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Israel to Build 700 Homes in East Jerusalem以色列将在东耶路撒冷建设700幢住宅Israel plans to build nearly 700 new apartments in disputed East Jerusalem, defying demands by the ed States and the Palestinian Authority for a freeze on settlement construction. While Israel has imposed a partial freeze on construction in the West Bank, government spokesman Mark Regev says that does not apply to Jerusalem, which Israel says is the eternal capital of the Jewish people.以色列不顾美国和巴勒斯坦当局提出的冻结定居点建设的要求,计划在有争议的东耶路撒冷建造近700户新的公寓住宅。尽管以色列部分冻结了约旦河西岸的定居点建设,以色列政府发言人雷格夫说,这项政策并不适用于耶路撒冷。以色列认为耶路撒冷是犹太人永久的首都。"I want to be very clear. In the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, there is not going to be a freeze, there cannot be a freeze. We never promised to freeze construction in those areas," he said. 雷格夫说:“我想十分清楚地表明这一点。在耶路撒冷的犹太人社区不会实行冻结。那里不能被冻结。我们从来没有承诺要在那些地区冻结定居点建设。”The ed States, which is a sponsor of the Middle East peace talks, says Israeli settlements are an obstacle to peace, and the issue has strained relations with Israel's right-wing government. The Palestinians, who seek East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state, say they will not return to negotiations until all settlement activity stops.主导中东和平谈判的美国表示,以色列定居点问题是实现和平的一个障碍。这个问题已经造成美国与以色列右翼政府间的紧张关系。巴勒斯坦人寻求将东耶路撒冷作为他们未来国家的首都。他们表示,如果不停止所有的定居点活动,他们就不会回到谈判桌上。Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said, "This decision to build new housing units in East Jerusalem undermines the credibility of those involved in making the peace process continue."巴勒斯坦谈判代表埃雷卡特说:“在东耶路撒冷兴建新住宅的决定破坏了那些参与推进和平进程的人们的信誉。”Israel says peace talks should resume without preconditions.以色列表示应该无条件恢复和平谈判。12/93398。

Untold numbers of Haitians are dead, trapped in rubble or missing after the country's worst earthquake in two centuries. The international community is rushing to provide emergency aid for the impoverished Caribbean nation, where as many as three million people are believed to have been affected by Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude temblor that struck outside the capital, Port-au-Prince.自海地发生两个世纪以来最严重的地震之后,目前已经有不计其数的当地居民不幸遇难、身陷废墟或者下落不明。国际社会正在加紧对这个贫困的加勒比海国家提供紧急援助。据信星期二在海地首都太子港城外发生的里氏7.0级的地震已经影响到多达300万人。Haiti's streets have become impromptu morgues, with grief-stricken survivors lining roads with bodies even as trapped survivors continue to scream for help.海地的街道已经成了临时停尸房,悲痛的幸存者们把遇难者的尸体排放在路上。而被埋在废墟下的人还在不断呼救。Frank Thorp, the husband of an American aid worker in Haiti, described the scene on N television's Today program.一名在海地的美国救援人员的丈夫索普在美国全美广播公司的“今日”节目中,描述了他看到的景象。"There are dead people," said Frank Thorp. "There are people dying on the streets. There are injured on the streets. There are so many people here that need help."他说:“有死去的人。街上有奄奄一息的人。街上有受伤的人。这里有太多的人需要帮助。”The national palace, Port-au-Prince's main hospital, and the headquarters of the U.N. mission in Haiti are among the thousands of structures that collapsed - inflicting a death toll that could take weeks to compile. Scores of U.N. personnel are unaccounted for.太子港的主要医院,以及联合国在海地的总部大楼是倒塌的数千座建筑物之一,造成的死亡人数可能要好几个星期才能统计出来。数十名联合国工作人员下落不明。201001/94534。

Obama Confers with US Governors on Economy, Health Care and Education奥巴马与州长们磋商经济医保和教育问题U.S. President Barack Obama is turning to the nation's governors for help in meeting his domestic priorities. State leaders came to the White House for closed-door discussions on the economy, health care and education.The private meeting began with a few public remarks by the president, in which he focused on issues of vital interest to the governors. He said they are working together to rebuild the economy, after a series of emergency measures to end the recession and help key industries survive.在这次私下会议开始时,奥巴马总统公开发表讲话,着重谈到州长们最关心的一些问题。奥巴马说,在采取了一系列紧急措施来结束经济衰退,并帮助主要行业生存下来之后,他们正在共同努力重建经济。Mr. Obama said he understands the toll the recession took on state governments that found themselves with less tax revenue and a rising need for services.奥巴马说,他明白经济衰退给州政府带来的影响,主要是税收的减少以及务需求的增加。"Overall, the economy is in a better place than it was a year ago," he said. "We were contracting by six percent. We are now growing by six percent. But I know that your states are still in a very tough situation and too many Americans still have not felt the recovery in their own lives."奥巴马说:“总的来说,经济形势相比一年前有好转。那时我们的经济收缩了6%,而现在我们的经济增长率为6%。但是我知道,各州仍然面临很严峻的形势,很多美国人仍然无法在自己的生活中感受到经济复苏。”The president spoke about ongoing efforts to create jobs. He also talked about actions to put America on a stronger economic footing in the future, by improving education standards across the country.奥巴马总统谈到创造就业机会的持续努力。他也谈到了通过提高全国的教育水准为美国未来更强大的经济奠定基础而采取的行动。201002/97068。

The ed Nations and international aid agencies are ramping up their assistance to earthquake victims in Haiti. But, they report the extent of devastation caused by the powerful quake is hampering their relief efforts. 联合国和国际援助机构正加紧向海地的地震受难者提供援助。但是,他们报告说,强烈地震造成的灾害程度阻碍着他们的救援努力。Haiti is prone to disasters, but this huge quake is the worst to hit the Caribbean island state in two centuries. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday destroyed much of the country's capital, Port-au-Prince. 海地经常受到灾害的威胁,但是这次大地震是两个世纪以来袭击这个加勒比岛国的最严重的一次。星期二发生的里氏7.0级地震给海地首都太子港带来严重破坏。The International Red Cross fears up to three million people may have been affected by the earthquake, which not only devastated the capital city, but many smaller nearby communities. 国际红十字会担心有多达300万人可能受到了地震的影响。这次地震不仅给首都带来毁灭性破坏,还央及附近很多其他较小的社区。The ed Nations reports electricity has been cut off and communications are difficult. It says bridges have been knocked out, hospitals and care facilities have been damaged or destroyed. Haiti's envoy to the ed States estimates losses could run into the billions.联合国的报告说,当地电力供应中断,通讯存在困难。报告说,桥梁被毁坏,医院和医疗设施也受到破坏或者被毁掉。海地驻美国的特使预计损失可能达到数十亿美元。The World Food Program is leading the ed Nations emergency operation in Haiti. The director of the WF office in Geneva, Charles Vincent, says the airport in Port-au-Prince is open. But, he says access to the town from the airport is limited because of debris and other obstacles on the roads.世界粮食计划署主导联合国在海地的紧急救援行动。日内瓦的世界粮食计划署负责人文森特说,太子港的机场仍然开放。但是他表示,因为道路被废墟和其它障碍阻拦,从机场到城市的交通受到限制。"The Dominican Republic, which … could be an important hub for us to bring relief material on behalf of the humanitarian community has not been damaged, so we can use the Dominican Republic assets. And, we are beefing up our teams on the other side of the border," he said. “多米尼加共和国没有遭到破坏,那里可能成为我们一个重要的中转站,把人道组织的救援物资送进去,所以我们可以利用多米尼加共和国的资源。同时,我们也在边境的另一边增加救援力量。”201001/94531。

Christmas Retailers Optimistic With less than eight weeks to go until Christmas, retailers are expected to play on the festive theme to lure customers into their stores. In the current economic climate will shoppers be willing to part with their cash? Sky's Amanda Walker reports. It's that time again. Having just scraped in November, aly we are confronted with lights, decorations and all things festive. But in the retail industry, Christmas is something that's definitely worth preparing for. Stores know it's their most important time of the year. What they don't know is how generous customers are going to be with their cash. Last year, December retail sales figures fell by 0.4% and that was without a looming recession. But in Selfridges in London, they are being optimistic. I think people are definitely uh, a little bit more cautious about what they are spending their money on. But the challenges to us to worth that a little bit harder and to make sure that their Christmas shopping experience is easy and enjoyable. Yes. I'm gonna spend this No matter what happens, you know, you have to buy something Cheaper presents, surely, and try to drink less champagne I might eat a little bit less, but apart from that, no, we should still enjoy Christmas In Leeds, more optimism. This jeweler is aly dealing with festive-minded shoppers. I keep hearing doom and gloom on the news and I'm thinking, oh, not gonna happen. But aly we are finding people love Christmas shopping . It's in their minds. We've found people putting deposit something. It's really building in this Christmas, we are expecting to be really quite good. What's certain this year is that high streets and shopping centers won't be holding back when it comes to decorations and festive music. They know that they play a crucial part in getting people to spend their money. The question is would it be enough. Amanda Walker, SKYNEWS, Kingston in Surrey.200812/58074。

U.S. President Barack Obama turns from national elation over the killing of America's most wanted foe Osama bin Laden to face the threat that high gasoline prices and unemployment poses to his own 2012 re-election hopes.Six days after announcing U.S. special forces killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, in his weekly radio and internet address Obama offers a sober message on the economy. "Although our economy hasn't been the focus of the news this week, not a day goes by that I'm not focused on your jobs, your hopes and your dreams."Average gasoline prices are up to almost a gallon across the country, up by more than a dollar compared with a year ago, and a potential serious threat to Obama's political future. At the same time, while more jobs were added to the economy last month, the unemployment rate rose to 9.0% "A lot of folks are still looking for work. And many folks who do have jobs are finding that their paychecks aren't keeping up with the rising costs for everything from tuition to groceries to gas prices." While Obama's approval rating jumped sharply after the news of the deadly raid against bin Laden's compound, Obama's latest remarks underline White House concern that the public remains anxious about the economy, and that any bounce in public opinion over bin Laden's death could be fleeting. 【词汇注释】elation n.得意,振奋foe n.敌人pose v.把……摆正位置special forces 特种部队sober adj. 清醒的potential adj. 潜在的paycheck n.薪水tuition n. 学费approval rating 持率fleeting a.短暂的,飞逝的201110/157321。

China's Economy Slows as Global Crisis Hits Exports中国经济增长因出口下降显著放缓 The World Bank and a leading Washington research group say China's economic growth rate is slowing significantly, mainly as a result of reduced demand for its exports. 世界和华盛顿的一个主要研究机构表示,中国经济增长率正显著放慢,这主要是由于对其出口需求降低所造成的。In its latest forecast, the World Bank says growth in China will slow to 9.4 percent this year - down from nearly 12 percent growth in 2007. The bank says economic growth will be even slower in , probably no more than 7.5 percent. 世界的最新预测指出,中国经济增长将从2007年的百分之12放慢到今年的百分之9.4,该组织称,到年,中国经济增长将进一步放慢,有可能不超过百分之7.5。Nicholas Lardy, a China specialist at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, says growth will slow even more - to about six percent in . 但是,“彼得森国际经济研究所”的中国问题专家拉迪说,中国经济增长放慢的幅度要更大,到年时增长率将只有约百分之6。"So roughly, China's growth has fallen by half - from peak to where we are now," he said. "This is by far the fastest deceleration of economic growth in any time in the 30 years since reform in China began in 1978." 他说:“粗略估计,中国经济增长从高峰下跌到目前水平,跌幅为一半。到目前为止,这是中国1978年改革开放后的30年中经济减速最快的一次。”Fred Bergsten, Director of the Peterson Institute, says even with slower growth, China accounts for most of the world's economic growth. 不过,彼得森国际经济研究所的主任伯格斯滕指出,即使在经济放慢的情况下,中国仍然是世界经济的主要增长点。"China's is the world's second largest exporter [after Germany and ahead of the ed States] and is by far the largest trade and current account surplus country, with foreign currency reserves not only the largest in the world, approaching trillion, but twice the amount of Japan, the next largest on that category," he said. “中国是世界第二大出口国,也是迄今世界最大的贸易和经常项目盈余国家,其外汇贮备接近两万亿美元,不仅是世界上最多的,而且是居于该类别第二位的日本的两倍。”Bergsten praises China's recently announced emergency stimulus program, calling it a major contribution to maintaining domestic demand when the global economy is slowing. 伯格斯滕还对中国最近公布的紧急经济刺激计划表示赞许,他称这个计划在全球经济放慢的情况下为保持中国国内需求起到了重要的促进作用。Researcher Nicholas Lardy says China needs to permit a faster revaluation of its currency to remedy global imbalances. 彼得森国际经济研究所的研究员拉迪说,中国应该允许对人民币币值作出更快调整,以弥补全球货币不平衡的局面。"The problem here is that the undervalued currency sends a mispricing signal to the market," he said. "It boosts up profitability in the tradable goods sector, which is mostly manufactures, and we have had over the last five or six years a doubling of investment going into the manufacturing sector."  他说:“问题是,货币估值偏低向市场发出了一个错误的标价信号。它提升了可交易货物领域的利润,这大多是在制造业,过去5到6年中,我们向制造业领域的投资增加了一倍。”But Lardy is not optimistic that with a difficult global environment China will allow a faster currency appreciation. 但是,拉迪对在艰难的全球环境下中国允许人民币更快升值不抱乐观态度。200811/57397。

The waves of these azure seas hide an abundant treasure. Below the waves, coral reefs provide a habitat for teeming life, a life with a kaleidoscope of color. In oceans around the world, clear and well-circulating waters encourage corals to anchor and grow. Despite their plant or stone like appearance, corals are actually animals. They come in many colorful forms and textures.Starting as tiny cylindrical polyps just a couple of millimeters in diameter, they grow about half an inch a year and can become several feet in diameter. Corals form reefs as successive generations build on the skeletal remains of older generations. Reefs can be hundreds of feet wide and stretch for miles. The greatest collection of reefs is located off the northeast coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef. This collection of reefs encompasses 135,000 square miles. Thousands of species of reef fish,mollusks, sea stars and other creatures inhabit coral reefs. The reef system's spinygrottos offer refuge and feeding grounds for a variety of aquatic life. In spring, this Caribbean reef plays host to the fanatic mating of fish. A male yellow head garfish is left alone to tender fertilized eggs he carries in his mouth. He spits them out from time to time in order to aerate them over the 5-day gestation period. In this aquatic community, unusual relationships develop. A cleaning station thrives around this coral head, often patronized by the tiger grouper. Tiny gobies fearlessly enter the tiger's mouth to feed on dead tissue and parasites. But just as the reef fosters life, it can harbor danger. Lurking on the fringes of this Caribbean reef, the barracuda is a fierce predator equipped with razor-sharp teeth. Although they do hunt in groups, sometimes adults branch off and prowl for food on their own. This small ballyhoo fish is a mere snack for this hungry barracuda. Coral reefs have been evolving for about 500 million years, but these days they are under threat. Global warming, pollution and overfishing have contributed to their decline. Earnest efforts are under way to protect the world's reefs and restore them. Artificial reefs created from sunken ships and other man-made objects have shown some short-term promise. But man's impact on the environment continues to make the future of coral reefs uncertain. 1. azure: adj.having a bright blue colour like the sky 2. teeming: adj.full of people, animals etc that are all moving around 3. polyp: n. 珊瑚虫a very simple sea animal that has a body like a tube 4. skeletal: adj. connected with the skeleton of a person or an animal 5. Great Barrier Reef: n. 大堡礁The largest coral reef in the world, about 2,011 km (1,250 mi) long, off the northeast coast of Australia. Its vividly colored banks are known for their exotic fish and crustaceans. 6. mollusk: n. 软体动物a type of sea or land animal that has a soft body covered by a hard shell7. spiny: adj.(of animals or plants) having sharp points like needles 8. grotto: n.A grotto is a small cave with interesting or attractively shaped rocks. 9. garfish: n. 长嘴硬鳞鱼 10. gestation: n.the process by which a child or young animal develops inside its mother's body before birth, or the period of time when this happens11. tiger grouper: n. 老虎斑 12. goby: n. 虾虎鱼 13. barracuda: n. 梭鱼 14. branch off: v. to diverge from the main way, road, topic, etc 15. prowl: v.if an animal prowls, it moves around an area quietly, especially because it is hunting another animal 16. ballyhoo: n. 巴西鱵200811/54683。

Hamas Says Extended Gaza Truce With Israel Unlikely哈马斯:不会延长与以色列的停火  There has been a strong show of support for the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip, where tens-of-thousands of supporters rallied Sunday. The demonstration comes amid growing tension with Israel. 成千上万的哈马斯持者星期天举行集会,对哈马斯的领导表示强烈持。在此同时,哈马斯和以色列的关系越来越紧张。Tens-of-thousands of Palestinians gathered in Gaza in support of the Islamic militant group Hamas, marking its 21st anniversary. There was a sea of green, as many wore caps and waved flags in the signature color of Hamas.  成千上万的巴勒斯坦人聚集在加沙地带,为纪念哈马斯成立21周年,对伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯表示持。人海呈现出一片绿色,因为许多人头戴绿色帽子,挥舞着绿色的旗帜。绿色是哈马斯的标记颜色。The rally shows that Hamas remains firmly in control of Gaza after seizing power a year and a half ago. Hamas routed the Fatah forces of internationally backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who now heads a more moderate government in the West Bank. Mr. Abbas is holding peace talks with Israel, but the Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, told the crowd that negotiations are a waste of time.  这次集会显示,哈马斯在夺得加沙地带的权力一年半以后仍然牢牢地控制着这个地区。哈马斯击败了国际持的巴勒斯坦主席阿巴斯,现在阿巴斯在约旦河西岸领导着一个温和派的政府。阿巴斯目前正在和以色列举行会谈,但是在加沙地带的哈马斯领导人哈尼亚告诉群众,谈判是浪费时间。Mr. Haniyeh said armed resistance is the only way to liberate Palestine.  哈尼亚说, 武装抵抗才是解放巴勒斯坦的唯一道路。In Damascus, Hamas announced that the six-month-old Gaza truce with Israel would not be renewed when it expires on Friday. That raises the prospect of a new round of Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks and Israeli retaliation.  在大马士革,哈马斯宣布,和以色列持续了六个月的停火在星期五到期后不会再延续。 这就可能发生又一轮的巴勒斯坦火箭和迫击炮袭击,和以色列进行反击。Israeli spokesman Mark Regev says the cease-fire is preferable, but there is a military option.  以色列发言人雷格夫说,停火是可取的,但是还可以选择军事行动。Israel has other options, and if we have to use those other options, it's better to say that we first of all tried a more peaceful path before we had to use the other ones," said Regev. 他说,以色列有其他选择。要是我们必须使用其他选择,我们在不得不使用其他选择前会首先设法走更和平的途径。While preparing for confrontation with Hamas in Gaza, Israel is taking steps to strengthen President Abbas in the West Bank. Israel plans to release 227 Palestinian prisoners on Monday. 以色列在准备和加沙地带的哈马斯进行对抗,但它同时也在采取步骤加强约旦河西岸的阿巴斯主席。以色列计划在星期一释放被拘留的227名巴勒斯坦人。200812/58835。

你真的会使用搜索引擎吗?生活在互联网时代,搜索引擎对于每个人来说都并不陌生,百度,google每天都有着庞大的访问量。但是你知道怎样更好的利用搜索引擎吗? The web may seem like a vast ocean when it comes to finding something you need. Thankfully, search engines can help turn oceans of information into small pools that make finding information easier.This is Web Search Strategies In Plain English.Before we dive in, let's talk a bit about how search works on the web. Search engines go out and try to account for every word on every web page. All this information is then organized for easy reference. When you search for a word, the search engine finds all the pages where the word appears and displays them in the search results. Usually, the pages that appear highest in the search results have lots of other web pages linking to them. Each link accesses a vote to say "this may be a good resource."The problem is there are often too many results. You need a way to reduce the number of results, so you can find what you need. Let's look at how this works.Say you're looking for a specific kind of fish and these represent all the web sites on the web. Searching for fish doesn't help much. There are way too many results. You need to be more specific. Try to imagine the exact fish and describe it in the search box. You'll see that each word you use gets you closer to what you need.You can do this for any web site by imagining the web site that has your answer. What's the title of the page? What words appear on it? If you put those words in the search box, you'll get closer to finding answers.But to be a smart searcher, you should know some basic shortcuts. Let's say you are looking for words that appear together, like a phrase or e. An example is a search for information on "sand sharks". If you search for it like this, the search engine looks for pages with "sand" and "sharks". To get better results, put es around the words like this. It limits the results to the exact phrase.Here's another shortcut. Words often have multiple meanings. Consider the word "mullet", which is both a fish and a hair style. A search for "mullet" may give you a number of results about the hair style but fewer about the fish. To remove the results about hair, place a hyphen or minus sign just before the word you want to exclude, which means show me the pages about "mullet", but take away results relating to hair.By being specific and using words and symbols that remove useless information, you can find exactly what you need and keep the web from swallowing you whole.07/76346。