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2017年10月23日 15:43:13

听贾斯汀比伯 有助提高工作效率 -- 01:: 来源: Whether it is Mozart or Miley, your choice of music could determine whether you will perm well at your job. A new study suggests that listening to music in the office improves the speed and accuracy of tasks such as data entry, proof ing and problem solving. In an office-based experiment, 88 per cent of participants were found to produce their most accurate work when listening to music.   听古典音乐还是听流行歌曲将影响你的工作表现最新研究表明在办公室听音乐能够提高如数据录入、校对、问题解决此类工作的速度及准确性在一项以办公室为实验对象的测试中,80%的员工听音乐时的工作准确性最高   The study also found that 81 per cent completed their fastest work when music was played. And it matters what type of music you listen to. instance, if you’re doing your tax returns, then classical music is the most effective as it improves maths skills.   该研究还发现81%的员工在听音乐时能够以最快的速度完成工作但这取决于听的是哪种音乐例如,在做纳税申报单时最好听古典音乐古典音乐能够提高你的运算能力,你的工作效率将会最高   Listening to Jessie J or Justin Bieber could also improve your speed, with 58 per cent of participants completing data entry tasks faster while listening to pop songs. During proof-ing, dance music, such as David Guetta, had the biggest positive impact with participants increasing their speed by per cent compared to tests undertaken with no music at all. Dance music also had a positive effect on spell-checking with a 75 per cent pass rate compared to 68 per cent when no music was played at all.   听杰西?J或贾斯汀?比伯的歌也能提高你的工作速度试验中58%的员工在听流行歌曲时数据录入的速度更快而类似大卫?库塔风格的舞曲对校对工作的积极影响最为显著,工作速度较无音乐时提高了%舞曲对拼写检查也有很大帮助,无音乐时的通过率为68%而舞曲环境下的通过率则为75%   The research, undertaken by Brighton-based Mindlab International, suggests that silent offices may be the least productive. ‘The Music Works experiment revealed a positive correlation between music and productivity – overall it showed that when listening to music, nine out of people permed better,’ said Dr David Lewis, chairman of Mindlab International.   该项研究由总部位于布莱顿的“国际心理实验室”执行研究认为安静办公室的工作效率可能最低“音乐效用试验揭示了音乐与工作效率间的积极联系—该研究全面地展示了听音乐时人中会有9人工作表现得到提高,”国际心理实验室主席大卫?刘易斯士说道   Music is an incredibly powerful management tool in increasing the efficiency of a workce. It can exert a highly beneficial influence over employee morale and motivation, helping enhance output and even boosting a company’s bottom line. The research also showed that when people sat in silence, they made the most mistakes while solving equations and spell-checking.   在提高员工工作效率方面音乐有着惊人的影响力它对员工的斗志和积极性有着极大的调动作用,有助提高产出甚至整个公司的发展状况研究还发现当人在安静的环境中求解方程式或查找拼写错误时最容易犯错   Ambient music worked best accurate data entry tasks, with participants scoring a high pass rate of 9 per cent. ‘The increase in levels of productivity when music is playing is striking,’ said Paul Clements, Director of Public Permance Sales, PRS Music. ‘This project provides a refreshing reminder of the multiple benefits to be gained from listening to music at work.’   音乐环境最有利于保数据录入的准确性,实验中9%的员工在准确性方面都得了高分“工作效率因播放音乐有所提高的现象极为显著,”英国作曲家协会 PRS Music公共演出销售部总监保罗?克莱门茨说道 “该研究发现让人耳目一新,它提醒了人们工作时听音乐好处众多武汉治疗早泄的费用要多少研究发现:看“擦边球”色情影片的人对女性的态度更消极 -- 19:1: 来源: 据英国心理协会的一项报告显示,经常看色情影片的人会对女性持有消极态度,而经常看“擦边球”影片的人可能会更加看不起女性 Previous studies have shown links between hard-core pornography and increased sexual deviance, including sex offences, negative attitudes to intimate relationships and acceptance of rape myths.之前已经有研究表明,色情影片和性异常行为的增加有关与之相关的性异常行为包括性侵犯、对亲密关系的消极态度、以及对强奸神话的接受But the effects of soft porn, including images found in tabloid newspapers and websites, are less well studied.但是对于包括小报纸和网页上的“擦边球”色情来说,相关的研究却非常少Sophie Daniels and Dr Simon Duff from the University of Nottingham said this lack of research is surprising, as people are more likely to be exposed to ’soft-core’ semi-nude images of women through the media, advertisements and using social media.据来自诺丁汉大学的索菲亚·丹尼尔斯和西蒙·达夫士表示,这一领域少有人关注的现象令人非常吃惊,因为通过媒体、广告和社交媒体等手段,人们更容易接触到“软性”色情,例如半裸的女性照片The pair looked any links between how much someone was exposed to soft-core images of women and their thinking and behaviour towards women.这两人不放过任何一个线索,积极寻找测验者在接触软性女性图片和对女性的看法、行为等之间的联系They found that people who were frequently exposed to soft-core images were desensitised to them and were less likely to describe them as ’pornographic’ than people with lower levels of exposure.他们发现那些经常接触软性色情图片的人对自己的行为不太敏感,相较于那些浏览内容更无下限的人来说,这些人不太可能说自己“色情”In addition, the study showed that people who viewed soft-core images often were less likely to hold positive views of women.更甚者,这份研究发现,那些浏览软性色情图片的人更难以对女性保持一个积极的态度However, the researchers add that it’s unclear whether the habit drives the attitude or vice versa.但是,这两名研究者还补充说,他们不清楚到底是这个习惯导致了这些人对女性的观点,还是说这些人对女性本来就是这个态度,所有才会产生这种行为习惯’This research is unfinished at this stage and certainly isn’t enough to draw conclusions about cause and effect or about any public health threat,’ said Kaye Wellings, Professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health, London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine.伦敦卫生和热带医药学院的性与生殖健康教授凯·威灵斯说道:“在目前这个阶段,这份研究还没有完成而且很显然,还不能够对原因和结果、以及任何对公共卫生的威胁下定论”’There is extremely limited data available so we can’t know how robustly the research has been carried out. Those surveyed were a small sample of undergraduate students and are not representative of the population.“我们可以获得的数据非常有限,我们不知道对这个领域的研究进展如何这项研究的数据样本很小,而且全部是本科学生,并不能代表所有人口”Researchers talked to more than 1,000 children aged to as part of the study, which is the most extensive look at the impact of porn on secondary school pupils in the UK to date.在这项研究中,研究者们访谈了00名到岁大小的孩子,这是目前为止在英国就色情影片影响初中生最为广泛的一次调查Children’s charity NSPCC said an entire generation of children was at risk of being ’stripped of their childhoods’ through exposure to pornography at a young age.据英国儿童慈善机构“全国防止虐待儿童协会(NSPCC)”表示,由于在很小的时候就接触到色情,英国整整一代儿童都有被“剥夺童年”的风险A Department Culture, Media and Sport spokeswoman said the government was working to impose stricter age verification methods to websites.据英国文化、媒体和体育部门的一位发言人表示,政府正致力于在网上实施更加严格的年龄验措施They added: ’Keeping children safe online is one of Government’s key priorities. Just as we do offline, we want to make sure children are prevented from accessing pornographic content online which should only be viewed by adults.’他们说道:“保障儿童的网络安全是政府的关键优先事项之一就像我们在现实生活中所做的那样,我们必须确保儿童无法接触到那些只能够被成年人浏览的色情内容”湖北省中山医院男科医生流水的首相铁打的猫:英国“首席捕鼠官”拉里将留在唐宁街号 -- 18::53 来源: 日前辞职的英国首相卡梅伦搬出了唐宁街号,但是“首席捕鼠官”——喵星人拉里得以留在这里继续履行使命 LONDON — Outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron has one day to pack up his belongings and leave Downing Street, making way his successor, Theresa May. But he won’t be packing everything into the blue vans spotted outside the residence: Officials say Larry the Cat will be allowed to stay.伦敦报道——即将离任的英国首相大卫·卡梅伦有一天时间来收拾东西并离开唐宁街号,给他的继任者——特雷莎·梅让出地方但他并没有把所有东西打包放到住处外面的蓝色面包车里:官员称,“首席捕鼠官”拉里将被允许留在这里“Larry is staying. He’s very much the Downing Street cat, not the Camerons’ personal cat. He is a Downing Street legend,” said a spokesman the Cabinet Office.“拉里会留下来的它当然是属于唐宁街的,而不是卡梅伦个人的猫它是唐宁街的一个传说”内阁办公室的一名发言人说Larry has been Number ’s resident cat since . He was brought in after a black rat was seen scurrying outside of Downing Street during a live broadcast on the B.自年以来,拉里一直住在唐宁街号在英国广播公司的一次直播中,画面拍到了一只黑色的老鼠在唐宁街号外面乱窜,之后拉里就被带到了这里Although known as the “chief mouser,” Larry’s work ethic has previously been called into question. Cameron once said that the brown and white tabby cat was happy just sitting on the chair in the hallway and “doesn’t get up and get out much.”虽然被称为“首席捕鼠官”,但是拉里的工作热情在以前饱受质疑卡梅伦曾经说过,这只棕色和白色相间的虎纹花猫很喜欢坐在走廊的椅子上,“并不起身,也不出去”On Tuesday, all eyes were on May, who has yet to confirm who will be in her top leadership team, which is expected to include a minister who will oversee Britain’s exit from the European Union.周二,所有的目光都集中在梅首相身上,她尚未确认她的高层领导团队名单,可能会包括一名专门负责英国“脱欧”相关事宜的大臣Larry the Cat also appeared to be eyeballing his new owner on her way into Downing Street.拉里也见了它的新主人入主唐宁街Despite assurances that he won’t be evicted, it seems as there are still turf wars to be fought. He was recently caught on film by the B’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg in a late night showdown with Palmerston, the eign Office’s cat.尽管已经保不会被驱逐,拉里似乎还要打地盘争夺战最近,英国广播公司政治编辑劳拉·库恩斯伯格拍到它和外交部养的猫帕默斯顿在深夜里大打出手But Larry also seemed keen to make a good impression on his new owner. A parody set up in his name recently tweeted: "Does anyone know a good cat groomer available tomorrow? I need to make a good impression on someone on Wednesday."但拉里似乎也热衷于给他的新主人留下好印象一个用它的名字建立的恶搞帐户最近发推说:“谁认识好一点的、明天能预约的猫咪美容师?我需要在周三给某人留下好印象”奥巴马借“奥兰多击案”推动控 -- 19:1:1 来源: 上周日,美国发生了震惊世界的奥兰多击案,共有50人死亡为此,总统奥巴马目前正试图说国会通过法案,禁止击案凶手所使用的半自动步在市面上流通 ’These assault weapons are weapons of war and they have no place in the hands of a legitimate hunter or much more likely is that a weapon of war is going to end up in the hands of someone like this who will be able to carry out a much more violent act because they are using a weapon that was intended not the streets of Orlando but a battlefield,’ said White House press secretary Josh Earnest Monday.本周一,白宫新闻秘书约翰·厄内斯特说道:“这些高杀伤性的武器是战争武器,合法猎人和其他人都不应该持有这样的,因为那将有可能使得这些战争武器流入像奥兰多击案凶手那样的人的手中如此一来这些人的攻击行为将更为暴力血腥,因为制造这些的初衷是为了在战场上作战,而不是在奥兰多的街道上逞凶”’The president is very strongly on the record in favor of banning assault weapons. This is a ban that used to be in place. The president believes that [the ban] should be re-instituted,’ Earnest said when asked flat-out whether Obama thinks the AR- should be legal.当问到奥巴马是否认为AR-应该被禁时,厄内斯特直率地说道:“奥巴马总统采取了一个破纪录的强硬立场,希望禁止这种杀伤性武器这一禁令之前就已经讨论过,但是总统现在认为它应该被重新提起”The AR- is a civilian semi-automatic version of the M- rifle, which is fully automatic. The gun is able to reload as soon as the shooter pulls the trigger. They’re consider lightweight and easy to assemble.AR-半自动步是M-全自动步的民用版本只要射手扣动扳机,这种就能够装弹,AR-重量轻、而且便于组装It was first manufactured by the ArmaLite rifle company, although many manufacturers have manufactured them.AR-最先由阿玛莱特步公司开始制造,后来许多制造商也开始制造这种步The National Shooting Sports Foundation has testified that there are between 5 and 8. million assault-style weapons in the U.S.据美国国家射击运动基金会的言显示,全美的攻击性武器数量约为500万到8万件Congress enacted a ban on certain styles of assault-style weapons under President Bill Clinton in 199, in a vote that contributed to Democrats losing the House.在199年,由于克林顿总统的努力,美国国会通过了一份针对某些特定型号的攻击性武器,而这也导致了民主党人在那之后的一场总统大选中失利The ban expired ten years later when Congress let it lapse.这份禁令的时效是年,在那之后国会便让这份法令失效了Victims’ families have sued gun manufacturers after recent mass killings, including at Sandy Hook when the killer used a Bushmaster AR-.近段时间以来,美国发生了多起大规模击杀人事件,受害者家属已经就这些事件对制造商提起了诉讼,包括在桑迪胡克发生的那起杀人事件,当时凶手的作案工具是“毒蛇”AR-An attorney in that case, Josh Koskoff said in a statement that the AR- "was designed the ed States military to do to enemies of war exactly what it did this morning: kill mass numbers of people with maximum efficiency and ease. That is why the AR- has remained the weapon of choice the ed States military over 50 years," Rolling Stone reported.据《滚石报道称,在桑迪胡克小学击案中,律师乔西·卡斯卡夫在一份声明中说道,AR-“是专门为美国军队设计的,其目的是最方便、最有效率地杀死最多的敌人,这正是在过去50年以来美国军方一直选择AR-作为武器的原因然而在今晨,这种武器却被用来屠杀无辜的平民”"It is the gold standard killing the enemy in battle, just as it has become the gold standard mass murder of innocent civilians,’ he added.卡斯卡夫补充道:“这是战场中杀敌的黄金准则,而现在已经变成了屠杀无辜公民的黄金准则”President Obama has repeatedly called the reinstatement of the ban, but various efts at gun control have stalled during his administration.奥巴马曾多次呼吁恢复这一禁令,但是在其任期内对于控的各种努力都徒劳无功Frequently, Obama’s calls rems have only increased demands weapons, as occurred in when he called restrictions on assault weapons and on high-capacity magazines.但是,奥巴马的改革呼吁经常只会增加对于武器的需求,就像年所发生的那样,当时奥巴马呼吁对攻击性武器和大容量弹夹采取管制Hillary Clinton renewed her call gun control Monday.本周一,希拉里也重申了她对于控的诉求’We can’t fall into the trap that is set up by the gun lobby that says, if you can’t stop every shooting and every incident, you should not try to stop any,’ she told CNN. ’We did have an assault weapons ban ten years. I think it should be reinstated,’ she said.希拉里对CNN说道:“我们不能调入圈套,不能被那些反对买卖管制的人所迷惑,他们说如果不能防止所有击和事故的发生的话,我们就不应该采取任何的禁止措施”希拉里说道:“我们以前曾有一份攻击性武器禁令,那份禁令生效了年我认为现在我们应该恢复它”’I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets,’ Clinton said in a speech Monday, echoing the White House verbiage.希拉里赞同了白宫的发言,她在周一的一场演讲上说道:“我认为战争武器不应该出现在我们的街道上”武汉看淋病医院

武汉治疗性功能障碍武汉有几医院公安部推中国版“安珀警戒” -- ::39 来源:chinadaily 近日,公安部儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台上线全国各地公安机关在接到儿童失踪报警后,通过这一平台及时上报信息,相关信息会在第一时间通过“公安部儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台”官方微等新媒体、高德地图等移动应用对公众发布,同时通过相应渠道自动推送到儿童失踪地周边的相关人群,收到推送的用户可拨打1或者信息中的打拐民警电话提供线索儿童失踪信息会在第一时间通过高德地图对公众发布(公安部刑事侦查局提供)#0;请看相关报道:A high-tech system to help find missing children was put into operation on Sunday as a result of joint efts by Chinese police and Internet companies.由中国警方和互联网公司合力推出的失踪儿童搜寻高科技平台周日(5月日)正式上线Chinese police working on cases of missing children first post messages, including photos and physical characteristics, on an internal system. The inmation can then be posted on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like service.负责失踪儿童案件的民警现在内部网络上发布失踪儿童的照片和体貌特征等信息,之后,这些信息就会被发布到新浪微【运行方式】打拐民警将失踪儿童信息、嫌疑人信息等录入公安系统内部使用的儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台(emergency response system),点击“发布”后,信息即实时精准地推送到社交网络以丢失地点为圆心,儿童失踪时间1小时内,推送半径0公里(the inmation on the missing child and the suspect is broadcast to areas 0 kilometers from the place a child went missing within one hour);失踪小时内,推送半径0公里;失踪3小时内,推送半径300公里;儿童失踪超过3小时,推送半径500公里(the range is extended to more than 500 kilometers if a child is missing more than three hours)目前,失踪儿童信息可以通过微和地图软件进行推送,在儿童失踪地附近的用户,能够在手机上接收到推送的消息,未来也会有其他移动应用的用户接收到儿童失踪信息的推送【热词注解】美国失踪儿童发布系统“安珀警戒”(AMBER Alert)1996年1月日,美国得克萨斯州阿灵顿市,9岁女孩安珀·哈格曼在家附近被一名男子强行带走四天后,安珀的尸体在几公里外的一条小溪边被发现许多民众提出疑问:孩子失踪后,警方为何不在第一时间与媒体联动,像发布飓风警报那样,发布失踪儿童警报呢?受这一理念启发,一个接驳美国紧急警报系统(Emergency Alert System, EAS),通过电台、电视台、电子邮件、交通提示、短信等多种渠道,向全国发布失踪儿童信息的庞大系统——“安珀警戒”(America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, AMBER)上线一旦有儿童失踪,经过警方认定,就可利用EAS,通过广播(radio)、电视(TV station)、电子路牌( electronic traffic-condition signs)、手机推送( SMS text messages)、社交网站等途径,发布信息一条标准的安珀警戒通知,一般包括嫌疑人及失踪儿童的体貌特征、汽车型号与车牌号、执法部门联系电话等三大要素安珀警戒发出后,接收到警报的民众就都成为警方眼线,这让搜寻的范围与力度大大加强自1996年投入使用以来,安珀警戒已经至少解救了670名失踪儿童,美国的失踪儿童寻回率从1990年的6%,增长到今天的95%以上 (中国日报网英语点津 Helen)《汉密尔顿成为托尼奖最 -- :: 来源: 嘻哈音乐剧《汉密尔顿主导了今天在纽约举办的托尼奖 The hip-hop musical Hamilton has dominated the Tony Awards in New York.嘻哈音乐剧《汉密尔顿主导了在纽约举办的托尼奖A hit show about the life of one of America’s founding fathers, it won best musical, score and lead actor awards, but failed to beat the record of statuettes.这部讲述美国国父生平的热门音乐剧,获得了最佳音乐剧、最佳原创音乐及最佳主角奖项,但没能打败托尼奖项获奖的记录Barack and Michelle Obama introduced the cast of the musical with a message at the ceremony.总统奥巴马和夫人米歇尔在庆典仪式上通过一段视频介绍了该音乐剧剧组But the night was overshadowed by the news that 50 people had been killed in a gay club in Orlando the night bee.但颁奖之夜,因为奥兰多同性恋酒吧发生的50人被杀惨案而蒙上了阴影British comedian turned US chat show star James Corden opened the show with a tribute to diversity.英国喜剧演员出身的美国访谈节目明星James Corden以赞扬多样性开场He said: "Hate will never win. Tonight’s show stands as a symbol and a celebration of that principle."他说:“仇恨永远不会获得胜利今晚我们站在这里就是这个理念的标志和庆祝”The Hamilton cast changed their permance in the light of the shooting - they left their prop guns behind when they took to the stage.在直播过程中《汉密尔顿剧组调整了他们的演出——他们没有将道具带上舞台Hamilton had been nominated in categories. But it failed to match the unprecedented Tonys won by The Producers in 01.《汉密尔顿获得项提名,但没能打败01年《制作人项获奖的记录Diversity多样性Hamilton, which won the Pulitzer Prize drama earlier this year, has been hailed as "a landmark American musical", garnering celebrity fans including Star Wars director JJ Abrams, Jay Z and President Obama.《汉密尔顿,今年早些时候获得Pulitzer奖,被誉为“美国音乐剧里程碑”,拥有无数名人粉丝,包括星战导演 JJ Abrams, Jay Z 及总统ObamaIn addition to blockbuster ticket sales, the album of the show is the highest-selling cast recording 50 years, picking up this year’s Grammy Award best musical theatre album.除了火爆出售的演出票,演出的原声带唱片也打破了50年来的记录,并获得今年格莱美最佳音乐剧唱片 the first time, all four Tony award-winning actors were black.有史以来第一次,四位托尼奖获奖演员都是黑人Among them, Britain’s Cynthia Erivo won best actress in a musical her leading role in the Broadway revival of The Color Purple.其中,英国的Cynthia Erivo凭借她在百老汇复兴主演的音乐剧The Color Purple获得最佳女主角武汉治疗非淋最专业医院朝鲜进行导弹试验,半天之内发射两次 -- 1:56:57 来源: (CNN)据韩国和美国官方消息称,朝鲜于周三早晨在其东部海岸发射了两枚导弹 (CNN)North Korea fired two missiles Wednesday morning from its eastern coast, according to South Korean and U.S. officials.(CNN)据韩国和美国官方消息称,朝鲜于周三早晨在其东部海岸发射了两枚导弹Both are believed to be Musudan intermediate-range missiles, fired from the North Korean port city of Wonsan, said Commander Dave Benham, spokesman the U.S. Pacific Command.据美国太平洋司令部发言人戴夫?贝纳姆指挥官说,这两枚导弹都是舞水端中程导弹,从朝鲜港口城市元山发射"According to the U.N. Security Council resolution, any launches that involve ballistic missile technology are a violation of the treaty and we think this is clearly a provocation towards us," South Korea’s Unification Ministry spokesman Jeong Joon Hee said at a regularly-scheduled press briefing.韩国统一部发言人郑俊熙在定期举行的新闻发布会上说:“根据联合国安理会决议,任何弹道导弹发射都是违背协议内容的,我们认为朝鲜此举明显是对我们的挑衅”The first missile flew 93 miles (0 km), and is considered a failed launch, according to a South Korean military official.根据韩国军方官方监测,第一颗导弹飞行了93英里(0公里),可以说是一次失败的发射The second missile traveled 9 miles (00 km) and the data is still being analyzed by the South Korean military, the official told CNN.韩国军方告诉CNN记者,第二颗导弹飞行了9英里(00公里),韩国军方还在分析这一组数据North Korea has made at least four previous attempts this year to test this type of missile.朝鲜今年至少已经进行了四次试验,来测试这一型号的导弹Both missiles were tracked over the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, "where initial indications are they fell," Benham said. Benham said the missile launches did not pose a threat to North America.这两颗导弹均出现在日本海上空,也就称为中国东海贝纳姆说:“这里就是导弹预计会坠落的地方”贝纳姆说导弹发射并不对北美造成威胁Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that his country could "never give" the test, which he stressed was in violation of U.N. resolutions.日本首相安倍晋三说他们国家“绝对不会原谅”这次试验,他强调这是违背安理会决议的行为"We can never give this and lodged a firm protest," he told reporters from Kumamoto, southern Japan.“我们绝对不会原谅(这次试验)并会进行强烈的抗议”他告诉来自日本南部的熊本市的记者"We would like to continue taking a close coordination with the U.S. and South Korea and working on North Korea (at) the ed Nations, so that North Korea would not conduct such an action again."“我们会继续和美国韩国密切合作,一同在联合国解决朝鲜问题,这样朝鲜就不会再做出这样的举动了”Japan’s defense minister Gen Nakatani told reporters that the first missile launch did not affect the country’s security, but he also called immediate meetings to take all possible measures to protect Japan. He made the comments bee the second missile launch.日本防卫大臣中谷元告诉记者,第一颗导弹不会影响到日本安全,但是他还是马上召集了紧急会议,采取所有可能的措施来保护日本这些话都是在第二颗导弹发射之前说的The first missile launch occurred at 5:58 a.m. local time and the South Korean military presumed that one had been a failure, according to a spokesperson from the country’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.根据韩国的参谋长联席会议发言人所说,第一次导弹发射发生在当地时间清晨5:58,韩国军方预测这一次发射会失败About two hours later, North Korea fired the second missile at 8: a.m. local time, according to the spokesperson. He said further analysis is being conducted.发言人表示,大约两个小时以后,朝鲜于8:发射了第二颗导弹他说进一步的分析正在进行The U.S. State Department condemned the recent missile tests in a statement: "We are aware of reports that the DPRK fired two ballistic missiles. We are monitoring and continuing to assess the situation in close coordination with our regional allies and partners."美国国务院在声明中谴责这一次导弹试验,说道:“我们已经得到了报告称朝鲜发射了两枚弹道导弹我们正在检测并继续评估目前的情势,我们也会继续同我们的敌方同盟以及合作伙伴保持密切的合作关系”The ed States advised North Korea to stop its ballistic missile tests and said it only strengthened the international commy’s resolve to press ward with U.N. sanctions. The ed States said it would also defend its allies, South Korea and Japan, and called its commitment to them "ironclad."美国勒令朝鲜停止进行弹道导弹测试,并说这只会加强国际社会对于联合国实施制裁的持美国表示会保护盟国韩国和日本,并表示该承诺牢不可破"We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation," according to U.S. State Department spokesperson John Kirby.美国国务院发言人约翰?柯比表示,“我们会时刻准备着保护我们自己以及我们的盟国不受到任何攻击以及挑衅”武汉割包皮总共多少钱

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