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1. 柏林文化狂欢节  始于1996年的德国柏林文化狂欢节已成为这座城市最出名也最多人参与的大型活动为庆祝柏林多种多样的文化,狂欢节每年举行一次这儿有超过5万来自世界各地的人居住在此每年都有超过300万德国人和50万外地游客前往参加,而且这一数字呈逐年上升的趋势独具特色的食物和国际化的烹饪方法,加上音乐和舞蹈,一切的一切都让柏林在这个时侯吸引到众人的目光狂欢活动在每年春季举行,其中最重要的游行会展示将近80种不同国家的特色文化Berlin Cultural Carnival The carnival is held once a year, in Berlin, Germany. It began in 1996 and became the city's most famous large-scale activities. It aims to celebrate the diverse cultures. Here more than 5 million people from all over the world live. Every year, more than three million Germans and 50 million eign tourists come to attend it, and this figure is increasing year by year. 7To promote man-and-nature harmony, retired basketball star Yao Ming has embraced the challenge from British outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls to join the shooting of a wilderness-survival TV reality show.为了促进人类和自然的和谐相处,退役篮球巨星姚明日前接受了英国户外探险家贝尔·格里尔斯的邀请,决定参与录制贝爷的野外生存真人秀Trekking through wilderness and feeding celebrity guests bizarre foods has been Grylls routine in his hit adventure TV series, Running Wild with Bear Grylls.贝尔非常受欢迎的电视节目《越野千里的一大招牌看点就是贝爷带着一众明星嘉宾,徒步穿越野外,生吃各种奇奇怪怪的东西The show has featured a glittering cast, including US President Barack Obama, who accompanied the British survivalist into the wild.《越野千里的演出嘉宾可谓星光熠熠,美国总统奥巴马也曾参加节目,跟着贝尔进行野外生存Yao management team confirmed that the mer NBA star will appear in the show Chinese version, which will be jointly presented by Grylls, Shanghai Media Group and Discover Asia Pacific.姚明的经纪人团队近日实,这位前NBA巨星将参加《越野千里的中国版该节目由贝尔主持,上海东方传媒以及亚太探索电视网联合打造Yao, according to his management team, has long admired Grylls self-challenging courage and outdoor survival skills.据经纪人团队表示,姚明长久以来一直很佩贝尔自我挑战的勇气,对其户外生存的技巧表示仰慕They met during a speech in London in October by Britain Prince William to promote a campaign against the illegal wildlife trade.去年十月两人曾在伦敦有过会面,当时两人都参加了由英国威廉王子举办的旨在抵制违法买卖野生动物的演讲活动Grylls invited Yao in a post on Wednesday on Grylls personal on the social networking platm Sina Weibo.贝爷此前在个人新浪微向姚明下“战帖”邀请其参加节目;Your great contribution to charity after youve retired has made the entire society ... feel even more proud of you.;贝尔在微中写到:“姚明先生在退役后对慈善公益的巨大贡献使全体国人更以你自豪昔日篮球生涯使得身上兼具竞技,合作精神”;With the spirit of combatant and cooperation, you are the exact warrior whom the wild adventure always tries to call,; Grylls said in the post.“这些素质使你成为我们节目的不二人选”Yao, responding on the micro blog of the Shanghai Sharks, the Chinese Basketball Association club that he owns, said he is y to accept the challenge.随后,姚明通过上海大鲨鱼官方微确认,将接受“贝爷”贝尔·格里尔斯的挑战,参加该档野外生存真人秀节目Since retiring from basketball in , Yao has been an advocate of wildlife and nature protection.自年正式退役以后,姚明一直致力于宣传野生动物和自然环境的保护He has made a number of public service ads the fight against the ivory trade and opposing consumption of shark fins.他曾经拍摄了一系列公益广告呼吁人们抵制贩卖象牙、号召人们停止食用鱼翅 65931

cEOebTgFF@F[8,QHagia Sophia圣索菲亚大教堂Mind-bending photos: Wonders of the world 移轴全景下的瑰丽名景Richard Silver photographs show us the world biggest sights like Machu Picchu in Peru or Copacabana in Brazil. His photos, however, are not simply depictions of the landmarks but planned, artistic visual constructions that, with their playful combinations of sharpness and blur, create new worlds of experience. Silver says: People always ask me, How do I make people look so small or why do I make people look so small? Simple, WE ARE. In the big picture we are just a small blip of what the world truly is. I enjoy the power I have to change the perspective of the way people look at the world and maybe at themselves.Richard Silver向我们展示了这个世界上几个最大景观的照片,比如在秘鲁的马丘比丘和巴西的科帕卡巴纳,U+Rr##kfOlME然而,在他的照片里不只是简单地拍摄了那些地标性建筑,而是有自己的视觉规划和艺术思想,加上他对锐度和模糊的搭配运用,创造出一种描绘世界的新方式z8g#CPy)XPRichard Silver说道:“人们总是问我,怎么我的照片里人物那么小,或者问为什么我故意把人照得这么小?其实这很简单,对于大自然,我们本身就很小啊!@b!O5+0KwLs.在这些大尺度的自然风光照片里,我们本身就是昙花一现的小小存在v^OxGl@MUz)X#Sl)wJ;p我很高兴我有改变大家看待这个世界视角的能力,也许还有他们看待自己的视角lb8I%cEWD7Dw”QM]Um.,KUFAe~(U*gkIOjrcU[kge^P6A1d[D(EL# 3876


  Although most people know that koalas live in Australia and eat eucalyptus leaves, there is so much more to know. Here the lowdown on the marsupials from Down Under.大部分人肯定都知道考拉生活在澳洲,吃桉树叶,但其他的呢?下面是关于这个萌物的其他信息1. Although they are commonly called koala ;bears,; koalas are marsupials and have nothing at all to do with bears, except that they are cute like a teddy bear.尽管我们时常称考拉为“树袋熊”,其实考拉是有袋类哺乳动物,跟熊完全没关系,只是看起来萌萌的像泰迪熊罢了. The word ;koala; is thought to have come from the Aboriginal word meaning ;no drink.; Although koalas do drink water on occasion, most of their hydration requirements are fulfilled by the moisture they get from eating eucalyptus leaves.“考拉”这一词据说源于原著居民语言,意思是”不喝水“考拉有时也会喝水,但他们大部分的饮水需求都靠吃桉树叶吸收其中的水分来满足3. They eat about two and a half pounds of eucalyptus leaves a day; so many, in fact, that they take on the fragrance of the oil ... and end up smelling like cough drops.他们一天要吃.5磅桉树叶;会吸收油脂的香味,最后消化成类似止咳糖浆的味道. A newborn koala is the size of a jellybean. Called a joey, it is a while bee it reaches full-blown ridiculously cute status; joeys are born blind, earless and without fur.新生考拉就跟橡皮糖那么大,人们叫它们幼兽过不了多久就会长成你现在看到的大萌物般模样;考拉幼兽生下来是看不到的,没有耳朵和皮毛5. After birth, a momma koala will carry the jellybean baby in her pouch about six months; after it emerges, the newborn clings to its mother back or belly until it is around a year old.出生之后,考拉妈妈会把橡皮糖大小的幼兽放在育儿袋里半年,等它长大到一岁左右前,幼兽一般都会攀附在妈妈的背上或肚子上6. Tucked into trees, koalas sleep up to 18 hours during the day.考拉们一般驻扎在树上,一天要睡多达18个小时7. Koalas may look soft and cuddly, but to the touch, not so much. They have a thick wooly fur that protects them from both heat and cold and also helps to repel water. In fact, their fur is the thickest of all marsupials.考拉们看起来软软的萌萌的,但摸起来可不是这么回事为了抵抗炎热和寒冬甚至防水,它们的皮毛非常坚硬实际上,它们的皮毛算是有袋类动物中最厚的了8. In ideal conditions in the wild, male koalas live to about the age of ; females may live a few years longer.野外条件理想的情况下,成年雄性考拉能活到十岁,雌性活的还要久一点9. There were once millions of koalas, but the popularity of their sturdy fur resulted in massive hunting of them in the 19s and 30s, leading to a major decline in their numbers.地球上曾经有成百万只考拉,然而坚实的皮毛也成为世纪二三十年代它们遭到疯狂捕杀的原因,结果造成数目急剧下降. Habitat destruction, traffic deaths and attacks by dogs kill an estimated ,000 koalas yearly; at this point, there are fewer than 0,000 koalas in the wild. tunately, there are many efts being made to protect them.居住环境破坏、交通事故或是被袭击,这些原因每年会造成大约000只考拉死亡,目前仅存不到十万只考拉好在我们已经采取很多措施来保护它们 68。

  xd-]B7%*Fx+~.h,y75l)UhDqc5o1h8~-jwTkPL_小编物语:今年的圣诞节马上就要到了,伴随着喜庆的节日气氛,大家的创意想法也跟着爆棚啦,快来看看今年有什么千奇百怪的圣诞树吧!Book Christmas TreeI%VHho0nZOu5FaFQThis tree would look great on a library!Zy8KvCwnmYzBPk[kL纸质圣诞树MSbP-z3LN^这棵树放在图书馆一定抢眼!xS@9N#MhtyLYI]z1vBK|3n,u^)j|k-urTp)+UW*[Urz|Oh 6








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