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武汉人民医院冶疗早泄怎样武汉蛋蛋长了个疙瘩You will need:你需要:50 g unsalted butter50克新鲜的黄油250 g dark chocolate, chopped250克黑巧克力,压碎2 large eggs, cold2个大鸡蛋,冷却150 g brown sugar150克红糖2 oranges or clementines2个橙子或柑橘1/2 tsp vanilla extract半茶匙香草精50 g flour50克面粉1/2 tsp baking powder半茶匙苏打粉Prep:20m Cook:10m Total:30m Serves:10 Temp:180°c - 360°c准备20分钟 烹饪:10分钟 总30分钟 份数:10份 温度:180摄氏度至360摄氏度Step 1: Make The Mixture1.混合Preheat oven to 180°C. Put the butter and 100g of the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water until the chocolate is melted. Allow to cool a little. Roughly chop the remaining chocolate and set aside. Separate the egg yolk and whites into separate bowls. Whisk the whites with a pinch of salt till light, fluffy and meringue-like.将烤箱预热至180摄氏度。向一个碗中加入黄油和100克巧克力,放在小火加热的平底锅上方,直至巧克力融化。稍微冷却。将剩余的巧克力压碎,放在一边。将蛋黄和蛋白分离,分别放在两个碗里。向蛋白中加入少量盐,搅拌至明亮松软,看上去像蛋白酥皮。Whisk the yolks, sugar, orange zest and juice, and vanilla extract with an electric mixer until the mixture lightens. Add the melted chocolate and whisk until smooth and glossy. Fold the egg whites through the mix, little by little, until mixed through. Sift in the flour and baking powder and mix until combined. Fold through the chopped chocolate.用电动搅拌器搅拌蛋黄,糖,橙子和香草精,直至混合物颜色变亮。加入融化的巧克力,搅拌至柔顺光泽。逐渐少量加入蛋白,直至混合均匀。筛选面粉和苏打粉,混合至均匀。加入压碎的巧克力。Step 2: Bake2.烘烤Dollop rounded tablespoons on a lined baking tray. Bake for 10 mins, or until the biscuits are set and a little cracked on top. Cool before removing from the tray. Add a little orange zest and sea salt to the top of each cookie.用圆形的大汤匙把混合物舀到有衬纸的烘烤托盘上。烘烤10分钟,或者直至饼干成形,顶部有点裂缝。待冷却后从托盘上取下。每一片饼干上撒上一点橙子碎末和海盐。Thanks for watching How To Make Chocolate Orange Cookies.感谢收看“如何制作巧克力橙子饼干”视频节目。视频听力由。 /201401/271570武汉阿波罗男子包茎手术预约 武汉哪里治疗梅毒

武汉怎样看看自己有没有前列腺We were designing the Apple II. And we really had some, 当时我们正在设计Apple IIsome much higher ambitions for the Apple II.我们对它充满了期待Wozs ambitions were he wanted to add color grahpics. Woz希望实现色图形界面My ambition was that, it was very clear to me that a bunch of hardware hobbists, 我希望…当时有一大群硬件爱好者,他们自己组装电脑they could assemble around the computers, or at least take our board, and add the transformers for the power apply, the case, the keyboard, and go get, and etc. You know, go get rest of the stuff.或者用我们的主板,自己安装电源、键盘等等For everyone of those, there were a thousand of people, they couldnt do that but wanted to mess around with programming, software hobbists, 还有许多人是软件爱好者,他们只想写程序just like I had been, you know, when I was 10, discovering my computer. 就像我10岁刚刚接触计算机那样And so my dream for the Apple II was to sell the first real packaged computer, packaged personal computer. 所以我希望Apple II成为第一款功能齐备的个人电脑You didnt have to be a hardware hobbist at all.就算你不懂硬件也能轻松使用And so combining both of those dreams, we actually designed a product. And I found the designer and we designed the packaging and everything. And we wanted to make it out of plastic and we had the whole thing y to go. But we needed some money for tooling the cases and things like that. We needed a few thousand of dollars. And this was way beyond me.这就是我们对Apple II的基本设想。我找到设计师,设计了所有细节。我们还打算使用塑料机身,什么都想好了。可我们资金不足,还缺几万美元。So I went looking for some venture capital. 于是我开始寻找风险投资And I ran across one venture capitalist name Don Valentine, who came over to the garage 我找到Don Valentine,他还来参观了我的车库and he later said I look like a renegade from the human race, that was his famous e. 他说我看起来像人类的叛逆者,这话成了他的名言And he said he wasnt willing to invest us but he recommended a few people to mine. 虽然他不打算投资,但推荐了几个人给我One of those was Mike Markkula.其中就有Mike MarkkulaSo I called Mike on the phone and he came over. 我给Mike打电话,跟他见了面And Mike had retired for about 30 or 31 from the Intel, he was a product manager there and got a little bit stock. Mike以前是英特尔的产品经理,他大概30岁离开英特尔,手里有英特尔的股票And, you know, like made a million bucks on stock options, which at that time was quite a lot of money.他靠股票期权赚了一百多万,当时非常富有 /201306/243641武汉割包皮手术的费用 Hes universally recongnized as the king of martial arts movies after making only one He died young, aged just 32. Hollywood film.他仅仅凭借一部好莱坞影片就成为世人心中的功夫影帝,他英年早逝,年仅32岁。And went on to become the biggest movie star in history.And he influenced popular culture more than anyone, before or since之后却成为史上最耀眼的电影明星,他对大众文化的影响空前绝后。Bruce totally inspired me, and made me... and made me dream,made me realize that I want to be a film maker.。李小龙彻底启发了我 给了我... 给了我梦想,让我意识到我要当电影制片人He definitely inspired me to, to want to do more with my life.他确实给了我很大的启发 让我积极改变命运I know that Bruce Lee is the best.Bruce Lee changed the world.我知道 李小龙是最棒的,李小龙改变了世界。He resonated not only with Asian,but resonated with the black community, the white community.他不仅影响了亚洲人,同样也影响了黑人和白人世界。He was a hero for a... an entire culture that had no heros.在... 一个没有英雄的文化中 他成了英雄Bruce Lee is the father of mix martial arts.Bruce Lee isnt just a fighter, hes, hes a thinker.李小龙是混合格斗之父,他不仅仅是个斗士,他更是一位思想家。And Bruce he, he traded his book to the guidelines thats transferable to anything in life.李小龙他书中阐述的理念 适用于人生的一切Hes smart enough to create this very simple iconic image that was endlessly reproducable.他很聪明地塑造了这个非常单纯的偶像形象,并被不断模仿。He is everywhere.他无处不在201312/271091武汉为什么射精太快

武汉为什么我这么快射Dont let winter weather turn you into a frump. Follow these tips to look fabulous without risking frostbite.不要让寒冷的天气把你变得臃肿邋遢。遵循以下建议,不需忍受寒冷,仍可保持靓丽形象。You Will Need你需要Moisturizer保湿霜Sensual fabrics性感的布料Knee-high boots高筒靴Accessories配饰Olive or safflower oil (optional)橄榄油或红花油(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Moisturize your skin1.皮肤保湿If winter weather makes your dry skin even drier, use an oil-based moisturizer, which helps skin retain moisture better than a cream or lotion. In the ingredients, look for non-clogging oil -- like avocado, mineral, primrose, or almond -- so it doesnt block your pores.如果冬季的寒冷天气让你原本干燥的皮肤更加干燥,使用油性保湿霜,比乳霜或润肤露更能帮助皮肤保湿。在成分方面,选择不堵塞的油,例如鳄梨油,矿物质,樱草花或杏仁油,这样就不会堵塞毛孔。For oily or acne-prone skin, stick to a water-based moisturizer.对于油性或容易长暗疮的皮肤,坚持用补水的保湿霜。Step 2 Go for layers2.多穿几层To keep warm while still looking stylish, layer cotton or jersey knit tops under fitted sweaters. And invest in cashmere -- its eight times warmer than sheeps wool yet much lighter, making it the go-to fabric for those who know how to look hot.要保暖又要保持时尚,在针织羊毛衫下套一层棉质或毛线衫。购买一件开司米羊毛衫,比普通的羊毛衫暖八倍,而且更轻,是保暖又时尚的理想选择。Step 3 Add a boot3.靴子Boost your outfits sex appeal with the right pair of boots. Knee-length styles elongate legs, and theres nothing sexier than above-the-knee boots if you can rock them. Avoid mid-calf boots, which cut the line of your leg.选择合适的靴子,为性感迷人的外表锦上添花。及膝长靴会把双腿线条拉长,如果能够驾驭的话,没有什么比过膝长靴更性感的了。不要选择长及小腿中间的靴子,这样会将双腿的长线条切断。Step 4 Avoid hat hair4.不要让帽子毁坏发型Avoid hat hair. If your hair is long, twist it into a high bun and secure it at the crown of your head before putting on your hat. If its short, push it back and comb it against the way it usually falls. Either way, it will spring back to life when you remove your hat. Theres no point in knowing how to look hot if a bad hair day is going to ruin it!不要让帽子毁坏发型。如果你是长发,盘成比较高的发髻,固定在头顶,然后再戴帽子。如果是短发,把头发梳向与平时散落相反的方向。无论哪一种,取下帽子后头发都会恢复原状。如果糟糕的发型损坏你的形象,那你做什么都没有意义了。To tame flyaway hair, rub a drop of olive or safflower oil in your palms and then run your fingers through your hair.要处理凌乱的头发,在掌心滴一滴橄榄油或红花油,然后手指输过头发。Step 5 Accessorize5.配饰Accessorize with hats, scarves, and gloves in sassy animal prints and sexy fabrics like leather and suede. Now that you know how to look hot when its cold outside, get outdoors and start strutting your stuff!选择时尚的动物图案和性感的皮革布料的帽子,围巾和手套。现在,你已经知道天气寒冷时如何保持时尚性感了,那就出去美美地炫耀吧!Though drinking alcohol may temporarily warm you by moving blood closer to your skin, it actually lowers your core body heat, leaving you even more sensitive to the cold.尽管饮酒可以通过加速皮肤血液循环而暂时保暖,实际上却降低身体热量,让你对寒冷更加敏感。201412/347793 荆州市洪湖县治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好武汉黄陂区看泌尿科怎么样



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