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我爱奥运(I Like the Olympic Games) --9 :8:30 来源: 我爱奥运(I Like the Olympic Games)The Olympic Games arebeing held in London now.It's a big news us that Chinese athletes won many golds.I like Olympic Games,and every night my father and i will stay late to watch the Olympic Games.I'm very excited when Chinese athletes get golds.The Olympic Games can motivate people to dosports more,it's good health.现在奥林匹克运动会正在伦敦举行对我们来说,中国运动员夺金是好消息我喜欢奥运会,每天晚上我都会和爸爸一起熬夜看奥运当看到中国运动员获得金牌的时候,我很激动奥运会可以促进人们做运动,这是有益于身体健康的中国十大水镇英文介绍:甪直古镇 -- :1:5 来源: 中国十大水镇英文介绍:甪直古镇 Luzhi [PhotoCFP] A distance of 18km from the Suzhou districts in the west and 58km from Shanghai in the east, Luzhi is a well-preserved water town in the Taihu Lake Basin. With a flat terrain and fertile land beside river networks, it serves as a typical water town in regions south of the Yangtze River benefiting from 5 lakes and 6 rivers. Its history spans over ,500 years, creating rich cultural contents and numerous historical sites with a palace built by Yanlv, a king of the State of Wu and Wutong Garden by Fuchai, another king of the state. 英文介绍 甪直古镇我的一天(my day) --5 :: 来源: 我的一天(my day)  today is monday,i get up at 6:30.then,i take a shower and brush my teeth. then i eat breakfast at 7:00. after breakfast i go to school at 7:30.   in the morning, i have many subject. they are english,math,and two chinese. then is eat lunch time,today i eat some b. in the afternoon i have four class,too. they are computer,p.e.,biology and music.   after school i do my homework. then i eat dinner at 6:30. after dinner i my book . then i go to bed on 9:00. this is my day. please tell me with your day.

刘公岛英文导游词 -- :6: 来源: 刘公岛英文导游词刘公岛,位于威海湾口,距市区旅游码头.1海里,乘船分钟可到达Ladies and gentlemen,Welcome to Weihai. I am very pleased to be at your service as a tour guide today.Situated on the east end of Shandong Peninsula, east China, Weihai is a beautiful city. Here you will find yourself in a picture of green mountains and blue sea, and it is pleased to your eyes and heart to see so many trees, flowers, and new buildings everywhere in the city. Among the numerous scenic spots here, Liugongdao Island attracts thousands of tourists every year with its unique charm. That is our destination today.Located at the Weihai Bay, Liugongdao Island is .1 sea miles to the city, a distance that takes minutes by ferry. Everybody, please board the ship and let’s go a look.Now our ship is departing the ferry slowly. Since we have minutes to get there, I’ll make use of the time to tell you something about the history of Liugongdao Island.According to archeological studies, the inhabitation on the island traces back as early as to the Warring States Period (-1bc) and their remains can be found on the southeast of the island. During the Guongxu period in the Qing Dynasty, when the government began to set up the first navy, Liugongdao island was take as the navy base, and lot of facilities had been built. In the spring of 1895, after the Sino-Japanese war of 189-1895 ended, the island was under the occupation of the Japanese army three years. In 1898, the ed Kingdom gained the lease of Weihai by ce, and Liugongdao was under the occupation of UK 3 years until 1930. In 198, the troops led by Jiang Keshi occupied the island, and soon the island was liberated by the People’s Liberation Army.Since new China was founded in 199, Liugongdao Island has been well preserved. The whole island is densely covered with woods, most of which are black pines. It was ratified as a national estry park in 1985, and in 1999 the island was nominated as a “national level tourist resort high standard service”.Once being the base of the Northern Navy as well as the battle field of the war, there are historical sites in the island including the Northern Navy Headquarters, Dragon King Temple, Ding Ruchang’s Residence, the Navy school, t and dock, all of which are designated “national major preservation of cultural relics”.Well, that’s the brief history of the island, and we can see that it is not only a beautiful scenic sport, but also a very important witness of history.Ladies and gentleman, here we are on the island.Now, in front of us is the most magnificent building on the island which is called “The Northern Navy Headquarters ”. 刘公岛英文导游词

暑假英语日记每日一篇:看动画片《魁拔 -- ::5 来源: 暑假英语日记每日一篇:看动画片《魁拔Today i watched a cartoon called "Kuiba".People in the cartoon is beautiful and handsome,the lines are interesting,and the fighting is splendid.The main character Kuiba is a little boy,his style loos like Sun Wukong in the " Journey to the West" ,its very funny.What i like most is Kuiba's honest 、braveness and persistence,he is a real hero.今天我看了动画片《魁拔《魁拔里的人物很美很帅,台词很搞笑,打斗也很精主角魁拔是一个小男孩,他的造型很像《西游记里的孙悟空,真有意思我最喜欢的是魁拔的诚实、勇敢和坚持不懈,他是一个真英雄

Myself 英语作文 -- :35: 来源: Myself  My name is Jack. I live in Kun Ming, I’m from China. On Monday, I go to school and do my homework. On Tuesday, I piay volleyball and piay football.  On Wednesday, I visit my grangparents. On Thursday, I clean my bedroom and wash clothes. On Friday, I play computer games. On Saturday, I go fishing and go hiking. On Sunday, I books and watch TV. This is myself.

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