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A Russian who killed his father in December 2011 after a row about China#39;s geographical position, has been sentenced to 13 years in jail, the prosecutor#39;s office in Far Eastern Amur region said on its website on Thursday.上周四,位于远东地区阿穆尔州的公诉人办公室在网站公布,2011年12月因与父亲对中国地理位置争论不和而杀父的俄罗斯男子被判入狱13年。According to prosecutors, the 41-year-old man, who was released from prison in October 2011, started an argument with his father about China#39;s geographical position as they were drinking alcohol together in Far Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk.据公诉人称,在远东区城市布拉戈维申斯岛,2011年12月刚从监狱被释放的41岁男人,当时正和父亲一边喝着酒,一边争议着中国地理位置的问题。After unsuccessful attempts to convince his father on which shore of the Amur River China is located, the man beat his father, suffocated him with a towel and then drowned him in a bath, the prosecutors said in a statement.中国位于阿穆尔河(即黑龙江)哪一侧?公诉人声称,该男子在屡屡劝说父亲关于中国地理位置得不到赞同之后,便开始打他的父亲,用毛巾捂住他,然后把父亲溺死在浴缸中。The man will serve a 13-year jail term in a high-security prison, the prosecutor#39;s office said.公诉人办公室说,男人将要在重刑犯监狱役13年。 /201208/193540。

The future of written English will owe more to Hollywood films than Dickens or Shakespeare, if the findings of a study into children#39;s writing are anything to go by.如果一项对儿童作文的研究结果可靠的话,那么比起狄更斯或莎士比亚的影响,书面英语的未来受好莱坞电影的影响会更大。The analysis of 74,000 short stories found that their written work was littered with Americanisms, exclamation marks and references to celebrities.对7.4万个短篇故事的分析发现,这些书面作品中到处都是美式英语、感叹号和名人的名字。Researchers who looked at the entries to a national competition found they were increasingly using American words such as garbage, trash can, sidewalk, candy, sneakers, soda, cranky and flashlight.研究人员阅读了全国作文比赛的参赛作品后发现,作文中越来越多地使用美式英语词汇,如garbage(垃圾)、trash can(垃圾桶)、sidewalk(人行道)、candy(糖果)、sneakers(运动鞋)、soda(苏打水)、cranky(暴躁不安的)和flashlight(手电筒)。The stories, written by pupils aged seven to 13, show how fairy cakes are referred to as cupcakes and a dinner jacket has become a tuxedo.这些故事是由7岁至13岁的小学生写作的,从中可见小学生们用fairy cake(仙女蛋糕)来指代cupcake(杯形蛋糕),晚礼的说法也从tuxedo变成了dinner jacket。;Smart; is now often used for ;clever; and ;cranky; for ;irritable;.现在小学生常用美式英语smart来取代英式英语clever,用cranky来取代irritable。Celebrity culture also has a powerful influence on children#39;s work, with Simon Cowell and Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi among the famous names cropping up repeatedly.名人文化对儿童作文也有强大的影响力,真人秀评委西蒙#8226;考威尔和阿根廷足球运动员里奥内尔#8226;梅西都是反复出现的名人名字。But pupils are let down by basic spelling, punctuation and grammar, according to the study by Oxford University Press, which looked at the entries to B Radio 2#39;s ;500 Words; competition.但是牛津大学出版社的研究发现,小学生们在基本拼写、标点和语法上很成问题。该研究查看了英国广播公司第二电台举办的“500单词”作文比赛的参赛作品。Children stumbled over simple spellings such as ;does; and ;clothes; and struggled to use the past tense correctly, often saying ;rised; instead of ;rose; or ;thinked; instead of ;thought;.孩子们总是弄错一些简单的拼写,如does和clothes,许多孩子不会用过去时态,常常把rose写成rised,把thought写成thinked。Researchers also found that punctuation was underused, especially semi-colons and speech marks. Some did not know how to use capital letters.研究人员还发现,许多标点该用的时候没有用,尤其是分号和引号。有些孩子不知如何应用大写字母。However, exclamation marks were overused. Researchers found 35,171 examples in total, with some young writers using five at a time.与此同时,感叹号却被过度使用。研究人员发现,滥用感叹号的情况总共出现了35171次,有些小作者一次用了5个感叹号。The study of more than 31million words will be compared with future research to see how written language evolves.这次阅读量超过3100万个词的研究将和未来的研究作比较,分析书面语言的演变情况。Popular US fiction such as the Twilight vampire novels and films is thought to be fuelling the increasing use of American vocabulary and spelling.据认为,热门美国作品,如《暮光之城》吸血鬼小说和电影,促使孩子们越来越多地使用美式英语词汇和拼写方法。Modern technology was also influential. Out of almost 300 references to ;blackberry;, nearly half referred to mobile phones.现代科技对英语也有影响。在这些作文中,blackberry一词出现了近300次,其中近一半指的是黑莓手机。 /201205/184741。

摘要:不管是新年晚会还是生日派对,不论是慈善宴请还是公司聚会,想在外貌上“出奇制胜”的女人常常会为她们的衣着而伤透脑筋。高贵典雅的晚礼、璀璨夺目的钻石项链……勉强购买一两件显然解决不了问题,因为人们常说“女人要变才会美”。不过,在现在的欧洲,同样是些“善变”的女人,尤其是一些高级女白领,已经发现了一种既能维持预算又可顾及体面的好办法——奢侈品租赁。New Year's Eve requires the ultimate party outfit. But what if you have aly run your dressy wardrobe ragged during the holiday season? Or you feel as if it's time to ring in 2006 with something fresh? Or your holiday spending has burned holes in your designer denim pockets? The answer might be to rent a little luxury. The renting business has begun to lose the stigma of an industry filled with knockoff designer tuxedos, Halloween costumes or out-of-date evening wear. Still largely an industry dedicated to special-event clothing (gala dinners, corporate parties, weddings), it has started to branch out into more casual clothing. And for those not afraid to shop around, it has become an option for dressing well on a budget. At the London-based eveningwear rental company One Night Stand (onenightstand.co.uk), there are more than 500 dresses for rent with 25 percent of the stock bought new every year. The owner, Joanna Doniger, started the company when she got fed up with people borrowing her dresses. "I thought why couldn't they go out and buy their own," she says with a laugh. But they can't; for the price of one of her rentals (£150, or 0, for a four-day period), the only things available in most department stores are dresses that look as if they are late for the prom. "Working women have sophisticated tastes, but buying an evening dress is a very expensive proposition, and most people don't want to wear the same dress more than once," says Doniger. This need for something new and different for every social outing has even created subcategories in the luxury rental business. In Paris the clothing rental store Quidam de Revel has carved out a niche in the industry by renting only designer vintage clothing. Located in the 3rd Arrondissement (it faces the Christian Lacroix-designed hotel Le Petit Moulin), the store caters to a discerning clientele looking to make an impact. Opened six years ago by Philippe and Emmanuel Harros as a way to make money out of their love of vintage fashion, the store rents clothing, bags and jewelry for one night or for an entire fashion season. "Our clothing is really the crème de la crème of vintage," says Philippe Harros, who also counts most of the top fashion houses as clients who come in and rent pieces for inspiration. With an adjacent storefront chockablock full of the husband and wife's vintage finds, renting is by appointment only. "We see ourselves as consultants for our clients. We make a selection of items from what they give us as guidelines, and we use our own knowledge of the collection to make the best choices," he says. The couple plan to open a second rental store in the new year. But what has brought on this recent change in perception on renting luxury? Unexpectedly, the transformation has been helped along by a change in corporate policy by many top businesses. For years businessmen all over the world have gotten a clothing allowance from their companies to rent a tuxedo or other luxury items they need for an event. But while any company looking at the bottom line is not going to pay for a female employee to buy a new evening dress, they are now more willing to help pay for renting one. "In the last five years a lot of businesses have started to pay for some if not all of a rental. They will pay, say, £80 or £90 of the cost and let the women top off the rest themselves," says Doniger. But renting luxury fashion is not limited to clothing. As anyone who has picked up a fashion magazine over the past few years knows, having the latest must-have designer handbag is the fastest way for a woman to communicate her fashion savvy and display her luxury status. In April 2004 the Bag Borrow or Steal (www.bagborroworsteal.com) Web site was launched to cater to women who covet the luxury handbags but not their designer prices. "Our company gives the everyday woman a chance to wear the latest designer bag and feel like a million bucks without having to spend it," says Brenda Kauffman, fashion director for the company. For a monthly fee the company will let members borrow a bag for as long as they want, and if they fall in love with it, they even give their clientele the option to "steal" the bag for a certain sum. There are three different membership levels, called Trendsetter, Princess and Diva, and the bags available to rent are not overstock or from last season. Become a Diva member for 0 a month, and carrying the latest incarnation of the Chloé Paddington bag or a Fendi Spy bag is no longer a dream but a reality. /200905/68686。

Creditors have better memories than debtors. (Benjamin Franklin, American president )放债的比借债的记忆好。( 美国总统 富兰克林) /201109/154328。

Many people try to lose weight and never manage to, and this is why you need to make the most of the best exercise that it around. Walking. If you think about the things that you do in your life, you probably find that you get out of walking whenever you can. Whether that's taking the car to the shops that are just around the corner, or taking a lift when you're only going up one floor of the building. If you try to change your life so that you are walking more, you will find that you're able to burn more calories and therefore lose more weight. You should try to take the stairs rather than the lift wherever you can, as this means that you will raise your heart beat higher. In addition to this, if you take the bus a lot, then you should try getting off a couple of stops earlier than you might have done in the past. Not only will this help for you to get more exercise, but it will also help you to save a little bit of money at the same time because you won’t have to pay for as much time on the bus as you would have done in the past. If you get a newspaper delivered to your door, think about whether you could walk to the shops in the morning and pick it up instead. This would raise your metabolism at the most important time in the day. If you choose to take these tips, then you should find that you are able to lose a little more weight than you are at this moment in time. Every little helps, no matter how small, so even getting out of the house and walking around the block is better than simply sitting at home and not doing anything at all. 许多人都曾立下豪言壮语减肥,但都是半途而废。所以你需要充分利用你周围最好的锻炼方式—步行。 如果你觉得在生活中已经在步行的话,你会发现无论什么时候你都可以出去散步。这比开车汽车去近在拐角处的商店或乘电梯上去坐一层楼都要好的多。 如果你想改变你的生活,你就必须行动起来开始走,你能够燃烧更多的卡路里,这样有助于减轻更多的体重。尽你所能努力爬楼梯而不是乘电梯,因为这会使你的心率加快。 此外,如果你坐公共汽车较多,那么你应该试试你以前从未做过的提前几站下车。这不仅可以帮助你得到更多的锻炼,而且也会帮你在同一时间节省一些钱,因为你不再需要付更多的公车费用。 一份报纸送到你家门口时,你要考虑是否早上能走到商店而不是只去将它拾起来。这将提高你一天中最重要的新陈代谢。 如果你选择采取这些,那么你就会发现,你的体重在一点一点减轻。每一个小的环节,无论多么细微,即使走出屋子走动也会比单纯坐在家里不做任何事情要强的多。 /201110/159197。

Chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and other hazardous ingredients are turning up in makeup, skin creams, and hair styling products. Here, the latest and most dangerous beauty alerts, and how to protect yourself without compromising your beauty routine.《福布斯》杂志近日提醒,有些化妆品、护肤霜、美发产品中含有化学物质、重金属、细菌等危险成分。以下是最新发布的最危险美容产品提醒,以及如何在不妨碍日常美容护理的同时保护自己。Mercury in Skin Creams?面霜含汞?That was the headline-grabber last week, when an FDA investigation found imported skin creams may contain toxic levels of mercury and other heavy metals. The risk is serious; people are actually getting sick from mercury contamination from these products. The creams are intended primarily for ;skin lightening; and anti-aging.美国食品和药物(FDA)上周公布的一份调查吸引了人们的注意,调查称,一些进口面霜可能含有汞等重金属成分,可以致毒。这种危险非常严重,一些消费者因所用化妆品含汞而患病。含汞面霜的功效通常集中于;亮肤;和;抗衰老;。Symptoms of mercury poisoning include tremors, memory problems, irritability, and changes in vision or hearing. The creams have turned up in seven states so far, and several cases of serious mercury poisoning have been reported.汞中毒的症状包括颤抖、记忆丧失、易怒、视力听力下降。含汞面霜迄今已在美国七个州有售,而且已报告数起严重汞中毒病例。Lead in Lipstick?口红含铅?Once considered an ;urban legend,; the rumor that some lipsticks contain lead turned out to be deadly true when the FDA tested hundreds of lipsticks following an alert issued by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.某些品牌的口红含铅一度被认为只是;坊间传说;,但在FDA检测了数百种口红后,这一传闻得到了实。此前,;安全化妆品运动;组织曾对此发布警告。The brands that tested positive for lead levels included well-respected national brands including L#39;Oreal, Revlon, Avon, and Cover Girl. And high-end brands like Dior and M.A.C. weren#39;t exempt either. Five of the ten most contaminated lipsticks were manufactured by L#39;Oreal USA.不少在全美广受尊重的品牌口红都检出含铅,包括欧莱雅、露华浓、雅芳和。迪奥、M.A.C.等高端品牌也未能幸免。含铅量最高的十款口红中,有五款是美国欧莱雅制造的。Bacteria in Mascara?睫毛膏带菌?Yes, this can happen too, but it#39;s the result of keeping mascara too long. The microbes don#39;t arrive in the mascara itself. According to a study in Optometry, bacteria that are naturally present in the eyes can be transferred into mascara via the wand. When the researchers tested mascaras, microbes were present in 33 percent of the products tested.是的,睫毛膏可能带菌,但这是在保存期限过长的情况下。细菌并非睫毛膏自带的。根据验光科的一项研究,眼部细菌可通过睫毛膏的毛刷进入膏体。研究人员在33%的接受检测的睫毛膏中发现了微生物。Formaldehyde in Hair Straighteners美发产品含甲醛Despite label claims of being ;formaldehyde-free;, many keratin-based hair straighteners, when tested, were found to contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. The levels of formaldehyde found were fairly low, and shouldn#39;t pose a hazard if you#39;re only straightening your hair a few times a year, but more often than that isn#39;t a great idea. And stylists, who use the products on their customers regularly, are at risk.尽管标注;无甲醛;,但一些角蛋白直发产品经过检测之后都被发现含有甲醛成份,甲醛是一种致癌物质。美国市场直发产品的甲醛含量并不高,如果每年直发几次,不会产生太大危害,但并不提倡更频繁地直发。经常为客人直发的美发师受危害的风险较高。Mineral Makeup含有矿物质的化妆品Often considered a natural alternative to makeup, mineral-based products often come in the form of powders. The problem results because the particles of minerals such as mica are so small, they float through the air and can be inhaled into the lungs. (Consider this: When construction workers use spackle and other products containing mica, they wear masks to avoid breathing them in.) There hasn#39;t been any warning issued for mineral makeup yet, but some experts, such as pulmonologists, are warning women that lung damage could result from frequent use.一些基于矿物研制的化妆品通常以粉末形式存在,而且被认为是更天然的选择。问题在于云母等矿物质的微粒非常微小,可以漂浮到空气中并吸入肺部。(试想建筑工人使用抹墙粉和其它含有云母的材料时通常戴口罩以防吸入。)目前还没有任何针对矿物质化妆品的警告发布,但胸腔医学等学科的专家提醒女性,频繁使用此类化妆品可能损伤肺部。词汇点津:urban legend: 来源不明、缺少或无据,但自然地以各种形式出现的当代故事或传说formaldehyde: 甲醛carcinogen: 致癌物质mica: (矿物)云母pulmonologist: 胸腔内科医生 /201203/174476。