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Many Germans were certainly anti-Semitic at the time,but there was no evidence that the majority of ordinary people,like these holidaymakers,approved of murderous attacks on German Jews.当时很多德国人是反犹分子,但没据显示大部分普通居民,例如度假的这些人都如此残忍地对待犹太人Nor that they had any desire to fight another European war.也更不想在欧洲挑起新的战争But large numbers of them did certainly have faith in Hitler.但大部分德国人的确信任希特勒They called him General Bloodless-someone who had achieved great things for them and their country without the need to spill any blood.人们称他为;不流血的将军;因为他为人民和国家立下丰功伟绩而不流一滴血We had adopted an attitude whereby one said that the Fuehrer would manage.我们已形成共识认为无论如何元首定能成功The Fuehrer would do the right thing.元首会作出正确决定Hitler knew that this attitude of trust,that he would ;do the right thing,was based on these peoples faith in his charismatic leadership.希特勒知道人们之所以相信他会作出正确决定是基于人们对他领袖魅力的肯定So he faced the difficult task of trying to get ordinary Germans to accept military conflict,without them losing their faith in him.所以他现面临的问题是如何让普通德国人接受军事行动,同时对他保持信任We can get an idea of just how Hitler had been working at turning around public opinion from a secret speech he gave here in Munich to leading German journalists.这是希特勒在慕尼黑对德国一些主流媒体记者发表的秘密演说,从中可看出他如何操纵公众舆论。On 10th November 1938, Hitler said...1938年11月10日,希特勒说... 译文属201605/441046I mean the whole week my teammates havent getting a highest scores因为当时我们的团队并没有取得最高比分I mean there are other girls have been getting higher scores还有其他的比赛选手得更多分I actually do in a better team during so many other competition我在其它比赛中的团队成绩还会比较好so I wasnt sure whaet happened,but I knew that did my best for that time我不确定会发生什么 但我知道我做到了自己的最好I have finished the olympic as best as I could,I was happy,thats all you can do,thats all you can do我尽力完成了我在奥运会的最好成绩 我非常开心 这就是你能做的 你能做的全部and that women narrating,does that get on your nerves,you hear her the whole time一直在广播的那个女播音会让你紧张吗 因为你一直都听到她播音Or you cant hear her,we cant hear her,yeah,ok或者你根本就没注意 我没注意 恩 好的and did you see your parents crying,could you see that they were moved that much to cry你当时看到你爸妈哭了吗 当时他们激动到哭I didnt see until after,I didnt see their reaction until after我是之后才看到的 我是在比赛后才看到他们的反应I mean that they were just so happy that I finally got the gold,finally fulfil my dreams我是说我最终赢得了奖牌 他们是如此的高兴 我最终圆了我的梦I think its just a relief I think for all of us,I mean its sad cause they dont cry我觉得这让我们大家都松了一口气 这有点悲伤 因为他们从不哭的will it shouldnt make you sad,they are just so happy,it shouldnt make you sad,and I felt happy that they were happy他们只是非常开心 这怎么会让你感到悲伤呢 它不会让你伤心的 他们开心 我就感到开心so now you are getting marriage proposals thats what I heard我听说现在有人向你求婚了yeah,i was like of home coming when I got back to lowa,there was a huge like ;welcome home;恩 我回国后回到艾奥华 当时有一个盛大的“欢迎回家”迎接会there is a people on the stands marrying me signs,wow,Its kind of weird有个人举着“嫁给我”的牌子在观众台上 哇 但这有点奇怪 /201608/458989Bello贝略The travails of ALBA玻利维亚替代计划隐隐作痛The more successful of Latin Americas populists have become more pragmatic拉美民粹者身居上游,更为脚踏实地ON THE night of October 12th, after comfortably winning a third term as the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales was in full rhetorical flow. Having dedicated his victory to Cubas Fidel Castro and the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, he went on: “How much longer will we continue to be subjected to the North American empire or the capitalist system? This triumph is a triumph for anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists.”10月12日晚玻利维亚总统连任三届的胜利手到擒来后,埃沃·莫拉莱斯大放厥词,他将他的光荣归功于古巴的卡斯特罗及委内瑞拉上届总统查韦斯,他称,我们受北美帝国和资本主义制度的束缚之日还有多久,我们的胜利是反帝国主义和殖民化的胜利。So far, so reminiscent of 2007. That was when Chavezs anti-yanqui continental alliance, known as the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), hit its zenith. It had gained two new recruits with the election of Rafael Correa in Ecuador and of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Having won a new term by a 26-point margin, Chavez pledged himself to “21st-century socialism”. A year earlier Mr Morales, a socialist coca-growers leader of Amerindian descent, had won Bolivias presidency proclaiming that he was “the ed Statess worst nightmare”. In Argentina the election in 2007 of Cristina Fernandez, an ALBA fellow-traveller, prolonged the regime of her husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner.回想2007年,当时正值查韦斯的反美联盟美洲玻利维亚替代计划热火朝天,拉斐尔和丹尼尔在尼加拉瓜成功当选后,他们便又多了两名战友,查韦斯以领先26个百分点的成绩开启新的任期,他宣称要音量21世纪的社会主义,就在一年前,美洲印第安人莫拉莱斯以社会主义者,古柯种植领袖的身份当选玻利瓦尔的总统,称它将是美国最恐怖的噩梦,2007年在阿根廷,美洲玻利维亚计划成员克里斯蒂娜的成功当选延续了她丈夫萨洛德的政权。Analysts lumped these leaders together as radical populists, for want of a better term. Yet despite a shared bent for autocracy, there were always differences among them, not least because of their countries differing circumstances. Seven years on, their fates are distinct. In Venezuela Chavez bequeathed a toxic economic legacy to his lacklustre successor, Nicolas Maduro. A country that claims the worlds biggest oil reserves has been so badly mismanaged that it is scraping around for dollars. As for Ms Fernandez, having plunged Argentina into stagflation, she is down and almost out, despite her last-gasp effort to turn her argument over debt with a New York court into a nationalist epic.分析者将这些领导人归结为激进的民粹主义者,期望实现更好的领导,即使他们都推行专制,但之间也有所不同,其中的原因也不仅仅在于不同国家的具体国情,7年之后,他们的命运也有所不同,在委内瑞拉,查韦斯将有毒经济财富的烂摊子丢给老气横秋的继任者,这个国家声称赋予世界上最大的石油储备,国内的管理却混乱不堪,落得到处借钱的下场,克里斯蒂娜将该国推入了滞胀的深渊,虽然她竭力在纽约法庭的争论中赢得主动,尽展民族主义气节,却仍不得不下台,差点退出政坛。Their difficulties are in sharp contrast with Mr Moraless continuing popularity. True, he has been in power for a shorter period. But his success has recently owed less to “anti-capitalism” and much more to his accommodation with economic orthodoxy and local capitalists. After a turbulent early period when he pushed through a new constitution, quashed the opposition and nationalised foreign-owned oil and gas producers and utilities, he has presided over several years of political stability and economic growth. And he has made his peace with private business.这张窘境与莫拉莱斯的扶摇直上形成了鲜明的对比,不错,他当政的时间确实是短,但他的成功很大程度上是得益于他迎合经济正统学说和本地资本家的口味,受反资本主义的之风影响较小,在经过了他早先推出新宪法时的动荡之后,他横扫反对者,将外国所有的石油天然气生产设备国有化,在他的7年任期内,全国政治稳定,经济增长,他和私有企业也是关系融洽。The ALBA presidents all claim to be leading durable “revolutions”, not just any old government. In practice, all of them (save Mr Ortega) built their popularity on recycling a huge increase in rents from the commodity boom into subsidies for the poor and expanded social provision. But Mr Morales has been much less wasteful than Chavez and the Kirchners, having run a fiscal surplus every year since 2005.所有ALBA的领导人都宣称要持续推陈出新,而不是墨守成规,事实上,他们所有人都因为将由商品经济发展造成的房屋租金上涨,扭转为对穷人补助的增加和社会福利的完善而饱受欢,但与萨洛德和查韦斯相比,莫拉莱斯铺张现象更少,自从2005年全国就一直呈财政盈余的景象。Mr Correa, like Mr Morales, is becoming more pragmatic. He has invested his oil windfall in roads, schools and hospitals. He recently negotiated a trade agreement with the European Union and has restored normal ties with the IMF. Last month he watered down a new banking law under which the state was to dictate the destination of private bank loans. As for Mr Ortega, who has long been chummy with private businessmen, his espousal of a quixotic, Chinese-backed and environmentally damaging scheme for a trans-Isthmian canal looks like a search for elusive rents to sustain his familys grip on power.克里拉和莫拉莱斯一样越来越务实,他已经将石油收入投入到道路,学校和医院的建设中,最近,他和欧盟协商达成了贸易协定,也实现了与IMF之间的关系重新走上正常化,上个月,他取缔了一项新的法律,该法律规定私有的贷款将来自于国家,而对于与私人企业一直交情不浅的奥尔加来说,他最近的一项空想式的跨地峡计划似乎也旨在保障他家族大权的财力来源,这个破坏环境的计划也在私有部门和中国的持下进行的。Mr Morales and Mr Correa, who won re-election last year, may be riding high now. But there are clouds on the horizon for their “revolutions”, too. Despite the rhetoric, these do not include the ed States: Barack Obamas response to ALBA has been to yawn. Their first problem is the end of the commodity boom. Three-quarters of Bolivias exports are of natural gas or minerals, whose prices are falling. Ecuador invests much more than Bolivia. Mr Correa has boosted non-oil exports. He has done more than Mr Morales to try to diversify his countrys economy, with so far uncertain results. But his “citizens revolution” is showing signs of financial strain. Ecuador is heading for a fiscal deficit of up to 7% of GDP this year. And the oil price is crashing.莫拉莱斯和去年再次当选的克里拉现在名声大噪,但他们和明德雄心壮志上也笼罩着一些徐徐成形的阴云,即使他们大放阙词,但美国总统奥巴马对他们一直没多大兴趣,他们的第一个问题是商品经济繁荣的结束,玻利维亚出口的四分之三都是天然气和矿石,而他们的价格却在持续下降,厄瓜多尔的驼子远超玻利维亚,克里拉已经增加了非石油的进口,他为促进经济多元化的努力远胜于莫拉莱斯,但至今的结果仍不明朗,他的公民革命却呈现出经济紧缩的迹象,厄瓜多尔几年财政赤字在GDP中占到了7%,石油价格仍在下降。 译文属译生译世 /201410/337075Pensions养老金Pot luck随用随取的钱罐The chancellor hands more freedom to retirees财政大臣给予退休人员更多的自由GET out those cruise brochures—retirees may soon be going on a spending spree. Historically, most Britons with personal pensions and those in so-called “defined-contribution” schemes have been forced to use their pension pots to buy an annuity—a product paying a (normally fixed) income for the rest of their lives. These have never been popular. Money invested in an annuity is locked away and cannot be passed on to the retirees heirs. Recently, low interest rates and longer lifespans have caused annuity rates to fall sharply. Last month the Financial Conduct Authority, Britains regulator, concluded that the annuity market “is not working well for consumers”.现在出现了那种旅行宣传册—退休人员可能很快过上肆意狂欢的生活。回首过去,大多数拥有个人退休金的英国人和那些所谓的“界定供款计划”(即雇主或雇员将资金投入某个计划,由基金管理人员利用此投资进行市场运作)的参与者,都被强制去用他们的退休金购买年金—是一种定期投入资金并且终生可定期领取一定金额的计划。但这些并不被大众接受,因为用于年金投资的钱都是被限制的,子女并不能作为接受者。而近期,低利率和较长的使用期使得年金利率大幅下降。英国的监管机构—金融务监督局,于上月宣布“年金计划和消费者相处的并不融洽”。Few anticipated George Osbornes sweeping response. In his budget speech, the chancellor outlined a plan to do away with the requirement to buy an annuity and all the arcane rules that accompany it. Retirees will be free to draw down their pension pot as they like, subject to paying tax at their marginal rate. That will bring Britain into line with other countries including America, Australia and Denmark.几乎没有人预料到乔治·奥斯本的全面响应。在这位财政大臣的预算中,提出了一个废除任何购买年金以及与年金相关的计划。在他们以边际税率来缴税限制下,退休人员可以自由减少退休金的入资。这一举措使得英国与美国、澳大利亚和丹麦等国家面临同一处境。It may prove a popular idea, but is it a good one? Pensions get generous tax treatment to encourage people to provide for retirement; if they blow their pension pot on a Maserati, they may end up as wards of the state, particularly in their later years when many will need expensive care in nursing homes.这可能是一个大众喜闻乐见的决策,但这是否是一个明智的决策呢?养老金得到了慷慨的税收优惠待遇,这促进了人们积极为退休做准备;但如果他们肆意挥霍他们的退休金,他们可能会在国家的病房中结束一生,特别是当他们在晚年可能需要昂贵的医疗护理。The government reckons that most people can be trusted to make sensible decisions (although it is also proposing that they be given advice when they retire). But that view sits oddly with its other policies. Many workers are now auto-enrolled in pension plans, on the basis that they are too apathetic to provide for their futures voluntarily. Do people suddenly acquire wisdom when they retire, perhaps?政府相信大部分人能作出明智的选择(尽管它还提议,当他们退休时可以提出建议)。但是相比于政府的其他政策,这种看法似乎处于一个尴尬的位置。现在很多工人在养老金计划中自发登记,因为他们对于他们的自由的未来是麻木的。也许,人们在其退休之时能突然醒悟?The change will have wide-ranging consequences, not least for the insurance companies that sell annuities, several of which saw sharp share-price plunges. To the extent that pensioners do take more of their pension pot upfront, the government will get tax revenues earlier than before; the boost may be worth £1.2 billion ( billion) by the 2018-19 financial year.这个变化产生的结果将会有深远影响,尤其是那些出售年金的保险公司,其中一些保险公司意识到了股票价格的狂跌。由于领养老金的人总是提前领取养老金,政府征收税收收入将比以前不断提早;根据2018-2019年的财政年度,这个增值将会达到12亿英镑(20亿美元)。But there are dangers for the state too. Public employees such as doctors and teachers are covered by final-salary schemes, under which the government guarantees to pay them a retirement income. These pensions are funded on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning the Treasury has put no money aside to cover them. If public-sector workers decided to transfer their money into a private pension pot, to take advantage of the new freedom, the Treasury would have to cough up the cash immediately; the government is proposing to deny public-sector workers that right.但是对于国家来说还是存有风险。公务人员,例如医生和教师,他们是被最终薪金计划涵盖在内的,在该计划中,政府承诺付他们的退休收入。这些养老金是在“现收现付”(即由在职职工承担已退休职工的社会保障成本;付给退休者的社会保障资金是直接来自该时点的在职劳动者负担的社会保障费用)的基础上提供的。如果公共部门的工人们享受这个新的自由,决定将他们的资金转移至一个私人的养老金存储地方,那么财政部就不得不马上返还资金;政府正提议否决公共部门工人们的这项权利。The same worry applies to private-sector final-salary schemes, which might suddenly face a cash drain if workers opt to convert. Such pension schemes are big investors in government bonds, and the switch might make it more difficult to fund Britains deficit. So private-sector workers in final-salary schemes may also lose their right to transfer. Freedom for some retirees will thus come at the price of restrictions on others.私营部门的最终薪金计划同样有这样的担忧之处,因为当工人选择去转变的时候它可能会很突然的面对资金外流这种状况。这种养老金计划是政府债券的“大投资者”,并且一旦发生转换,为英国的赤字提供资金将会难上加难。因此,在最终薪金计划中的私营部门工人也可能会失去他们变换的权利。如此一来,一些退休人员的自由将会以他人的限制作为代价。译者:张娣 校对:邵林译文属译生译世 /201510/402029Urban planning城市规划Rail ambition铁路大设想Cities used to think modern art could save them. Now its railway stations城市的救命稻草由过去的现代艺术转为地铁车站IN JANUARY commuters voted Birmingham New Street one of Britains worst railway stations. Each day nearly 150,000 people move through a structure built for half as many. But by next year it will be transformed, with 400 tonnes of undulating steel cladding and a vaguely eyeball appearance. The station will have “the wow factor”, boasts Sir Albert Bore, the leader of Birmingham city council. It will also show how much attitudes to railway stations have changed.今年1月,英国上班族的投票结果显示伯明翰新街火车站是全英最差的火车站。每天都有15万人都要去挤这个容量只有人流量一半的车站上下班。但明年,情况将有所改善—车站将使用400顿的包钢材料,带给人们一种模糊的视觉体验。伯明翰市长Albert Bore夸耀说,这个车站将会使走过路过的人情不自禁的叫出声来,使乘客对火车站的态度实现360度大转弯。Railway stations are the chief exception to the rule that Britain invests too little in infrastructure. Of the 17 big termini managed by Network Rail, the owner of Britains tracks, 11 are being redeveloped or have recently been completed. Five other stations, including Reading and Northampton, are being spruced up by local councils and Network Rail.英国向来对基础设施的投资就少,但火车站则是一个例外。英国铁道所有者铁路网管理的17个火车站中,有11个使乘客对火车站的态度实现360度大转弯,还有5个(包括雷丁火车站和北安普顿火车站)由当地政府和铁路局负责翻新修理。Some simply need to be expanded: the number of train journeys has risen by 35% since 2005. But the design of New Street suggests aspirations well beyond more easeful travel. The building would not look out of place in Dubai and is striking, if slightly incongruous, in the grey West Midlands. City planners wanted something monumental, like Grand Central station in New York, says Sir Bernard Zissman, chairman of the independent design panel.有一些则只需要扩建:自2005年起,搭乘火车旅行的人次上升了35%。但是新街火车站的设计表明,改良的初衷不仅仅是为了实现提供“更舒适的旅行”这一基本目的。这种独特亮眼的建筑出现在迪拜很合适,但是在灰蒙蒙的西米德兰兹郡,就有那么点不合时宜了。城市规划者、独立设计小组主席Bernard Zissman解释说想建一些地标性的建筑物,就像纽约的中央车站一样。“Twenty or thirty years ago business people were more likely to arrive in a city by car,” explains Jon Neale of Jones Lang LaSalle, a property specialist. Town planners duly carved out motorways and roundabouts to entice them. In 1962 a local politician claimed that a new design for Birmingham, involving an inner ring road, would make it “one of the finest city centres in Europe”.仲量联行的房地产专家Jon Neale说,二三十年以前,商人们大多数情况下都会坐车,因为城市规划者不失时宜地开发了很多高速公路和环状交叉路口诱惑他们。1962年,一位当地政客称会在伯明翰开始新的城市规划,包括建设一条内环路,使其成为“欧洲最好的市中心之一”。Cities now measure their appeal by their stations. Businesses cluster around them: at Kings Cross, a once-grimy part of north London, a postcode has been created for all the new buildings around the station, which was redeveloped in 2013. John Lewis, an upmarket department store, will open in the mall above New Street (which is indeed called “Grand Central”) along with 60 other shops. The council hopes it will pull in visitors to the city.当今很多城市都用他们的火车站衡量城市魅力。车站附近也建起了商业圈:英国王十字车站曾是北伦敦一个污秽不堪的地方,2013年重建后,所有车站周围的新建筑都被赋予了一个新的邮编。高档百货公司John Lewis将会在新街车站上面开一家商城(命名为“中央车站”)以及60家商店。市政当局希望这会吸引更多游客。Such ambition recalls the stations of the 19th century. Those structures “spoke to the corporate sensibility of a city,” says Tristram Hunt, an MP and historian, by combining commerce with the sheen of civic pride. The first New Street station, built in 1851, had the largest single-span roof in the country at the time. It was torn down by enthusiastic 1960s town planners. Now some of its original lustre may return.这样宏大的构想让人想起了19世纪的车站。历史学家兼国会议员Tristram Hunt说,那些建筑结合了商业贸易和公民自豪感,向企业家们诉说着城市的点滴与沉淀。1851年修建的第一个新街火车站有那个时代最大的单拱桥屋顶。20世纪60年代,狂热的城市规划者将它拆掉。而现在,那些原先的光辉可能重返。译者:张丹 校对:徐珍 译文属译生译世 /201511/407513

He is looking and go And that‘s paparazzi right there.他看着那人 想着 那人一定是仔Do you see?do you see there is a curtain there?你看到了吗 那个帘子Thats just have flap happen to fly up.帘子正好飘起来Thats when the guy,the little wesley guy in the boat.就在这时 仔就是船里那个带着婴儿 who has a baby on board to pretend they are just ;fishing;.假装他们正在钓鱼的狡猾的家伙Wow - So gross these people Thats... - I know I know.But wait a minute.哇哦 -这些人太恶心了 这 -我知道的 但 等等So he was just waiting thinking that...他就站在那儿等着Yeah. It was a windy particular windy day,and it flapped up.对 那天风很大 把帘子都吹起来了So thats how they got their little moment.所以他们才抓住了这个机会So Justin was just staring at that flap before he came up?所以帘子飘起来之前 贾斯汀一直盯着那块布吗He was standing there staring at the flap?Justin was having..yes, deep thoughts.他就一直站在那儿盯着那块布吗 他正在 思考人生Hes in deep thoughts and he is just sort of stares out.贾斯汀沉思时就会盯着一些东西看And if there was the ocean, he would been stare at that.如果是大海 他也会盯着看的Anything - The thoughts was so interesting,任何东西都可以 -他的想法很有趣he didnt care what he is staring at.他也不在乎他在看什么 /201512/417941

Religion in Sierra Leone塞拉利昂的宗教All things happily to all men对他们而言都是幸福的事情Sierra Leone bucks a west African trend by celebrating its religious tolerance塞拉利昂通过颂扬它的宗教容忍来反对西非趋势THE minibuses that ferry Sierra Leoneans around their capital, Freetown, bear a variety of religious slogans. “Trust in Allah,” s one, while others evoke the power of Christ. But one stands out. Somewhere, plying the potholed streets, is a bus bearing the words “God loves Allah”.塞拉利昂首都弗里敦运行的小巴士上,贴满宗教标语。其中一个写道“相信真主阿拉,”然而其他基督教的宣传语。有一个却十分突出。某个崎岖不平的道路上,一辆巴士贴着标语“上帝爱真主”。Sierra Leone takes religious tolerance seriously. Not only are relations between the two main religious groups in the west African country cordial, but it is not unusual to be both Christian and Muslim. Hassan Kargbo is one of thousands of Sierra Leoneans who have become known as a “ChrisMus”. He identifies himself as a Muslim, but also believes in Christianity. Before he starts work on Sundays, he goes to church. He visits a mosque every day. “I see it as the same religion,” he says, sporting a Jesus bracelet. “All of us say its the same god that were worshipping.”,塞拉利昂对于宗教容忍的态度很严肃。两个主要的宗教团体在西部非洲国家之间的不仅关系融洽,但它不寻常的是穆斯林教和基督教。Hassan Kargbo是塞拉利昂成千上万人中信仰“ChrisMus”的其中一个。他认为自己是穆斯林教,但同样信仰基督教。在星期天开始工作前,他会去教堂。他同样每天拜访清真寺。“我认为它们是同样的宗教,”他玩弄着耶稣手镯说道。“我们都认为我们尊敬的是同一个上帝。”Hold onto your faiths, all of them坚持你所有的信仰Kelfala Conteh is a caretaker at the oldest mosque in Freetown. “Of course Christians come here,” he says with pride. “We have both Christians and Muslims praying side by side. No fighting. Jesus was the messenger to tell the people to worship the one god. I respect him after Muhammad. I believe in the Bible and the Koran.”Kelfala Conteh是弗里敦最老的清真寺的管理者。“基督徒当然来这里,”他骄傲的说道。“基督信徒和穆斯林信徒会肩并肩的一起祷告。没有吵闹。耶稣是告诉人们尊敬神的信使。在穆罕默德之后我最尊重他。我既相信圣经也相信古兰经。”Sierra Leone straddles Africas religious equator, where the Muslim north meets the Christian south. Other countries in the region are experiencing religious violence, with Islamist militants creating mayhem in the Central African Republic, Mali and Nigeria.塞拉利昂是跨立于非洲宗教的交界线处,北方穆斯林信徒遇见了南方基督信徒。其他地区的国家正经历着宗教暴力,因为伊斯兰激进势力在中非共和国、马里和尼日利亚创造了故意伤害罪。But in Sierra Leone the president, Ernest Bai Koroma, a Christian, was elected by voters who are roughly 70% Muslim. His vice-president is a Muslim. Marriage across sectarian lines is common, as are conversions. Neither religion played a part in the countys civil war in the 1990s. “We all believe in one God,” says Wurie Bah, a Muslim from Freetown. “If my friends invite me to church, of course I will go.”但是塞拉利昂的总统,Ernest Bai Koroma是一个基督信徒,却由接近70%穆斯林信徒选民投票选中。他的副总统是一个穆斯林信徒。作为转换,跨越宗教的婚姻是很常见的。在20世纪90年代国家内战中,宗教并没起很大作用。“我们信仰者同一个上帝,”Wurie Bah,来自弗里敦的穆斯林信徒说道,“如果我的朋友邀请我去教堂,我当然会去。”译者:雷婧 译文属译生译世 /201505/374958

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