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1.“嫁给我吧”(追随者合唱团);Marry Me,; by Train 2.“你和我”(大卫马修合唱团);You amp; Me,; Dave Matthews Band 3.“天使”杰克·杰克逊;Angel,; by Jack Johnson 4.“尽在不言中”(艾莉森·克劳斯);When You Say Nothing at All,#39; by Allison Krauss 5.“比阳光更耀眼”(水中呼吸器乐队) “BrighterThan Sunshine,; by Aqualung 6.“咖啡馆遇到爱” (蓝登·皮格) ;Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop,; by Landon Pigg 7.“我全部的爱”(齐柏林飞艇乐队) ;All of My Love,; Led Zeppelin 8.“你今晚的样子”(弗兰克·辛纳屈);The Way You Look Tonight,; by Frank Sinatra 9. “让你感受到我的爱”(阿黛尔);Make You Feel My Love,; by Adele 10.“直到有了你”(甲壳虫乐队);#39;Til there Was You,; The Beatles /201309/255353

It only took until lunchtime on China’s main shopping holiday for consumers there to click their way to a new record for ecommerce sales in a single day.才到午餐时分,中国面向消费者的主要购物节就刷新了单日电子商务销售的纪录。Yesterday in China was Singles’ day, a day that ecommerce companies have turned into the world’s biggest for online shopping by offering a stream of promotions and discounts.昨日是中国的“光棍节”,各大电商企业拿出各种促销和折扣,使其成为全球最大的在线购物节日。By 1:04pm, sales on Alibaba, the nation’s largest ecommerce group, reached Rmb19.1bn (.1bn), equivalent to all it sold on last year’s Singles’ day and about double what was sold last year on the US “Cyber Monday” following Thanksgiving.到了下午1时04分,中国最大电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的销售额就达到191亿元人民币(合31亿美元),相当于它在去年“光棍节”全天的销售额,而且差不多两倍于去年美国感恩节之后的“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)的销售额。At midnight, this figure had almost doubled to Rmb35bn (.7bn) – the surest sign yet that China’s affinity with online shopping shows no sign of abating, with the country on track to overtake the US as the largest market for ecommerce.截至午夜,当日销售额几乎翻了一倍,至350亿元人民币(合57亿美元),这是一个最确凿无疑的信号,显示中国人的网购热情没有减弱迹象。目前中国有望超越美国,成为全球最大电子商务市场。“Crazy”, wrote the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling Communist party, on its Weibo microblog account.中共机关报《人民日报》在其新浪微账户上写道,“双十一,你疯狂了吗?”The day has drawn the approval of China’s leaders as the nation seeks to rebalance its economy from one driven by investment to consumption. Premier Li Keqiang recently praised Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, for creating a day for consumption, according to state media.“光棍节”得到了中国领导人的赞许,目前中国正寻求推动经济再平衡,从投资驱动型转向消费拉动型。据官方媒体报道,中国总理李克强最近表扬阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)搞出一个消费节。“11.11 isn’t about numbers, it’s about fostering a healthier consumer environment,” Mr Ma said yesterday, according to the company’s Twitter feed.根据阿里巴巴公司的Twitter帖子,马云昨日表示,双十一不是关乎数字,而是关乎营造一个更健康的消费环境。The rapid growth of ecommerce in China contrasts with slowing online sales growth across much of western Europe and the US. Last year, revenue from online sales in China was between 0bn-0bn, a close second to the US market, worth 0bn-0bn, according to research by McKinsey, and China’s market is growing much faster.中国电子商务的快速增长,与西欧很多国家以及美国的在线销售增长放缓形成反差。麦肯锡(McKinsey)研究显示,去年中国在线销售的营收总额介于1900亿至2100亿美元之间,仅次于美国(2200亿至2300亿美元),而且相差不大,同时中国市场的增速快得多。Part of the reason China’s ecommerce market is growing so quickly, analysts say, is that internet access still has room to grow. Only 31 per cent of households now have broadband, and 21 per cent have mobile broadband, says Paul McKenzie of brokerage CLSA. With the recent growth in affordable smartphones, that percentage is poised to grow.分析师们表示,中国电子商务市场增长如此迅速的部分原因是,中国的互联网接入仍有增长空间。里昂券(CLSA)的保罗?麦肯齐(Paul McKenzie)表示,中国只有31%的家庭具备宽带上网条件,21%具备移动上网条件。随着近期价格适中的智能手机快速增长,这个百分比有望大幅提高。Consumers in China’s vast number of small cities also have a limited array of goods on sale in shops in their hometowns, particularly when it comes to foreign brands.在中国的广大中小城市,消费者从当地商店得到的商品选择也比较有限,尤其是外国品牌的商品。 /201311/264429

Ask about the foods that have conquered the world and you#39;re likely to hear about Coca-Cola and McDonald#39;s Big Macs. But think again, because the most successful industrial food ever produced flies far under the radar — it#39;s cup noodles.当被问及哪种食品征了世界时,你很可能会听人说出可口可乐和麦当劳巨无霸这样的。但仔细想想,要说目前为止影响最广泛的、也最低调的食品非碗装方便面莫属。A new book, The Noodle Narratives, written by three US anthropologists 55 years after the birth of instant noodles in Japan, reveals that there were more than 100 billion servings of instant noodles worldwide in 2012 — that#39;s about 14 servings for every single person on Earth. As for noodles themselves, they emerged more than 2,000 years ago to become a worldwide staple.在方便面于日本诞生55年之后,美国的3位人类学家撰写了一本名为《面条的故事》的书。书中指出,2012年全球方便面销量突破千亿大关,相当于,全球人均消费14包左右。面条起源于两千多年前,如今已成为全球人的主食。Given the fact that many instant noodles are MSG-enhanced junk food, not to mention the health risks associated with the paper cartons they#39;re served in, let#39;s talk about these strands of dough in terms of a culture you may not know.鉴于许多方便面都是含有大量味精的垃圾食品,更不用说其包装纸的健康隐患问题了,下面我们就来谈谈一些你可能有所不知的面条文化吧!Earliest noodles?面条始祖The oldest historical mention of noodles according to Jen Lin-Liu, a columnist for The New York Times and author of the book On the Noodle Road: From Beijing to Rome, with Love and Pasta, appears in a dictionary from the third century AD in China. The earliest Chinese noodles, however, did not appear in strands as they do today. They were little pieces of b dough thrown into a wok of boiling water. These kind of noodles, called mianpian, are still eaten in China.《纽约时报》专栏作家、《面条之路:北京到罗马,爱与意面同在》一书的作者林留清怡表示,公元三世纪的中国,历史上第一次提到面条,出自一本字典。然而,最早的中式面条与如今的形状截然不同。那时的面条是扔进锅中用沸水煮的小面片。这种面条叫面片,目前在中国人们还在食用。Another early mention of noodles has been traced back to the fifth century AD in Jerusalem, when they were referred to as itrium. Several centuries later, a string-like pasta called itrium, made of semolina and dried before cooking, was described by Syrian physicians.另一个早期提到面条的地方可以追溯回公元五世纪的耶路撒冷,当时这种面被称作“itrium”。几个世纪以后,一位叙利亚医师描述道:一种由粗面粉做的串状面食也被称作itrium,这种面条在烹调之前需要晒干。Of course, these documented mentions of noodles only came after noodles had aly been developed — and unlike other inventions, like the telephone for example, it#39;s rather difficult to pinpoint exactly when and where noodles came from, given that they relied on the innovation of cooks.当然,这些提到面条的文献要滞后于面条真正诞生的时间。与电话等发明不同,由于面条的发展依赖于厨艺创新,所以很难准确指出面条发明在何时何地。‘Humanitarian food#39;人道主义食品Invented by Momofuku Ando in Japan in 1958, few people know that instant noodles play an important role in hunger and disaster relief. While not exactly nutritious, instant noodles are a “hunger killer”, as US anthropologist Sidney Mintz would say.方便面诞生于1958年,由日本人安腾百福发明,很少有人知道它在赈饥与救灾方面发挥着多么重要的作用。正如美国人类学家悉尼?明茨所说的那样,方便面虽然没什么营养,却能“遏制饥饿”。According to the NPR, a US-based online news outlet, the fat in instant noodles, which are made with wheat flour fried in palm oil, combined with the soup, keeps one feeling full for longer. And that helps explain why ramen, as they are called in Japanese, have become a staple in the world#39;s humanitarian food aid packages.美国网络新闻媒体——美国国家公共电台NPR报道称,方便面由面粉经棕榈油炸制而成,它的油脂再加上汤,容易让人有持久的饱腹感。这就不难理解,为何拉面(日本人称其为“ramen”)能够成为世界人道主义食品援助中的主食了。 /201309/258640

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