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You#39;re completely wrong if you answered looks, youth or money, then! The truth is women are always attracted to guys with unique and interesting personalities. In order to be successful with women, you have to know the right kind of characteristics to display to women.如果你的回答是年轻、帅气或金钱,那么你就太不了解女性了!事实上,女性总是为独特和有趣的特质所吸引。为了成功的吸引女性,你必须知道应该将自己的哪一面展现在她们面前。In the next few minutes, you#39;ll learn the most important personality traits to display that will draw women to you. Let#39;s get started在接下来的时间里,我将为你介绍7种最能吸引女性的特质。 开始咯!Personality Trait #1- Confidence1 -自信Whenever you#39;re talking to women, you have to show absolute confidence in yourself. No matter what happens or comes up, you should act like it doesn#39;t faze you. A confident guy can roll with the punches and handle himself in all situations.无论什么时候和女性接触都必须表现得绝对自信。不管发生什么事情,无论出现什么状况,你都应该表现得毫不担忧。 一个自信的人可以收放自如、从容应对各种局面。Personality Trait #2- Mysterious2 -神秘感When you first meet women, you want to project a mysterious personality. What you want to do is meet women, and not be specific about your life. Instead of taking the time to talk about your background, learn to tell interesting stories about what you#39;ve done or things that have happened to you.当您第一次和女性见面时,你一定要把自己塑造成一个神秘的形象。你要做的是迎合女性,而不是去谈论你的私生活。 要尽可能多的告诉她你做过的或者经历过的有趣的事情,而不是一味的谈论你的背景。In other words, let your personality shine through. Not your background or social status.换句话说,就是要让你的个性突出来。而不是你的背景或社会地位。Personality Trait #3- Desirable3 - ;;Women like guys who are pursued by other women. To trigger this reaction, you should flirt and meet with multiple women, instead of trying to attract a single one.说实话,女人都对其他女人所追求的男人怀有极大的兴趣。要达到这种效果,你必须学会与不同的女人搭讪、调情,而不是固守一个猎物。So next time you#39;re in public, try meeting and flirting with different women. Eventually you#39;ll find that there will be a few women who are competing for your attention.因此,下一次你在公共场所,试试与不同的女人搭讪、调情。最终你会发现,将有几个女人同时想要引起你的注意。Personality Trait #4- Center of attention4 -焦点型When you display this trait, you#39;ll become the guy who captivates the interest of every person you meet. In order to display this trait, you have to establish yourself as an authority with interesting things to say.当你展现这个特质时,每个人在场的人都会为你所吸引。为了显现这个特质,你就必须通过给她们讲有趣的故事来确立自己的主导地位。When you become the focal point of a room, you#39;ll be able to easily draw beautiful women to you.当你成为焦点时,你就可以轻易地吸引到美女。Personality Trait #5- Fun to be around5 -;开心果;An attractive guy is somebody who can bring fun and excitement to a conversation. If you can make women enjoy themselves when theyre around you, then it#39;ll be easy to attract them.一个有吸引力的家伙是可以为谈话带来笑料的。如果您可以使女人们觉得和你在一起时很享受,那么你将会很容易吸引她们。So instead of talking about serious stuff like work, school or your family, try to behave in a flirtatious manner and talk about fun things.所以不要谈论像工作、学校、家庭之类严肃的话题,尝试去表现得有情调一些并谈论有趣的事情。Personality Trait #6- Strength6 -强势Having a strong personality is one of the best ways attract women.强势的性格是吸引女性的最佳途径之一。You can show this personality by always looking a woman in the eye and maintaining length eye contact. In addition, you should be a person who sets high standards and lives by them.要表现出这一点,你可以一直注视那个女人的眼睛,并保持一定时间的目光接触。此外,你应该是一个为自己设置高标准并以此生活的人。Personality Trait #7- Be challenging7 -欲擒故纵One mistake other guys make is to be too aggressive with women.有些人常犯的一个错误是他们对女性太咄咄逼人了。Instead of doing this, you should try make her work for your attraction. For instance, you should do a few things leaves her wondering if you like her. The more she has to work for your affections, the more she#39;ll be into you.你应该设法让她采取行动来吸引你。比如说,你应该做几件使他怀疑你是否喜欢她的事。她为讨取你的欢心做得越多,她就会越来越深地爱上你。In order to attract women, you must have a unique personality. By cultivating the traits that I#39;ve described in this article, you#39;ll become the type of guy who can stand out from the crowd. All you have to do is practice demonstrating these traits, and you#39;ll dramatically increase your success with women.为了吸引女性,你必须有一个独特的个性。 如果你能如我在文中所介绍的那样培养这些特质的话,那么你无疑将会从众人中脱颖而出。你所要做的就是学会展现这些特质,这样就会大大增加你泡妞的成功率。 /201202/170841

ARIES 白羊座(Mar. 21- April 20) You Rams are notoriously impatient, especially when it comes to romance. Cut to the chase by venturing out of familiar territory. Concert halls, theaters and museums are all good places for you to find love. Aries could also meet someone special at an art class or dance club. A little dose of culture will definitely go a long way! If you're the athletic type, try jogging on a popular beach or trail or taking a hot-box yoga class. 白羊:羊儿是有名的最没耐心的主儿,尤其是在感情上。不如选择些熟悉的地点向对方展开“攻势”:音乐厅、电影院和物馆绝对是求爱的理想地点。你还有可能在舞会上结识特别的异性,要知道浪漫的文化氛围对增进感情是大有裨益的。如果你是运动型的,不妨将附近有名的海滩或是练习瑜珈的健身房作为“涉猎”的地点。TAURUS 金牛座(Apr. 21 - May 21) As a Bull, you probably have a few favorite places that you like to frequent. The best way to find love in your preferred hangout is to show off your Taurus style.Offer to share your dessert with a sexy diner at your favorite restaurant. Compliment a vendor's apples on your next trip to the farmer's market. The longer a Taurus keeps somebody talking, the more heavily they'll fall under your spell. 金牛:对你而言,会有几个经常光顾的恋爱场所。保恋爱成功的最有效方法就是要竭尽全力展示你金牛座的风采:可以在自己最钟意的饭店与对方共进晚餐;还可以恭维一下卖苹果的商贩。无论如何,只要你和对方聊的越久,他们会很快成为你的爱情俘掳。GEMINI 双子座(May 22 - June 21) Twins like you have no problem making friends, but it's a different story when it comes to making a serious love connection. Fortunately, finding romance can be as simple as getting a dog. Taking a long-distance trip can also bring Gemini luck in the romance department. That's probably because it's much easier for you to get personal when you're away from familiar surroundings. 双子:结交朋友对你不是问题,不过要想谈一场精的恋爱情况又不一样了。幸运的是,你发现谈恋爱就和养小一样简单。一次长途旅行就有可能让你找到真爱。因为当你远离熟悉的环境时,善于交际的特点就更加突显出来了。CANCER 巨蟹座 (June 22 - July 22) You have to admit, Cancer, that your chances for meeting someone special are considerably hindered if you spend most of your time at home! How about inviting friends over for dinner, with the stipulation that every guest brings a cute single friend? If all else fails, head for the water. Being a Moon Child, you are strongly influenced by the tides, making your chances for meeting someone at a lakeside resort or ocean retreat very strong indeed. 巨蟹:你必须要承认的是,如果花大部分的时间待在家里,那么接触异性的机会将会相当有限。不如邀请些朋友来家里做客,顺便叫他们带上单身的朋友。如果这样做也不奏效的话,只能借助“水”的力量了。作为月亮之子,你经常会受到潮汐的影响,那么你可以去湖边或海边寻找一些恋爱机会。LEO 狮子座 (July 23 - Aug. 22) There's no denying that you draw admiring glances wherever you go, Leo. The problem is that most people are awestruck by your fabulousness. A good way to become more approachable is by joining a volunteer organization. Becoming a member of an athletic team could also prove lucky for you, as your competitive streak is incredibly sexy. If you're looking for a more intellectual partner, seek out a book club or political discussion group. 狮子:毫无疑问,你走到哪里都会受到众人瞩目的礼遇。问题是大多数人对你只是肃然起敬。要想变得更加平易近人,最好是参加一些志愿活动。成为某个运动队中的一员无疑会让你大放异。如果你想寻觅一个更聪明的伴侣,不妨去书吧或政治社团看看。VIRGO 处女座(Aug. 23 - Sept. 23) Don't be afraid to show your true sexy colors, Virgo, especially if it means making a love connection. Attend a poetry slam, visit a photography exhibit or head out to a dance party. Just drinking in the atmosphere will soften your reserve, making you much more approachable in the lobby or during intermission. If your house of worship or yoga studio hosts weekend retreats, it might be worth your while to go. 处女:大胆展示你真实的一面吧,尤其是爱情面前。参加诗社、欣赏画展或是出席舞会都是你大显身手的好机会。在这些场合要是再有些酒精的刺激,你一定会冲破矜持,变得更加亲切可爱了。如果哪家举行周末派对,千万要去走一遭哦。 /201110/156232

1. Get News from Al Jazeera收看阿拉伯世界半岛电视台的新闻Don#39;t shut yourself out from new ideas. A 2009 study found that viewers of Al Jazeera English were more open-minded than people who got their news from CNN International and B World.不要将新思想拒之门外。一项2009年的调查发现,收看半岛电视台英语频道的观众比收看美国有线新闻网国际频道(CNN)和英国广播公司世界频道(B)的观众思想更开阔。2. Learn a Language学习一门语言Mastering a second language gives a workout to your prefrontal cortex, which affects decision making and emotions. Enroll in a class, embed in deepest Sichuan province, or simply pick up Rosetta Stone software and teach yourself Latin.掌握一门第二语言让你的前额皮质得到很好的锻炼,这会影响你的决策和情绪。选一门课程,深入到四川省,或者找一下罗赛达石 (译者注:解释古埃及象形文字的可靠线索)软件自学拉丁文。3. Toss Your Smartphone抛开智能手机Constantly checking your email disrupts focus and saps productivity. And go offline from time to time by installing Internet-blocking software that lets you concentrate on the task at hand.不停地查看电子邮件会使你的注意力紊乱并减弱你的创造力。时不时地下线,并安装一些脱机软件,这样能让你专注于手边任务。4. Sleep A Lot多睡觉Take a nap, then get to bed early. Harvard research has shown your brain continues to process memories even after you#39;ve gone to sleep, so you can recall them better later.小睡片刻,并且早点上床睡觉。哈佛大学研究表明,即便在入睡之后,大脑仍然在处理记忆,因此你稍后会有更好的记忆。5. Hydrate补水Sure, every doctor and trainer tells you this, and we will too: dehydration forces the brain to work harder and may dampen its planning ability.当然,每位医生和训练员都会告诉你这一点,我们还是要强调:脱水会促使大脑工作更费力,可能会抑制大脑的规划能力。6. Eat Dark Chocolate吃黑巧克力It might not boost your IQ overnight, but dark chocolate is reported to have memory-improving flavonoids. And go ahead and pair it with a glass of red wine;another great flavonoid source.黑巧克力或许不会在一夜之间就让你的智商陡升,但是据称它含有提升的类黄酮。吃吧,就着一杯红酒,这是另一种富含类黄酮的食物。7. Join a Knitting Circle加入编织小圈子Whip out the needles and make an awesome scarf. Refining motor ability can bolster cognitive skills. Plus;it#39;ll keep you warm this winter.拿出针来织一条不错的围巾吧。改善机动能力可以持认知技能。另外,它还会让你温暖过冬。 /201202/171403

Keep Your Cat Indoors 猫咪屋里待着好  Kitties allowed to wander outdoors unsupervised are at much greater risk than house-cats, no matter the time of year. But a cat left outside in cold weather can literally freeze to death, or become permanently lost.  无论什么时候,如果猫咪无人看管,待在室外要比在室内危险得多。寒冬腊月的时候,猫咪待在室外很有可能会被冻死,或者走丢,再也找不回来了。  Keep Them On A Leash 链不可少  Keep your dog on his leash when you're outside with him. It's very easy for pups to lose their scent and get lost when snow or ice is on the ground. Light-colored dogs with snow on their fur can quickly blend into the background, making them nearly impossible to spot.  出去遛的时候,链一定要戴好。冬天下雪或者地面结冰的时候,的嗅觉很容易受影响从而迷路。在漫天白雪中,如果毛色浅的身上积了雪花,那么人们是很难把它们从茫茫白雪中辨认出来的。  Keep Them Warm 保暖很重要  Don't shave or clip your dog's coat too short during the winter months. A longer coat will keep him warmer. If your pup has short hair, a doggy sweater might be in order.  冬天的时候就不要把毛修剪得太短了,长长的毛才能保暖。如果你的小的毛不够长,那就给它穿上件外套吧。   Being Active During Winter 冬天也要做运动  If you and your dog participate in lots of outdoor winter activities, make sure his species-appropriate diet has sufficient calories and protein to meet his energy requirements. This may mean increasing his meal portions during the winter months.  如果冬天还是做很多的户外运动,那么别忘了给它加餐,要增加热量和蛋白质的摄入以保能量的供应。  Give Them A Warm Place To Sleep 温暖小窝睡得香  Make sure your pet has cozy, draft-free winter sleeping quarters. If your dog has her own crate, make sure her winter bed inside it is one that will keep her warm. Your kitty should have a snug sleeping spot as well, with warm bedding she can curl up in.  给你的宠物一个温暖又自由的小窝。如果你的小有自己的屋,那么要确保它的床铺够暖和。猫咪也一样,床铺要温暖又舒适,这样它们才可以自如地蜷缩在里面。  Give Them Extra Love 寒冬也要爱满溢  Give your frail or older pet some extra love. Cold winter temperatures can be especially hard on a senior pet, or on a dog or kitty with chronic, debilitating conditions.  给那些虚弱的、上了年纪的宠物更多的关爱。冬天对于那些年老的、有慢性疾病的、健康状况不佳的宠物来说需要更多的照顾和关爱。 /201110/156550

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep : This film shows you what you can do to make sure you get a good night's sleep. VideoJug presents you with some simple steps on how to sleep well, from your bed to your diet, our aim is to help you sleep better at night.  如何睡一晚好觉:这个短片将会告诉你怎么做才能睡上一晚好觉。VideoJug向你介绍一些简单的方法,从床铺到饮食,来让你获得优质的睡眠。 /201008/110511

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