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武汉阿波罗医院有看龟头炎吗需要预约吗武汉阴茎开始流浓怎么办武汉陆总医院男科大夫 I talk about it all the time when he had that streak to score 50 points in a row我总是会说起他连续50+You know when, I mean I was on that team in New Orleans wehere he broke the record你知道那会儿,我还在新奥尔良黄蜂,他就在那打破的纪录Myself along with I think Rasual Butler, Morris Peterson and somebody else, we just talk about it you know night to night我还有拉素尔-巴特勒、莫里斯-皮特森和其他一些人,我们就每晚都说起Kobe gon have 50 tonight and科比要得50分了He had my hold he had like 26 28 at the end of the first quarter他每让我失望,第一节结束就有26 28分了吧My Kobe moment is probably 81 points against Toronto我的科比时刻可能是打猛龙的81分Um, its just you are watching it, it doesnt seem you know real at the time and you look up hes walking off the court就是,你是亲眼看到的,那时候你懂得,就感觉不是真的一样,然后你看着他走出场You know with still time on the clock celebrating 81 points, so比赛还没结束呢,就开始庆祝81分了Everybody hears about Wilts 100所有人都知道张伯伦100分Nobody in my generation is able to see that but first但我们这一代没人亲眼看到过,所以首先Thats our Wilt moment thats our Kobe moment the 81 points against Toronto科比81分就是我们的张伯伦100分,这就是我的科比时刻I was 14 years old我14岁时and you know I was really, I was lucky enough to go on the road trip with my father to Detroit where they play the Pistons很幸运能和父亲一起去底特律看湖人客场,他们那天对阵活塞After that a Game 5 loss that we were in a bank with the dinner room第五场输了之后,我们就在一家的餐厅里and he just came down and sat with me and my dad my uncle at the same table just to eat然后科比过来,跟我、父亲和我叔叔坐一起吃饭And obviously I aint say anything to the man cause I was really scared to I was only 14显然我当时一句话都没跟他说,害怕的不行了,那会儿才14岁啊but you know I got tell my friends and family like, ;aw yea I had dinner with Kobe the other night你懂得,之后我跟朋友家人都说,“啊是啊我和科比那天吃晚饭来着you know it was no big deal you know I do it all the time; which I didnt but at the time I was some...你知道的,没什么,平平常的事情嘛”,其实我那时并不是这样的心态I was like ;oh theres no way its the man who I aspire to be one day;我当时想的是“哦不可能不可能,这真的是他,我想成为的那个男人”更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201705/507178迷你对话:A: When I was a little boy, I had a dream of becoming a lawyer.当我还是个小孩子的时候,我就梦想成为一名律师。B: Your dream comes true now.你的梦想现在已经实现了。A: Yes, I knew I would make it.是的,我知道我会成功的。B: You are really confident.你真自信。地道表达:make it解词释义:这个短语是一种非正式的口语表达方式,意思是“达到预定目标,办成,做到,成功”。持范例:He expressed confidence that Mary can make it in the competition.他相信Mary可以在竞赛中获得冠军。Lets make it 6:00 at your place, is that OK? 咱们六点在你们家见,好吗?If the reports were true, the Jap would never make it. 如果这些报告属实,那么日本人再也无法取胜了。Can you make it in twenty minutes? 你能二十分钟能到吗?词海拾贝:1. have a dream of:有......的梦想Eg. In spite of difficulties and frustrations at the moment I still have a dream. 虽然此刻面临困难和受到挫折,但是我仍然怀有梦想。 Eg. I have a dream of traveling around the world. 我梦想着我环游世界。2. come true:实现,变成现实Eg. Suddenly I want to be nine years old,working hard and have my dream as a kid come true now. 我忽然想回到9岁那时候,努力读书,让我孩提时的梦想现在成为现实。 Eg. His dream will come true sooner or later. 他的理想迟早会实现。 Eg. May your wishes all come true 祝你心想事成。Eg. Let’s struggle for a little while and it was the hour when dreams come true. 我们再奋斗一阵子,因为这是梦想成真的时候。 /201212/213878武汉阴茎

华中科技大学同济医学院附属同济医院治疗阳痿多少钱pop up 突然出现The question keeps popping up: Where is Raul?人们不断在问: Raul 在哪里? Problems kept popping up during the rehearsal.排练过程中突然出现了一些问题。When you popped up like that, you scared me to death! 你这么突然闯进来,快把我吓死了!The jury is still out 某问题还没有结论Well, the jury is still out if that's the right way to handle it这么处理是否合适现在还没有结论。The jury is still out if it'll keep going 这车能用多久还是个问题。 /201005/104519武汉尿道炎该怎么治疗 爱看;绯闻女孩;的网友们对其中流言的传播方式一定记忆深刻。转瞬之间,一条消息就可以通过网络,手机传的尽人皆知。虽然流言只是流言,但凡事都有因才有果,也就是我们常说的;无风不起浪;了。那么,汉语当中的这个;风;和;浪;,在英语当中是由哪两个词来对应的呢?Therersquo;s no smoke without fire, 无火不生烟,怎么样,与;无风不起浪;算是殊途同归了吧。Proverbs serve to express general truths in a short and colorful way, for example, There s no smoke without fire , meaning that there is generally some truth in even the wildest rumors.谚语能用简明生动丰富多的方式表达普遍的真理。例如:;无火不生烟;,说的就是,即使是言过其实的流言蜚语,一般说来也总会有点真实的成分在里面的。再来看一个小对话:A: Therersquo;s a rumor that the Prime Minister is going to resign, but I canrsquo;t believe it. 有个传言说首相要辞职,我根本不相信。B: Well, you know what they say---therersquo;s no smoke without fire. 你知道有句老话吧,无风不起浪。A: You mean itrsquo;s possible? 你的意思是这是真的了?B: I mean nothing. 我什么意思也没有。政客模棱两可的谈话方式。再来看一个例子:The story is all over the town. It is being sp by someone or by some people. Therersquo;s no smoke without fire. 这个传说遍及全镇。有人,或者有些人还在散布。真是无风不起浪。Therersquo;s no smoke without fire. 一个比较简单易记,又很常用的谚语。希望在日常的英语交流中您能学以致用,让鲜活的习语、谚语为您的表达增色。好了,Rose与您相约下期;布朗尼加分;口语课堂。 /201202/172902武汉阿波罗医院挂号预约

武汉治疗包皮费用Happy Fathers Day父亲节快乐On this special day, I want to say Im proud of you, appreciate all youve done for me and I love you.在这特别的一天,我想说我为您感到骄傲,爸爸,谢谢您为我做的一切,我爱你,Youve been my father, friend, adviser, all of these and more.您不仅是我的父亲,您还是我的朋友,顾问甚至更多。Thank you for everything you have done, you are one in a million. Happy Fathers Day to you.谢谢老爸所做的一切,您是百里挑一的,祝您节日快乐。Lily 爸爸说,中国人常说:Money is power! (有钱能使鬼推磨)美国人说:Knowledge is power! (知识就是力量)所以为什么美国建国两百年成为了第一强国! 中国人加油!(本栏目主播为:Lily.Wong 微信账号:贵旅特) /201506/381982 Subject: I got the short end of the stick. 迷你对话A: Mom, I got short end of the stick.妈妈,这是在是我遇到最最糟的情况了。B: I think you must study harder next semester, don’t give up.我下学期一定要更加努力学习,不会泄气的。 地道表达get the short end of the stick 1. 解词释义Get the short end of the stick的字面意思是“得到了棍子短的那一头”,比喻为“觉得和他人相比,你受到了特别不好的待遇,受到了不好情况的影响”。其英文解释为:to suffer the bad effects of a situation,to feel that you are being treated particularly badly in comparison with other people。这个习语来源于拔河,输的那方握住的绳子是短的那头。 2. 拓展例句e.g. How come she gets the promotion and I get nothing? I always get the short end of the stick.怎么她升了职而我却什么也没有得到呢?我总是受人误解。e.g. Again they get the short end of the stick because the terms of trade are against them.他们又吃了一次亏,因为贸易条款对他们不利。 Ps:give up的意思是“放弃,认输”。例如:After a fruitless morning sitting at his desk he had given up. 他在书桌前徒劳地坐了一上午之后便放弃了。 /201401/273412广州军区武汉总医院阳痿早泄价格湖北省同济医院不孕不育多少钱




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