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By George GrowNovember 7, 2004(THEME)VOICE ONE:I'm Steve Ember.VOICE TWO:And I'm Faith Lapidus with People in America in VOA Special English. Today we tell about Dian Fossey. She studied the wild mountain gorillas of central Africa. Her work resulted in efforts to save these rare and endangered animals.(THEME)VOICE ONE:Dian Fossey was born in nineteen thirty-two in San Francisco, California. Her parents ended their marriage when she was young. She stayed with her mother, who married another man a short time later. Dian said she had a difficult relationship with both her mother and stepfather.Dian was interested in animals all her life. She started making plans to be a veterinarian, a doctor who treats animals. After high school, she attended San Jose State College in California. There, she was successful in some subjects, but not others.She changed her program of study to occupational therapy. Occupational therapists help injured and sick people learn to do their day-to-day activities independently. She completed her studies at San Jose State in nineteen fifty-four.VOICE TWO:Dian Fossey left California and moved to the state of Kentucky. She accepted a position at the Kosair Crippled Children's Hospital in the city of Louisville. People there said she had a special gift of communicating with children with special needs. Yet she also had a desire to see more of the world.Through friends, she became interested in Africa. She a book about the wild mountain gorillas of central Africa written by American zoologist George Schaller. The mountain gorilla is the largest of the world's apes.VOICE ONE: Fossey borrowed money and made a six-week trip to Africa in nineteen sixty-three. She visited a camp operated by the famous research scientists Louis and Mary Leakey. The Leakeys were best known for their studies of the development of human ancestors.Fossey met with Louis Leakey and discussed the importance of scientific research on the great apes. She decided to study mountain gorillas, which were in danger of disappearing. Later on her trip, she traveled to the mountains of Rwanda. This is where she first saw mountain gorillas.VOICE TWO:Fossey returned to the ed States with a desire to work in Africa. She met with Professor Leakey a second time when he visited the ed States to give a series of talks. This time, he asked her to begin a long-term study of the gorillas. He said information she collected might help to show how human ancestors developed.A group called the Wilkie Foundation agreed to support her research. The Wilkie Foundation aly supported another researcher, Jane Goodall, in her study of wild chimpanzees. Fossey also received help from a major scientific and educational organization -- the National Geographic Society.VOICE ONE:Fossey returned to central Africa in nineteen sixty-six. She spent a short time observing Jane Goodall. Then she began setting up her own research camp in what was then the country of Zaire. Fossey sought help from the local native people who knew how to follow mountain gorillas in the wild.A short time later, political unrest forced her to move to nearby Rwanda. She settled in a protected area between two mountains, Karisimbi and Visoke. There, she established the Karisoke Research Center. This would be her home for most of the next eighteen years. Much of that time, she worked alone.(MUSIC) Article/200802/26718释义:come out 阐明(实情,结果),出版,出现某些实情“问世”时(be made public),就要使用 come out。所以电影上映或图书出版时就可以用这个短语。另外,在明确“某人的立场(意见)”时也可以用 come out。例句:When is that movie going to come out?那部电影什么时候上映?Just come out and say it.老实交代。There#39;s no way we will come out of this.我们不可能逃出这里。对话:A: Will you come out to the school#39;s festival?你会参加学校的庆典活动吗?B: Of course. I love attending festivals.当然,我喜欢热闹。 /201607/453615

I guess I don#39;t remember anything.我想不起来了。这句我常用~~ /201701/474127

《英语流行话题阅读:语境识词3500》58:狂欢节的起源暂无文本内容提要: 《英语流行话题阅读》为你开辟了一条提高英语的新捷径,引导你在愉快阅读中系统、快速地积累词汇、背景知识,提高快速阅读的技能。本丛书内容新颖翔实,具有极强的知识性、史料性、时代性与可读性,结构编排注意词汇与语言点的阶梯式循环出现,帮助读者在阅读中不断巩固,重复记忆。 本书是丛书的上卷,精选文章100篇,话题从加菲猫创造者到猫政治论,从汤姆·克鲁斯、哈里·波特到“美国偶像”,从智商、情商到爱商,从父亲节、狂欢节到美国高中生毕业舞会,从尼斯湖水怪到百慕大魔鬼三角洲,从当代购物狂到美国工作狂,从母亲到超级名模……为你展示了一个精的语言文化万花筒。每篇文章还附有精心编排的本文看点、经典句型、速记生词、知识链接等栏目,帮助你把握词汇重点,廓清语言难点,进一步开拓语言文化视野。 相关专题:英语导读1000句英语精美散文欣赏新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200711/21435

2月6日,有微曝料称,河南驻马店第二高级中学一名班主任因怀了二胎,要求学生家长替她值班,不值班的家长每人交600块钱。今日,学校政教科高科长回应称,经调查,此事是家长委员会私下商议做出的决定,学校和班主任并不知情,目前对家长的收费已退还。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道A pregnant teacher in Henan province reportedly asked her students#39; parents to fill in for her while she was away on maternity leave, sparking outrage.有报道称河南省一名怀教师要求学生家长在她休产假期间代班,这引发了愤怒。【讲解】maternity leave是产假。有学长家长指责河南驻马店第二高级中学一名女老师逃避在晚自习(after-school class,这里指晚自习)看管学生做作业(do homework)的职责。有家长反映,他们被要求在春节假期(Spring Festival holiday)后轮流(take turns)代该名老师值班,不能值班的要交300至600元钱。多数家长认为这种做法不公平(unfair)。不过,校方澄清称,这是家长委员会(parents#39; committee)的决定,老师并不知情。学校和该名老师要求家长委员会退回(refund)收到的7000元钱。校方表示,学校将严格遵守国家法律(strictly follow the national rules),避免乱收费(arbitrary charges)情况。 /201702/491156

今日短语:Break a leg.(俚语)祝好运。例句:Break a leg and have a great time.加油,玩得愉快。 /201611/473313

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