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I: how did you do on your IELTS exam?V: fantastic! I got an overall score of eight.I: that's excellent! Have you received your conditional offers yet?V: yes. I'm just waiting until I offically get admitted to the university with a conditional offer to apply for my visa.I: do you know where the visa office is?V: no.I: it's just near the Dong Si Shi Tiao subway stop.V: that's not too far away. Do you think I'll get a visa?I: have you ever gone abroad before?V: yes, I've been to Tailand, Egypt, and Japan.I: have you ever been denied a visa before?V: never.I: that's good. Are you planning on immigrating to another country?V: no, I want to come back to China after I graduate.I: that's exactly what the visa officers want to hear. Do you have enough money for tuition and room and board?V: I've received a full scholarship, so I won't need any other money to live off while I'm studying.I: I think you have a very good chance of getting a visa. I can help you prepare for the visa interview if you want.V: that's be great. The more prepared I am, the better. /11/89700

I'm loaded.Loaded: Slang Having a great deal of money. 非常的有钱.它即可以表示某人很富有,也可以用来表示某人现在手里很有钱.ExampleA: I think football players get paid far too much money.B: I know. Can you imagine being loaded like that? Having expensive cars and lots of houses--it must be incredible.A: I can't afford to go out tonight. I've spent all my money.B: Don't worry. I'm loaded right now. I'll treat you to a night out.除了用loaded表示有钱,minted和rolling也有这方面的含义. /12/921501. You make me sick! 你真让我恶心! /201103/129881在两万年以前的冰河世纪,地球上很多地方都覆盖着冰川。虽然时光无法回到史前,然而场面宏大、制作精巧的电影《冰河世纪》却让观众仿佛置身于那个猛犸象和史前怪兽横行的时代。该部由克里斯#8226;伟基(Chris Wedge)导演的动画喜剧主要讲述了心地善良的长毛象Manny、嗜食的树獭Sid、狡猾的剑齿虎Diego这三只性格迥异的动物为了帮一个人类的小孩重返家园,聚在一起,组成了一只临时护送队,在共同经历了雪崩、饥荒等无数险境之后,终于成功地将小孩送回了人类的家园的故事。影片上映六年来,一直深受广大观众的喜爱。那只对橡树果有着特别嗜好的犬齿松鼠Scrat的可爱形象也深入人心。下面就让我们一起回到史前,在观赏史前动物精故事的同时,学习经典口语的表达吧!(1) Why not call it the Big Chill or the Nippy era? 为什么不管这叫“大寒”或者“冷冻时代”?——身处冰天雪地的动物们对“冰河时代”的叫法颇有微词,正在争论着合适的代名词。 “Why not”是一个很简单但是很有用的句型,用来给某人提建议,例如:Must you dash off? Why not stay for a cup of tea? 你一定要急着走吗?为何不留下喝杯茶呢?“Why don’t you/we…”也可以表达相同的意思,如:Why don’t we go to a movie tonight? 今晚我们一起去看场电影怎么样?比起“Let’s go to a movie tonight”,以疑问词开头的表达显得更加生动活泼。(2) No buts. You can play extinction later. 别说“可是”,还轮不到你绝种呢。——小象们陷入泥沼之中大呼救命,象爸爸却安慰他们不要悲观。Extinction 意为“消失,消减,废止”,例如:Is the human race threatened with complete extinction? 人类是否会受到完全灭绝的威胁呢?又如:The race was threatened with extinction. 这个种族那时眼看要灭绝了。Defunctness也可以表达类似的意思“死绝,不存在”。(3) He said he was on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough.他说他马上就要出现一个“进化上的突破”了。——就在大家抓紧赶路的时候,Eddie却在一味寻求什么“进化上的突破”,难道他想通过突然的进化来抵御冰河时代的寒冷吗?Verge是“边缘”的意思,如:The little boy walked along the grass verge, trying not to step into the field. 这个小男孩沿着草地的边上走,小心不踩到地里。而on the verge of则是“马上、就要、正好打算”的意思,例句:A few more days, and the company will be on the verge of bankruptcy. 再过几天,这家公司就将濒临破产的边缘。又如:She was on the verge of telling all the secret. 她那时正想把全部的秘密讲给我听。(4) Do the world a favor. Move your issues off the road. 你就帮个忙吧!别挡着道妨碍交通!——猛犸象Manny反向而行,庞大的身躯挡住了交通要道,急性子的动物们不干了,纷纷大声呼叫,要求他不要挡路。“Do the world a favor”类似于“do someone a favor”,意为“给某人以恩惠,帮某人忙”,如:Could you do me a big favor? 能否请你帮我个忙?Do me a favor?帮个忙,好吗?下次大家想要请人帮忙的时候,不妨试用一下。(5) Go ahead. Follow the crowd. 那就接着走吧,随大流吧。——Manny并没有和动物们计较,而是安静的自己走开了,看来他并不愿意随其他动物走出山谷。Follow the crowd意思是“跟随人流(向……方向走)、跟大家一样”,不仅能够表示行动,还能够表示思维上的“随大流”,如:Not wanting to make my controversial views known yet, I preferred to follow the crowd for a while. 我还不想公开我那些会引起争论的观点,宁可暂且随大流。Go with the stream也可以表示相似的意思,如:All the people I know are voting for David; I shall probably go with the stream and do the same. 我认识的人都投戴维的票,我多半也会随大流。 /08/80646

1. The Halloween celebration comes from All Hallows Day or All Saints Day, the 1st of November. This was originally apagan festival of the dead, but later became a holiday to honor Christian saints。万圣节的庆祝活动来源于每年11月1日的All Hallows Day 或All SaintsDay。它原先是异教徒们纪念死者的节日,但是逐渐演变成一个纪念基督圣者的节日。 /11/88174(At Billy's house)Jennifer: Are you making what I think you're making?Billy: Nothing but the best: Cinnamon toast.Jennifer: What a nostalgic food!Billy: Why the drama? Have you been watching soap operas?Jennifer: No. Just the smell of b toasting to a perfect golden brown...Billy: Brings back memories? /201104/130229李华在咖啡馆跟Larry见面。今天我们要学两个常用语:taking stock和dead tired.LH: Larry, 这两天还好吗? LL: Im doing pretty well. How are you?LH: 还可以,就是这个周末有好多功课要做,肯定会忙得不得开交。 LL: I know how that goes. I am taking stock of all the errands I need to run this weekend.LH: Taking stock是什么意思? LL: Taking stock means to step back from a situation and try to look at the whole picture. In this case it means the same thing as collecting ones thoughts.LH: 我知道了,taking stock就是纵观全局,全面考虑。你是说我应该从整体出发,安排所有要做的事情。LL: Exactly! When you take stock of a situation, you think about it more clearly as a whole.LH: 你刚才说,这个周末你也有一大堆事情要做。What things are you taking stock of? LL: This weekend I have to go to the dry-cleaners; drop off some mail at the post office; wash my car; and pick up some groceries. I dont think it will take too long.LH: 看起来,你已经taking stock of the situation,把所有要做的事情都安排好了。 LL: Yes, taking stock of what I need to do certainly helps put things in perspective and lets me realize how to best go about getting things done.LH: 下星期上课前,我要完成两篇论文,有三篇文章要读,还要借同学的笔记,把上星期生病缺席的功课补上。LL: It certainly sounds like you have quite a bit of work to do.LH: 不过,我肯定能完成,特别是如今在你的帮助下,把思路全部整理清楚了,我准备在图书馆泡上一整天,不完成作业绝不出来。LL: Thats the spirit.星期天晚上,Larry和李华一起吃晚饭。 LL: So Li Hua, did you get everything done? LH: 做是做完了,可我现在连说话的力气都没有了。LL: Yeah, I did a lot today too, and now Im dead tired.LH: Dead tired? 意思应该是特别累吧?LL: I am so tired it feels like Im dying. Chinese has similar expressions, right?LH: 有啊,可以直接翻译成;累死了;。LL: Since I am dead tired, what do you say we just order a pizza for dinner?LH: 双手赞成!我整整一个周末都是在图书馆里度过的。LL: That sounds exhausting, but are you done now?LH: 总算是把功课都做完了,今天晚上可以好好休息一下,明天早上去上课就好了。LL: That sounds like a smart idea. Here let me call in the order. LH: Larry, 你说,这么热的天,烤比萨饼的人多辛苦,they must be dead tired from working in the heat.LL: The person who answered the phone did sound dead tired. At least we will be able to eat soon though.LH: 这个周末可真是一个名副其实的工作的周末。LL: I agree, there sure was a lot to do. Hopefully I can get a good nights sleep tonight so that I am not dead tired at work tomorrow.LH: Yes, me too. 上次熬夜复习功课,第二天虽然dead tired, 但还是硬挺着去上课,结果整堂课都是睡过来的。LL: Oh, Ive experienced that before. I guess thats the result of exhaustive research.LH: 还说呢,这个周末我在图书馆里看到好多人都累得不行,索性趴在图书馆的桌子上呼呼大睡。LL: I believe it. There have even been meetings at work where someone is so dead tired that they drift off to sleep.LH: 老实说,你开会睡没睡过觉?LL: No, definitely not. Ive been dead tired before, but I avoid falling asleep in a meeting no matter what.LH: 说起来容易,我也不想上课睡觉,可有时候实在是太累了,一闭眼就睡着了。(Door Bell)LL: It sounds like the pizza is here!LH: Great!今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是taking stock,意思是全面考虑。另一个是dead tired,意思是累死了。 /165112

L: get up as early as six o'clock only to be jammed at every crossroad and still late for work. What a life! I've had enough of it.J: cool down, man. Everyone is fed up with the rush-hour traffic. But life isn't really all that. You should take the initiative and make some changes first.L: what should I do then?J: I recommend you ride a bike instead of commuting by bus. It may offer you many beneits. First, it's good for your health. I'm afraid it's not necessary for me to further elaborate. While lots of people spend time like an hour each morning exercising, a bike ride to work not only builds you up, but also makes full use of time. You might as well sleep for an hour longer.L: I know cycling is always a more favorable choice than a bus. After all, it's a sport. But do you think it a pleasant experience to take in the dirty, pollued air on the road?J: well, such things are just unavoidable in a great metropolis like Beijing. I think a still more desirable benefit is psychological. Bicycling home after work can help release your stress. Life in the offices is miserable. You just sit there in a daze, gazing at the monitor and dealing with files and documents. Why don't you give full play to your energy after work? Enjoy the speed on the road. Just think, you are falshing past the poles with your own energy. How great! /201004/101865资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句Pass the hat. 大家出钱吧。喷倒老美Bill和一家一起去唱歌,说好是AA制。唱完歌时,到了买单的时候,朋友对其他人说道:“It’s time to pay for the bill. Pass the hat.”Bill很不解,心想:“传递帽子干吗?难倒是要玩游戏?”于是他说道:“But none of us wear a hat. We can’t play that game.”全场一阵爆笑。想聊就聊Ben: It’s 50 dollars in all. Then pass the hat.本:总共50美元,大家出钱吧。Tom:OK.We should pay 10 dollars each.汤姆:好的,我们每人要付10美元。知识点津以前,美国教堂在礼拜结束后总是用一顶帽子在教徒中传递,希望人们为教堂捐钱。pass the hat现在应用到日常生活中了,表达的意思是:大家共同出钱参加一项集体活动。 /201102/125193【剧情简介】1912年4月10日,“泰坦尼克号”从英国出发驶往美国纽约。富家少女罗丝与未婚夫卡尔一道上船,而不羁的少年画家杰克靠在码头上的一场赢到了船票。罗丝早就看出卡尔是个十足的势利小人,从心底里不愿嫁给他,甚至打算投海自尽。关键时刻,杰克一把抱住了少女罗丝,两个年轻人由此相识。当美好的爱情故事正在上演时,“泰坦尼克号”却撞上了冰山。惨绝人寰的悲剧就此拉开了序幕……【经典语句】A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. 女人的心是一片秘密的深洋。这句话是个十分形象的比喻句。用的是暗喻,比喻词是is。大海总有许多我们不知道的东西,看似宁静的海却有很多秘密。如果你不去发现,这些秘密只有她们自己才能知道,深藏在她们内心深处。①heart是名词,指“内心;心灵”,例如:She knew it in her heart. 她心里明白. 【词汇链接】heart常与其它词组成新词,常用的词有:heart-break n.很大的不幸She's had her share of heart-break. 她也有她自己的伤心事。heart-broken adj.极其伤心的,例如:He was heart-broken when she left.她离开时他伤心已极。heart-warming adj. 令人感到幸福愉快的It's a heart-warming gift.那是个令人欣喜的礼物。②secret是可数名词,意为“秘密, 机密”,例如:The wedding date's a big secret. 举行婚礼的日期是一大秘密。 secret也可做形容词,指“秘密的”,常作定语和表语,例如:He kept his illness secret from his parents. 他没有告诉他父母他生病的事。 (转载请注明出处) /201101/122764

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