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Newsmagazines, AMBER Alert, ing a map, “Get out of here!”, followed by, “Excuse me” vs. “Im sorry,” to have something on someone, to teeter on the brinkWordsin-depthworldwideto kidnapransomfoldout (map)legend (map)towncitystreampondinterstatetoll roadto have something on someoneto teeter on the brink 95019。

Ask an American-Rural doctors; let start versus let get started; continuously versus continually; chaosWords:intentionruralsoul mateto be capturedto trainprospectivelifelonginteractivemonitorlecturerslidescontinuouslycontinuallychaos 37679。

At 38, sales manager Nick Armstrong is among a growing number of women who are freezing their eggs in hope of getting pregnant late in life. “Hey, Tamie. It’s Nick Armstrong, It is Friday morning. Sales manager Nick Armstrong is among millions of women who are delaying marriage and child-bearing career and other reasons. At thirty-eight, she’s also one of a growing number trying an experimental technique freezing her own eggs in hopes of becoming pregnant later in life. “ I wanna have a baby. It’s something that I saw myself doing always if somebody had said to you” were you gonna be at this point in your life?” I would have imagined that I ve married with two or three kids. Physicians disagree about whether egg-freezing should be used by women wanting to extend their fertility. A leading reproductive medical group says there isn’t enough evidence that pregnancy rates are high enough and there haven’t been enough babies born yet from frozen eggs to know whether they will have any long-term health problems. “ It’s that desire to really to really wanna be a mother and raise a family of my own. I come from such a tightknit family. We were all very very close and so I've had the greatest example and I always just assume that I would have the same kind of family that I came from. As more women follow the lead of those like Nick Armstrong, researchers will have increasing chances to document the results and to figure out whether egg-freezing really is a good path to help women have it all. I knew that this was not gonna be any kind of a guaranteed procedure. Ew, Something that my parents and I sat down and discussed and decided. you know, it was worth the gamble. I am Sue Shellenbarger with working family from The Wall Street Journal. 5855。

Close-up of China destructionA close-up look at the damage caused by China's 7.9 magnitude earthquake. John Vause reports from BeichuanThis is what's left after a magnitude 7. 9 earthquake rumbles through a city of more than , 000. When the side of the mountain came crashing down, a tidal wave of earth swept everything bee it. The pile of wreckage is massive. Survivors make the slow and dangerous climb to the top. Once there, they call out the names of the missing, hoping they'll answer back, but rarely do. This young man's mother has died, she was buried alive when the buildings collapsed. One of the highest peaks in the city of Beichuan is the top of all this dirt, concrete and steel. "This pile of rubble is probably about five stories tall, it's even higher over there just beyond the destroyed cell phone tower. And just over here is another building which appears to have completely toppled over at right angles." Cars and trucks were picked up and dumped on top. On the other side of this mountain city, giant boulders came crashing down, smashing buildings from their foundations, flattening cars and people. How close must this person have come to almost making it out alive, killed in the doorway of an apartment building. Jofen Yin and her brother are looking her husband. "This is his photo", she says. Along with a few personal possessions, that's all they find. There are still survivors, but rescue crews are facing fatigue, and the body bags are being left on the sidewalk, more than a hundred in this street alone. The longer this rescue operation continues, the less likely the chances of anyone being found alive. In fact here in Beichuan city, there is so much damage, so much destruction that it's unlikely that all the bodies will ever be found, turning this valley into a mass grave.The Chinese government must soon decide what to do with cities like Beichuan and more importantly now, what to do with millions of people who are now homeless. John Vause, CNN, Beichuan, China. WORDS IN THE NEWS1. tidal wave : n-countA tidal wave is a very large wave, often caused by an earthquake, that flows onto the land and destroys things.. boulder : n-count A boulder is a large rounded rock.3. body bag : n-countA body bag is a specially designed large plastic bag which is used to carry a dead body away, example when someone has been killed in a battle or an accident. 67。

His Back Goes Out背又疼了They were sitting on the sofa. He started to get up. ;Oh,; he groaned. ;What the matter?; his wife asked. He was standing still. He wasnt moving. He was bent over. He wasnt standing straight up. ;Is it your back again?; his wife asked. ;Yes, it my back again,; he said. He couldnt move. ;Can I help?; she asked. He shook his head. All he could do was wait. A minute later, he put one foot ward. Then another foot. He slowly walked to the bathroom. He still wasnt standing up straight. He was still bent over. He went into the bathroom. Then he slowly returned to the living room. He slowly sat back down on the sofa. ;I told you not to carry that suitcase up those subway stairs!; his wife yelled. ;But you didnt listen to me. You never listen to me. Next time, I carry the suitcase.;他们坐在沙发上他开始站起来他呻吟道:“啊”他的妻子问道:“怎么了?”他静止站着他没有移动他的腰弯了他没有径直站着他的妻子问道:“是不是背又疼了?”他说:“是的,又是我的腰”他没法移动她问道:“我能帮忙吗?”他摇了摇头他所能做的只有等一分钟以后,他的一只脚向前走之后是另一只脚他慢慢向浴室走去他仍然没有站直他仍弯着腰他走进了浴室之后,他慢慢回到了客厅他慢慢坐回了沙发上他的妻子叫嚷到:“我告诉过你上地铁楼梯时不要拿着手提箱!但是你没有听我的你从来不听我的下次,我拿着箱子”译文属原创,,不得转载 88。

schedule安排, lunar eclipse月蚀Scheduled Lunar EclipseA listener called the disc jockey on the air at our radio station to ask about the upcoming lunar eclipse. “The eclipse can be seen at 1:30 in the morning,” the DJ told her. “That late?” the listener snapped. “I don’t know why they don’t schedule these things earlier, so kids can enjoy them too!”安排好的月蚀一位听众现场打电话给我们广播电台的节目主持人,问即将来临的月蚀节目主持人告诉她:“月蚀可以在凌晨一点半的时候看到”那位听众厉声说:“那么晚?我真不明白他们为什么不把这些事情安排得早一点,好让孩子们也能一起欣赏!”1.schedule安排 The secretary is trying to schedule the month's appointments.秘书正在设法安排这个月的约会 .lunar月球的 May 5th of the a Chinese lunar calendar is the Dragon Boat Festival.阴历五月初五是中国的端午节3.eclipse(日、月)食也可以指“黯然失色”: During the seventies, her acting career was in eclipse.在七十年代, 她的表演生涯黯然失色 .DJ disc jockey流行音乐播音员VJ: (Video Jockey) 电视综艺节目主持人5.snap厉声说也有“拍快照”的意思: The photographer snapped a nice photograph of him.摄影师给他拍了一张很棒的快照 8389。

5  Michael Jackson: A Life in the Spotlight  On the Motown Records 5th anniversary special -- a May 1983 TV extravaganza -- it was Michael Jackson who stopped the show.  At the time Jackson was the most popular musician in American, riding high with his No. 1 album ;Thriller;. But something about his exciting permance of ;Billie Jean;, complete with the patented backward dance moves, raised his stardom to a new level.  Michael Jackson became ubiquitous.  People copied his Jheri-curled hair and single-gloved, zippered-jacket look. He posed photos with Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the White House. He became a Pepsi spokesman, and when his hair caught fire while making a commercial, it was worldwide news.  It all happened very fast -- within a couple of years of the Motown special. He hadnt even turned 5 yet, but hed been a star more than half his life.  Michael Jackson was born August 9, 1958, to Joe Jackson, a steelworker, and his wife, Katherine. By the time he was 6 he had joined his brothers in a musical group organized by his father, and by the time he was , the group -- the Jackson 5 -- had been signed to Motown.  Jackson, a natural permer, soon became the group front man. The group popularity waned in the 1970s, and Michael eventually went solo, releasing the album ;Off the Michael eventually became the best-selling album in history.  But, as the showbiz saying has it, when youre on top of the world there nowhere to go but down. The pop music landscape was changing, opening up rap and hip-hop. Jackson was seen as out of step.  His 1991 release, ;Dangerous;, only produced one top-ranking single -- ;Black or White; -- and that song earned criticism its violent ending, in which Jackson was seen smashing car windows and clutching his crotch. And then ;Dangerous; was knocked out of its No.1 spot on the album charts by Nirvana ;Nevermind.; A 01 album, ;Invincible,; did even worse.  More attention has been paid to Jackson private life than his music career, which has faltered. People started focusing on his eccentricities. He was rumored to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber and to have bought the bones of John Merrick, the ;Elephant Man;. (Neither was true) He did have a pet chimpanzee; underwent many plastic surgeries; established an estate filled with zoo animals and amusement park rides. Meanwhile, Jackson has found himself popular his short-lived marriages, the first to Elvis Presley daughter, Lisa Marie. Today the 6-year-old singing icon heads to trial on child-molestation charges. 18。

Today Mardi Gras, Getty Villa, Have to v. got to v. going to have to, Hype, ;No brainer,; Would in the past tenseWords:To reopenTo restartRenovationTo take downTo tear downCourtyardTo houseAntiquitiesLentTo fastAsh Wednesday 61。