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英语学习笔记:drumstick n. 鸡腿chicken-hearted 胆小的,软弱的spring chicken 小孩子,黄毛小子或者妙龄、花季少女Drumsticks are the kid’s favorite.鸡腿是小朋友的最爱I’m not a spring chicken any more.我不再是小孩子/黄毛小子/黄毛丫头啦We are in a chicken and egg situation.我们现在争论的问题就好像先有鸡还是先有蛋一样Instead of running round like a headless chicken use your efts in a more productive way.别像只没头苍蝇东一头西一头的,力气要用对地方更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 50You said what?你说什么?Moe, Larry and Curly had been stranded on a desert island. They were walking along disconsolately when Moe happened to kick a bottle lying in the sand. The bottle broke and a genie suddenly emerged bee them.莫伊、赖利和卷毛因船触礁搁浅而被困在一个无人荒岛上,他们寂寞无助地沿岸边走着,这时莫伊踢到沙滩上一只瓶子,那只瓶子破了后,突然出现一个精灵;Thank you. oh Masters, releasing me from my captivity. your kindness, please allow me to grant you each a wish. ;“谢谢你们从囚禁我的瓶子中把我放出来,我的主人为了报答你们的恩惠,请让我为每位实现一个愿望”;Well, it not too difficult to figure out what I want,; said Moe. ;I wish I were back home. ;“哦,我的愿望很容易想出来,”莫伊说“我希望我能回到家里”No sooner had he said the words than he was back in dear old Brooklyn.话一说完,莫伊就已在他可爱的布鲁克林老家中;I want to be back home, too,; said I Larry, and he, too, was instantly transported.“我也想回家,”赖利说,他马上也就被送走了; Gee, it alone some here without Moe and Larry,; said Curly. ;I wish they were here to keep me company. ;“唉,没有莫伊和赖利,一个人在这里真无聊,”卷毛说“我希望他们能回到这里陪伴我” 39331

点击此处收看MVSome things we don't talk about 有些东西我们不去谈论Rather do without and just hold the smile 只是保持着微笑Falling in and out of love 爱情在生命中进进出出Ashamed and proud of, together all the while 惭愧和骄傲并存You can never say never 你永远不能说永不While we don't know when 尽管我们不知道什么时候But time and time again 但是一次又一次地Younger now than we were bee 我们比从前更年轻Don't let me go不要让我离去 ……Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Picture, you're queen of everything 美如画的你,是一切事物的女王Far as the eye can see under your command 是要是能看到的地方,都在你统率之下I will be your guardian when all is crumbling 当一切消亡时,我会是你的守护者I'll steady your hand 我会坚定地抓紧你的手You can never say never 你永远不能说永不While we don't know when 尽管我们不知道什么时候But time, time and time again 但是一次又一次地Younger now than we were bee 我们比从前更年轻Don't let me go 不要让我离去……Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go We're pulling apart 我们总是被分开And coming together again and again 并又一次一次地再在一起We're pulling apart 我们总是被分开But we pull it together 但是我们又重新在一起Pull it together again 又在一起了Don't let me go 不要让我离去……Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go Don't let me go

一个成熟的社会如何保一个孩子的安全?——从中国微信朋友圈“人贩死刑” 呼声到美国失踪儿童干预系统“亚当代码”与“安珀警报”Debate erupts on social media over death traffickersPictures that call the ;death penalty all child traffickers and immediate execution ; have gone viral on Wechat. As of Thursday night, more than 50,000 people have expressed agreement with a proposal that demands death all child traffickers, by warding it on Wechat.Facing public pressure, Chinese law professors are voicing their opinions on all online platms and media they can access, with some suggesting web users not to be taken in by some public pages that are just attracting hits.There were no official statistics about human trafficking in China. The frequent media reports on police raids on child trafficking gangs, and the universal notices missing children on lamp posts and on the Internet imply that it is prevalent. The rapid sp of the post on social media reflects the fact that it echoes people long-held concerns.The viral call the death sentence all child traffickers on Chinese social media has led to legal professors widesp defense of the existing punishments, although they also admit that greater punishment buyers may be part of the solution. Qi Xiaoling, a law professor, said prescribing death every trafficker may lead to more extreme cases– such as killing the kidnapped child, to prevent police from finding the evidence of his crime.According to China criminal law, whoever abducts and traffics a child shall be sentenced to at least five years in prison. Under eight aggravating circumstances, including trafficking more than three persons, sexual abuse, and use of violent means, the trafficker shall be sentenced to more than years, up to life imprisonment. If the circumstances are especially serious, heshe shall be sentenced to death and also to confiscation of property. And the death sentence, which netizens have called , has never been ruled out. Vocabulary:Child trafficker, viral, take in, abduct, aggravating, confiscation of property, rule out 3870Right Here, Right Now出自于《歌舞青春3:毕业年High School Musical 3: Senior Year原声插曲,由剧中男女主角Zac Efron和Vanessa Hudgens演唱《歌舞青春3:毕业年讲述的是两个高中毕业生与伙伴们举行了一场音乐剧,以纪念高中美好的时光和憧憬未来这首插曲恰如其分的切合该剧的主题,两位主人公唱出了各自内心的矛盾和对未来的向往 Right Here, Right Now duet with Zac Efron Can you imagine what would happen if we could have any dream I wish this moment was ours to own it And that it would think never leave Then I would thank that star that made our wish come true Cause he knows that where you are is where I should be too Right here, right now I'm lookin' at you And my heart loves the view Cause you mean everything Right here, I promise you somehow That tomorrow can wait some other day to be But right now there's you and me If this was ever, what could be better bee it proved it was But in two thousand one hundred twenty-three hours invented the universe There's gonna be everything in our whole world changed And you know that where we are might be the same Oh no Right here, right now I'm lookin' at you And my heart loves the view Cause you mean everything Right here, I promise you somehow Tomorrow can wait some other day to be But right now there's you and me Oh we know its comin' And it's comin' fast (But theres always you and me) Oh yeah So lets make this second last Make it last [Troy:] Right here [Gabriella:] Oh right now [Troy:] Yeah I'm lookin at you [Gabriella:] And my heart loves the view [Troy:] Cause you mean everything [Both:] Right here, I promise you somehow [Troy:] That tomorrow can wait [Gabriella:] Some other day to be [Troy:] To be, right now there's you and me [Gabriella:] You and me [Troy:] You and me [Gabriella:] Oh you and me [Troy:] But right now is [Both:] You and me 995

听力原文:Aston Martin and McLaren Speed merchants阿斯顿·马丁和麦克拉伦加速商业布局How two similar carmakers evolved into a luxury-goods firm and a tech company两个相似的汽车制造商分别如何进化成奢侈品公司和科技公司FEW countries are as adept at making luxury cars as Britain. Plutocrats and footballers queue to buy Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. Speed freaks in want of a sports car are also well served. At the Geneva Motor Show, which opened on March 1st, two leading British supercar firms launched pricey new models to compete with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini: Aston Martin unveiled the DB (pictured) while McLaren showed off its 570GT. The two brands offer similarly expensive toys, yet under the bonnet are very different firms.重点词汇:1 adept 内行的;熟练的;擅长的 plutocrat 有钱有势的人;财阀3 rolls-royce 劳斯莱斯,adj 最佳的 Bentleys 宾利5 Speed freaks 速度崇拜症6 Geneva Motor Show 日内瓦城7 pricey (inmal) expensive 昂贵的 Ferrari 法拉利 lamborghini 兰尼基8 unveil 解开9 bonnet(用带子系于颏下的)童帽,旧时女帽引擎盖听力原文:The pair are alike in some respects. Both make only a handful of vehicles. McLaren turned out just 1,650 last year; Aston around double that. An entry-level Aston costs nearly 0,000 pounds(,000), whereas the cheapest McLaren costs another 30,000 pounds, but their flagship models cost around 0,000-0,000 pounds. Each firm has built hypercars that sold around 1m pounds. And both have recently announced expansion plans, to take advantage of a sales boom at the top end of the car market (IHS, a consulting firm, reckons that global sales of the priciest cars will triple between and ). Aston will open a new factory in Wales to make SUVs; McLaren plans to spend 1 billion pounds over six years to widen its range to models and ,000 cars a year. The two have taken different routes to this destination. Aston,1 years old, is well known thanks to the James Bond films but has struggled of late. It was a “basket case” which limped from one car to the next, losing money, according to its boss, Andy Palmer. Since taking over in Mr Palmer has won backing from private-equity firms to launch four new models and struck a deal to use Mercedes engines.重点词汇:1 flagship 旗舰 (某组织机构的)最重要产品,最佳务项目,主建筑物,王牌 hypercars 超级跑车3 reckon 估算;估计 basket case 经济状况极差的国家(或机构).精神失常的人;无适应能力的人5 limp 瘸着走;跛行;蹒跚6 private-equity 私募股权7 mercedes 默西迪丝(女子名); 梅塞德斯(奔驰)8 triple三倍的9 sport utility vehicle 运动型多功能车;运动型多用途车 equity 股票的; 股市的听力原文:By contrast, McLaren’s sports-car business took off only six years ago. Though it had made road cars in small numbers it was mostly known as a mula 1 motor-racing team. McLaren diverted its British engineers, good at the speedy innovation and advanced manufacturing needed racing, to making sports cars.重点词汇:1 divert使转向;使绕道;转移听力原文:A glance at the cars gives a clue that they do things differently. McLarens are wild-looking mid-engined sports machines that harness the firm’s skills in engineering to adapt racetrack materials, such as carbon fibre, and high-tech gizmos to make a car as at home on the circuit as the open road. Aston’s DB is more conventional. An aluminium body and engine at the front are typical of a “grand tourer”, designed to whisk drivers in comt over long distances on public roads.重点词汇:1 clue 线索;提示 harness 控制 利用; 给(马等)上挽具;用挽具把…套到…上 n 背带,保护带3 racetrack 跑道,赛道 carbon fibre, 碳纤维; 碳化纤维;5 gizmo 小玩意小装置6 aluminium 铝的7 grand tourer 高性能豪华旅游车8 whisk 匆匆带走;迅速送走 搅打,搅动(液体、鸡蛋等)听力原文:Aston is first a “design company”, says Mr Palmer. Permance and handling are important but the aim is to make the “most beautiful car on the road”. To do so Aston has remodelled itself as a luxury-goods firm, emphasising design and craftsmanship that are a British speciality, while trying to extend the brand. The Welsh factory will make the DBX, an SUV that Aston hopes will broaden its appeal, especially among women, who buy few of its cars.重点词汇:1 craftsmanship 手艺;技艺 speciality 专业;专长 British speciality 英国特色3 the abbreviation sport utility vehicle 运动型多功能车;运动型多用途车 appeal 吸引力;感染力;魅力听力原文:McLaren, meanwhile, strives to make its cars the most technically advanced. Last year the firm renamed itself the McLaren Technology Group to emphasise the importance of innovation. Although racing and supercars will remain important, Ron Dennis, the firm’s boss, is convinced that its tech business will be its biggest and most important part in years to come. It aly serves oil-and-gas, health-care and financial-services firms. Using skills honed in analysing the vast quantities of data generated by motor racing, it is developing analytics software the likes of GlaxoSmithKline and KPMG.重点词汇:1 strive 努力;奋斗;力争;力求 hone 磨练,训练3 analytic 分析的分析型的听力原文:Both carmakers are in the business of hurtling drivers towards 0mph. Yet with their respective focus on luxury and advanced engineering, they are relying on contrasting British strengths.重点词汇:contrasting 极不相同的,迥异的hurtle(向某个方向)飞驰,猛冲欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 555背后小故事: 年9月,5位大一新生从云南,黑龙江,福建,江苏来到西安;陌生的他们在同一个宿舍5A-相识,一起度过了年的大学生活回忆起来,卧谈会讨论女生,集资买洗衣机,一起出游等场景仍历历在目如今,寝室兄弟们已天各一方,在北京,西安,威海,万里之外的尼日利亚,为各自的学业和事业打拼生活不容易,对于我们事业刚起步的年轻人更是如此然而,对于我们,工作并不是生命的全部家庭,是你停靠的港湾;健康,是你拼搏的资本;朋友,是你依靠的肩膀;心灵,是你力量的源泉希望通过这篇文章,我们一起读懂生命这门哲学Five Balls of Life by Brian Dyson《生命中的五个球Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air.想象生命是一场不停丢掷五个球于空中的游戏You name them-work, family, health, friends and spirit and youre keeping all of these in the air.这五个球分别是工作、家庭、健康、朋友和心灵,你很努力地掷着这五个球,不让它们落地You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball.很快你就会了解工作是一个橡皮球,If you drop it, it will bounce back.如果你不幸失手落下它,它还会弹回来的But the other four balls-family, health, friends and spirit are made of glass.但是家庭、健康、朋友和心灵这四个球是用玻璃做成的If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered.一旦你失手落下,它们可能会少了一角,留下无法挽回的记号、刻痕、损坏甚至碎落一地They will never be the same.它们将无法再像以前那样You must understand that and strive balance in your life.你必须了解这个道理,并且为了平衡你的生命而努力How?怎样?Dont undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others.别拿自己和他人比较,这只会降低你的价值It is because we are different that each of us is special.因为我们都是独一无二的,因为我们每一个人都很特别Dont set your goals by what other people deem important.别人认为重要的事不一定是你的目标Only you know what is best you.只有你自己知道什么是最适合你的Dont take granted the things closest to your heart.不要将贴近你的心的人、事物视为理所当然Cling to them as they would be your life, without them, life is meaningless.你必须将他们视为生命一般,认真对待因为没有他们,生命将失去意义Dont let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past or the future.别让你的生命总是在依恋过去的种种或是在未来的寄望中逝去By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life.如果你活在每个当下,那就活好你生命中的每一天Dont give up when you still have something to give.当你还能给予的时候就别轻言放弃Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.只要你不放弃,就有无限延伸的可能Dont be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect.别害怕承认你并不完美It is this fragile th that binds us each together.正因如此,我们才得以藉由这犹丝脆弱紧密地绑在一起Dont be afraid to encounter risks.遇到危险时别害怕It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.正因如此,我们才得以藉由这些机会学习勇敢Dont shut love out of your life by saying it impossible to find.另以爱太难寻找作为借口而紧闭你的心扉The quickest way to receive love is to give it;最迅速找到爱的方法就是给予你的爱;the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly;最快速失去爱的方法就是紧紧地守着你的爱and the best way to keep love is to give it wings.维持爱的最快好方式就是给爱一双翅膀Dont run through life so fast that you get not only where youve been, but also where you are going.不要匆忙地度过你的一生,那匆忙让你忘了曾经到过哪里,也让你忘了你要去哪里Dont get that a person greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.别忘记,人类情感上最大的需要是感恩Dont be afraid to learn.不要害怕学习Knowledge is weightless, a treasure you can always carry easily.知识没有重量,它是可以随身携带的珍宝Dont use time or words carelessly.别漫不经心地蹉跎光阴或口无遮拦Neither can be retrieved.时间与言词两者都是一放就收不回来的Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.生命不是一场赛跑,而是一步一个脚印的旅程Yesterday is history.昨天已成历史Tomorrow is a mystery.明天还是未知Today is a gift:而今天则是上天的恩赐That why we call it The Present.,我们才称今天为“现在” 1819<牛人_句子>

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