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武汉/专业男子医院武汉/哪里做包皮环切武汉/专门治疗前列腺炎的医院 新年要到了,很多男生都会给自己的女朋友或者爱人买一份礼物,男人的理性思维决定他们总是喜欢买一些电子产品类的东西,三点建议帮助你挑选女孩喜欢的完美礼物。第一、颜色粉;第二、重量轻;第三价格贵。选择所有礼物通用,第三点不是那么的重要,关键是看你女朋友是什么样的要求。Guys usually loves gadgets and they easily fall for them, but when it comes to girls, they are a little selective and choosy. So, if you have got a girlfriend who love gadgets, here are the three things which you should consider to buy a perfect gadget for her:男孩们总是喜爱电子产品的,很容易就会被它们吸引。但是女孩呢,就会有一点点挑剔了。所以如果你有一个喜欢电子产品的女朋友的话,这里有三条建议帮助你为她选择一份完美的电子礼物:1. Play with the Pink ; Girls are a fan of ;Pinkish; stuff and if you have got something Pink for her, that will surely make her happy. This factor works in almost all the cases and choosing Pink will be the right choice to bring a smile on your girl#39;s face.1.记住选粉色;;女孩们都爱;粉嘟嘟;的玩意儿,如果你给她买了一份粉色礼物的话,她一定会很开心的。这条定律在一切时候都是生效的,选择粉色一定会让女孩笑开颜。2. Weight Matters ; Girls don#39;t like heavy and bulky stuff, they are always up for something which is portable and which is easily to carry. So, if you#39;re buying something for your girl, always prefer a light-weight gadget over a bulky one.2.重量很关键;;女孩们不喜欢笨重和大块头的东西,她们总是爱那些便携易带的玩意儿。所以,如果你要为女孩子买东西的话,一定要选更轻的。3. Show me the Money ; Not always, but yes, in most of the cases it is noticed that an expensive gadget gets more appreciation from the girls. You might have to spend a little more to impress her with your gift, and that extra expenditure will surely be worth it.3.让我看看价格;;不一定非得不可。但是在大多数情况下,越昂贵的电子产品越能得到女孩的赞赏。你可能需要多花一点点来取悦她,当然了,这些开销都是值得的。It will always be a good choice to make her choose the gadget herself, but if you can#39;t take her along or if you wanna give her a surprise gift then you should always keep these 3 factors in your mind to double her happiness.通常来说,最好的方法当然是让她自己来选。但是如果你没法带上她一起或是想给她一个惊喜的话,千万记住这三条建议,这一定会让她加倍开心的。 /201201/168211Do You Wish You Had Started a Family Sooner?Recently I wrote about parental 'do-overs'—what you would do differently with another child. Several ers wrote that one thing they would change is waiting so long to have children.最近我写了一篇关于“重做父母”的文章,就是如果再要一个孩子,你所做的事情会有什么不同。有几个读者写道,他们想改变的是:别等那么晚才要孩子。As one commenter wrote: 'The only regret I have is not starting sooner to have kids because I had no idea I'd love being a mom as much as I do and I would have definitely had a third if not a fourth. [My husband] and I were so focused on establishing ourselves career-wise and waited, as it turns out, a little too long.' Another wrote: 'I too wish I had started sooner. Being in my mid-thirties and having my first makes me wish [my husband] and I hadn't dragged our feet so long to start our family. I'm loving being a mommy!'有个读者是这么写的:“唯一让我感到遗憾的是,我没有早点要孩子,因为当时不知道当自己这么喜爱作母亲的感觉。我肯定会继续生,就算不生四个,至少也要生三个。我和丈夫那时候太重视事业,结果等了很长时间才决定要孩子。”还有一个写道:“我也希望能早点要孩子,我生第一个孩子的时候已经三十多岁了,我和丈夫都觉得当初不该犹豫那么久才做出决定,我太爱当妈妈的感觉了!”These comments hit close to home. Like a number of ers, my husband and I waited a while before we chose to have kids in our mid-30s. Now that I have my first son I love being a mom so much that I occasionally regret not starting my family a little sooner. I'd like to have three kids (I grew up in a family of three children and loved it) but because I got a 'later' start, that might not be so feasible as my body gets older and my fertility and energy-level wane.对此我深有同感。和许多读者一样,我和丈夫等到三十多岁才决定要孩子。生下第一个小男孩后,我觉得当妈妈的感觉好极了,所以有时候会后悔没有早点生孩子。我想要三个孩子(我父母就生了三个,我很喜欢在那样的环境里长大),但由于我起步晚了,生三个可能不太现实,因为身体会变老,生育能力和精力会跟不上。On the plus side, my husband and I who will be married five years this week but who have been together for eight years waited until we were sure that we really wanted and were y to have children; we were rather indifferent about having children early on in our relationship, so we wanted to make sure that we really wanted to be parents. My husband is a child of divorce, so we also wanted to be confident that our marriage was on sound footing before we brought a child into the world. We also wanted to be reasonably settled financially and professionally.不过,晚要孩子也有好处,本周将迎来我和丈夫的结婚五周年纪念日,但我俩在一起已经八年了。我们等了很长时间,充份确认是否真的要孩子,并做好了各种准备。早些时候,我们觉得要不要孩子无所谓,因此需要时间确认自己真的想当父母。我丈夫来自一个单亲家庭,所以我们想在赋予一个孩子生命前,想确信我们的婚姻基础很牢固。此外,我们也想先在经济上和事业上站稳脚跟。 /200905/69682武汉/人民医院割包皮费用是多少

武汉/治疗软下疳大概多少钱1. Ex-BoyfriendsA big fat “DUH” better have escaped from your lips when you this, but it merits mention on this list. For your close, “sisterhood of the traveling pants” gaggle of girlfriends, this is one thing that will NEVER work out well. Let’s face it, unless you are a woman who considers “exes” guys you’ve had two or three dinners with, keep your ex boyfriends where they belong: trolling the streets wondering why they let you go. Oh and nowhere near any of your dear friends.你的前任男友。如果你不是一个把自己的前任男友看作一个只是吃过一两顿饭的人,请不要和你的闺蜜再讨论他了。 /201002/96962武汉/龟头有分泌物正常吗 The Everyone has periods in their lives when everything seems very hard, when there’s nobody to talk to and the mood is just getting worse and worse. But why sit and think howpathetic you are? There are some things that may help you lift up your mood. If it fails you, at least while doing these things you won’t have time to think of your problems. You win anyway! 每一个人在其生活当中,都有这样的一个时期:一切事都是那么不顺心,没有人可以交流,心绪变得越来越糟糕。但是,为什么你坐在这儿总是想着你是多么的可怜呢?这儿有些方法能帮助你改善你的心绪。假如这些方法都不起作用的话,至少,当你在做这些事的时候,你就没有时间来想你的问题。无论如何,我们是赢家! The first thing you should try is socializing and thinking positively. It’s very hard, because usually when we feel depressed we lock ourselves at home and try to think about all the bad character issues we have. But if you’ll try to force yourself and call a friend for a cup of coffee, the chances for changing your mood into better are very good. Just try to avoid bad thoughts. Instead, try to think only about the bright side of your life. Don’t forget: We are what we think we are. 第一件事就是:你应该融入人群并想积极的方面。这很难,因为通常当我们感到失望时,我们就会把自己锁在家里,试图想着我们自身的不好的品质。但是,如果你强迫你自己邀请朋友一起去喝一杯咖啡,让自己有个机会去改变心绪,这是非常好的。避免坏的想法,相反,你应该想象你生活中那些精的一面,不要忘了:我们是我们所想象成的那样。You should also try doing something only for yourself, something totally selfish. This could be something you wanted for a long time: maybe a short trip, a coat, a ring or anything that could lift up your mood. This doesn’t have to be extravagant nor costly. The point of all this is being good to yourself. 你应该做一些专门为你自己做的事,完全是为你自己的。这可能是你一段时间以来你所想要的东西:可能是短途旅行、一件衣、一个戒指或者是任何能改善你心绪的东西。这不必是非常奢侈的,也不必是非常昂贵的,只要它们有对你有好处的一面。 /201108/148971武汉/哪家医院男科好

武汉/治疗包皮的费用Engaging in a hobby like ing a book, making a patchwork quilt or even playing computer games can delay the onset of dementia, a US study suggests.美国一项研究表明:从事一些业余爱好,如读书、缝制百衲被,甚至是玩电脑游戏,都能减缓痴呆症发病。Watching TV however does not count--and indeed spending significant periods of time in front of the box may speed up memory loss, researchers found.但是研究者们发现,看电视起不到这一作用——在电视机前消磨大量时间反而可能加速失忆。Nearly 200 people aged 70 to 89 with mild memory problems were compared with a group who had no impairment.研究者们将近200名70岁至89岁、有轻微失忆问题的老人和一组没有此症状的老人进行了对比。The researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota asked the volunteers about their daily activities within the past year and how mentally active they had been between the age of 50 to 65.明尼苏达州梅奥医疗中心的研究者们询问了参与调查的志愿者过去一年的日常活动,以及他们50岁至65岁期间头脑的活跃状况。Those who had during middle age been busy ing, playing games or engaging in craft hobbies like patchworking or knitting were found to have a 40% reduced risk of memory impairment.那些中年时忙于读书、玩游戏或是忙于拼布、编织等手工爱好的人,其衰退的可能性降低了40%。In later life, those same activities reduced the risk by between 30 and 50%.随着年龄的增长,坚持同样的活动能降低30%至50%的失忆可能性。 /200907/79385 Put a muzzle on your bad breathSome simple measures can helpput a muzzle onbad breath, according to an article in the June issue of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter.Bad breath can be caused by food particles in the mouth, dry mouth, or a health problem. Mayo experts offer these tips to help prevent it:Brush your teeth or usemouthwashafter you eat. Brushing is the more effective of the two. If you use mouthwash, make sure you swish it around in your mouth for 30 seconds before you spit it out.Flossyour teeth at least once a day in order to remove decaying food.When brushing your teeth, brush the back of your tongue, too, or scrape it with a tongue scraper.Drink water to keep your mouth moist. When your mouth gets dry, there isn't enough saliva to wash away dead cells. You can also chew sugarless gum or suck on sugarless hard candy to help stimulate saliva production.Don't eat foods - such as onions and garlic - that encourage bad breath. These foods contain oils that are transferred to the lungs and exhaled.If you have dentures, clean them daily to get rid of food particles and bacteria.If these simple measures don't improve your bad breath, see your doctor or dentist. Persistent bad breath may be a sign of periodontal disease, an abscessed tooth, chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip, chronic bronchitis, certain kinds of oesophageal problems, and other health conditions.《梅奥门诊健康通讯》6月号上刊登的一篇文章提到,有几种简单的方法可防止口臭。导致口腔异味的原因包括口中的食物残渣、口腔干燥及健康问题。梅奥门诊的专家们提出以下几种防止口臭的方法。饭后刷牙或用漱口水漱口。刷牙比漱口水的效果好。如果用漱口水,要保漱口水在口中漱半分钟,再吐出来。每天至少用牙线清洁牙齿一次,以清除残留在牙缝间的腐烂食物。刷牙时,还要刷刷舌根,或用刮舌器将舌头刮干净。多喝水以保持口腔湿润。当口腔变得干燥时,口中便没有足够的唾液将坏死细胞冲走。你也可以嚼无糖口香糖或含无糖硬糖来促进唾液分泌。不要吃易导致口腔异味的食品,如洋葱和大蒜。这些食品中所含的油会转移到肺中,然后被呼出来。如果你戴假牙,要每天清洗,以清除假牙上的食物残渣和细菌。如果这些简便方法不能消除你的口腔异味,最好去看医生或牙医。持久的口腔异味可能是某种疾病的征兆,如牙龈病、牙床脓肿、慢性鼻窦炎、后鼻漏、慢性气管炎或某些食道疾病及其他健康问题。Vocabulary:put a muzzle on: 防止;遏制mouthwash: 漱口水 /200808/45870武汉/哪里看生殖健康武汉/不举怎么办



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