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武汉/医院检查前列腺武汉/治阳痿要多少钱US Defense Chief Calls for Cautious, Prudent NATO Response to Russia美国防长促北约对俄罗斯小心谨慎   U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he will urge caution and prudence in NATO's response to Russia's actions in Georgia when he meets with alliance defense ministers in London Friday. 美国国防部长罗伯特·盖茨表示,他这个星期五在伦敦跟北约国家国防部长会面时,将敦促北约对俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的所作所为作出反应时,持小心谨慎态度。Secretary Gates says NATO needs a unified response to Russia, and needs to address concerns the Georgia conflict raised in some member countries. But speaking with reporters here Thursday he indicated he does not want the alliance to do anything that would give Russia cause to become even more aggressive. 国防部长盖茨表示,北约需要对俄罗斯采取一致的反应,需要解决格鲁吉亚冲突在某些成员国引起的担忧。不过盖茨星期四在伦敦对记者讲话时指出,他不希望北约盟国的行动成为俄罗斯扩充侵略野心的理由。"I will suggest we do some prudent things that are consistent with the kinds of activities NATO has been engaged in for nearly 60 years, in terms of planning, in terms of exercises, and so on, that at the same time are not provocative and don't tend to draw any firm red lines or send signals that are unwanted, at the same time that it provides some reassurance to the allies in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States that we're mindful of their concerns," he said. 盖茨说:“我建议我们在制定和执行计划等方面要稳健行事,要符合北约近60年来在各类行动中的一贯风格,同时我们的行动不要具有挑衅性,也不要试图设定任何确切的限制、或者发出任何不必要的信号,另一方面,我们的行动要让东欧盟国和波罗的海沿岸国家放心,让他们感到我们重视它们的忧虑。”Secretary Gates said NATO must not accept Russia's effort to help Abkhazia and South Ossetia secede from Georgia. 盖茨国防部长说,北约绝不能认同俄罗斯帮助阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯脱离格鲁吉亚的任何努力。Speaking later on condition of anonymity, another senior U.S. defense official said Friday's NATO meeting - originally called to discuss the familiar topic of modernizing the alliance - may be considerably more substantive because of the situation in Georgia. The official says NATO defense ministers will likely discuss the core issue of whether the alliance can really live up to its mutual defense commitment.  美国国防部另一位不愿透露姓名的高级官员稍后表示,由于格鲁吉亚目前的局势,星期五的北约会议可能会更加务实,而这次会议原先计划讨论如何实现北约现代化之类的老话题。这位官员说,北约各国国防部长有可能讨论北约盟国是否能兑现共同防务承诺这一核心问题。The ed States believes NATO needs a strong, flexible, deployable joint force to respond to potential threats, and the official says many Baltic and East European members agree, particularly after the Russian invasion of Georgia. Georgia is not a NATO member, but alliance leaders have pledged that it will become one, along with Ukraine, although no timeframe has been set. The U.S. official who spoke Thursday says NATO is "not on a trajectory" to develop even the "minimal" modern military capabilities its leaders endorsed at their last summit, and that are needed "to protect the alliance and pursue its interests." The official says that needs to change in order to reach Secretary Gates' goal of reassuring allies whose fears have been sparked by the Georgia situation. 美国认为北约需要一强大、灵活和调度有方的部队,可以对潜在威胁作出反应,美国国防部这位高级官员还说,许多波罗的海沿岸和东欧成员国都认同美国的观点,尤其在俄罗斯出兵格鲁吉亚之后。格鲁吉亚目前还不是北约成员国,不过北约各国领导人承诺,格鲁吉亚以及乌克兰会成为北约一员,只是他们没有为此设定时间表。这位官员星期四说,北约没有遵行上次峰会上各国领导人所认同的方针,北约“没有踏上轨道”提高部队现代化军事能力,甚至没有做到发展最起码的现代化军事能力,而这些能力是“保护北约,追求其利益所必需的。”这位国防部官员表示,要想实现盖茨国防部长提出的目标,即让那些因格鲁吉亚局势而恐惧的盟国放心,上述现状必须改变。The official says no one in NATO expects Russia to invade a member state, but says it could take other aggressive steps, such as reducing or cutting energy supplies, trying "political pressure" and even cyber attacks like the recent one on Estonia that is widely blamed on Russia. And the official says in addition to pursuing new and enhanced capabilities, NATO can also respond by intensifying its traditional military training, exercising and planning work. 美国国防部这位不愿透露姓名的高级官员说,北约中没有人预期俄罗斯会入侵其成员国,不过他认为,俄罗斯可能会采取其它挑衅性行动,比如减少或者切断能源供应、试图向北约施加政治压力,甚至向北约发动网络攻击,就象爱沙尼亚最近受到的一次网上袭击那样,外界普遍认为这是俄罗斯发动的。这位官员还说,北约除了获得新的更为强大的军事能力之外,还应该加强其常规军事训练,演习和规划工作。200809/49274武汉/中心医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 武汉/人民医院割包皮挂什么科

武汉/市武昌医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱Boylan believes that a witness's memory is as crucial to a case as any physical evidence. What I would ultimately want would be for police to really protect that memory as evidence like they would any other piece of evidence in case whether it be fingerprints on the murder weapon or fibers. But when Boylan arrives in Petaluma, Polly's father is skeptical that she can help. She showed up with an entourage of TV producers and FBI agents, and I found it very disconcerting that this beautiful blonde woman being escorted through the police department and being portrayed as an individual who might very well break the case open. My concern was that they had taken my daughter's tragedy and gone Hollywood with it, because Jeanne didn't seem like a person from the real world to me. I wish that I was here telling you tonight that we had found Polly and she was gonna be coming home safe. But Boylan refuses to be distracted by the media circus. She focuses her attention on Polly's friends. Her secret approach is to do the opposite of what a police sketch artist would normally do. The usual police process for preparing this composite is just a visit for an artist, or an investigator to sit down and have an eyewitness look through a selection of features. Him, those are the eyes. You choose eyes, you choose a nose, you choose a chin, etc. But Boylan says looking at so many faces in the composite book can confuse witnesses and contaminate their memory. What happens when you sit a crime victim down, and you have them look through a catalogue, the typical catalogue has 960 fore facial photographs in it. You're taking 960 images, you are overlaying it over that original recall. That's how the distortion and the contamination takes place. If I'm lucky and only if there's a trauma in the circumstance under which this eyewitness saw the suspect. That information will be encoded deeply into memory and would still be there, but I have to work through all the contamination and try to retrieve that, that deeply embedded level of recall. Because of inconsistencies in the girls' stories, the police suspect that they might actually be covering for Polly. They have been, basically been called liars, the profile that had been drawn up was that Polly had run away with her boyfriend and that the girl friends were covering up for that in some way. But the girls insist that Polly was abducted by a stranger. In order to get the investigation back on course, Boylan knows she has to gain the girls' trust to get a better depiction of the suspect. The real secret is, was to create a situation in which both of the kids individually felt that they were in control, and I was a guest on their territory. One of the ways Boylan gains the girls' trust is to dress like them. And I put on something that a 12-year-old would be comfortable in being around the plump blue jeans, the sweatshirt, pull my hair back and I just became more like them.entourage: the group following and attending to some important person; staffdisconcerting: upsetting; that causes an emotional disturbance; disturbing200810/51250武汉/哪里做包皮 Bye bye Mr Socrates.再见,苏格拉底先生。He’s flying back to America leaving Tip Top Trading’s London team trying to work out how best to focus their business on the European market.他离开了Tip Top Trading的伦敦团队飞回美国,想办法如何把生意最好聚焦在欧洲市场上。Sorry to keep you waiting.抱歉让你们久等了。I had to go to the airport with Mr Socrates to see him off.我必须去机场给苏格拉底先生送行。We had a good chat in the taxi and he said some very positive things.我们在出租车上聊的很好,他说了很多积极的一面。Oh yes. Like what?是吗,比如呢?Err, well… well, how nice English beer is.英国啤酒很好喝。Yeah but what about the European marketing strategy – what are we going to do about that?是的,但关于欧洲市场战略,我们要怎么做?Well, Anna is supposed to lead on that, I’m taking a more biscuitorial control over it.安娜会全权负责,我更像是掌管饼干教学的人。A what?什么?It means you do all the work while he eats all the biscuits!意味着你来做所有工作,而他负责所有的饼干。Do you mind Tom.你介意吗,汤姆。Now, what I’m thinking is we put the feelers out – do some cold calling, see what people are buying at the moment.我想的是我们要先把触角伸出去,做一些无准备的调查访问电话,看看人们此刻需要买什么。Cold calling? But I like to be warm when I’m on the phone.冷冰冰的电话?但是我打电话的时候喜欢热情一点。No Anna.不是的,安娜。Cold calling is when you call prospective clients when they’re not expecting you to, to ask them something or to sell them something.“无准备调查电话”是当你给那些并不期待你来电的潜在客户打电话时,问他们一些问题或向他们出售东西。I’m very good at calling people.我很擅长打电话。Yeah, usually the hair dresser!是的,通常是发型师!So Paul, where do we begin, who do we call first?所以保罗,我们从何开始,先给谁打电话?Track down some potential clients in Europe, see what they’re buying now, see what they want in the future.找到一些欧洲的潜在客户,看看他们现在买什么,未来需要什么。Make them think it’s our laser-curved fruit they want!让他们认为我们的激光曲线水果正是他们想要的。But keep your calls brief, international calls are very expensive.但是谈话简短一些,国际长途很贵的。 /201703/497209咸宁市嘉鱼县治疗包皮包茎多少钱

武汉/梅毒怎么治疗Thai Police Arrest Key Anti-Government Protest Leaders泰警方逮捕反政府抗议主要领导人  Thai police have arrested key leaders of protests who have occupied a main government building in Bangkok since August 26. But analysts warn the arrests mark a setback in efforts to reconcile anti-government protesters and may lead to heightened political tensions in Thailand. 泰国警方逮捕了8月26号以来占领曼谷主要政府大楼的抗议活动主要领导者。但是分析人士警告说,逮捕行动标志着和反政府抗议人士进行和解的努力出现倒退。逮捕行动还可能导致泰国紧张局势升级。Former Bangkok governor Chumlong Srimuang is the second anti-government protest leader arrested on charges of insurrection. Thai police have issued arrest warrants for nine people on the charges that carry a maximum penalty of death if convicted. 曼谷前市长西蒙是第二位因为叛乱指控而被逮捕的反政府抗议活动领导者。泰国警察向9个人发出了逮捕令,如果被定罪,对他们的指控最高可以判处死刑。The nine have been leading demonstrations for several months, but since August 26 protesters have occupied the main government administration building in Bangkok, forcing the government to relocate to temporary offices. 这9人领导了几个月的示威活动。从8月26号以来,抗议者占领了曼谷主要的政府行政大楼,迫使政府搬到临时办公室。A member of the opposition Democrat Party, Kraisak Choonhavan, says the arrests mark a setback in efforts to negotiate with the government. 反对派“民主党”的成员克拉萨说,这些逮捕行动标志着和政府谈判的努力出现倒退。"The arrest of Mr. Chumlong, in fact both, has intensified the politics of Thailand and that the reconciliation, which I thought was going well, but this is a major hiccup in a way that could in fact bring us to the brink of a crisis. The heat is really up and I truly feel very saddened by the situation," said Kraisak Choonhavan. 克拉萨说:“逮捕西蒙导致泰国政治呈现紧张局面,我原来认为进行得不错的和解也出现了大倒退。实际上,这可能会把我们带到危机的边缘。气氛的确很紧张,我真的对局势觉得非常悲观。”Chumlong also played a key role in anti-government protests in 1992 that led to a bloody crackdown by the military, leading to dozens killed and hundreds injured.  西蒙还在1992年的反政府抗议活动中发挥了重要作用。那次抗议导致政府的血腥镇压,造成几十人丧生和几百人受伤。The current protests are led by the so-called People's Alliance for Democracy, which has accused the government that was elected last December of acting as a proxy for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. He fled Thailand in August while facing charges of corruption. Courts have since issued five arrest warrants for Thaksin. 目前的抗议活动由一个叫“人民民主联盟”的组织领导,这个组织指责去年12月选出的政府成为前总理他信的傀儡。面临贪污指控的他信今年8月逃离泰国。法院后来发出5次逮捕令,要求逮捕他信。Protests and street violence in early September led to a two-week state of emergency being declared in Bangkok. Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej was forced to surrender the leadership in September on court charges of conflict of interest. 9月初的抗议活动和街头暴力导致曼谷实行了两个星期的紧急状态。总理沙马因为法院指控有利益冲突,被迫在9月交出领导权。The new government leader, Somchai Wongsawat, a brother-in-law of Thaksin, had promised to promote reconciliation and talks with the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy. The Alliance, known as PAD, is reported to be calling for further protest support following the arrests.  新政府领导人翁沙瓦是他信的夫。翁沙瓦表示要推动和解和与反政府的“人民民主联盟”进行对话。“人民民主联盟”据报导在逮捕行动之后,正在呼吁进一步持抗议活动。An author and commentator on Thai politics, Chris Baker, says the arrests could be attributed to Thaksin looking to re-exert his influence over the governing People's Power Party. 泰国政治作家和员贝克尔说,逮捕行动可能是因为他信希望对执政的“人民力量党”重新施加影响力。"The transition from Samak [Sundaravej] to Somchai [Wongsawat] was very much the reassertion of Thaksin's influence. So, one possibility is that Thaksin is driving a harder line on the PAD. It is certainly very strange given the way they were talking about reconciliation," said baker. 贝克尔说:“从沙马过渡到翁沙瓦是对他信影响力一次很大的肯定。所以,一种可能性是他信正在推动人民力量党实行更加强硬的路线。考虑到他们谈论和解的方式,这当然让人很奇怪。”Thailand has been deeply divided politically since Thaksin came to power in 2001 backed by his populist policies that won strong support from the urban working class and rural low income earners. 2001年,他信因为受人欢迎的政策上台。他的政策赢得了城市工薪阶层和农村低收入者的大力持。后来,泰国一直深陷政治分裂之中。But the urban middle class accused Thaksin, ousted in a 2006 coup, of acting in an authoritarian manner by looking to concentrate power as well as widesp corruption in government. 城市中产阶级指责他信希望实行集权,从事专制行动,以及政府广泛的腐败。200810/51914 Bush, Democrats Salute America's Armed Forces布什和民主党人向美国军人致敬 U.S. President George Bush and opposition Democrats are both paying tribute to America's armed forces, as part of the celebration of the nation's 232nd anniversary. 在美国庆祝建国232周年之际,美国总统布什和反对党民主党都向美国军人表达敬意。On this Independence Day weekend, President Bush used his weekly radio address Saturday to thank the people who serve in the U.S. armed forces. 在这个独立日周末,布什总统在他每周例行的广播讲话中对美国军人表示感谢。"In places like Afghanistan and Iraq, many risk their lives every day to protect America and uphold the principle that human freedom is the birthright of all people and a gift from the Almighty," the president said. "These brave Americans make it possible for America to endure as a free society." 他说:“在像阿富汗和伊拉克这样的地方,许多军人每天用自己的生命保护美国,并且捍卫‘自由为每个人与生俱来的权利,乃上天的赋予之物’的原则。这些勇敢的美国军人使美国可以作为一个自由社会而屹立不倒。”As part of his tribute, Mr. Bush recalled the words written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. 布什在他赞扬美国军人时提到了杰斐逊在《独立宣言》中写的话。"Two hundred and thirty-two years ago, our Founding Fathers came together in Philadelphia to proclaim that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," he said. 他说:“232年前,我们的开国之父们聚集在费城,宣布所有人生来平等,并被造物主赋予了生存、自由和追求幸福的不可剥夺的权利。”In the Democratic Party response, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois also used the writings of the Founding Fathers to salute the armed forces. He ed from a letter written by John Adams to his wife Abigail. 在民主党对总统广播讲话的回应中,伊利诺伊州参议员德宾也用开国之父的辞句向军人致意。"He wrote, 'Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom.' 'I hope,' he added, 'you will make good use of it,'" Senator Durbin said. "On this Fourth of July weekend, as we celebrate our nation's independence, we can be proud that the generations of Americans who followed John Adams have preserved and expanded our heritage of freedom. Today, women and African-Americans can not only vote for president, they can run for president. That is progress that would have astonished John, maybe even Abigail, Adams." 他引用约翰.亚当斯写给他的妻子艾比盖尔的一封信中的话说:“约翰.亚当斯写道,‘孩子们,你们永远不会知道我们这代人为了保护你们的自由付出了怎样的代价。’他还写道,‘我希望你们能好好利用你们的自由。’ “在7月4号独立日周末,在我们庆祝美国国庆的时候,我们可以自豪地说,约翰.亚当斯之后的几代美国人保护并发扬了我们所继承的自由。今天,妇女和非洲裔美国人不仅可以投票选举总统,还可以参加总统竞选。这一进步可能令约翰.亚当斯夫妇感到震惊。”On another topic, Durbin criticized the Republican minority in the U.S. Senate, saying it has held up progress on numerous issues. 而在另一个问题上,德宾对在参议院占少数派的共和党提出批评说,共和党阻碍了很多问题的进展。"They have now shattered the record for the highest number of filibusters in history," he said. "Filibusters, of course, are the age-old procedural obstacles used to slow down or stop the Senate from debating and voting. Now, before this Congress, the record was 57 filibusters in a two-year period of time. This Republican leadership has waged 78 filibusters, and we still have six months to go." 他说:“共和党已经打破了在议会中使用拖延阻挠手段的历史最高记录。以冗长演说妨碍议程固然是陈规陋习,用来拖延和阻挡参议院对议案进行辩论或表决。在本届国会之前,最高记录是两年之内有57次应用这种手段。而这届参议院上台才一年半,共和党领导层已经应用了78次。”Durbin also called on Republicans to support a bill to prevent a cut in federal health care payments to doctors. 德宾还呼吁共和党持一项防止联邦政府减少向医生付医疗费的议案。200807/43500武汉/治疗慢性生殖器疱疹的费用武汉/男人尿道感染症状



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