,并认识到如果自己都不能相信自己,就不要指望别人会相信你。And finally, dont make excuses. If you dont make it to where you want to be,最后,不要找借口。如果你没有达到预期,it is because of the decisions that you have made.那是因为你做的决定。Dont be the guy pointing at his kids as an excuse.不要拿孩子说事。There are plenty of guys out there with more kids than you and worse circumstances than you有很多孩子比你多情况比你糟的人,who still figured out a way to crush it.他们都有办法来摆脱这种阻碍。201707/517118淄博市中心医院龟头炎症

淄博市中心医院不孕不育多少钱Impotence, though, has its uses.Godwine clearly had ambitions for the future.尽管如此 无为并不等于无用 戈德温显然是个野心勃勃的人Hed foisted his daughter Edith on Edward to get a young Godwine as the next King of England.他迫使女儿伊迪斯嫁给爱德华 就是为了让自己的外孙成为下任英格兰国王But Edward had his own ideas.Yes, hed married Edith but hed never sleep with her.但爱德华有自己的主意 他确实娶了伊迪斯 但却从未与她圆房His revenge would be her childlessness.让她膝下凄凉就是他最好的报复Now Edward had an even more mischievous thought,现在 爱德华又酝酿着一个更过分的恶作剧All right, if Godwine wants an heir to the throne of England so badly,Ill give him one, but one more to my liking.好吧 既然戈德温如此迫切地 需要一个英格兰王位继承人 那我就给他找一个 但找谁得听我的And at this point, Norman chroniclers claimed,在这个时候 根据诺曼史官的记载that Edward apparently promised the succession to the Duke of Normandy, William the Bastard.爱德华似乎把继承权许诺给了 当时的诺曼底公爵 私生子威廉Of course, nobody knew anything about this in England,least of all Godwine,当然 此事在英格兰 无人知晓 尤其是戈德温 who in 1053 died suddenly of a stroke while at dinner with the king.他在1053年陪国王吃饭时因中风猝死But there were plenty of other Godwines y to step into the Godfathers place.但许多戈德温家族的人 对教父的位置已跃跃欲试His sons now took over where he had left off,controlling England, virtually unchallenged.他的儿子们承继父业 继续毫无阻拦地操纵着英格兰And presiding over the family empire was the eldest son, Harold.主持这个家族帝国的是长子 哈罗德Harold Godwineson seemed to have everything:land, power, riches,charisma, an aristocratic wife哈罗德·戈德温森似乎拥有一切 土地 权力 财富 领袖气质 一位贵族妻子and a supporting troop of loyal and clever brothers.和由忠诚而聪明的弟弟们所率军队的持He even managed to make himself patron of churches,like this one at Bosham in Sussex.他甚至成为了教堂的资助人 比如在苏塞克斯山姆的这座教堂And though he didnt dare make too brazen a move,尽管他并不敢厚颜无耻地有所行动any dispassionate observer arriving in England in the early 1060s would have to conclude that once Edward was gone,但在11世纪60年代的英格兰 任一个明眼人都会清楚 一旦爱德华撒手西去the throne was Harolds for the taking.王位将是哈罗德的囊中之物And then, all at once,an ill wind blew away this fair-weather vision.然而没过多久 一场突如其来的风波又让局势变得扑朔迷离 /201607/456576 Rivers flood instantly.You know, you watch these things rising minute by minute.洪水倾泻而至 你看着水面急速上涨Whoa, look, look, look, look! Look at the waterfall!That was just a kind of small torrent before.天呐 看 看瀑布 那里之前还是一条小山涧There is a load more water coming down here now.That wind is just incredible.水量还在不断地上升 这风太奇妙了Ive chosen this clip because Id always wanted to witness a flash flood.我选择了这个片段 因为我总想着见山洪暴发Look at that!And here I was right in the thick of it.看那 而我目睹了山洪汹涌的时刻Power of nature--it can easily grab you by the backside and shake you around quite violently.自然的力量 它能轻易地从后方偷袭你 带给你你猛烈的一击This river is definitely now out of action.And were back into the jungle.这条河现在肯定不能去了 我们得回到丛林Number 16 is a moment in Montana that I had to run for my life.第16位 是我在蒙大拿州的一段逃命经历What were they thinking?Through straight through this tunnel.他们在想什么啊 咱们径直穿过这条隧道Itll be quicker and easier than going over it as well to get through.直接穿过去会更快 也简单许多Okay, hands up. It was a bad idea.Hang on. Stop, stop.好吧 我收回 这主意糟透了 等等 停下 停But it made my list because, to be honest, it got interesting.不过它上了我的排行榜 因为 老实说 其实蛮有趣的we need to move. Go, go, go, go, go, go.Keep up with me!Run!我们得离开 冲 冲 快跑 跟上我 快跑You dont quite know how fast the train is.你不知道那火车到底有多快You dont really know anything cause you just hear the noise and you see this light barreling towards you,and you just run.你什么都不知道 只能听到鸣笛声 看到灯光打过来 你就必须得跑Almost there. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.Come on!快到了 快跑 快跑 快跑 加把劲201612/482728淄博男性专科医院淄博体检中心



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