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武汉/治疗尿道炎费用多少武汉/正规男科医院哪家好?Envoy of Peace-Zheng He’s Great Voyages郑和下西洋In the early days of the Ming Dynasty,that is, early in the 15th century,China was an advanced country in the world,with a booming economy and prosperous culture. In order to strength the relations with countries lying to the west of China as well as to flaunt the national power of the Great Ming Empire,Em-peror Ming Chengzu launched a series of marine activities.Between 1405 and 1433,Zheng He was ordered seven times to ad as an en-voy to these countries,known as “Zheng He’s voyages to the west seas”,as the main activities were carried out in the west sea area of today’s Kalimantan Island,known as west seas in ancient times.15世纪初的明朝,国力强盛,经济发达,文化兴旺。明成祖即位后,为了加强与东南亚国家的联系,也借此炫耀大明帝国的国威,开始了一连串大规模的海上活动。从公元1405到1433年,受明成祖派遣,郑和先后七次率领庞大的船队进行远航。因主要活动区域在今天的加里曼丹岛以西海域,旧称西洋,因此这些航海活动总称为“郑和下西洋”。In 1405,a huge fleet of more than 300 ships manned by over 27,800 men,including sailors,clerks,interpreters, officers and soldiers,artisans,medical men and meteorologists,set sail from Liujia Harbour near Suzhou on a distant voyage under the leadership of Zheng He. On board the ships were large quantities of car-go that could be broken down into over 40 different categories,including silk goods,porcelain,gold and silver ware,copper utensils,iron implements,cotton goods,mercury, umbrellas,and straw mats,etc. The fleet sailed along China’s coast to Champa close to Vetnam and,after crossing the South China Sea,visited Java,Sumatra and reached Sri Lanka by passing through the Strait of Malacca.永乐三年(1405 ),一由水手、店员、翻译员、工匠、医生、气象学者、官兵共27800多人和300余艘船只组成的庞大船队,在郑和的指挥下,从苏州附近的刘家港出发,首次下西洋。船上装载着大量的货物,有丝绸、瓷器、金银首饰、铜器、铁具、棉花货物、水银、伞和稻草垫等40多个品种。船队沿中国海岸经过越南,穿越南中国海,拜访爪哇、苏门答腊,经过马六甲海峡到达斯里兰卡。On the way back it sailed along the west coast of India and returned home in 1407. Envoys from Calicut in India and several countries in Asia and the Middle East also boarded the ships to pay visits to China. Zheng He’s second and third voyages taken shortly after, followed roughly the same route.船队沿印度西海岸返航,于1407年返回中国。沿途中,印度古里的使臣以及亚洲数个国家和中东地区的使臣,纷纷登上郑和的船队拜访中国。郑和回国后不网久又进行了第二、第三次西洋航行,基本沿着同一航线。Each time he had under his command a big fleet and a staff of more than 20000 men. His fleets had sailed in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.They had gone further south to Java in today’s Indonesia. Sailing then in a north-west direction,they had visited Yemen,Iran and the Holy City of Islam Mecca and further west to today’s Somalia in East Africa. In all,he had made calls at more than 30 countries and territories. All this had taken place about half a century be-fore the famous European sailor Columbus’s voyage to America. For this reason,Zhen He’s expeditions could rightfully be called“an unprecedented feat in mankind’s history of navigation”.郑和每次远航都率领2万余人组成的庞大船队。船队穿越南海和印度洋,曾经到达今天印尼的爪哇南部,还沿着西北方向,先后拜访过也门、伊朗王国、伊斯兰教圣地麦加,以及继续向西到达东非今天的索马里。他总共拜访过30多个国家和地区,而且他所有的航行都比著名的欧洲水手哥伦布航行到美国早约半个世纪。基于此,郑和的远航毫无争议地被称为在人类的航行史上的一个空前的壮举。On each voyage Zheng He was acting as the envoy and commercial represent-ative of the Ming court. No matter what country he visited,he called on the ruler of the land,presenting to him valuable gifts in token of China’s sincere desire to de-velop friendly relations and inviting the host sovereign to send emissaries to China Wherever he was,he made a careful study of the customs and habits of local resi-dents. Showing them due respect, he bartered or dealt with them through consul-tation and negotiation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. In this way, he obtained large quantities of pearls and precious stones,coral,ivory and dyestuffs for the Chinese emperor. He also brought back several kinds of rare and precious animals such as giraffe,lion,ostrich and leopard.郑和每次远航时,他的身份都是明朝的外交使节和贸易代表,他每到一个国家,都会拜访这个国家的元首,并通过赠送贵重的礼物来表达明政府愿意和其建立和发展友好关系的愿望,同时邀请东道国遣使来华。每到一处,郑和和他的船队都会人乡随俗,并在平等互利的基础上,通过友好协商进行贸易活动。他以这种方式为中国帝王获得了大量的珠宝、珊瑚、象牙和染料,他还把诸如长颈鹿、狮子、鸵鸟和豹子之类的珍稀动物引进了中国。In ancient India,Chinese sailors made a good impression on the local people by observing local trading customs and practices. When he visited Sri Lanka on his third voyage,Zheng He offered a quantity of gold and silver Buddhist ceremonial vessels and silk-knit religious pennants to local temples on whose ground steles were set up to mark the occasion of his visit. Wherever he went, he was warmly received. At Zhancheng,the king of the land,in full royal regalia,came in person on elephant back with 500 cavalrymen to meet him at the wharf and then take him back to the palace. On the way they were greeted by local inhabitants who blew trumpets made of coconut shells and performed national dances at a solemn and joyous ceremony.Even today,people in Somalia and Tanzania look upon MingChina unearthed today as a symbol of the traditional friendship between their own country and China.在古印度,这些中国使者的入乡随俗给当地留下了很好的印象。在郑和第三次远航拜访斯里兰卡时,他向当地的寺院捐赠了大量的金银佛教香炉和丝织经蟠,该寺院为他举行了隆重的仪式,以记载这一重要活动。他每到一处,都受到热烈欢迎。占城的国王身着皇室盛装,骑着大象,率领500骑兵,亲自到码头迎接他的到来,并且把郑和请到他的王宫。一路上,当地居民吹着椰子壳做成的号角,跳着民族舞蹈,以庄严而喜庆的仪式欢迎他。直到今天,索马里和坦桑尼亚仍然把当地出土的明代瓷器视为和中国传统友谊的象征。The countries Zheng He had visited later sent their emissaries and trade repre-sentatives to China from time to time. In 1419 when Zheng He was sailing back on his fifth voyage,17 countries sent their envoys to China,including Philippines and Malaysia. While in China,these foreign emissaries were shown great hospitality by Emperor Chengzu of Ming. The voyages by Zheng He strengthened the friendly re-lotions between China and other countries in Asia and Africa and gave an impetus to cultural and economic exchange between them.郑和拜访过的国家纷纷派出使臣和贸易代表到中国。1419年,郑和第五次南洋远航期间,菲律宾和马来西亚等17个国家派遣外交使节到中国。这些使节在中国逗留期间,受到了明成祖皇帝的盛情款待。郑和的远航加强了中国与亚非等国家之间的友好关系,促进了与他们的经济文化交流。Zheng He’s voyages contributed a lot to the economic and cultural exchanges between China and other nations,and he opened up sea routes for East-West trade just as Zhang Qian and Xuan Zang had opened up land routes.郑和的航行为中国和其他国家的经济文化交往作出了重要贡献。正如张赛和玄奖打开了陆地往来的门户一样,郑和为东西方贸易往来打通了海上航线。 /201512/410691武汉/阿波罗视频 阅读提示:英文原文在下,对应译文在上,并非直译,敬请谅解无人驾驶汽车最受哪国青睐?世界经济论坛日前公布一项最新行业调查显示,发展中国家更加青睐这项技术,85%的印度受访者和75%的中国受访者表示愿意尝试无人驾驶汽车,发达国家如德国和日本对无人驾驶汽车则兴趣平平。超过半数的全球受访者表示愿意尝试无人驾驶汽车,但是仅有35%的人表示会让无人驾驶汽车独自载着孩子上路。看来把生命能够托付给电脑,乘坐无人驾驶汽车,道阻且长。Which countries around the world have the greatest enthusiasm for self-driving cars? A survey carried out bythe World Economic Forum in conjunction with the Boston Consulting Group has revealed that developing nations are most eager to try self-driving cars. 85 percent of people in India and 75 percent of Chinese respondents said they were very likely or likely to try one. People in Germany and Japan were far less enthusiastic.Interestingly, while 58 percent of global respondents stated they would try a driverless car, only 35 percent would let their children ride alone in one.首先,无人驾驶汽车可有效避免因人为失误造成的交通意外,没了”马路杀手“,从此告别交通意外!Increased safety is the most well-known, as self-driving cars would not suffer from the human error that contributes to most of motor vehicle accident.其次,无人驾驶让你体验飞一般的感觉,可提升城市交通效率、减少拥堵,并降低环境污染。Then there#39;s improved travel efficiency, as self-driving cars could travel in tight clusters, leading to less idling at traffic lights, no stop-and-go slogs during rush-hour, no endless circling for parking. All of that leads to an improved environmental impact, too.无人驾驶汽车解放司机双手,在车里办公、睡觉、玩游戏随你挑,还可以小酌一杯,酒驾问题不复存在!In the future, motorists will be able to work and sleep, you name it. Watching a game on TV will replace listening to the game on the radio. Enjoying a glass of wine will replace grabbing a burger with one hand. Drinking and driving won’t be a crime. /201512/413751武汉/治疗男性早泄医院哪家好

武汉/阿波罗男科医院是公立?武汉/阿波罗医院在哪里 Facebook will face two class-action lawsuits after a federal judge said shareholders could pursue their case against the social network, which plaintiffs claim hid concerns about its growth forecasts ahead of its bn initial public offering.Facebook将面对两起集体诉讼。此前一名联邦法官表示,Facebook股东可以对这家社交网络提起诉讼,原告声称Facebook在160亿美元的首次公开发行(IPO)之前隐瞒了对其增长预测的担忧。The world’s largest social network cut its revenue forecasts in the middle of its IPO roadshow, ahead of the offering in May 2012, amid concerns that consumers were switching to using the site on mobile, where it was unclear if it could generate the same degree of growth from advertisements.2012年5月的IPO之前,由于担心消费者会转而在移动端连接其网站,这家全球最大社交网络曾在路演过程中下调营收预期。当时不清楚Facebook能否在移动端创造同样程度的广告增长。Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief executive, and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief operating officer, are among the defendants at Facebook, being sued by two classes of investors — retail and institutional. The complaint was brought by three state and local retirement plans in the US, lead by the North Carolina state treasurer and five individual investors.Facebook首席执行官马克丠克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)和Facebook首席运营官谢里尔儠德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)均被列入Facebook一方的被告,他们被散户和机构投资者这两类投资者起诉。这一起诉由美国三个州政府和地方退休计划提起,领头的是北卡罗来纳州财政部长和五名个人投资者。Shares in Facebook collapsed following the IPO, falling almost 50 per cent in the first three months, as investors worried that it might never generate as much advertising revenue on mobile as it had from the desktop site.由于投资者担心Facebook或许永远都不能在移动端产生与桌面版网站同样多的广告营收,Facebook股价在IPO之后曾出现暴跌,在头三个月内跌去近50%。However, improvements to the mobile app and marketers’ fast adoption of targeted advertising on Facebook, helped the company grow mobile revenue and it now generates more than three-quarters of its total advertising revenue from ads on mobile devices. Three and a half years on, Facebook’s stock has now soared almost 180 per cent from its first day of trading.然而,对移动应用的改进以及市场营销人员对Facebook定向广告的迅速接纳,帮助Facebook获得了移动端营收的增长。如今,Facebook总的广告收入中超过四分之三来自移动设备上投放的广告。在IPO三年半之后,Facebook股价如今比上市首日高出近180%。 /201601/419989武汉/同济医院有泌尿科吗

武汉/男性尿道炎如何治Internet search is a lucrative business — just ask Google. The company accounts for two-thirds of desktop searches in the US. But change is afoot this year. Microsoft and Yahoo, numbers two and three in US search, could revisit their search agreement with each other. Yahoo’s market share in this field has risen (now 13 per cent, ComScore says) after it became the default for Mozilla Firefox. Meanwhile Google’s exclusive search deal with Apple’s Safari browser is up for grabs; UBS estimates that the Safari deal could drive nearly bn in sales for Google this year. So 2015 could become the year of the search wars.互联网搜索是一项有利可图的业务——只需问问谷歌(Google)就知道了。该公司占美国台式电脑搜索的三分之二。但今年,这样领域正在酝酿一场变革。在美国搜索领域排名第二的微软(Microsoft)和排名第三的雅虎(Yahoo),可能会重新修订互相之间的搜索协议。在成为Mozilla火狐(Firefox)浏览器的默认搜索引擎后,雅虎在互联网搜索领域的市场份额已上升(ComScore称,如今其份额为13%)。与此同时,谷歌与苹果(Apple)浏览器Safari的独家搜索协议仍悬而未决;瑞银(UBS)估计,与Safari的协议今年可能会为谷歌带来近80亿美元的销售额。因此,2015年可能会成为搜索大战之年。This all matters more for Yahoo than for most of its rivals. Search will be a crucial part of the company after its stake in Alibaba is spun out. Its search agreement with Microsoft accounted for 35 per cent of revenues last year.这一切对于雅虎,比对于它的大多数竞争对手更为重要。在雅虎剥离了其在阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的股权后,搜索将成为雅虎的一项关键业务。雅虎与微软的搜索协议占到雅虎去年收入的35%。But that agreement with Microsoft has had its drawbacks. Under the 2009 deal, which covers desktop usage, Yahoo-branded searches essentially distribute Bing results. Microsoft controls the search algorithm and handles ad sales, taking a 12 per cent fee. Disappointing sales have led Yahoo to consider ending the deal. Chief executive Marissa Mayer said in the January earnings call that discussions were under way. The agreement allows Yahoo to wriggle out after five years if certain targets are not met. The window for renegotiation expires this week. Otherwise the agreement will stay in force for another five years.但与微软的那份协议也存在一些不利之处。根据2009年的这份协议,雅虎品牌的搜索列出的主要是必应(Bing)的搜索结果。该协议涵盖了在台式机上的使用。微软控制搜索算法并管理广告销售额,从中抽取12%的分成。令人失望的销售额导致雅虎考虑终止该协议。在今年1月的盈利电话会议上,雅虎首席执行官玛丽萨#8226;迈耶(Marissa Mayer)表示,谈判正在进行之中。该协议规定,假如5年后某些目标没有达到,雅虎可以退出。重新谈判的机会在本周到期。否则,该协议将再续5年。But the bigger battle may be over mobile search. This has posed a challenge for search operators. Users do not engage with mobile search as deeply as with desktop, so advertisers are unwilling to pay as much for ads. Google has tried to address this with its Android operating system. Yahoo has built mobile search through acquisitions such as Aviate, an app with Yahoo search. But without full control over its search offerings and ad sales — across all formats — success in search could be an uphill battle for Yahoo.但更重要的战役可能在移动搜索领域。这对搜索运营商构成了挑战。在移动端,用户对搜索的依赖并不像在台式机上那么高,因此广告商不愿付那么多的广告费。谷歌一直试图利用其安卓(Android)操作系统来解决这个问题。雅虎则一直通过并购Aviate等应用扩大移动搜索业务,Aviate现已内置雅虎搜索。但对于雅虎而言,在没有完全控制搜索结果和广告销售(所有平台)的情况下,要想在搜索领域取得成功可能需要一场攻坚战。 /201503/366472 The Indonesian government has demanded all instant messaging apps to remove same-sex emoticons or face a ban in the country.近日,印度尼西亚政府要求所有即时通讯应用移除同性恋相关的表情符号,否则将被禁用。The emojis — which are available on the popular apps LINE and Whatsapp as well as Facebook and Twitter — depict same-sex couples holding hands and the rainbow flag, commonly used to symbolise the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.在Line、WhatsApp、Facebook、Twitter等深受欢迎的应用程序中,用户都可以使用那些描述同性夫妇手牵着手、虹旗、通常用来表示女同性恋,男同性恋,双性恋和变性者(LGBT)社区的emoji表情。;Such contents are not allowed in Indonesia based on our cultural law and the religious norms and the operators must respect that,; Ismail Cawidu, spokesman for the communication and information ministry, said Friday.周五,该国信息通讯部发言人伊斯梅尔·卡维杜表示,该国禁用同性恋表情符号是基于其文化法律和宗教规范,经营者必须尊重这些。He said of particular concern was that the colourful emojis and stickers could appeal to children. ;Those things might be considered normal in some Western countries, while in Indonesia it#39;s practically impossible,; he said.他表示:“尤其需要注意的是,色丰富的emojis很容易吸引孩子。一些西方国家或许认为这些东西很正常,但在印尼几乎是不可能的。”Mr Cawidu said the ministry had contacted all companies that used such content, including Twitter and Facebook, and failure to comply with the request to remove the emojis could lead to the apps being banned in Indonesia.卡维杜说,通讯和信息部已经联络Twitter、Facebook和其他可以在应用中使用这些emojis的公司,如果他们不按要求移除此类内容,很可能被印尼禁用。LINE Indonesia has aly removed its gay emojis from online stores and issued an apology.目前印尼版Line已经从在线商店里删除了同性恋emojis,甚至还发布了道歉声明。While homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, the topic remains a controversial subject.虽然同性恋在这个以穆斯林为主的国家不是非法,但仍颇具争议。 /201602/426194武汉/哪家内科医院好武汉/人民医院的咨询电话是什么



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