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湖北武昌割包皮哪家医院最好武汉阿波罗男子男性医院预约Science and technology科学技术Beer drinking啤酒的饮用Shape up!形状改变一切!What sort of glass you drink from predicts how fast you drink喝酒有多快?看杯子就知道WOULD you like that in a straight or a jug, sir? was once a common response to British pubgoers request for a pint.在过去,泡吧的英国佬如果要来杯一品脱的啤酒,通常都要回答这样一个问题,“先生,你要哪一种杯子乘啤酒,净饮杯还是扎啤杯?Like the Lilliputians inGullivers Travels, who argued whether a boiled egg should be opened at the pointed or the rounded end, beer drinkers were adamant that only from their preferred shape of glass did their tipple taste best.正如《格列佛游记》中小人国里的人对于吃鸡蛋应该先从哪端打破而争论不休一样,喝啤酒的人同样固执的认为,只有用他们喜欢的杯型喝酒,味道才带劲。Straight-sided glasses—sometimes with a bulge a little below the lip—have largely won the day.净饮杯在今天广受欢迎,这种杯子的杯口有时会凸出稍低的一小块来。Jugs—squat cylinders of dimpled glass equipped with handles—are now rare.而扎啤杯,圆柱形的杯身短浅,且被修饰成一个个小酒窝,还带有把手,但这种杯子在今天已经很少见了。But that is probably because straight glasses are easier for bar staff to collect and stack, rather than because straight-glass lovers have persuaded their fellow-drinkers of the virtue of their view.这可能是因为,对于酒保来说,净饮杯更容易堆积和摆放,而不是因为净饮杯爱好者明了他们观点的正确,以让酒友们信以为真。The shape of a beer glass does, nevertheless, matter.尽管如此,啤酒杯的外形的确很重要。For a group of researchers at the University of Bristol have shown that it can regulate how quickly someone drinks.布里斯托尔大学的一组研究者已经实,酒杯的形状能够决定人喝酒的快慢。Angela Attwood and her colleagues asked 160 undergraduates—80 women and 80 men—to do one of four things: drink beer out of a straight glass; drink beer out of a flute; or drink lemonade from one of these two sorts of glass.安吉拉阿特伍德和她的同事们曾要求160名大学生—男女各80人,从四件事中选择一件来做,它们分别是:用净饮杯喝啤酒,用笛型杯喝啤酒;或者选用这两种杯子之一盛柠檬汁喝。To complicate matters further, some of the glasses were full whereas others were half-full.为了让事情变得更加复杂,其中的一些杯子是满的,而另一些只盛有一半饮品。Though, as is common practice in studies of this sort, participants were misled about its true nature, and were shown films and asked to do a language test afterwards, to support this misdirection, what Dr Attwood and her team were really interested in was how quickly the various drinks would be drunk.虽然和做这类研究所惯用的手法一样,实验过程掩盖了本质,对参与者进行了误导,之后他们被带去看电影,做语言测试;而进行这种误导是因为,阿特伍德教授和她的团队真正感兴趣的是不同杯子里的饮品被喝光的速度。The answer was that a full straight glass of beer was polished off in 11 minutes, on average.实验得出的是:满满一杯用净饮杯乘的啤酒,平均11分钟就被喝完了。A full flute, by contrast, was down the hatch in seven, which was also the amount of time it took to drink a full glass of lemonade, regardless of the type of vessel.相比之下,用笛型杯盛满的一杯酒,7分钟就见底了。而不管用哪种杯子,同样7分钟,一满杯子的柠檬汁就会能被喝光。If a glass started half-full, however, neither its shape nor its contents mattered.然而,如果一个杯子开始只倒满了一半,不管杯型如何,装的是什么饮品,It was drunk in an average of five minutes.喝完它平均只要5分钟。Dr Attwoods hypothesis is that a beer drinker, wishing to pace himself through an evening, is monitoring the volume remaining in the glass, probably with reference to the halfway mark.阿特伍德士提出的假设是:一位喝啤酒的人,想要一晚上自始自终控制自己喝多少酒的话,就会时刻关注杯子里剩余的酒量,可能他就是以杯子的中间点作为基准的。A curved-sided glass, though, makes exercising such judgment hard—as she demonstrated by calling her volunteers back a week later and asking them to estimate from pictures how full various glasses were.然而一个杯身倾斜的杯子,就让这种判断变得困难起来—正如阿特伍德所明的那样,让参与她实验的志愿者在一个星期后回来,并且让他们仅凭图片来估计各种杯子倒满是个什么情况。Most volunteers thought the halfway mark in the flute was lower than its true value, and if a volunteer had drunk from such a glass originally, the degree of misestimation correlated with how fast he had drunk.大多数志愿者认为在笛型杯中,杯子所显示的中点要比它真实的中点要低,而如果一位志愿者一开始就用这种杯子喝酒,他对酒量的误判和他喝酒的速度将会一一对应。If a glass is half-full to start with, however, this reference point is lost from the beginning.但是如果一开始杯子只倒满了一半的话,这一参照点从最初就失去了意义。The upshot, as Dr Attwood reports in the Public Library of Science, is that straight glasses have it.正如艾特伍德在《公共科学图书馆》杂志中所做的报告一样,结果显示净饮杯可以明这种假设。Though beer flutes are not common in British pubs, her observation that the shape of a glass can affect how fast it is drunk from bears investigation.虽然用笛型杯喝啤酒在英国的酒吧里并不常见,而从她的观察报告中可以看出,一个杯子的形状能够影响喝啤酒的速度。Both health campaigners and breweries would be interested in the results, though they would probably draw opposite conclusions about what is the best-shaped glass in which to serve a bevvy.健康活动者和各啤酒厂都会对研究的结果感兴趣,不过关于用什么形状的杯子乘酒最好,两者可能会得出截然相反的结论。 /201402/275814武汉阿波罗医院有做包皮切割吗 So...so you get the call,you are...and...you really want to know,dont you? yeah, I kinda do.所以你接到了电话 然后 你真的很想知道 是吧 对啊 还真想Eh...but no,so you are...you are...Well, at first,were you like oh,my god.Or were you like oh ,my god!this is exciting.不过 所以你 好吧 刚开始你是觉得“不是吧” 还是觉得“天哪 太好了”I was...well,yeah,oh my god,it is exciting,em...and this is gonna be a little bit of nightmare now for the next few weeks. Right.我当时 恩 觉得 “天哪 太好了” 但觉得接下来几周 会很难捱 恩Em...you know,cause ,you know,everybody knows.Its well documented,it was kind of uncomfortable.是啊 每个人都知道了 被大篇幅报道了 挺让人不舒的And you know, the situation. Right.你懂的 这种情形下 是的But em..em this things happen, and you know everything is kind of calm now,and Im happy.但是 这种事总会发生的 但现在已经平静下来了 我其实挺开心的And in fact I am actually happier than Ive ever been.从来没有这么开心过Well, thats a good thing. Yeah. Thats good thing. Which is why obviously this is happening, because you...you have to be in the space.and Lauren ,is her name right? Yeah.那很好啊 是啊 那很好 这也是为什么这件事会发生 为了能让你开心 她叫Lauren是吗 是的And she is healthy and happy,and...yeah,yeah,she is in really good.她现在的状态和心情都还好吧 恩 她现在很不错Really really godd place. I know this has been hard for her, cause the whole, you know,everything has been kind of thrust on her, and shes ,shes , a lot of attention,and thats gonna be hard on her.状态很好 我知道她肯定也不好受 正处在风口浪尖上 那么多的闲言碎语 她肯定不好受Well,yeah,I mean this is obviously...I...I cant blame the media,cause it was, you know, a kind of what I call a juicy story, you know.恩 确实 我是说这很明显 不过我不会去责怪媒体 因为你也懂的 这就是我说的那种很有料的故事But there was a lot of stuff that was said about her,但是大家说了很多她的坏话You know,you know,the...she trapped me and that shes a gold-digger, I mean this is absolutely nonesense.right.你知道的 什么她给我下套了啊 为了傍我啊 都是胡扯 对Shes a great girl,em...but you know,她是个很好的女孩 但是like it said,it was...it was...awkward because of the circumstances.就像报道说的 这件事关系有点尴尬Right,and em,and its a boy? Youll have to wait and see.是啊 那个 是男孩吧 我还得等等才知道呢But,but its a boy. Well,there are a lot of boys in my family,so the odds are...但是 就是男孩吧 好吧 我家族男孩还挺多的 几率比较大Right, thats gonna be a boy. And so em,whats his name?好吧 就是个男孩嘛 名字取好了吗Your mom is happy,right?She is gonna be...你妈妈很开心吧 她会Shes thrilled,yeah,yep,yep,,really,really thrilled.她很开心 是啊 真的超级开心So now are you worried thought that...所以现在你会担心that how much time youre gonna ,youre gonna travel with...将来要带着他到处跑 这里那里的where will you raise the boy? You are funny,Ellen.here?i mean...他主要会待在哪个城市呢 Ellen 你可真淘气 这里吗 我是说Here or... well ,both in New york, los angeles, london.在这还是 在纽约 洛杉矶 伦敦之间He is gonna travel a lot. Thats exciting.他也会跟着你们跑来跑去的 多爽啊He or she will travel a lot,yes. Right. Right.他或者她啦 好吧 好吧We all know its a boy. Ill tell you later. Alright.我们都知道是儿子啦 过段时间 再告诉你 好吧You said you wanted like a little,en...你说过你想要一个if you...if you do have a son,which you will,如果你有个儿子的话 其实明明已经有了that he will be...that you want a little ;mini-me;他会 你想让他成为迷你版的你so I got him a little T-shirt to get him started.所以 从我为他准备的小衬衫开始吧And well first of all ,em...actually that would fit me.首先 这个其实我也穿得上额That is yours,thats yours. Oh,thats mine.这个就是你打 给你的 哦 我的No,this is ,this is his. Thats his. Thats yours.Look, come on.这个才是他的 这个是他的 那是你的 看吧I know...I said I know, Simon. That is hilarious.我最懂你了 这太好笑了I know,so... okay,boy or girl,I am gonna keep these.我知道 好吧 无论男的女的这衣我都会留着的It will work for either,but...thanks very much.男孩女孩都可以了啊 谢谢你But its gonna be a boy. Thats very sweet.Alright.但肯定是男孩的 你太贴心了 好吧I have more to talking about, we will be back. we will talke about X FACTOR and other stuff.我还有更多要聊的 一会回来 我们得聊聊《X FACTOR》什么的注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/260143武汉看男科哪里看好

黄冈市中心医院男科挂号武汉什么医院做包皮手术好 Traveling at speeds of up to 20 miles around, they drive the mullet onto the beach.海豚的速度高达每小时20英里,它们赶着鲻鱼往海滩去了。Trapped, the fish have nowhere to turn, flatting out their bodies like surf boards, they skim in just inches of the water. 因为被困,鱼儿无处可逃。它们平整的身体就像冲浪板在水中轻轻掠过。The surfer mums are the only dolphins in the world that hydroplane and beach like this.冲浪海豚是世界上唯一会在海滩划水的海豚。It looks fun, but this is a high risk game.看起来很有趣,但也很危险。They can easily strand, but with the few effortless wiggles, they are back in the water.很容易搁浅,但也能轻松的回到水中。Whats so fascinating is that its only the surfer mums and their daughters who surf like this.最吸引人的是,海豚妈妈和女儿们会像这样冲浪。Im getting a lot of exercise this morning, walking up and down the beach.早晨我在海滩上来回走了好几次。The surfing mums have new calves.冲浪海豚妈妈有小宝宝了。Its vital Janet gets photos so she can follow the daughters who are keeping the surfing tradition going.珍妮特拍了很多重要的照片。这样她就能研究还保持着冲浪海豚传统的海豚女儿们。We want to know after they graduated from nursing whether the calves, they are going to be beaches,我们想知道当它们离开妈妈襁褓后,是否还会冲浪。Ive got good shots of all of them, so Im pretty happy about that.我拍了很多照片,真的很开心。It has been a good day for Janet, but theres still no news on Puck or missing India.今天对珍妮特来说很不错,但还是没有帕克分娩和因迪亚的消息。 201405/295001武汉有前列腺专科门诊吗

武汉男科医院包皮多少钱 In early medieval France, the Count of Anjou became enthroned by a mysterious woman.在中世纪法国的早期,昂儒伯爵因为一位神秘的女性而登上王位。They married and had several children.于是他们结婚并且有了几个孩子。But the Count grew concerned because his wife always left church before Mass was celebrated.但昂儒的担心日渐增加,因为他的妻子总是在庆祝仪式开始前离开教堂。One day he ordered his knights to stop her.有一天,他命令自己的骑士们阻止她这样的行为。But she pulled free and flew out through a window.但她巧妙脱身并且从窗户飞走。The Countess of Anjou was never seen again.自此再也不曾见过伯爵夫人的踪影。According to this legend, all 15 Plantagenet kings of England were descended from the demon Countess of Anjou.按照这个传说,所有15位英格兰金雀花王朝国王都是恶魔伯爵夫人的后裔。Her blood flowed in their veins.她的血液在这些后代身上流动。And over the centuries, this provided an explanation for the fierce temper, the bloody family feuds and the brutality of the Plantagenets.而几个世纪过后,这种血缘关系或许就是金雀花王朝火爆脾气,家庭不和以及冷酷无情的原因。Richard the Lionheart himself once declared defiantly, ;From the Devil we came, and to the Devil we will go.;狮心王理查自己曾公然宣布,“我们是魔鬼的化身,魔鬼去哪里我们就去哪里。”In the medieval world, all politics was family politics, and the Plantagenet family dominated England for more than 300 years through some of the nations most famous and infamous kings.在中世纪的世界中,所有政治都是以家族为中心,在统治英国的300多年中,金雀花王朝家族涌现出最著名及最臭名昭著的国王。King John. Henry V. Richard III.约翰。亨利五世,理查德三世。They were driven by dynastic ambition, striving to expand their power beyond their French homeland.他们被王朝的野心驱使,努力扩大自己超出法国国土的力量。201407/309551武汉做个全身检查要多少钱男性武汉包皮切除医院




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