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Sony Pictures has scrapped the theatrical release of controversial Seth Rogen comedy The Interview after a threat from cyber hackers prompted America’s five largest cinema chains to say they would not screen the film.索尼电影公司(Sony Pictures Entertainment)已取消上映备受争议的由塞斯#86;罗根(Seth Rogen)执导的喜剧片《刺杀金正恩(The Interview)此前,在受到网络黑客威胁后,美国五大连锁影院决定不放映该片The cancellation of the $m movie is the latest twist in a controversy that has engulfed the film and television studio since hackers leaked emails of top Sony Pictures executives and vast amounts of personal inmation about employees.索尼电影近日争议缠身,取消上映这部投资0万美元的影片只是最新一例此前,黑客泄露了索尼电影高管的邮件以及大量员工个人信息Sony’s decision came after AMC, Regal Entertainment, Cinemark and Cineplex joined Carmike in saying they would not screen the film, which was due to be released on Christmas Day. Regal said in a statement it had withdrawn its support because of “the ambiguous nature of any real or perceived security threats”.在索尼作出最新决定之前,AMC、帝王(Regal Entertainment)、Cinemark和Cineplex都表示将不会放映《刺杀金正恩影片原定于在圣诞节当天上映On Tuesday, the person or group behind the hack issued threats to audiences that invoked the terror attacks of September th 01. The chains had come under pressure to scrap screenings from shopping malls and other retail outlets close to cinemas, said a person familiar with the matter.周二,此次黑客袭击的组织者威胁观众称,将发动类似于01年9#86;事件那样的恐怖袭击一位知情人士称,这些连锁影院一直面临来自影院附近商场和购物中心的压力,要求它们取消放映“We respect and understand our partners’ decision and, of course, completely share their paramount interest in the safety of employees and theatergoers,” Sony Pictures said in a statement. It accused the hackers of seeking “to destroy our spirit and our morale — all apparently to thwart the release of a movie they did not like.”索尼电影在一份声明中称:“我们尊重并理解我们合作伙伴的决定,当然,我们也完全同意他们的观点:员工和观影者的安全是最重要的”该公司批评黑客试图“摧毁我们的精神和士气,看上去只不过是为了阻止一部他们不喜欢的电影的放映”Despite speculation that Sony could claw back some of its losses with a on demand release, a spokesperson said: “Sony Pictures has no further release plans the film.”尽管有传言称,索尼可能会通过点映弥补一些损失,但一位发言人称:“索尼电影还没有进一步的影片上映计划”The Guardians of the Peace, the group that has claimed responsibility the hack, has repeatedly mentioned The Interview in its correspondence with the media, sparking the speculation that Pyongyang may be behind the attack.自称对此次黑客袭击负责的电脑黑客组织“和平守护者”(Guardian of Peace),曾多次在与媒体的通信中提及《刺杀金正恩,这引发了朝鲜可能在背后指使的猜测The country has denied involvement in the attack but recently praised the attack as “a righteous deed”.朝鲜已否认与黑客攻击有关联,但最近称赞此次攻击是“正义之举” 697

She held the crown of Hollywood's highest paid actress most of the last decade, only recently being toppled by the likes of Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz. But perhaps America's Sweetheart Julia Roberts is attempting to claw back to the top spot, after agreeing to appear in a 5-second advertisement Italian coffee house Lavazza - the hefty fee of 1. million euros (?1. million).   跻身好莱坞年来身价最高的一线女星---大嘴茱莉亚·罗伯茨虽然已经算是“前辈级”,然而风头丝毫不亚于近年来好莱坞的新宠桑德拉·布洛克、瑞茜·威瑟斯彭以及卡梅隆·迪亚兹甜儿大嘴罗伯茨日前为意大利著名品牌Lavazza 咖啡拍摄5秒的天价广告,据传,茱莉亚·罗伯茨拍摄这则广告获得0万欧元的广告费呢   Lavazza bosses are seemingly so confident in Julia's talent that she is not even required to speak her role in the 5-second ad.The actress appears in the heavenly advertisement, to be screened over the Christmas period in Italy, as Botticelli's Venus in a setting in the clouds.   著名品牌 Lavazza 对罗伯茨的人气十分有信心,将拍摄场地选在了意大利境内据悉,在这5秒的广告中,茱莉亚·罗伯茨一身白裙“登上天堂”化身爱神维纳斯此外,大嘴罗伯茨在广告中根本不用说话,她所要做的就是品尝咖啡后露出她招牌式的甜美笑容就可以了   Roberts said during promotion the movie that she gained ten pounds during filming in Rome, where she underwent 'Olympic carbo loading.' 'By the time we would cut I'd be done with an entire pizza or a whole bowl of pasta,' she said. 'The take would just go on and on and I'd love it.'   茱莉亚·罗伯茨在最新电影《美食、祈祷和恋爱电影宣传过程中“勇敢地”告诉媒体,因为影片要求她整块整块大口大口吃匹萨与意大利面,她因拍摄该电影体重增重磅不过喜爱美食的罗伯茨还是感到十分惬意 00

The jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his"Thriller" music sold at auction .5 million (pound;90,000).  迈克尔#86;杰克逊拍摄《颤栗MV时所穿的一件夹克衫近日拍出了0万美元(合9万英镑)的高价  The autographed red and black calfskin jacket far exceeded its estimated selling price of ,000 (pound;50,000) as it went to a collector from Austin, Texas. A "buyer's premium" fee charged by the auction house brought the total cost of the jacket to .8 million (pound;1. million)  这件红黑相间的夹克衫的内衬上有杰克逊的亲笔签名,成交价远远超出了0万美元(5万美元)的估价买主是来自德克萨斯州奥斯汀的一位收藏家加之拍卖行另收取的买方佣金,总成交价达到180万美元(1万英镑)  A portion of the proceeds from its sale at Julien's auction house, Beverly Hills, will benefit the Shambala Preserve in Calinia where Jackson's two Bengal tigers, Thriller and Sabu, have been living since the pop star left his Neverland ranch in . A pair of sunglasses belonging to the "King of Pop" also went under the hammer ,000 (pound;31,000.)  拍卖夹克所得的部分资金将被捐给加州香巴拉保护区自年天王杰克逊离开梦幻庄园后,他饲养的两头孟加拉虎“颤栗”和“萨布”就一直生活在这里此次拍卖会在比弗利山庄的朱利安拍卖行举行  Other items up sale at the "Music Icons" auction included the wig Jackson wore when he announced his ill-fated "This Is It" concert series in London, a fedora, and a spangled glove he wore on stage.  “流行天王”杰克逊戴过的一副太阳镜以五万美元(3.1万英镑)的价格成交本次“音乐偶像”拍卖会的其他拍卖品还包括:杰克逊在伦敦宣布举办时运不济的《就是这样巡回演唱会时戴的假发,一顶浅顶卷檐软呢帽,以及在舞台上戴过的饰满亮片的手套  The two-day auction of memorabilia was held two years after Jackson's death, at the age of 50, on June 5, .  这场纪念品拍卖会在杰克逊去世两周年之际举行,为期两天两年前的6月5日,杰克逊去世,终年50岁  The -minute "Thriller" , directed by John Landis and released in 1983, is widely credited with having a major impact on popular culture.  《颤栗MV片长分钟,由约翰#86;兰迪斯导演,在1983年发行人们普遍认为它对流行文化产生了巨大影响     Vocabulary:  autograph: to write one's name on or in(亲笔签名,常指名人)  calfskin: the skin or hide of a calf(小牛皮)  go under the hammer: 被拍卖  ill-fated: destined, as though by fate, to an unhappy or untunate end(注定要倒霉的;时运不济的;尤指结局悲惨的)  fedora: 浅顶卷檐软呢帽  spangled: 缀满亮晶晶的饰片的;有闪闪发光的小物件的 55


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