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武汉阿波罗医院割包皮手术挂什么科武汉勃起后很痛怎么办演讲简介:Natasha Tsakos 展示了一个女人的多媒体表演——”觉醒“的片段,作为剧中角色Zero,她通过一种创造性的虚拟世界,将3D动画和电子音乐投影在自己身边,继而混合了梦幻与真实。201210/204484武汉做爱长时间不射怎么半 Your cover letter is the first contact that a potential employer has with you. To make a great impression, there are several cover letter mistakes that you should avoid if youd like to hear the words ;youre hired.;你的求职信是潜在雇主与你的首次接触。为了留下良好的印象,为了听到“你被雇佣了”这句话,你在书写求职信时必须避免几个错误。Step 1 Avoid exaggeration1.避免夸大其词Tell the truth. Refrain from exaggerating about what kind of a worker you are or about your experience. A good way to make sure youre not exaggerating is to cite specific examples from your work experience that applying to the description of the position youre applying for.实事求是,关于你的能力或你的经历不要夸张。避免夸大其词的一个好方法就是引用一些工作经验的具体例子,最好与现在申请的职位相关。Step 2 Personalize it2.个人化Let the employer know that you are applying to their company, not just any company. Personalize the letter with specific things you like about their products, services, or organization. Address the letter directly to a person, not a ;sir or madam.; If you cant find a contact name, use a title like Hiring Manager.让雇主知道你申请的就是他们公司,而不是针对任何一家公司。让求职信个人化,可以写一下你怎样喜欢他们的产品,务或组织。求职信的称呼具体到人,而不是简单的“先生或女士”。如果你找不到联系人的名字,可以使用“人事经理”等头衔。Step 3 Read and re3.检查Read and re to check for errors. A spell checker can find spelling errors, but it cant correct everything.多次检查有无错误。拼写检查器可以帮你找出拼写错误,但是不能纠正一切。Step 4 Include contact information4.写上联系信息Dont tell them youd love to hear from them and forget to include a phone number or e-mail address. Put your contact information in the letter even if it is aly on your resume.不要在告诉别人希望收到他们的回音的同时却忘记写上电话号码或电邮地址。即使你的简历中已经注明了电话号码,求职信中也要写上联系方式。Step 5 Dont copy your resume5.不要复制简历Write about the skills you have that would be useful to their organization, but dont just copy your resume. This is a time to tailor the message to the job you are applying for.书写对他们的组织有用的技能,但是不要复制简历。必须与你申请的工作职位相关。If you are mailing or faxing the letter, leave a space for a signature.如果你的求职信通过邮件或传真送达,留下签名的空间。Step 6 Stay within limits6.注意分寸Stay within limits -- this means two paragraphs for an e-mail letter and five for mailed and faxed letters. If you get the letter just right, youll leave the hiring manager wanting to know more!注意分寸——这意味着,电邮求职信需要两张照片,邮寄或传真求职信需要五张照片。如果你的求职信比较好,人事经理会希望更好地了解你。On average, an employer spends less than 20 seconds reviewing a resume.雇主花费在浏览简历上的时间只有不到20秒钟。201301/218050武汉阿波罗男子医院看男科怎样

武汉不孕不育的医院At 10:28, the World Trade Centers North Tower also falls.10点28分 世贸中心大楼的北楼也倒塌了And there was a line of ambulances up the West Side Highway, it just went on forever.当时现场排着一长列救护车 一直排到了西边高速公路 绵延不绝And they never called the ambulances and nobody ever came.但是没人叫救护车 也没人走出来And after a while we began to realize like过了一会儿我们才开始意识到 ;Oh, my God, there arent survivors.;;哦天啊 无人生还;The 9/11 attacks claim almost 3,000 lives in New York,Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.据称 ;9·11;袭击造成了纽约、宾夕法尼亚和华盛顿特区近3000人丧生People would walk up Sixth Avenue, completely shell-shocked,走过第六大道的人们满脸惊恐and they would be covered in white dust他们的身上沾满白灰because the towers had just fallen around them.因为双子楼刚刚在他们身边倒塌People call 9/11 our generations Pearl Harbor.;9.11;事件被称作当代的珍珠港事件It was an attack by enemy that no one really saw coming.同样是被一群不知从何而来的敌人袭击It was devastating.同样是毁灭性的This was seen almost as a declaration of war by Al-Qaeda and transnational extremists on the American homeland.这几乎可以看做是基地组织和国际极端主义者在美国本土上的战争宣言But the worst attack on American soil serves to galvanize the nation.但是对美国国土的这一可怕袭击 却极大地唤醒了这个国家I believe the terrorists attacked us for two reasons:我认为恐怖分子袭击我们的原因有两条to kill a lot of people and to kill our spirit.杀掉我们的人 摧毁我们的意志And they did kill a lot of people,他们确实害死了不少人but they didnt kill our spirit.但却没有摧毁我们的意志People displayed very brave attitude in the way they dealt with it.人们在处理这一事件的时候表现出了极大的勇气And I think the terrorists never expected that.我觉得恐怖分子们绝对没有料到这一点Belief in freedom and the courage that it can give you overcame对自由的信仰 以及这种信仰所赋予你的勇气the ability of the terrorists to try destroy the spirit of the country.可以战胜恐怖分子试图打击全国人民意志的企图Its really weird being in the city after 9/11;9.11;事件后的城市变得非常奇怪because the city was so quiet.因为整个城市显得如此安静People get on the subway, no one would speak.人们默默地乘坐地铁People were very polite to each other.彼此之间礼让有加You know, just everybody would move in.大家就是这么走进车厢People would give up their seat with one talk.说句话就有人让座It was just weird.非常奇怪It was almost like they realized how fragile everybody was.就像是人们都意识到了每个人都是那么脆弱 /201305/237794武汉治疗生殖器疱疹的医院哪家最好 东海之滨,黄浦江畔,我国最大的经济中心城市上海,积极应对国际金融危机冲击,到处迸发出新的活力。1月14日至17日,中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席胡锦涛来到上海市考察工作。 Hu speaks highly of Shanghai's achievementsPresident Hu Jintao has completed a four day inspection tour of Shanghai. He studied progress in the city's economic and social development.During his inspection tour from Thursday to Sunday, President Hu Jintao visited some scientific research bases, industrial parks and companies. They include Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Shanghai Electric Lingang heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing base, and China UnionPay.After hearing work reports from Shanghai's municipal government he spoke highly of the city's achievements in recent years.Hu Jintao said this year is the last year of China's 11th 5-year plan, and also a critical time in preparing for the Shanghai World Expo.He called on Chinese people to pool their strength and resources to make sure the Shanghai World Expo is a success.He asked central government departments and local governments to take initiatives and make concerted efforts to support the event.President Hu Jintao also said he hopes Shanghai municipal government and its people will make effective efforts in the development of the city to create new prospects for reform and opening-up, and its modernization.201001/94803武汉治疗男性不育医院

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