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武汉鬼头有红点还痒武汉男人鸡巴大好不好武汉治疗早泄好点的医院是哪家 Erina: So Mike, do you have any bad habits?惠里奈:迈克,你有坏习惯吗?Mike: Of course not. Im perfect, Ive no habits that are bad. Yes, I do have some bad habits. One of my bad habits is fidgeting and I think Im a very high energy person so, especially when Im on the phone, mixed with my slightly obsessive compulsive tendencies, I tend to arrange all the things on a desk so if there are pens and books and different things on the desk, I would be turning them and arranging them in order and pretty much always using my hands and keeping them busy and although this might not be such a bad habit, perhaps for people who are with me or next to me they might be a little bit uncomfortable because it seems like, you know, Im a bit nervous or, you know, have something on my mind so...迈克:当然没有。我非常完美,我没有坏习惯。好吧,其实我有一些坏习惯。其中一个坏习惯是小动作太多,我认为我是一个精力充沛的人,尤其是打电话的时候我会有轻微的强迫症,我要把桌子上的东西整理得井井有条,如果桌子上有铅笔、书或其他东西,我会把它们整齐摆好,而且我一直在使用双手,我的手闲不下来,不过这可能并不是坏习惯,也许我旁边的人会感觉有些不舒,因为看上去像我很紧张或是我一直在想事情……Erina: Not in confidence for your speech, yeah.惠里奈:对你说的话感到不自信。Mike: Right, in fact thats not the case but what happens is I start playing with things.迈克:对,可是实际情况并不是那样,可是我就是会摆弄东西。Erina: Ive seen you do that before.惠里奈:我以前看到你那样过。Mike: Oh have you?迈克:哦,你看到过?Erina: Yeah.惠里奈:对。Mike: Well then I guess that really shows it is one of my bad habits. You know, I think that I do that to focus because, you know, while Im speaking to somebody or while Im on the phone, I arrange things on the desk and that is kind of metaphorically me arranging my thoughts in my head which is probably where this habit has come from.迈克:嗯,我想这可以说明这的确是我的一个坏习惯。其实我这么做是为了集中注意力,因为我在和别人说话或是打电话时,我也会整理桌上的东西,我想这可能表明我的头脑正在整理思绪,可能这个习惯就是这么来的。Erina: I see. Yeah, do you have any other bad habits other than fidgeting?惠里奈:我明白了。除了小动作以外你还有其他坏习惯吗?Mike: Well maybe a bad habit is driving quickly and Im not sure if thats considered a bad habit but I guess when I get behind the wheel of a car I sometimes get impatient and that impatience drives me to put more weight on the gas pedal and in turn I go faster and of course speeding is not a good thing especially when you get pulled over by the police. So thats a bad habit that I might have to work on.迈克:另外一个坏习惯是开车太快,我不确定这会不会被看作是坏习惯,不过我在开车时有时会变得不耐烦,这种不耐烦就会让我去猛踩油门,所以我越开越快,不过在你被警察截停的时候,速度就不是什么好事了。我想这是我要改掉的一个坏习惯。Erina: Yeah, definitely. You dont want to lose your licence.惠里奈:没错。你也不想被吊销驾照。Mike: No.迈克:对。 译文属 /201611/477959Rob is worried because one of his friends has a problem with saving money because he has an urge to spend it all on pay day. Li has come up with the perfect phrase to describe these type of people. Listen and find out what it is.罗布非常担心,因为他的一个朋友很难存下钱,每到发薪日他就急不可待地把钱花光。莉说了一个非常好的短语来描述这种人。请收听本期节目,找出莉所用的短语。Li: Hello everyone, Im Li. Welcome to the English We Speak. With me today is Rob.莉:大家好,我是莉。欢迎收听本期地道英语节目。今天和我一起主持节目的是罗布。Rob: Hello everyone.罗布:大家好。Li: Rob, you look worried, whats on your mind?莉:罗布,你看上去很焦虑,你有什么心事?Rob: Oh, Im just concerned about a good friend. Hes been asking me for advice about saving money.罗布:哦,我很担心我的一个好朋友。他一直问我存钱方面的建议。Li: Well thats very kind of you, but does he have a problem?莉:嗯,你人真好,你朋友有什么问题吗?Rob: Hes one of those people that just cant save money. Every time he gets paid he goes out and spends it all.罗布:他是那种存不下钱的人。每次他一拿到工资就去把钱都花光了。Li: Ive heard of people like that. Id say that money burns a hole in his pocket.莉:我听说过这种人。我要说,他就是有钱不花难受。Rob: Yes. Thats exactly right, money does burn a hole in his pocket. Whenever he has money he has to spend it.罗布:完全正确,他就是花钱如流水。他一有钱就得花掉。Li: Thats the phrase for the English We Speak today. Lets hear some examples of how people use it.莉:这是今天地道英语节目要讲的短语。我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何使用。Examples例句A: Why have you never got any money?A:你为什么一直没钱?B: Well, I have a bad habit of spending my money as soon as I get it. Money burns a hole in my pocket.B:我有个坏习惯,我一有钱就会马上花掉。我花钱如流水。A: I find saving money so difficult. I like to buy the latest gadgets.A:我觉得存钱太难了。我想买最新的设备。B: The trouble with you is that money burns a hole in your pocket.B:你的问题是有钱留不住。Li: I also have a friend who is tempted to spend every penny.莉:我也有个朋友经常把钱花个精光。Rob: Well, the phrase can also be used in a slightly different way.罗布:嗯,这个短语还有另一种不太一样的用法。Li: What way?莉:什么用法?Rob: Well, if something unexpected costs a lot of money, you can also say its burnt a hole in your pocket. Lets hear an example.罗布:如果某样东西意想不到地花费了很多钱,你也可以说,这是一大笔开销。我们来听个例句。Example例句A: My daughter is getting married next year.A:我女儿明年结婚。B: Oh thats fantastic news.B:哦,这真是个好消息。A: Yes, it is. But I think the cost of the wedding will burn a hole in my pocket.A:是的。可是我想婚礼会是一大笔开销。Li: Youd better start saving money now for your daughter.莉:你最好现在开始为你女儿的婚礼存钱。Rob: Yes, thats right. Well, unless, of course, she marries a rich guy.罗布:没错。除非和她结婚的是一个有钱人。Li: Well, fingers crossed. You still look worried Rob. Are you thinking about your friend or your daughter?莉:祈求好运吧。罗布,你看起来仍然很焦虑。你是在想你的朋友还是你的女儿?Rob: Oh, Im thinking about friend. I think he might need professional help.罗布:哦,我在想我的朋友。我想他可能需要专业人士的帮助。Li: Or maybe he needs a girlfriend, someone who can stop him spending.莉:也许他需要个能阻止他乱花钱的女朋友。Rob: No. I think that will just make him spend even more.罗布:不是。我想那样会让他花的更多。Li: I know, I was only joking. Bye.莉:我知道,我只是在开玩笑。再见。Rob: Bye bye.罗布:再见。 译文属 /201605/442769孝感中心医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱

武汉新洲区泌尿系统在线咨询武汉阿波罗男子医院有男科 Exercise 1-29:Making Set PhrasesPause the CD and add a noun to each word as indicated by the picture.Check Answer Key, beginning on page 193.Exercise 1-30:Set Phrase Story— The Little Match GirlThe following story contains only set phrases, as opposed to the descriptive story in Exercise 1-27.Stress the first word of each phrase.The little match girl was out in a snowstorm.Her feet were like ice cubes and her fingertips had frostbite.She hadnt sold any matches since daybreak,and she had a stomachache from the hunger pangs,but her stepmother would beat her with a broomstickif she came home with an empty coin purse.Looking into the bright living rooms,she saw Christmas trees and warm fireplaces.Out on the snowbank, she lit match and saw the image of a grand dinner table of food before her.As the matchstick burned, the illusion slowly faded.She lit another one and saw a room full of happy family members.On the last match, her grandmother came down and carried her home.In the morning, the passersby saw the little match girl.She had frozen during the nighttime, but she had a smile on her face.Contrasting a Description and a Set PhraseWe now have two main intonation patterns— first word stress and second word stress.In the following exercise, we will contrast the two. /201508/390603武汉男人一分钟不到射精为什么

黄冈黄州县男科最好的医院 人们常常抱怨不想去上班,可对于我的一个朋友来说,她现在是更愿意去工作。她女儿最近整天都吵着要买一部智能手机做生日礼物,但是她丈夫坚决不同意。她丈夫觉得女儿还太小,很多事情还负不起责任。我朋友同意我丈夫的观点,可是也知道她女儿的很多朋友都用起了智能手机,所以不想让女儿觉得自己被拉下了。她这被夹在中间的状态,让我想到一句习惯用语,那就是:caught in the middle.Caught是catch的被动式,被抓住的意思;而middle, 中间。Caught in the middle, 被夹在中间,就是左右为难的意思。我朋友现在就处于左右为难的境地,she is caught in the middle regarding whether to buy her daughter a smart phone. 对于要不要给她女儿买智能手机这个问题,我朋友左右为难。不过她的处境跟下面的例子里的人比起来不足一提?他有什么困扰呢? 我们来听听看:例句-1:Ever since my mother came to live with us, life has been difficult. She and my wife dont get along. If one wants one thing, the other is complaining about it. Its a constant battle. And I dont like being caught in the middle. They should settle their differences without expecting me to get involved.这段话是说:自从我妈妈开始来跟我们一起住之后,日子就不好过了。我妈妈跟我妻子真是合不来。其中一个人想要点什么,另一个人就会开始抱怨。这是个持续战。我真是左右为难。他们应该自己解决他们之间的问题。这可真够为难的。婆媳关系一般都很难处理,而丈夫夹在中间,向着哪边都不好。Her husband gets caught in the middle whenever theres a conflict between his mom and his wife. 一旦他的妈妈和妻子起了冲突,作为丈夫他真是左右为难。******工作中有个好老板是福气。如果你的老板待人和气而又鼓励创新 ,你工作起来一定会干劲十足。可是下面这个例子里的人就不那么幸运了。他碰到了什么样的问题呢?我们来听听看:例句-2:My boss isnt making my job very easy. He assumes that Ill always be supportive of his decisions. The problem is that I think some of his ideas arent good for the company. As a result, I find myself torn between wanting to be loyal and wanting to be honest. How can I overcome feeling caught in the middle?这段话是说:由于我的老板,我的工作并不十分愉快。他认为我会持赞成他所有的决定。问题是我认为他的有些想法对公司并不好。所有,我经常在忠诚和诚实之间左右为难。我怎么处理这种夹在中间的局面呢?我也有过类似的经历!原来大学的时候我曾经去做过家教,可是那个家里的爸爸说一套,而妈妈又有另一套,弄的我不知道怎么才好。The parents of the child Im tutoring have opposite views of what I should teach. Im totally caught in the middle. /201611/477045湖北省汉口男科电话武汉阿波罗男子医院泌尿科怎么样



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