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  • Go to picnic hot spots — parks, beaches, outdoor concerts and the like — and see what people are carrying. Mostly, it#39;s bags of store-bought food, not coolers of home-cooked. While grab-and-go counters of picnicky food are almost universally mediocre and exasperatingly expensive, I do understand the temptation to outsource. The weather is hot, you might not feel like cooking in the first place and, in addition to actually making the food, you have to pack it, transport it and ensure that it#39;s still edible by the time it reaches its final destination.公园、海滩和露天音乐会等都是野餐的热门地点,去看看人们都带着什么吧。大多数人带的是从商店买来的整袋食物,而不是盛放家庭自制食物的冰箱。虽然拿上就走的野餐食物柜台几乎都很一般,而且贵得让人生气,但是我也理解去那里买食物的诱惑。首先天太热,你可能不想做饭,而且除了要做饭,还要打包、运输,确保到达最终目的地时还能吃。The recipes here are built to last, so you don#39;t have to worry about timing. Not only are they hardy enough to hang out in the fridge for a while, but many also benefit from that resting time.我在这里提到的菜都是能长久保存的,所以不必担心时间问题。它们足够硬,能放在冰箱里带出去一段时间,而且很多菜放一段时间反而更好吃。If you#39;re going to eat these dishes within a few hours of making them, you can just leave them out on the counter; otherwise, they#39;ll be fine for a day or two in the fridge. Ingredients that you don#39;t want mingling in wet environments for too long — like croutons and fragile fresh herbs — should be packed separately, but I#39;ve tried to keep those to a minimum here.如果你打算在做好之后几小时内吃这些菜,可以把它们就放在案板上;放在冰箱里可以保存一两天。那些不想过早搅入的配料应该单独打包,比如面包块和易腐败的新鲜草本香料——不过我在这里已经尽量少放这些配料。Recipes:菜谱:Cold Seared Steak With Tomatoes and Soy番茄酱油冷烤牛排菜谱:TOTAL TIME总计用时:About 20 minutes, plus refrigeration约20分钟,冷藏时间另算INGREDIENTS配料:steak to your liking (on the grill if possible)按你的喜好烤的牛排(如果可能的话,用烤架烤)cherry tomatoes圣女果ginger姜garlic蒜soy sauce酱油sesame oil芝麻油squeeze of lime juice挤出来的酸橙汁cilantro芫荽basil or mint罗勒或薄荷lime wedges.酸橙角PREPARATION制作方法:1. Cook some steak to your liking (on the grill if possible), let it cool completely, then slice it.1. 按你的喜好烤一些牛排(如果可能的话用烤架烤),完全晾凉,然后切开。2. On the day you#39;re going to eat it, toss with plenty of halved cherry tomatoes, grated ginger and garlic, soy sauce, a little sesame oil and a squeeze of lime juice.2. 在你打算吃的那天,放入大量对半切开的圣女果、磨碎的姜和蒜、酱油、一点芝麻油和挤出来的酸橙汁。3. Scatter with cilantro, basil or mint (or a combination) before serving with lime wedges.3. 撒上芫荽以及罗勒或薄荷(或者两者都放),最后和几块酸橙角一起上桌。Soba Noodles With Chilled Dashi冷鲣鱼汤拌荞麦面菜谱:TOTAL TIME总计用时:15 minutes, plus 2 days#39; refrigeration15分钟,另加两天的冷藏时间INGREDIENTS配料:dried kelp干海藻4 cups of water4杯水1/2 cup dried bonito flakes1/2杯干鲣鱼片soy sauce酱油soba noodles荞麦面条sesame oil芝麻油chopped scallions.切碎的大葱PREPARATION制作过程:1. To make dashi, combine a piece of dried kelp (kombu) and 4 cups of water in a medium saucepan over medium heat.1. 做鲣鱼汤时,把一片干海藻(昆布)和四杯水倒入一个中等大小的深平底锅里,用中火加热。2. Don#39;t let the mixture boil; as soon as it#39;s about to, turn off the heat, and remove the kelp.2. 不要让它沸腾;快要沸腾时,把火关掉,把海藻移除。3. Add ? cup dried bonito flakes, and stir; let sit for a few minutes, then strain, add some soy sauce to taste and refrigerate for up to 2 days.3. 加入1/2杯干鲣鱼片,搅拌;停留几分钟,然后把水滤掉,加入一些酱油调味,在冰箱里放两天。4. Cook some soba noodles, and rinse under cold water to cool them down; toss with a little neutral or sesame oil to prevent them from sticking.4. 煮一些荞面面条,用冷水冲洗、晾凉;搅入一点芝麻油,防止面条粘到一起。5. To serve, pour some of the cold dashi into bowls and top with the noodles. Garnish: Chopped scallions.5. 上桌时,在碗中倒入一些冷鲣鱼汤,放上面条。装饰:切碎的大葱。Sesame Seaweed Salad芝麻油海藻沙拉菜谱TOTAL TIME总计用时:10 minutes10分钟INGREDIENTS配料:dried seaweed干海藻sesame oil芝麻油soy sauce酱油mirin (or sugar).糖PREPARATION制作方法:1. Rinse dried seaweed (a mixture is best), then soak it in at least 10 times its volume of water until tender, about 5 minutes.1. 把干海藻洗净(带点水是最好的),然后浸泡在至少十倍的水中,直至变软,约需5分钟。2. Drain, and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Pick through the seaweed, discard any hard bits (there might not be any) and roughly chop it with scissors if the pieces are large. Toss with sesame oil, soy sauce and mirin (or sugar).2. 把水滤掉,轻轻挤掉多余的水分。检查海藻,去掉任何硬的小段(也可能一点硬的都没有),如果有的块太大的话,用剪刀粗略剪一下。搅入芝麻油、酱油和糖。3. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds if you like.3. 如果你喜欢的话,用烤芝麻籽装饰。 /201409/325050。
  • There are always some trends that never seem to fade or get old in fashion. Stripes and camouflage prints are two typical examples. With various ways to wear them, they are gaining in popularity from catwalks to public streets this season.总有些时尚从不褪色也永不过时,条纹和迷就是两个典型例子。因为其百搭的风格,条纹和迷成为本季风靡T台和街头的时尚宠儿。But to wear them well is not that easy. Here, we offer some tips and recommend a few pieces to help you catch up with these trends properly.但想要穿出水准也并非易事。在此,我们为你提供一些搭配诀窍,以便你能精准无误地紧跟潮流。Vertical stripes竖条纹If you carry most of your weight in the midsection, you belong to the apple figure. What you need are vertical stripes. They elongate and divert attention from your horizontal shape. If you are tall, but on the heavier side, choose thinner stripes. On the contrary, if you are thin, bolder stripes will make you look a bit bigger.若你肚子上有“游泳圈”,那么你属于苹果型身材。那么你适合竖条纹,它可以起到拉长身形的作用,将人们的注意力从你发福的身材上移开。如果你个子高,但体重超标,那么就选择细条纹吧!反之,如果你身材纤细,那么宽条纹就会让你看起来更加丰满。Also, it would be best to stick with darker stripes, because contrasting colors add more depth.暗条纹也是个绝佳之选,因为对比色会增加视觉深度。Horizontal stripes横条纹Much like vertical stripes create an illusion of length, horizontal stripes can broaden the body. They are for slim women and make them look curvier, especially with bold, thick stripes. For example, wearing a shirt with a horizontal stripe across the chest or wrapping a thick belt around the hips are good choices.竖条纹可以营造出拉长身形的错觉,而横条纹则令体形看上去更加丰满。这种条纹适合身材偏瘦的女性,会让她们看起来更具曲线美,尤其是粗横条纹。比如,穿一件前襟饰有横条纹的衬衫或者系一条宽腰带都是个不错的选择。For men, bold horizontal stripes also help widen the upper body and create the desirable inverted triangle shape they usually yearn for.对于男士而言,粗横条纹也能起到拓宽上半身的视觉效果,从而打造出他们向往已久的倒三角身材。Diagonal stripes斜条纹Diagonal stripes can be worn by most figure types, but are especially suitable for plus size women, as well as tall women with boyish figures. For thin women that want to look even thinner, diagonal stripes are the right choice. Askew diagonal stripes can add to a curvy look.大多数身材都可以驾驭斜条纹,尤以体态丰满的女士以及身材高大的“女汉子”最为适合。如果身材纤瘦的女士想要看起来更苗条,斜条纹是正确之选。不规则的斜条纹还能穿出玲珑有致的感觉。The key to wearing this look is to think of the direction of the stripes to show off the best parts and hide the worst. For example, a skirt with the diagonal stripes coming in at the middle and pointing up to the waist will work to make your waistline look smaller.驾驭这种风格的关键在于“扬长避短”。例如,选择一条纹路从中部开始,呈V字型直指腰间的斜纹裙,会让你的腰部看上去更纤细。 /201404/293876。
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